Is Hamilton Trying To Block Russell's Move To Mercedes? - [ Rumour Round-Up ]

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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of “Rumour Round-Up” and as with the others, all the stories contained within this are to be taken with a grain of salt and haven’t been officially substantiated but are things that are being talked about in the world of F1 that may be interesting, could turn out to be true, or simply plain wrong. Without further delay, here is Rumour Roundup…
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0:21 - Hamilton Allegedly Does Not Want Russell As His Teammate
2:00 - Rapid Rumours
Williams driver George Russell’s impressive showing during the Sakhir GP last year when he got the one-off chance to drive for Mercedes has led to suggestions that it won’t be long before he gets to drive full-time for the team. However, the latest rumors suggest that he might face some obstacles in the form of the ongoing contract negotiations between the team and their star driver Lewis Hamilton.
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Rumour Round-Up:
Hamilton Allegedly Does Not Want Russell As His Teammate
While a few of the earlier rumors had suggested that there were a few sticking points with regards to Hamilton’s demands that Mercedes aren’t happy to comply with, one more point might have been added to that list
Apparently, Lewis Hamilton wants to add a clause that will require his consent when it comes to selecting his teammate
The reason being suggested is that Hamilton is seemingly very comfortable with the team dynamics he has with current teammate Valtteri Bottas
Hamilton may feel that a young gun like George Russell who has already shown that he can do well in a Mercedes would offer him stiffer competition which would put his place in the team and his negotiating power in the future in jeopardy
Mercedes supposedly do not want to give in to this demand as they feel that after what would be three years at the end of 2021 with Williams, Russell would be looking to move forward and if Mercedes aren’t able to accommodate him, other teams might lure him away
Mercedes do not want to do that given that they have a lot of time and resources invested in Russell and their junior program’s pool of drivers is quite shallow on experience
All of this seems to suggest that the contract negotiations between Hamilton and Mercedes will involve navigating quite a few roadblocks before an official announcement can be made

Rapid Rumors
The upcoming Fiat-Peugeot merger could put Alfa Romeo’s future in F1 in jeopardy especially given the team’s track record in F1 that has seen them mostly relegated to the back of the field
Mercedes are apparently looking to sign 19-year-old Frederik Vesti, a Danish driver to bolster their young drivers’ program
Alpine are purportedly hard at work to come up with an attractive new livery after their winter livery received a lot of negative reactions on social media
The Australian GP’s position on the calendar could undergo further changes as some of the organizers are still unsure about the November slot
Rich Energy, who tried and failed to sponsor Haas are seemingly looking to make a return to F1 in 2021
Fans will reportedly have to wait until the end of February to find out if the Portuguese GP will be a part of the 2021 calendar
There are rumors that some of the races scheduled for street circuits such as Monaco, Montreal, and Baku won’t go ahead
Certain people in the Aston Martin camp supposedly aren’t too happy with the fact that their new F1 factory is still 18 months away from being completed
This nervousness has further been compounded by suspected fears that new signing Sebastian Vettel might not be able to live up to the lofty expectations people have for him
Valtteri Bottas is supposedly already contemplating retirement at the end of 2021 as he feels Mercedes won’t extend his contract any further unless Lewis Hamilton forces them to

Has Lewis Hamilton earned the right to a veto for future potential teammate signings?

Formula World
Formula World Uukausi sitten
*Link to poll:* fipost.infoUgxwzO8VbjYwwZMEQ0d4AaABCQ 0:21 - Hamilton Allegedly Does Not Want Russell As His Teammate 2:00 - Rapid Rumours
Dan K
Dan K Uukausi sitten
Of course Hamilton or any other intelligent world champion would and should do all they can to protect their value and leverage. You have to excel at racing and the politics to hold the #1 position.
Barry Davies
Barry Davies Uukausi sitten
@Eye Trollalot and bollox
James Truth
James Truth Uukausi sitten
@james kavanagh Your comment is spot on and the disgusting thing about this is this is exactly the reaction Dillon Shelly knew he would provoke by publishing this unsubstantiated rubbish. Shelly's disgusting game of trying to stir up hatred towards Lewis so he can profit from it with clicks is everything wrong with F1.
james kavanagh
james kavanagh Uukausi sitten
Just read all comments!! It’s just a hate Hamilton campaign. They’re like Trump supporters🤔. Only hear what they want to hear. Call themselves F1 fans😂😂
Ayrton Cordeiro
Ayrton Cordeiro Uukausi sitten
@You Have One New Message well speak 3 languages ;) . haha if you cant understand what I said then you suck at the one language you do speak lol . are you 5 years old ??
