Isla Fisher Is Embarrassed To Go Out With Sacha Baron Cohen - CONAN on TBS

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Team Coco

8 vuotta sitten

Who would have ever guessed that "Borat" is a regular faux pas factory? More CONAN @

Sammy Hoffman
Sammy Hoffman 7 tuntia sitten
Isla: we should mate to save the species Conan: *you want to too?*
Baricho Päivä sitten
Is this Julie?
DRONE HDTV Päivä sitten
number 6 wife i think
GGGrapefruit 4 päivää sitten
"we dont go out a lot" .. me checks the date of the video ... oh that was from the "before" period.
Kelvin 4 päivää sitten
Him: She's my mom. Sacha: Wawaweewa! Very nice
RSVP Heat 6 päivää sitten
In the words of Borat "She's a nice!"
clark kent
clark kent 12 päivää sitten
You can go
Reeze Vlog
Reeze Vlog 13 päivää sitten
i missed her on Home & that show produced alot of international stars.....
Intro Skipper
Intro Skipper 16 päivää sitten
She should be embarrassed to stay in with him as well.
Kaddu Mills
Kaddu Mills 18 päivää sitten
So many comments to how her husband landed her. Simple. He’s Admiral General Aladeen.
Kitty Gonzales
Kitty Gonzales 18 päivää sitten
I would marry a Sacha.
ace iimov
ace iimov 19 päivää sitten
didn't know superman's girlfriend was borats wife.
Afia Bambaikar
Afia Bambaikar 19 päivää sitten
Superman's girlfriend was played by Amy Adams
Jay B
Jay B 19 päivää sitten
So she should be he's a clown
Them 21 päivä sitten
Whoever says redheads are going to die out is asexual, blind or otherwise sexually inert. The rarer they become, the more desirable they will be. I would gladly impregnate 50 redheads right now, if that's what it takes.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 21 päivä sitten
i wished, i had her problems just for one week :)=
Adam Moore
Adam Moore 21 päivä sitten
Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the luckiest guys on earth.
I miss 2019
I miss 2019 22 päivää sitten
I think they make a lovely couple.
Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin 23 päivää sitten
She is absolutely stunning.. wow
Audio Books Shelf
Audio Books Shelf 24 päivää sitten
I like her sense of humour :D
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon 24 päivää sitten
Always remember her from Home and Away.
Jiany Mass
Jiany Mass 26 päivää sitten
I can't believe she married this guy. Why oh why
Mari Victorius
Mari Victorius 26 päivää sitten
I’d be embarrassed, too.
Shkelqesia Madhe
Shkelqesia Madhe 26 päivää sitten
Funniest woman in the business.
Chris Pontello
Chris Pontello 27 päivää sitten
Very nice.
My_Name Is_Borat
My_Name Is_Borat 27 päivää sitten
wait she married borat....
Lana Miasnikova
Lana Miasnikova 27 päivää sitten
I like Sasha..but at times when he has no embarrassment may be the real reason is that he is a form of autism .
Robert Tauzer
Robert Tauzer 27 päivää sitten
God I love Amy Adams. I know this is not her, I'm just saying.
C R 27 päivää sitten
She’s sooooooo pretty 😍 😍😍😍
Mora Malik
Mora Malik 27 päivää sitten
All of her interviews are all about her husband. That’s terrible!
Amy Kirk
Amy Kirk 28 päivää sitten
Imagine peoples reactions if Borat showed a photo of her and told them she was his wife during the filming of the movie... not a human alive would believe him
Alex Dashkoff
Alex Dashkoff 28 päivää sitten
Who else looked up Jack Black’s mom?
Aio 1
Aio 1 28 päivää sitten
It seems odd that Jack Black's mother would make a speech at her son's movie premiere and not mention that she was his mother at some point during the speech.
Yuky Wookie
Yuky Wookie 28 päivää sitten
She'll always be Mary-Jane from Scooby Doo for me
NeuKids 29 päivää sitten
She is gorgeous and he is FUNNY,....very nice
Smarterthan You
Smarterthan You 29 päivää sitten
She's beautiful
touristguy87 29 päivää sitten
sounds like a match made in heaven
Jess Bloom
Jess Bloom 29 päivää sitten
I'm not surprised her husband is a moron
Cipher 25 päivää sitten
Something in common then
reymounz satria
reymounz satria 29 päivää sitten
It seems odd that Jack Black's mother would make a speech at her son's movie premiere and not mention that she was his mother at some point during the speech.
Swapy Bond - The Biker
Swapy Bond - The Biker 29 päivää sitten
chrisli323 Uukausi sitten
With a name like Sacha and a wife like that, despite how he may act in public, sounds like he's one hell of an epic guy! Stop bitching!
