Inside the Capitol Hill Riots

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This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.

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VICE News 5 päivää sitten
This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection. WATCH NEXT: How Trump’s Capitol Speech Incited an Insurrection -
matt wei zhong xian
matt wei zhong xian 2 tuntia sitten
That guy looked like sober Lil xan
Bat Man
Bat Man Päivä sitten
Thank cnn for helping being part of this. Watch before this is pulled
Lap Lap Ricky Fung
Lap Lap Ricky Fung Päivä sitten
Josean Thompson
Josean Thompson Päivä sitten
Yup, man I was eating a banana then I look at TV and saw a bunch of American Flags, I was like hmm o well just another protest didn't pay to much attention intel I heard the TV and my mom talking about it. I was like this is going to be remember but 2020 was already in history books.
I Lick Tar Pits
I Lick Tar Pits Päivä sitten
@Gl 1100 they're getting it. at least the ones they've caught, but they are still looking for more. ya gotta remember something. the EXTREMISTS of antifa and blm did all this crap at NIGHT. much harder to find faces compared to people, on iphones, proudly streaming with cameras on parlar, while the white house cameras with facial recognition software so advanced it can see a nosehair are watching them during broad daylight. there are hundreds of cases you can google to find the court cases against the extremist's antifa (not all antifa is bad) and blm (not all blm is bad) it's all public record and yes, not all trump fans are bad. but these people? these are not americans. they are worse than antifa and blm combined because they are racist pigs with no value for others lives. they have groups too and they are the problem in this country. trump glorified their rise. we all need to treat each other just a little better.
Li Minuutti sitten
This kind of riot I don't mind seeing in a dictatorship leading country. But this, this is just downright hilarious. They did this literally for nothing. 1st world issues right here.
Lawrence Ellis
Lawrence Ellis 6 minuuttia sitten
Hope they don't come after you after showing this cherry picked piece of crap. No, I'm not a maga guy, or a conservative. I just know bs when I see it.
chrisbacos 6 minuuttia sitten
What's with the flag of South Vietnam? It's a country that doesn't exist anymore and their boy Donny was too much of a coward to fight alongside them.
Jack Baker
Jack Baker 16 minuuttia sitten
0:28 nice jacket
Claire Baire
Claire Baire 29 minuuttia sitten
Had they just stayed outside....
beccasit 32 minuuttia sitten
These are the absolute worst of us
Doc Beezy
Doc Beezy Tunti sitten
But clearly that was all ANTIFA lol smh
unknown austrian
unknown austrian Tunti sitten
I would have positioned 200 Snipers on the Roof, 100 Policeman on the stairs in front of the capitol, single people who goes beyond the barrier gets beaten until no more resisting an arrest, If there a too many, make the policeman shoot 3 warning shots each at the same time, for 300 bullets... Should they still advance, the Snipers would have done the work, that's what I would have done
Innocent Guy
Innocent Guy Tunti sitten
Go ahead trumpters. We are with you
Scapegoat for Failed Capitalism
Scapegoat for Failed Capitalism Tunti sitten
They should have arrested them all.
TYAU Gurung
TYAU Gurung Tunti sitten
This MOB deserve 50 calibre machine gun.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Tunti sitten
Hey!! Great vid!!
Sherbet_Bomb Tunti sitten
China, Russia, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and NATO need to deploy peace keeping forces to stop US terrorism. 😂
Gigih Setiawan P
Gigih Setiawan P 2 tuntia sitten
The Division 2: Ah yes it's all coming together!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Tunti sitten
MONERO) * Create a mandate for Joe Biden to “unify the country in the wake of unprecedented violence against our democracy” (Biden previously had no mandate beyond “I’
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson 2 tuntia sitten
the beginning of the second dark age
Panchala Fernando
Panchala Fernando 2 tuntia sitten
“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world - above, below, and across - unhindered, without ill will, without enmity.” - The Buddha
VioletSynex 3 tuntia sitten
When i think about it, America at this rate is just a tiking time-bomb readdy to beacome some kind of nuke Spoiler Alert: The army will come, i just fucking know it.
Mickael Donizalski
Mickael Donizalski 3 tuntia sitten
I hard to believe that things will get better in a near future. Joe Biden better do a great job. I hope. If not, the US will get into a civil war in the coming years.