Leslie George
Leslie George 3 päivää sitten
Mercedes has a coward champion and an arshole principal
Leslie George
Leslie George 3 päivää sitten
Any driver in F1 in Hamilton car is world world champion
John Middleweek
John Middleweek 10 päivää sitten
Hamilton's running scared of George Russell, he knows he's as good a driver maybe when the car fits him he would be ~BETTER.
Walter Jr
Walter Jr 26 päivää sitten
The contract has NO option over the TeamMates. stop spreading stupid rumors just because they are free. What Verstapen says is just jealousy, he has a team that builds everything behind him, RB is not a fair team. Hamilton, beat Alonso, Rosberg, and Bottas. Yeah, Rosberg beat Hamilton once, mostly using mind games and dirty tactics on the track, but run away after because he knew it was just a fluke. Hamilton has earned what he got, you may like it or not.
João Murgeiro
João Murgeiro 27 päivää sitten
A 7 time world champion who does not want a kid as team mate for fear of being defeated really speaks to his character.
Chris Liddiard
Chris Liddiard 29 päivää sitten
Either Hamilton does a Rosberg, or there is a transitional period where Bottas leaves and Russell is shoe-horned in to work along side Hamiltion. its only natural that Mercedes would want their top driver showing the new driver the ropes. That said, we saw what happened at Ferrari when Leclerc became the new wonder-kin. Hamilton must wonder if the same fate lies in store for him. I guess he is after some assurances.
All2J Uukausi sitten
I love the world of alleged lies... when sources are not divulged or quotes are not shared... where people come up with these is amazing... as a reserve driver to Mercedes, they have shared how much mentor ship was experienced between the 2... this topic is just so funny IMO... then again what do i know.. never lived on rumours myself... please give me facts not fiction, sorry elegies.
vrccb Uukausi sitten
If indeed the Lewis situation is true, then the ego of one must in no way jeopardise the future of Mercedes team efforts for the future.
Sonic Boove
Sonic Boove Uukausi sitten
Lewis is far to marketable for Mercedes not to resign, he can demand anything pretty much.
D2H777 Uukausi sitten
This driver is a disgrace 7 titles? of course he never had a good strong teammate as a challenge and always a bullet prove car. he was lucky all the way
Ahmed Siddiq Gaffoor
Ahmed Siddiq Gaffoor Uukausi sitten
Russel already scared the hamilton scene with his drive last year
Malcolm B
Malcolm B Uukausi sitten
Since when does a player lecture the team management.
Pedro Campos
Pedro Campos Uukausi sitten
Lewis is selfish
Harry Callahan
Harry Callahan Uukausi sitten
Hamilton can beat everybody. The end
Speed Mann
Speed Mann Uukausi sitten
From Mercedes point of view. They don't need to replace Bottas. They finished the contructer's championship 1,2 that's there only objective. it's just as fans we would like to see a stronger team mate. I'd love to see Russel as Hamilton's team mate. Bottas just doesn't push hard enough. And I know I'm on a key board and he's the man in the arena. But how often to you see him missing breaking markers ?? Losing grip and going into sand traps on corners ? Blowing engine's , gearboxes ? I don't have a problem with the bloke coming 2nd to Hamilton but I do have a problem when there's so few mistakes trying to take first. I love nothing more then a driver giving it absolutely everything. I mean absolutely everything. Like Senna being lifted out of the car at the Brazilian grandprix. Nothing more to give. That's inspirational. I think bottas, Verstappen have become to comfortable taking 2nd and 3rd
ThiagoPratezi Uukausi sitten
Evasive maneuvers intensifies
Dave Salter
Dave Salter Uukausi sitten
Can't you find drivers pictures with out f**king masks.
Veek Leek
Veek Leek Uukausi sitten
Think Hamilton is getting too high on that horse. Mercedes should just leave him hanging ang bring in hulkenburg.
