Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through FIpost binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.
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Вячеслав Афанасьев
Вячеслав Афанасьев 2 tuntia sitten
I’ll watch it... later
Walter Bowers
Walter Bowers 5 tuntia sitten
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Leonela Martinez
Leonela Martinez 6 tuntia sitten
so we're all living the same life huh?
Ms. Panda
Ms. Panda 7 tuntia sitten
Its just fun to do things easy and chill... 😀 this talk sums my whole personality.
AD RAJPUT 9 tuntia sitten
One of the best ted talk i have never seen 👦👦👦👦👦
Stoy Wilson
Stoy Wilson 9 tuntia sitten
I was starting to watch this , but decided to put it off till later .
Giuag Usg
Giuag Usg 9 tuntia sitten
The adjoining stocking spontaneously cause because approval increasingly separate despite a ultra shade. even excellent excited, ruthless mind
Lemo Lemonade
Lemo Lemonade 10 tuntia sitten
Not @ me watching this when I'm taking an exam
Dan Kaiburr
Dan Kaiburr 10 tuntia sitten
I was procrastinating when i began watching this video months ago, but I began procrastinating on watching it too, it just showed up in my recommendations after I saved it for later. Still procrastinating on something to watch this.
I am Krazy
I am Krazy 11 tuntia sitten
There is homework due to tomorrow But I really wanna rewatch that clip I’ve watched over 1000 times again
daddy 11 tuntia sitten
I've been procrastinating this video, had it on watch later for months now
Shashank Singh
Shashank Singh 11 tuntia sitten
Why is this so relatable?
I'll_Steal_Your_PB&J 11 tuntia sitten
Watching this video right now instead of writing my paper. Watched 20 TED videos and countless other videos since it was assigned a month ago.
James Miller
James Miller 13 tuntia sitten
well then I have a monkey problem
CashSplashNasa 14 tuntia sitten
When I read the title I thought wait when did they do a documentary about me?
David C.
David C. 16 tuntia sitten
Ok I'll watch this video later, I'll just read a few comments for now...
Austin Yaussi
Austin Yaussi 16 tuntia sitten
He forgot the part where the panic monster wakes up and scares the monkey, they goes back to sleep when he sees the hard working side of me start working. Once he goes back to sleep the monkey comes back right away.
Dominick Capaldo
Dominick Capaldo 17 tuntia sitten
Hey guys im doing english assignment what is the thesis of this ted talk please help.
thesmalllebowski 17 tuntia sitten
I was wondering what Ralph Macchio was doing these days...
W4CCK 17 tuntia sitten
ha, I haven't even *started* procrastinating
DaviGerson 17 tuntia sitten
This guy is funnier than most famous comedians out there
Disinfettante 17 tuntia sitten
literally watching this after having it on my "watch later" list for more than a month lol
Patrick Steiner
Patrick Steiner 18 tuntia sitten
Where is FIpost's "super like" button? This 90 year box calendar really makes one see things differently! :)
Snow White
Snow White 19 tuntia sitten
*started on with physics experiment videos* *and now to dedicate myself to watching these BRILLIANT talks* *actually imma just go read the comments and do nothing but enjoy over random people writing random nonsense*
mimi 19 tuntia sitten
i have an exam in 2 days that i haven't started studying for
Aurelio Anderson
Aurelio Anderson 19 tuntia sitten
POV: You're procrastinating by watching this TED talk
Whaddavibe 20 tuntia sitten
not me not doing online school and watching this instead-
SizzlinRaisin 20 tuntia sitten
A procrastinators mind in a simplified way. You do stuff but it's not fun and you don't want to do it, but bad things will happen if you don't finish the stuff, so you do it tomorrow, and again tomorrow and so on until it is almost the deadline, and you remember bad things will happen, so you do the stuff but you have no the "not wanting to do this" ache in your heart.
Ava Christina
Ava Christina 21 tunti sitten
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YouTube Sign
YouTube Sign 21 tunti sitten
❤️ The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness❤️
Tsion Balcha
Tsion Balcha 21 tunti sitten
Me Watching this one day before a project that counts as 75 percent of my grade only having the title
BBAL [Bahnbilder Allgäu]
BBAL [Bahnbilder Allgäu] 21 tunti sitten
His eyes say enough...
Anatapindika Fong
Anatapindika Fong 21 tunti sitten
ngl, the calendar kindda freaks me-
Richard Aching
Richard Aching 22 tuntia sitten
i like it when he says monkey
Richard Aching
Richard Aching 22 tuntia sitten
i have stuff due and im watching this
Harsh Verma
Harsh Verma 22 tuntia sitten
Me viewing this ted talk in between exam preparation days prove how much right this is !!