Jack McNulty
Jack McNulty 3 tuntia sitten
thought blue lives mattered?
kudos 4 tuntia sitten
"And please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful." - Chris "Fredo" Cuomo CNN "Journalist", news "analyst" and brother of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo
Speeed Freee
Speeed Freee 4 tuntia sitten
This is what happens when you have WAYYY TOO MUCH freedom there’s no lines people can do whatever they want
Komal Shireen
Komal Shireen 4 tuntia sitten
Not a braincell between then
Joseph Rothschild
Joseph Rothschild 4 tuntia sitten
U.S is the Fatherland of Real Freedom !!!
Vicky B Artistry
Vicky B Artistry 4 tuntia sitten
How could these idiots believe this was even a little bit ok to do?
ART DECO 5 tuntia sitten
Progresssive country with ignorant people
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams 6 tuntia sitten
Makes victory taste better.
Archie 6 tuntia sitten
And they didnt spray rubber bullets at them?
SealAngel 6 tuntia sitten
This isn't freedom....this is fear
Kelvin 7 tuntia sitten
This is why America can’t have nice things. This is what happens when incompetent, low caste people get drunk with pride and nationalism. The cringeyness almost made me go blind. It is hilarious how overzealous and prideful they are of a man who literally gives two giant shites about the working lower-class and admitted he “loves the uneducated.” Gee...I wonder why.....what policies, let alone any action has the orange one undertaken for the security and well being of the working class? It truly boggles the mind, but is not surprising, considering these people do not fit the type to conscientiously think for themselves critically, and/or invest a significant amount of time into engaging into deep political discourse
Troll2021 7 tuntia sitten
EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. There was no plan! There was no attack! This is what happened: * In the days before 1/6, virtually all law enforcement was pulled from the Capitol * On 1/6, Donald Trump gave a speech which probably wasn’t legally incitement (though he will probably be convicted of it anyway) that implied people should go to the Capitol, and maybe get a little bit rowdy * People went to the Capitol, and got a bit rowdy * The cops pulled back, and actually, literally opened the doors of the Capitol building and let people walk in * People walked in and mulled around a little bit, mostly taking selfies * Some of them were yelling * Some guy violated a podium * Some guy sat at Nancy Pelosi’s desk and took selfies * People just kind of filed out of the building, in an orderly way Things that did not happen: * An attack * Any kind of plan at all The purposes of lying about this are legion: * There is a massive shut down of free speech on the internet (including closing and seizing bank accounts) * There is a lunatic new military police state is being brought in * Donald Trump is being impeached again * All supporters of Donald Trump are being framed as terrorists * There is a plan to create new legal classifications for fake “fake news” and “domestic terrorism” in order to completely shut down the First Amendment * To try to clamp down on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (USE MONERO) * Create a mandate for Joe Biden to “unify the country in the wake of unprecedented violence against our democracy” (Biden previously had no mandate beyond “I’m a nice person and Donald Trump is a mean person”) * Destroy any future for a post-Trump MAGA platform by associating it with violence and terrorism * And apparently, based on the above article, to link MAGA to Russia, Iran and China * etc. This is ALL OBVIOUS.
carlo 7 tuntia sitten
Still better behaved than the majority of BLM riots ..... I mean protests.
Abbey Nelmes
Abbey Nelmes 7 tuntia sitten
Why all Trumpies on crack
Johnny X 100
Johnny X 100 7 tuntia sitten
"You can feel the....anger....and madness..USA!!! USA!!!!" HIS SISTER IS HES MOTHER AND HIS GIRLFRIEND OLE COUNTRY ICK
Kelvin 7 tuntia sitten
Ugh. As pathetic as they are, you just lowered yourself into that caste/typology of people with your equally pathetic ignorance and speech
Sanele of Margate
Sanele of Margate 8 tuntia sitten
That was so beautiful.
Coeus 8 tuntia sitten
Word has it Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Libya have declared a no fly zone over America and will be there soon to protect the oil fields
John Davis
John Davis 8 tuntia sitten
Want another civil war? Well, we'll see how long this civil war lasts when tactical nukes are used on your asses! 💥 Boom 💥! ☠
Micah Watkins
Micah Watkins 9 tuntia sitten
Push push was like watching 300 lol
moongod7158 9 tuntia sitten
An inside job, mixed with mental illness and privilege. A straight up disaster! The police being unprepared is the biggest BS I’ve ever heard too.
gfh Coalition
gfh Coalition 9 tuntia sitten
Refusing to listen to this "mob" will only bring more unrest. It is a matter of time
yhwhzson 10 tuntia sitten
These Trump MFs are nutz!