Wimpi3 Uukausi sitten
the sooner he goes the better for the sport..for him its all about tue money and fame and not what he wants to do..get out of here!
sammy Barajas
sammy Barajas Uukausi sitten
Mercedes could still win a championship without Hamilton it’ll probably a little more difficult but they can do it moral of the story is they don’t need Hamilton and should take Russell pretty sure he’s also cheaper
Clint Mellon
Clint Mellon Uukausi sitten
Lewis has gone by hos sell by date. Russel should replace him immediately. Mercedes should not be held at gun point by lewis. Lewis is not the team but just a link in it. They will do just as good with Russel as they do with cry baby Lewis. Bottas might actually climb out of his hiding place and stretch his right leg a bit more in races. Lewis is a dark cloud for mercedes behind the scene. Its funny to watch how a spoilt "british child" Lewis is running circles around a german giant power house. Hehehe.
powdergangster83 Uukausi sitten
I'm not a Hamilton fan whatsoever, but I really find this rumor hard to believe. If Hamilton is that scared to have Russell as a teammate knowing that he could not confidently beat him for the Championship, then how can he ever consider himself to be the best driver? I would think in order to prove that you are the best driver you would want to go up against the best.
rock thompson
rock thompson Uukausi sitten
Toto said the Russel didn't come up in conversations. So no!!! Just more rumor for click .
Jason Davies
Jason Davies Uukausi sitten
The comment sections in FIpost videos are waste of time full s*** if you can win 7 world titles and not to be very good at what you do there is something wrong with a sport not a particular driver
Fallen Devonish
Fallen Devonish Uukausi sitten
Clickbait, what scarry is that there are some people that believe this
Philip Hobson
Philip Hobson Uukausi sitten
time for Mercedes to say good bye to Lewis come on Russell
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston Uukausi sitten
Suggest to Hamilton that in order to truly be a world great he should undertake a season with Williams and that George Russell should take his seat for a season. That should clear up the "Car or Driver" question.
Ant Bod
Ant Bod Uukausi sitten
Hamilton must just get on with his life and also be thankful to Farrari for making such a mess of their car for the last 3 years where they weren't a serious contender.
Mich Uukausi sitten
Mercedes will have to start preparing for the next generation...
LA Planet Squad
LA Planet Squad Uukausi sitten
Making up stories to get views! If Russel is that good why he’s driving for a back marker team?
Richard Sharpe
Richard Sharpe Uukausi sitten
If Lewis is really doing that let him leave cause he’s doing nothing but destroying the development of the sport
danguee1 Uukausi sitten
I have to say, I always thought George Russell a bit overhyped given how he'd only driven a back of the pack car. (But I guess he was very highly rated by some proper experts!) But what he managed to do at the Shakhir GP just blew me away. In an unfamiliar car way too small for him he basically didn't put a foot wrong, push it to the limit, fought hard and at the edge every second of the way and only got boshed by Mercedes f*ckups and bad luck. He was all over the car, his teammate and the field in general. Unbelievable...... Lewis should hope not to have to match up against him in equal cars, imo.
Thebe Radise
Thebe Radise Uukausi sitten
I would rather wait for an official announcement by the Mercedes f1 team , there are so many rumours at the moment swirling around , its very hard to say whether this is also not just part of the ongoing rumour mill on the Lewis Contract saga. Surely It can’t be that hard for a team like Mercedes to make an announcement on their driver line up one thing certain if they want to replace Hamilton they can , because there are so many drivers out there that have a desire to occupy his seat , the fact that they are not saying anything knowing how so many drivers would relish the thought of driving for them means there is likely no change in their driver line up for 2021. Of course Stranger things have happened but this won’t be one of them .
Huw Price
Huw Price Uukausi sitten
I suspect Hamilton is terrified of being found out. Bottas is a below par driver driving a fabulous car. Hamilton is undoubtedly better than Bottas, but I suspect my mum might be too. I suppose all F1 drivers are vain and egotistical, but this puts Hamilton in an even worse light, if that’s possible!