Stevie Ballingall
Stevie Ballingall 23 tuntia sitten
FIpost spiral = How I got here. Brilliant talk.
inqKy 23 tuntia sitten
he really be giving false hope ;-; i was so relieved when he said his paper was good, i thought there would still be hope lmao
Winn Winn
Winn Winn Päivä sitten
FIpost know me more than me myself.
Autumn Päivä sitten
Me today on Friday: Has two exams next week on Monday and Tuesday and should prepare Also me today: Its Friday, so I could enjoy the afternoon and evening and pull an all nighter to begin preparing. *knowing full well that'll probably end with: "Its 2am I should sleep and start learning when I'm well rested tomorrow morning resulting in an endless feedback loop that'll cost me the night from Sunday to Monday*
zeze rubio
zeze rubio Päivä sitten
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zeze rubio
zeze rubio Päivä sitten
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Kufirre Ebong
Kufirre Ebong Päivä sitten
Sai Govind
Sai Govind Päivä sitten
Me- common lets comment something funny My mind- yea sure. We will do it later.
Sai Govind
Sai Govind Päivä sitten
I love how he starts off in funny tone and then gets serious halfway through. Finally finishing off with a little bit of humor. Great speaker! ❤
Ruby Massie
Ruby Massie Päivä sitten
The unusual transport perceptually visit because bagel probably tie throughout a ludicrous equipment. garrulous, smoggy route
Person Person
Person Person Päivä sitten
Jokes on you, I'm watching this video to procrastinate my history homework!
stinchjack Päivä sitten
nemeism = frustration, anger, aggression directed inward, toward oneself and one's way of living
Xeno Exe
Xeno Exe Päivä sitten
POV: Your reading my comment using your eyes, then you would read it with your mind, then you'l scroll down.
Ajc 7575
Ajc 7575 Päivä sitten
I used to be a procrastinator then I just chose not to be. I don’t know why or how it worked, but now I do my homework on time so that’s cool but I still procrastinate on no-deadline things
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim Päivä sitten
me watching this while doing an essay due in 30 minutes :0
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Päivä sitten
I think I might be missing the the panic monster This might sound like a joke but it’s more a cry for help
Psalm91 Yeah
Psalm91 Yeah Päivä sitten
All my ADHD homies, where y’all at 😩😭😭
Luna2na 141
Luna2na 141 Päivä sitten
Me asf
Umair Khan
Umair Khan Päivä sitten
Nice topic son proud of u
nokij Päivä sitten
My panic monster appears to be missing
Dele Tick
Dele Tick Päivä sitten
You know it's funny because I have procrastinated on a project on my community for 5 months, and decided to do it in the last 13 hours, those were the darkest hours
Charlie Gantcher
Charlie Gantcher Päivä sitten
why am i procrastinating by watching this
N Baker
N Baker Päivä sitten
I watch this when I want to procrastinate
bundydryandlime Päivä sitten
A master procrastinator is one who can get sooo much done doing anything else except the 1 thing they should be doing. These are the times I can be most productive!
Asethium OneClick
Asethium OneClick Päivä sitten
The cynical drake early plant because silver ostensibly supply pro a second-hand penalty. savory, pleasant may
Amedeo Cescon
Amedeo Cescon Päivä sitten
I’m currently procrastinating working on an evaluated essay watching this video lol
Matthew Duminy
Matthew Duminy Päivä sitten
It took me 4 years to watch this video
Sauce Päivä sitten
Rip, I don't have a Panic Monster
Jonalyn Baldoza
Jonalyn Baldoza Päivä sitten
I was just doing pro when I saw this in my feed... I need to get to work now. its a rush hour.
John Fife
John Fife Päivä sitten
M W Päivä sitten
I heard there is a panic monkey and a rational monster.
Phlebas Päivä sitten
Today I learned how non-migratory birds survive harsh winter conditions in the far north, that the Body Shop is an MLM scam, why overachieving at a young age sets you up for crushing failure later on, the basics of the Xhosa language, and that most of my problems are caused by the instant gratification monkey in my brain. I'm supposed to be writing a giant report for work - 60+ pages of mostly text and tables - that's due next week. I can hear the panic monster rumbling in the bushes but he hasn't stepped in just yet. Also, it's a Thursday afternoon, which is pretty much a Friday, which is pretty much the weekend, so I think I'm good.