The Modding Prodigy
The Modding Prodigy 10 tuntia sitten
"Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence." - Mahatma Gandhi
Kelvin 7 tuntia sitten
Don’t bore us with pedantic quotes meant to be “inspirational,” and oh so “wise,” by historical figures (especially the king hypocrite: Gandhi). Can’t get any more annoying, redundant, unoriginal, boring and full of pretentious proclivities by quoting some utterly irrelevant figure.
steph r
steph r 10 tuntia sitten
It was an attack not a riot
Matt West
Matt West 10 tuntia sitten
Calm that's scary basically a psychotic cult living in their own minds, sad
f1r3 hunt3rz
f1r3 hunt3rz 10 tuntia sitten
Ah, what a sight. To see the people of the so-called country of freedom and democracy finally succumbed to doing riots against their country's own Capitol, though honestly I thought something like this would happen sooner. Oh well.
calvin meyer
calvin meyer 11 tuntia sitten
Antifa was there incognito with their megaphone, extra water and extra masks. They harnessed the frustration of a stolen election with these patriots and made it easy to blame the trump supporters. Very clever you action provocateurs. You knew exactly when to start things in order. Great cover with the majority of the crowd from the rally just starting to come in. I was there but not in the capital. I saw you work. Shame on you.
xd juicyclap
xd juicyclap 11 tuntia sitten
America is fucked up dude, 😂😂watch as the whole are laughing at all the stupidity you guys offer. Keep it up! 👌
Casius CBU
Casius CBU 11 tuntia sitten
by the way -- try to respect more of youtube comment section and assist data contribution and so mindedness [aforesee] data equivalent of life/ death we all die when time comes but as for now -- be at progressive forward our future generations depends on it verily
Confused Potato
Confused Potato 12 tuntia sitten
if only trump convinced them ( stupid ass people ) to storm area 51 , i would've got my anime wife
Keith Carrig
Keith Carrig 12 tuntia sitten
VICE kicks ass but CNN SUCKS
Michelle Brewer
Michelle Brewer 13 tuntia sitten
Wow. They dont even realize that Trump is just using them as puppets.
Calling You out
Calling You out 13 tuntia sitten
You can't educate a fool
Colin Johnston
Colin Johnston 13 tuntia sitten
If vice thinks 2 deaths, like 3 heart attacks and a suicide is unprecedented violence well idk how to fix that. Clearly they skipped history. Hell clearly they skipped summer 2020!!
Jeremy Two
Jeremy Two 13 tuntia sitten
The Communist, Globalist Left want to rip this country apart. Healing requires honesty and civilized behavior. Civil War should be enacted by our Leaders. I wait for a truely organized war. Give the word Republicans. Meanwhile, I watch how the Communist, Globalist Left try to create the narrative that we want to start war. It's like everything the Communist Globalist accuse President Trump of wrong doing the Left is guilty of times one-hundred. Pelosi's laptop. The tolerant Left. How would a civil war go? Would the President and all the Republicans announce a military formation of logistics? What communications would the Republicans use? How would operations work?
wang yiran
wang yiran 13 tuntia sitten
So, forget about hongkong? they both did same thing, they've been called riots in US, but pro democracy protester in hongkong? what a funny logic?
Ian Young
Ian Young 13 tuntia sitten
awwww everyone all mad and pouty about storming the capital for a few hours. these politicians are the ones that voted to go to war with Iraq after 911 who by the way didn't attack us, the ones that take rights away little by little, the ones that try to dismantle the 2nd amendment through red tape bullshit so the average American can't own a firearm to protect themselves. their time is up and it's about time we shed the liberty tree with the blood of tyrants.
Marcel Styles
Marcel Styles 14 tuntia sitten
They’re not fans,they’re STANS😧
Ma Cho
Ma Cho 14 tuntia sitten
Capitol Hill protesters are amateurs. Instead of this, they should’ve burned down cities, businesses (mainly minority owned), shot kids, killed police, torn down statues, graffitied businesses, taken over 10 city blocks and barricaded it.