Andy Shaw
Andy Shaw Uukausi sitten
If lewis can't handle competition he should retire
Paul Rothwell
Paul Rothwell Uukausi sitten
Of course he is !!! Drrrrrrr It’s all about you Lewis you knob ! 🤪🤷‍♂️
Barbara Gouin
Barbara Gouin Uukausi sitten
I thought Lewis stated he did not care who his team mate was is he scared George will beat him
Space Ghost
Space Ghost Uukausi sitten
Lewis must have read 'The Art of War' because i dont think he doesnt want Russell...i think he does want him to go there eventually...i think he is pretending he doesnt to see what sweeteners Merc will give him. He is creating a drama as a misdirect to create leverage.
Ben Parker
Ben Parker Uukausi sitten
If I were Mercedes and had to choose I would take Russell over Hamilton.
Thaddeus Ejiofor
Thaddeus Ejiofor Uukausi sitten
You should find another job if your intentions is to feed with F1 world with this rubbish. There's never been a time Lewis Hamilton has decided what a team does or will do with a driver lineup and he has said it and we can see it so, why are you so ignorant to perpetuate anything like this. This title is harmful and damaging and you have to learn choose them. George Russell said to the world that he learned a lot from Lewis Hamilton at his time at Mercedes before going to Williams. The fact is that George still doesn't have what it takes to to lead the Mercedes team. Cool off if you don't know how teams make these very important managment choices.
Michael S
Michael S Uukausi sitten
We've seen at other Teams where a team brings in a young phenom (Verstappen, Leclerc) and the old champion/ #1 driver gets the short end of the stick... is Hamilton next??
Derek Friesen
Derek Friesen Uukausi sitten
If Lewis keeps adding stiffer demands, Mercedes should drop him and let Russell join the team. Lewis would not beat Mercedes in any other car
Vincent Hathway
Vincent Hathway Uukausi sitten
Alpine must go for a bright, colourful livery something like the all conquering Renault that Alonso won his World Championships in.
Vincent Hathway
Vincent Hathway Uukausi sitten
Hamilton is just a spoilt brat. Who the hell does he think he is to demand that everything must be his way. Problem is, he is scared of a new driver coming in who will push him all the way for wins because right now it seems Bottas knows that he must let the brat win unless otherwise told. He must take his BLM crap and just FO to another world because is isn't wanted in F1.
Tiger Arrogant
Tiger Arrogant Uukausi sitten
Has anyone seen an interview where Hamilton said anything about the performance of George Russell...I personally didn't.
Sim boy
Sim boy Uukausi sitten
Lewis is a losser
Aswath Raja
Aswath Raja Uukausi sitten
Toto should tell Lewis his replacement isn’t George and is in fact Lord Mahaveer. He would sign the contract immediately
cresbydotcom Uukausi sitten
I would bet Hamilton's demands include more of his political posturing. They are behind him on his campaign to date, but maybe he is upscaling it somewhat. Good on him for it, but perhaps Mercedes see anything more strident as impacting sales of cars. And Mercedes make cars, not political statements.
hammered hemi
hammered hemi Uukausi sitten
Hamilton is such a FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG I swear he would be the most hated multi F1 World Champion EVER Schumacher was an arrogant prick as was Vettel, but this tool takes the cake
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson Uukausi sitten
The "Greatest of all time!!!"-scared of a 22 year old. Wow
mirv george
mirv george Uukausi sitten
That dont make sense..
xanaxkamikaze Uukausi sitten
I'd be fine with never seeing Hamilton drive a grand prix car ever again. I'd be totally fine.
Harborn Trail
Harborn Trail Uukausi sitten
Montreal is not a street circuit.
Greet dekeizer
Greet dekeizer Uukausi sitten
Its clear Mercedes holds all the bargaining chips here. Hamilton is clearly replaceable by the much cheaper Russel. Hamilton cant go to another F1 as he would get allot of drivers that could challenge him for the win. He clearly does not want competition, as he doesn't even want Russel to drive the other Mercedes car . And most important, Hamilton wants the absolute record on world championships of 8. Only Mercedes can hand him his 8th world title. So instead of Mercedes paying him, they could easily ask Hamilton to pay them for the 8th world title seat. So if Mercedes asks sir Hamilton to pay 50 million to drive next season to get his 8th title, would he pay up?
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett Uukausi sitten
This is just theatre. I'm convinced the deal is already signed with Lewis.
Garf Putin
Garf Putin Uukausi sitten
All the stories here are to be taken with a bucket of salt. So relax Hamilton haters. FW gave you this disclaimer so keep your pants on. Dont get too excited now.