Orion Rodriguez
Orion Rodriguez Uukausi sitten
is that not Ron Howards daughter? TV LIED TO ME, I thought we were friends
Amir Kazemi
Amir Kazemi Uukausi sitten
yeah - you married a jackass for a husband - his comedy comes at the expense of unsuspecting people. his lates effort was rushed & lacked originality.
Kazi Al Nahian
Kazi Al Nahian Uukausi sitten
I wish I was married to Sacha Baron Cohen. Unlimited enetertainment.
Sean Noonan
Sean Noonan Uukausi sitten
If youve guys have heard sachas story with jim carrey this makes this video 20x better
Dan Last
Dan Last Uukausi sitten
How did she land borat??
John Bull
John Bull Uukausi sitten
I am embarrassed to come from the same country as him.
Jpenney mrcoin
Jpenney mrcoin Uukausi sitten
who's willing to mate with isla for the good of the species? go on, take one for the team.
Ngo Xuan Loan
Ngo Xuan Loan Uukausi sitten
She’s got Scottish Parents, Born in Muscat and Raised in Australia, With a English husband and Does American films 😂 Miss international
cristina criss
cristina criss Uukausi sitten
Was anyone else surprised by her accent?!
WhereImFrom Now
WhereImFrom Now Uukausi sitten
Love funny
Tristan Bailey
Tristan Bailey Uukausi sitten
Met her walking in to a bar in london after work so nice. Must have been 20 years ago.
Oh Just oh
Oh Just oh Uukausi sitten
She was so good in the great Gatsby.
Lancer1131 Uukausi sitten
How the hell he landed her?
Sequoia Hughes
Sequoia Hughes Uukausi sitten
"Is it 'Eyes-La' or 'Is-La'? We've gotten too far into the relationship to ask--now it would just be awkward." --Sasha Baron Cohen
Elixer 28 päivää sitten
Jinji Dryfork
Jinji Dryfork Uukausi sitten
Is she that chick that's in that movie about the nascar dudes with those guys from twins that are also in Dewey's cox and anchor man?
Rodney D Belanger
Rodney D Belanger 28 päivää sitten
Ever heard of Google? It has the answers to your stupid questions.
Jack Hiers
Jack Hiers Uukausi sitten
That would be Amy Adams
Doreen Kindle
Doreen Kindle Uukausi sitten
She's gorgeous. 💄👠❤💎
Shrub Uukausi sitten
I'm literally watching every piece of content about Sacha and his characters I can find
Ari Venti
Ari Venti 24 päivää sitten
GIRL me too. My twitter is now a Sacha stan account omg
Junior Gomes
Junior Gomes 29 päivää sitten
me too
Dimitar Petkov
Dimitar Petkov Uukausi sitten
Borat now likes blonds from Bulgaria
Travis Harness
Travis Harness Uukausi sitten
so ricky lost the girl again in taladega nights
TRA H & A Uukausi sitten
Sacha just seems like every English dad
Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo
Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo Uukausi sitten
Island Fisher looks great.
Slev Uukausi sitten
funny and charming. the only way to get a girl... sacha got both. is everyone here a virgin?
Richard Berglund
Richard Berglund Uukausi sitten
She is 44 i cant get that ... I think the new movie is a huge hoax
El Salvador
El Salvador Uukausi sitten
I wonder what Borat said the first time he saw her naked?
El Salvador
El Salvador Uukausi sitten
Ver nice!!!
JustAnotherHater Uukausi sitten
she said she should mate yet she is married?? I get its a joke but wtf
Derick spawn
Derick spawn Uukausi sitten
Isla Fisher😍😍💯
Goodwins all access Media service provider
Goodwins all access Media service provider Uukausi sitten
Rudy you're a disgusting disgrace 😤 exposed by a genius the vid speaks volumes to your deplorable character 😉 had it been a political hit job Borat would have let you carry out your depravity OMG Like your daughter don't hate you enough I'm ashamed to call Rudy a New Yorker let alone AMERICAN 😔
1Lifeonearth Uukausi sitten
very nice
Paul Snell
Paul Snell Uukausi sitten
She is gorgeous!!!!! I wonder why she is him
L. M
L. M Uukausi sitten
I did not know she has an accent! Or married to Borat! - mind blows
SydneyPhotography2019 Uukausi sitten
I wouldn't be embarrassed HAHAHA
xPNova Uukausi sitten
Did he also say something about a girl and it turned out to be the guy's daughter?
Chloe Huntsman
Chloe Huntsman Uukausi sitten
Was that about Jim Carrey?
Kukumbar Glicko
Kukumbar Glicko Uukausi sitten
Good to know that Im not the only one who just keeps ruining the moment after i fcked up
ProMiŁ Uukausi sitten
He should have said, massive babylons....
Pinely Uukausi sitten
Mr Jason
Mr Jason Uukausi sitten
wow thats why sacha loves her..Red pubes are more valuable than diamonds.🤭
Styx Zero
Styx Zero Uukausi sitten
By far the best looking hollywood actress, alltho I have a thing for redheads.