Jonny Depth
Jonny Depth 14 tuntia sitten
Vice didnt care about how the mob destroyed city blocks where I live. Vice cares about the mob on the politicians doorstep.
David Trout
David Trout 14 tuntia sitten
Charge all rioters and put on terrorist no fly lists.
Fk Sons
Fk Sons 14 tuntia sitten
The entire GOP is made up of Traitors. How can someone say the country should move on from this violent attack on democracy in the name of unity. The unity which GOP murdered by their complicity by handing over the Republican party to the White Supremacy in Chief, Donald Trump. Every body involved must be held responsible including DT
ジップリ 14 tuntia sitten
May God protect you!
sloppybobby 15 tuntia sitten
ShoeNice @ 2:39!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohd Arman
Mohd Arman 15 tuntia sitten
Assalam o Alaikum .. I am Mohammed Army Ali from India ... I want to sell myself for life .. I will be the servant of all my life who will help me ..
jacob anus
jacob anus 15 tuntia sitten
Lock these piece of s***** up
Messias Lopez
Messias Lopez 15 tuntia sitten
Just sey im with fox news
Ann k
Ann k 15 tuntia sitten
More proof people were already there before Trumps speech was done. Bogus impeachment. Another Vice Leftist bullshit agenda video. Also confirmed the police were agitating Trumpers on purpose. This was a set up for the jump.
WINDOWS XP 15 tuntia sitten
Notice how all the rioters are white lmao
Brado Seven
Brado Seven 15 tuntia sitten
You're just here to see Shoenice
KAZMER 15 tuntia sitten
Vice ON The Frontline
Faith W
Faith W 15 tuntia sitten
You can’t tell me you people don’t see how set up this video is trump supporter move in red waves that’s not a red wave .
KAZMER 15 tuntia sitten
Wow Great Vice reporting
chillz L.A
chillz L.A 15 tuntia sitten
Bunch of dumb people.....
Electric Moon
Electric Moon 17 tuntia sitten
They're all Brainwashed.
Corey Brown
Corey Brown 17 tuntia sitten
I’m sorry but it has to be a rigged election he clearly won the physical vote count and which votes are you going to believe in more?.... somebody please name me one world leader that has had this happen when they left office .... usually people are celebrating when an official leaves ....
Zachary Leatherwood
Zachary Leatherwood 17 tuntia sitten
Remember though: kneeling in protest of police violence is “unpatriotic” through these fools eyes.
TYAU Gurung
TYAU Gurung Tunti sitten
@E M I think i saw somewhere before.You were there RIGHT?
atlantabrookyngal 2 tuntia sitten
@E M once again, I will ask, how do you know it was BLM that set those fires? And its interesting that you would label BLM a racist terrorist group, but not mention any of the white supremacists groups that were at the Capitol. No mention of the chaos at the Capitol at all. We have a president of the United States that called for a protest to take place on the same day that the counting of the electoral votes took place, encouraging the crowd to go down to the Capitol with him, but you make no mention of that. What could be worse than a coup attempt by the president of the United States of America? The lack of police presence putting our officers lives in danger, 5 people killed based on a lie of election fraud. Those people did not have to die. Yet you speak of BLM.
Aleff Z
Aleff Z 2 tuntia sitten
@E M and i thought i lived in a third world country..... haha u a joke my friend
E M 3 tuntia sitten
@atlantabrookyngal I never said that either.... I disagree with your statement...Lighting fires and threatening the White House like BLM did during the last riots in DC...Is more unpatriotic than what happened at the Capitol Building..... There were no fires there at the capitol.. It matters not...Everybody knows BLM is a terrorist group whether the news will say or not or whether Kamala and Joe will say it not.. I have the F^ckn pictures...and there's nothin that can change the fact..
atlantabrookyngal 4 tuntia sitten
@E M so you know with 100% certainty that it is BLM that throws all of the molotov cocktails? Sometimes when you protest police brutality, there are those who wish to cause chaos so that the conversation is no longer about police brutality, it is about the molotov cocktail that was thrown. There should be nothing wrong with a silent protest of taking a knee. No one is getting hurt, nothing is being destroyed, and until everyone is being accepted equally, we should all be working to fix our system. Storming the Capitol in hopes of staging a coup, is the absolutely most unpatriotic thing you can do.