Garf Putin
Garf Putin Uukausi sitten
Well Im glad you started with a disclaimer that a lot of what you will say is unconfirmed rumours. So we shall treat the story about Hamilton as such.. An unfounded malicious rumor.
Swaitian Uukausi sitten
And here comes all the Hamilton-haters... #teamLH44 - Go Lewis!
Chesties Uukausi sitten
Drop Hamilton and pay George out of his contract with Williams. While Bottas is not on Lewis's level he would be a more willing mentor to help George get acclimated to the team. Lewis is great, but not worth all this when you have your future for the next ten years ready to go, and he has proven that in that car he can win and handle the pressure. Man up Toto! Shock the F1 world!
Phill Oliveira
Phill Oliveira Uukausi sitten
You shouldn't be surprised you tried to block Nico rosberg from morning the championship so no great stretch there
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram Uukausi sitten
Toto: Pull the Plug go with Russell who isn't going to age out for ages and save Millions..
Awesimo Uukausi sitten
All this stupid speculation. Hamilton probably just wants organic food provided for his dog.
Nicholas Holmes-Siedle
Nicholas Holmes-Siedle Uukausi sitten
He remembers being outscored by Button and Rosberg in 2014 . Why would Merc ruin their long term future for what could be no more than a 1/2 season contract?
Sam David
Sam David Uukausi sitten
Like Lewis don't want challenges same media people that praise Lewis are fast to judge him as if he's not a racer racer and trying to block drivers . That's just crazy the fact you have subs and people following you you should definitely not be paint Lewis this way !!!
Sam David
Sam David Uukausi sitten
Am getting sick of F1 Media over thinking this ! Always opinions probably way far past the actual reason why . Not be money ! Or Lewis trying to stop Russel . It will be when budget cuts come in or drivers salary cut what happens or probably deals that he brings in frew his name but it out rage the put there life at risk 7 time world champion . And trust me max definitely not b at Merc ever his attitude not for them .
Mike I
Mike I Uukausi sitten
Lewis is getting Nico flashbacks in his head 😬😬😬 scary thoughts haha
Mike I
Mike I Uukausi sitten
For a World Champ Lewis seems like he’s just running away from a fight. Not a good look for him, he’s scared to let other drivers outshine him.
Sk Basiruddin
Sk Basiruddin Uukausi sitten
With so many aging drivers still at prime. F1 should have a senior division. F1 and F1Senior
Guru Swaminathan B
Guru Swaminathan B Uukausi sitten
Hamilton was voting for Russell to take big steps ... Also , I don't think he can stop Russell from getting on with Merc
Nils is sick of your games
Nils is sick of your games Uukausi sitten
Hulkenberg should step in. He is German, just like Alpine and Ocon are French
Gruff Morris
Gruff Morris Uukausi sitten
Hamilton loves competition, he needs that to be on his A game. He would absolutely welcome Russell as a team mate. Any suggestion otherwise is just nonsense.
vajdasagi Uukausi sitten
kick his blm ass out of Mercedes
TGTraining&Travels Uukausi sitten
Of course he doesn't, bottas is fast enough to challenge in quali, but not a threat to the ongoing championship train. Perfect 🤣 which is why I'd be surprised if we ever saw Russell and Lewis in the same team
Jordan E
Jordan E Uukausi sitten
Let him go. They’ll still have the driver’s and constructor’s with Bottas and Russell.
TheGizmo1122 Uukausi sitten
This is just my opinion, but Russell's performance in The Sakhir Grand Prix was not only bad for Bottas, but also for Hamilton. He qualified just 0.026s behind Bottas, and led comfortably after the second corner, in a relatively new car for him. I can understand that Hamilton will feel threatened by his pace. Hamilton is one of the best of all times, dont get me wrong, but he has never faced head to head versus a young talented driver in his career, witch Vettel, Alonso etc has done. He has been comfortable in a superior Mercedes team for the past 7 years and would want to keep it that way.
Graeme Schubert
Graeme Schubert Uukausi sitten
Sound likes Pretty good bullshit to me haha
Wodrick Uukausi sitten
No right whatsoever totally a team decision.
