MAC MINI M1 | Audio and Plugin Performance In Logic Pro X | Apple Silicon

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In Part 1 of this mini-series, we weren't entirely happy with the video performance of this new M1-based Mac Mini.
We did a follow up to this in Part 3!:
Part 2: Audio Editing Performance:
Part 3: The Follow-Up, Solving Some Problems!:
However, in Audio-Land...

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PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Thanks John!
John Siket
John Siket Uukausi sitten
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
We’ll give it a go!
Amaury Jacquot
Amaury Jacquot Uukausi sitten
the apple thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 cable will fix your interfacing problem (it also works both ways)
whoozl Uukausi sitten
Done! Well, then grow now! Cheers & cu tomorrow 👍 Btw, I should add that this was really educating as well as entertaining!
Steven Jay Drums
Steven Jay Drums 15 tuntia sitten
Amazing. I have to get one as my mega MacBook Pro keeps crashing.
Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans 5 päivää sitten
Wow I went ahead and ordered the M1 Mini 16/512 after seeing this and the snake oil review so thanks, but can you advise me on which external drive you use for your audio tracking please, im finding it difficult to find answers online? Thanks Johnny
Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans 5 päivää sitten
@PresentDayProduction Really useful advice, thanks. Johnny
PresentDayProduction 5 päivää sitten
We always keep active projects on the internal drive and use external drives for archival purposes only, however if you need a high-speed drive, we can definitely recommend the Samsung T5 or if you have more budget, the Samsung T7. USB C and ultra fast! Then just back up to regular disk drives for archiving
Ian Pringle
Ian Pringle 5 päivää sitten
Really enjoyed watching this. Great video. Made me laugh out loud. What size Ram did you have.
Ian Pringle
Ian Pringle 5 päivää sitten
Ah you just said 8gb! Wow.
Pablo Drum
Pablo Drum 6 päivää sitten
Were you using 24bits 48khz on that session?
PresentDayProduction 5 päivää sitten
DDPAV 8 päivää sitten
Absolutely crazy performance! Makes my loaded 5 year old 5k iMac seem like a dinosaur...... But I have yet to max the processor on that so no need to upgrade. Thanks for the video!
Arthur Soares
Arthur Soares 11 päivää sitten
8Gb Ram model?
PresentDayProduction 11 päivää sitten
Yes, 8GB
Roland Martin
Roland Martin 13 päivää sitten
Can you even hear the fan blowing? :) ^^
PresentDayProduction 12 päivää sitten
Not at all!
Private Channel
Private Channel 14 päivää sitten
I am thinking of buying it as my main computer for professional music production with authentic Logic Pro x..Do you think the simple version is worth it or should I look for the version with 16Gb ram? Basically I want a reliable machine that does not take long to open programs like logic and of course I do not want to see the spastic warning "System overload" again !!! Please answer me because I am in the process of finding and buying..Thanks !!
Private Channel
Private Channel 13 päivää sitten
@PresentDayProduction Thank you so much!
PresentDayProduction 13 päivää sitten
The Mac Mini M1 8GB is MORE than enough. The one you see in this video is 8GB, it’s incredibly fast with audio production, particularly in Logic Pro X, because it’s optimised for that software. We would highly recommend it. As always, with new operating systems, be aware that not all 3rd party plugins will work, but what we have tested so far seems to be pretty great. Compatibility with those third party plugins will increase over time. We’d say go for it!
Neil Aspin
Neil Aspin 14 päivää sitten
That's about two and a half grands worth of PC out of the Window.
jcnash02 15 päivää sitten
You could just use a had to say it.
PresentDayProduction 15 päivää sitten
pistol goo
pistol goo 16 päivää sitten
Thanks for this, really needed a video like this cos there's nothing online
Blake Mlungisi Nxumalo
Blake Mlungisi Nxumalo 17 päivää sitten
All Caps - I Make Music
All Caps - I Make Music 18 päivää sitten
How's it with 3rd party plugins? I've been having compatibility issues with the latest version of Logic X.
Erik Smith
Erik Smith 19 päivää sitten
PC's impose challenges? Where and how?
Erik Smith
Erik Smith 19 päivää sitten
And holy shit, that mini imposes a challenge.. 1010 plugins?? Definitely getting the 16gb
tattguy 20 päivää sitten
The reason stuff is coming to and end with Big Sur is cause it stopped supporting 32 bit. If devs don’t update to 64 but they will never work. As long as your 64 bit it should work
Niclas Conradsson
Niclas Conradsson 20 päivää sitten
My opinion has been that 16 gb ram is a MUST for music production. After this test; maby not?
PresentDayProduction 19 päivää sitten
I’ve been doing some traditionally RAM intensive projects with it over the past few weeks and haven’t had any problems with only 8GB so far. So yes, I think this architecture changes the game for sure
B.A. Mac
B.A. Mac 20 päivää sitten
First of all sir, brilliant video! Second (and I'm a pc diehard), you've sold me on my first mac ever and earned a new subscriber!
Charlie Newbury
Charlie Newbury 20 päivää sitten
I’m speechless! I’ll be picking one up in a couple weeks now omg
LaserDisk 21 päivä sitten
I spit my water at 16:56
nart kelmendi
nart kelmendi 22 päivää sitten
Very helpful video, but also the way of delivering is funny as hell xD Earned a subscribe xD
elias zerano
elias zerano 23 päivää sitten
Which buffersizes can you select and which latencies do you get ? please
jon42689 26 päivää sitten
came to see how the mac mini does under load, stayed for the seemingly uncountable instances of space designer
JD 26 päivää sitten
Which version of the mac mini was this, how many cores, how much RAM, etc.
randomgeocacher 26 päivää sitten
Logic Pro must be extremely optimized and able to use all resources. I produce podcast on Windows with Adobe Audition, so often it puts all computation on a single thread, leaving 31 threads idle waiting for work.