William O'Reiler
William O'Reiler 17 tuntia sitten
This is what Republicans look like
blameitonthepixie 17 tuntia sitten
The false POTUS and his minions are the ones responsible for this! They choose to worship the ANTICHRIST and tried to destroy our government to install trump as a dictator! Those are facts!
Gary Ralston
Gary Ralston 17 tuntia sitten
This is the Garbage of Trump
m ofi
m ofi 17 tuntia sitten
i am still wondering why the police wasn't shooting to protect the building?
Damon Campbell
Damon Campbell 18 tuntia sitten
Americans are entertaining, I'll give them that
Ok Nice
Ok Nice 18 tuntia sitten
Never underestimate a large gathering of idiots
Euan Reid
Euan Reid 18 tuntia sitten
American foreign policies found their way home... the irony is dripping... don't like it much do you.
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans 18 tuntia sitten
I swear these people have the same paranoia distorted iq as among us public lobby players
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans 18 tuntia sitten
Superspreader event
Aleksander Nowak
Aleksander Nowak 18 tuntia sitten
ben marie
ben marie 18 tuntia sitten
You call this violence? You have no idea... go to Uganda and find out..
Ammo LOND 18 tuntia sitten
im almost crying of joy man. I hope this year is the year the people take whats theirs.
Ammo LOND 18 tuntia sitten
@Jeff James Im not even american you fuckin clamp. Im just proud the americans are finally standing up for themselves
Jeff James
Jeff James 18 tuntia sitten
Mmm the salt of your loss tastes delicious
Jeff James
Jeff James 18 tuntia sitten
Back to the trailer park cleetus
Tronzou 18 tuntia sitten
Jeff James
Jeff James 19 tuntia sitten
Peaceful protestors they said. Haha
Loser Nobody
Loser Nobody 19 tuntia sitten
Trump is guilty of treason he sold us out to China that’s why he hiding his tax returns. Oh and btw trump is a russia sleeper agent. He sold us out to China. He is guilty of treason. “ Does Trump Have Business in China? U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax records show a bank account in China controlled by Trump International Hotel Management, according to the New York Times, as part of its investigation into his tax returns. That is embarrassing for Trump, who has attempted to smear his electoral opponent, Joe Biden, by going after his son Hunter’s business dealings in China-where Trump himself has tried to do business for years.” why trump is hiding his tax returns. Trump is a domestic terrorist Trump rigged the election with Hillary. Hillary had won. The republicans need to be arrested on conspiracy charges, Rico and treason. They also need to be charged as domestic terrorist for the insurrection at the capital
2reds 19 tuntia sitten
Now this "existential threat to our democracy" that QAnon, the "alt-right" and other similar movements represent is gonna be the excuse for more privacy invasion, the salvation of broken ass TV shows to have something to frighten the population; and specially to consolidate a BIG BUDGET INCREASE to the "intelligence community" as a whole. Just as the USSR/Communism was the justification for building the "Military Industrial Complex" at the Cold War and the islamic terrorism (funded by our Saudi buddies and even the CIA itself) at Bush/Cheney's administration. My dear americans, be prepared for more censorship, espionage, privacy invasion and overall government interference in private liberties and free speech. And that was said by Glenn Greenwald, a leftist/liberal, but very honorable, serious and truthful journalist.
Ally Wilke
Ally Wilke 19 tuntia sitten
Communists will get more for attacking America for 4 years and stealing an election while attacking us with a bio weapon.Democrat is a disguise for communism.
Jeff James
Jeff James 19 tuntia sitten
Barn yard trash
Jeff James
Jeff James 19 tuntia sitten
Okay. Enjoy your relationship with cleetus in the trailer park.
eastbeast95 19 tuntia sitten
"unprecedented violence" lmao reach harder
Jonathan Kolbinsky
Jonathan Kolbinsky 19 tuntia sitten
Looks like every antifa riot I've ever seen... Except for the "USA" chants.
Letisha Vasser
Letisha Vasser 19 tuntia sitten
So scary.. This is crazy
Alok Krishnan B
Alok Krishnan B 20 tuntia sitten
Well, it's fun watching America fall bcoz of itself
Neil Cornes
Neil Cornes 20 tuntia sitten
Can anyone see michael Moore ?
Yellowman617 20 tuntia sitten
they woulda been smokin blk ppl
jonescjify 20 tuntia sitten
Can’t wait til use this as evidence lmao against trumpeters lol
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