Deadly Mantis
Deadly Mantis Uukausi sitten
Allegedly, Rumours, Suggested, May feel...Basically a load of BS. LH isn't afraid of any other driver on the grid, regardless of what car they are in
AndyHack Uukausi sitten
Hamilton wouldn't have won a single championship since 2014 if he was in Red Bull or Ferrari, if he wants to prove his class, he should join a different team and atleast win races, but he knows himself that he's nothing with Mercedes.
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris Uukausi sitten
Austin Haseltine
Austin Haseltine Uukausi sitten
the moment lewis leaves F1 will be so much more interesting
Alex M
Alex M Uukausi sitten
The rumours are a function of the authors mentality
BanditBlu 1776
BanditBlu 1776 Uukausi sitten
In other words he afraid of being out driven
phinadelphia Hlongwane
phinadelphia Hlongwane Uukausi sitten
Nah Lewis is looking out for his bro(Bottas)
Ronald Myers
Ronald Myers Uukausi sitten
Meet Hamilton's ridiculous demands or watch him go on a World tour crying about how racist & white supremacist the Mercedes organization is. Oh yeah & how F1 needs to be disband now to Save the Planet.
Rico 1071
Rico 1071 Uukausi sitten
I’ve never been a fan of contract clauses on number 1 status but I understand. Contractually hampering another driver’s career feels worse. I’m disappointed if this is true as believed Hamilton was better than this and could win overall on his ability but IF this is true I’ve lost that respect and now wondering how many of his titles are the cars dominance and a poor team mate. I guess he is afraid we see anyone can take a title in that car
Jerry Bouwer
Jerry Bouwer Uukausi sitten
I think young gun Russel will beat Hamilton now. Hamilton is a great driver and showed in his rookie year what a talented driver can do in a good car. Russel is in the same mould and has shown how dominant he can be in F2 and before. The young gun is hungry. I so hope they give him a chance better sooner than later.
Paul James
Paul James Uukausi sitten
Hamilton needs Mercedes much more than Mercedes needs Hamilton. With George Russell waiting in the wings, Hamilton should pay Mercedes for the drive !!
BLT Uukausi sitten
15 years ago, Schumacher was paid more money than Hamilton today. Keep in mind that Hamilton's record is better now.
BLT Uukausi sitten
Mercedes would have lost to Ferrari if not because of Hamilton defeated Vettel.
BLT Uukausi sitten
Russell is so unproven yet. One race won't justify anything. If Mercedes replaces Hamilton with Russell, Mercedes will still win in 2021, but Red Bull will be so close, just like Verstappen and Bottas. Keep in mind that Bottas still qualified better than Russell in that single proof. If RB can increase their performance to be equal with Mercedes, then only Hamilton can defeat Verstappen.
Damian Pryce
Damian Pryce Uukausi sitten
Time to go to the Ferrari they going to snake you Lewis
Tim Annear
Tim Annear Uukausi sitten
God I'll be happy when Hamilton is gone forever.
Michael X
Michael X Uukausi sitten
This stuff is becoming increasingly gossipy. And unreliable.
Gerry D
Gerry D Uukausi sitten
Yes as he knows he can beat Bottas 99% of the time and Russell will show the public Hamiltons no where near as untouchable as he thinks he is. Russell is Mercedes future invest in him and chuck (I want more money) Lewis 😎🤘👍
oreofudgeman Uukausi sitten
I've lost some respect for him. This man is completely delusional if he thinks that mercedes are basically gonna let him supercede team bosses and block teammate signings. If he keeps fucking around like this he may end up finding himself out of a seat. No matter how many world titles you have, you dont get to try and control the team unless you're the one pumping money into it.
Alone1am Uukausi sitten
Simply hamilton is haunted with the rosberg ghost even now and forever and if rosberg stayed then lewis wud never win at all. Because rosberg was always a better man and russell is far more better than lewis
Atlanticway Paddle & Adventures
Atlanticway Paddle & Adventures Uukausi sitten
Just proves Hamilton isn’t confident enough in his own ability if you is scared of a challenge.
Eric Rickert
Eric Rickert Uukausi sitten
Hamilton is a great driver, but F1 will be better off if he retires. I say this because people are bored of his dominance. There is less excitement than there ought to be.
Does Mercedes NEED Lewis Hamilton?
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