Christopher Motyka
Christopher Motyka Uukausi sitten
Damn I didn't know that she and Sasha are married I take back my previous message !!! Be happy guys
Les Carpio
Les Carpio Uukausi sitten
Oop didn't know she has an Australian accent.
jrootabega 29 päivää sitten
She doesn't, you're holding your phone upside down
Thomas Mountbatten
Thomas Mountbatten Uukausi sitten
Yep, add her to your Aussie actor list, Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson etc.
Christopher Motyka
Christopher Motyka Uukausi sitten
A true godess!🥰😍💖💕💗
Viking Nomad
Viking Nomad Uukausi sitten
Well, for the $160 millions he have put on the table the last couple of years, the 2 Beverly hills villas he bought her, she will manage to live through a few embarrassing moments...
Dunmore's Movie Mania
Dunmore's Movie Mania Uukausi sitten
Now THIS.... is the dictionary definition of "DELECTABLE"!!!! and Isla Fisher is pretty hot too.
Vaan Uukausi sitten
Isla is the DEF best half of this relationship.
Aldranza M
Aldranza M Uukausi sitten
Wait he's straight??
Jayyy Zeee
Jayyy Zeee Uukausi sitten
I never knew she was British. Her American accent is always so good.
Nick Holcomb
Nick Holcomb Uukausi sitten
Yeah I’m kind of fucked up over this not gonna lie
Andy Power
Andy Power Uukausi sitten
Borat, may I borrow?!
John Pandolfino
John Pandolfino Uukausi sitten
Can't imagine the visual of them fornicating.......
Donat Uukausi sitten
STOP ABUSING KAZAKHSTAN FOR PROFIT !!!! 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿❤️❤️❤️🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿 If this movie were made not about Kazakhstan, but about some African country, it would immediately be perceived as racism. And when it goes about others (Kazakhs), you see, it's just a joke, humor and nothing more. First of all, this film offends my country, its culture, and people. Do not discount our feelings by saying that we are taking everything to heart. I don't care about his humor. It's not funny. This is a humiliation and nothing more. If you are tolerant, then please always be tolerant of all races and nationalities, show your tolerance not only toward black people. Do not discount our feelings. Hey, Sacha baron Cohen and his supporter! Can you come to Kazakhstan and take a authentic film in here like a decent human being? @sachabaroncohen @islafisher #cancelborat #cancelborat2 #banborat#
The Great Restoration
The Great Restoration Uukausi sitten
She's way to cute to be with Sacha baron cohen...
Tobblesmash Uukausi sitten
Everyone wondering how he landed her but I honestly think sacha is a good lookin guy, when he's himself ofc, borat or Ali g or Bruno couldn't land her..... Aladeen def could tho
G. G.
G. G. Uukausi sitten
She is so annoying and cringey
roberto saraseli
roberto saraseli Uukausi sitten
Dorin C
Dorin C Uukausi sitten
She is a decent person!!!!
N.A. Conen
N.A. Conen Uukausi sitten
All of her interviews are all about her husband. That’s terrible!
peter Uukausi sitten
@Haley Gilbert He is sort of like a furball that way 🙂
Haley Gilbert
Haley Gilbert Uukausi sitten
I've known who Isla Fisher is for years lol I just found Sacha today and was surprised to see, she's married to him! Lol I never realized her husband was more known. That is quite sad though that they always bring him up :(
Pablo Pulido
Pablo Pulido Uukausi sitten
Her husband is more famous than her
What Thebrown
What Thebrown Uukausi sitten
She is such a ginger 👼🏻 angel
Samrath Pal Singh
Samrath Pal Singh Uukausi sitten
Hey.. who's here after Borat Subsequent Movie :)
Vk Vk
Vk Vk Uukausi sitten
@João Lobo - L0BO0 yakshemash
João Lobo - L0BO0
João Lobo - L0BO0 Uukausi sitten
Hello "kiss both cheeks"
Vk Vk
Vk Vk Uukausi sitten
Judge Preston
Judge Preston Uukausi sitten
Isn't a "social faux pas" a redundant statement?
mark mcallan
mark mcallan Uukausi sitten
she will always be the chick in home and away!
Xray Doge
Xray Doge Uukausi sitten
I just watched a video where SBC is at a party. Jim Carrey is there. Jim Carrey complains that he’s tired of being single and what not. SBC says “well there’s a hot chick right there? Why don’t you go and ask her out?” Jim then replies “well that’s my daughter” SBC does have a way with actors lol
Oren Blyachman
Oren Blyachman Uukausi sitten
Real Jew, we seem to have more "Chutzpa" than non Jews. And I congratulate him for bringing such a pretty and nice woman to Judaism.
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