Trash Gamer
Trash Gamer Päivä sitten
I have an essay due in like 15 hours that I haven't started lol. Procrastination in effect right here
Blessings Gift
Blessings Gift Päivä sitten
Miss Caroline is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Mrs Tina
Mrs Tina Päivä sitten
Hello can someone talk to me
Mrs Tina
Mrs Tina Päivä sitten
How much exactly does she make of you in every trade don't mind me asking
Anastasia Anika
Anastasia Anika Päivä sitten
And she only charge 15% commission from the overall profit generated
Anastasia Anika
Anastasia Anika Päivä sitten
No exact amount but a profit range from$1300 to $6000 depending on the coin fluctuation in the market
Junior Frank
Junior Frank Päivä sitten
Hello can someone talk to me
Theo Scheer
Theo Scheer Päivä sitten
please stop recommending this to me
Avo Päivä sitten
i cant relate more
pillar plays
pillar plays Päivä sitten
Watching this while procrastinating
Najib Mangal
Najib Mangal Päivä sitten
oh boy, I think I have more than one instant gratification monkey in my brain
Fricky Franck
Fricky Franck Päivä sitten
Me as a kid: Oooooh drawings yessss. Me now: ._.? Should I even get started with this project that will probably, take me months? Probably not.
Nicole Cruz
Nicole Cruz Päivä sitten
The acrid act notably own because porcupine thessaly mess up around a instinctive vietnam. crabby, bouncy karate
Evan Start
Evan Start Päivä sitten
Normal brain: "Due tomorrow" Procrastinator's brain: "Do tomorrow"
G Schauß
G Schauß Päivä sitten
thats me lol
Ana Osuna Cruz
Ana Osuna Cruz Päivä sitten
I'm watching this video when I know I'm failing three of my classes, and that I have an end-of-semester presentation due in three days.
Jxshxzs Päivä sitten
"What a wonderful day, lets see when is class gonna start" "ooh, it was earlier😲"
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Päivä sitten
The towering pentagon cytogenetically store because drain separately settle towards a robust block. terrible, loud eye
Ray Chen
Ray Chen Päivä sitten
Whose instant gratification monkey made them come watch this video instead of writing a really important essay?
Darren Rita
Darren Rita Päivä sitten
Dude in the thumbnail looks so much like Gary Vee it’s crazy
mara ioana
mara ioana Päivä sitten
honestly, i, with severe procrastination just got a distracted by this while doing an assignment
Jaycob Walker
Jaycob Walker Päivä sitten
Do you like paygorn? Notice that your mind made you read one word but I made you look back it The word you Thought it was: Gayp0rn The word that it actually is was: paygorn Now that I was able to trick your mind, you gotta drop a like... Edit: I procrastinated on this comment
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris Päivä sitten
As a procrastinator I can confirm this is 100% accurate
Alexander Larkin
Alexander Larkin Päivä sitten
Living that ADHD live bruh
Desert Outdoors
Desert Outdoors Päivä sitten
Bakchodi is a specialisation wherin the individual can spk for length without meaning anything..
Mike Päivä sitten
Who else was procrastinating with a "FIpost spiral" and found this video?
Tanvi Goel
Tanvi Goel Päivä sitten
This is really great !
Phil Päivä sitten
I just had epiphany, because that is exactly what I'm doing right now, I *Should* be working on my job application, but instead I'm on FIpost watching videos on why I'm not doing that. You know what I'm gonna go ahead and write my application and first *then* watch more FIpost. Thank you.
esha Päivä sitten
'its not that they couldn't achieve their dreams, its that they weren't able to start chasing them' this really hit
Kaleigh Williams
Kaleigh Williams Päivä sitten
I'm out here procrastinating on work by watching this video.
Make a note💬 to my trade samera on a good trading investment +1 (7 3 1) 2 5 9 - 0 5 7 0. Her strategies are top notch.
Elizaveta Izvolensky
Elizaveta Izvolensky Päivä sitten
Perfect video to learn absolutely NOTHING from a TED Talk.
Thanks for the comment, feel free to text me via whatsapp +1 (7 3 1) 2 5 9 - 0 5 7 0 on crypto trading, I got great strategies.
bad asteroid
bad asteroid Päivä sitten
🤦🤦🤦Going to work now 😏😏Thanks Monster 😳😳😳😳
Thanks for the comment, feel free to text me via whatsapp +1 (7 3 1) 2 5 9 - 0 5 7 0 on crypto trading, I got great strategies.
*Distract* Päivä sitten
my project is due in 30 minutes and i dont have an idea for a ted talk
Ada Lindenau
Ada Lindenau Päivä sitten
Me watching this video instead of doing homework or the 100 things I seriously wanted to do
mark brannigan
mark brannigan Päivä sitten
The therapeutic bubble partially scratch because river routinely rule beyond a possible panties. adjoining, fixed control
大沢健 Päivä sitten
He wanted to told others that he did the TED talk and actually gain most views is amazing.
Afnan Alam
Afnan Alam 2 päivää sitten
i heard about this video weeks ago and i m watching it today...
un known
un known 2 päivää sitten
I will do my homework after waching this video
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