Tim Schultz
Tim Schultz 28 päivää sitten
How much RAM is in that M1 mini?
PresentDayProduction 28 päivää sitten
waytoowhat 28 päivää sitten
with the amount of 3rd party plugins currently sitting in my channels, this will likely be 2022... I am still rockin Mojave O.o
segundojazz Uukausi sitten
No es justo comparar el M1 con un G4!!, aquí algo mejor=
Tz_mzU1 Uukausi sitten
Nice review but honestly i am not a logic user and i wouldn't ever use 800 space designers, so i care for other software compatibility and even more importantly hardware compatibility. A test with virtual instruments and actual hardware that work with this would be more illuminating imo.
Daniel Estehghari
Daniel Estehghari Uukausi sitten
How does the performance hold up when using non-stock plugins?
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Not so well, as expected, but they run much better in Logic than in non-native DAWs. Check out our follow up video to see the performance
studioblogic Uukausi sitten
Excellent dissertation. Thank you.
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin Uukausi sitten
I have watched this a few times and subscribed. I like your fun style of presenting the info. So, I couldn't clarify for sure if this is the base model with 8GB RAM and 256 SSD? I'm thinking of getting the 8GB, 512 SSD and I want to make sure it will work for my needs, which are few less than what you've done here. Though I would never run this exact configuration, I'm absolutely certain I could get by with capacity to run your most basic starting configuration with 8 instrument tracks, 32 audio tracks, and 96 Space designer plug ins. Thanks again guys!
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
No problem! We’re glad you enjoyed the video! We’d love a commission haha
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction amazing. Apple should give you a commission :) I've just ordered the 8GB, 512 SSD version! Thanks again for the fun and informative vid
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
This is the 8 GB model indeed
Cipher Uukausi sitten
Nice upload! I'm feeling it
Åssie Uukausi sitten
Thank you! That was a great, thorough video that actually asked the questions I wanted to know, and not just telling me "its way better than before!". And entertaining as well. thank you! I am thinking about getting one of these, as they seem tons cheaper to replace every now and then compared to an imac or a mac pro, and when they perform this incredible, even at a base model level, I think I'm sold. Now, i just wish my interface and third party plugins would become silicone compatible, today... :)
HM- Saravanan
HM- Saravanan Uukausi sitten
Sir Is m1 Mac mini good for logic Pro X I am a beginner .
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
For a beginner with no pre-existing software compatibility issues it’s incredible
zeus1117 Uukausi sitten
Very misleading video! In most instances M1 is falling behind in music production because of it’s realtime performance via rosetta2. If you use only Logic and only internal effects then go ahead. Maybe you are in the 0.1% then.
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Misleading? Did you watch the followup using non-native DAWs and plugins? Did you get to the bit where I say “don’t jump in yet if you’re using non-native software”? Probably not
John Siket
John Siket Uukausi sitten
Great video. I'm a professional audio engineer and I've been using Macs for years. I am still using my 2009 Mac Pro regularly.
Fausto Colella
Fausto Colella Uukausi sitten
a REAL comparison would have been with mac mini 2018 model, the 2014 model was already underpowered at that time... everyone's expecting a real power bump from 2012 model, like a quad core minis, but apple released a poorly refreshed machine! (do you remember that 2014 entry level machine with a 1,4ghz base cpu??!)
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
We’re trying to get our hands on some Acustica plugins to try it... you’ll find out if we do! There are rumours that the new Mac Pro will have a 32-core M-something chip, available up to 128 cores... THAT will be amazing.
Fausto Colella
Fausto Colella Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction i really putting my mini "under pressure" eheheh... It's not my main working Mac but considering the age, what was entry level that time it's almost "high end" actually! Next bunch of Apple's chips might be truly a definitive game changer platform for music producers. I'm thinking about who's using acustica audio plugins on Mac, that has always to handle the hassle of super heavy cpu load. 🥵😁
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Yes, it would be a fairer comparison, you’re right. Although I suppose a lot of studio owners have been holding off updating because certain Mac’s are incompatible with certain software and hardware etc, so to see a new Mac like this, maybe will spark something in those who are still clinging on to the older macs like we are!
Fausto Colella
Fausto Colella Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction oh yes I got that, and I appreciate your video, I'm just saying the 2018 model is a much more "fair" comparison due to the incredible power of new Apple's cpu! I have a 2014 mini too and nowadays really start to be "aged" if you would try to use some third party plugins.
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Unfortunately we can only compare what we have, we aren’t sponsored to provide these reviews, we have to buy the computers! So we thought it would be a good idea to show how technology has progressed over the last 6 years. The 2014 Mac we use daily in our studio, vs the 2020 M1
Capej Uukausi sitten
This is the funniest vid ive ever seen on a Mac. When u scrolled down for the 2nd time and theres like 600+ plugins literally burst out laughing! Amazing! Might have to buy it and sell my iMac haha
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Thanks for watching! We’d recommend getting one for sure, just be careful jumping in the deep end, with everything not totally optimised just yet. But yes, grab one, they’re great!
Mehrbod Rostamy
Mehrbod Rostamy Uukausi sitten
hi is that the new Apple M1 Chip mit 8‑Core CPU, 8‑Core GPU und 16‑Core Neural Engine?
Mehrbod Rostamy
Mehrbod Rostamy Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction i will dude thanks for info. take care.
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
It definitely is a beast. I’d recommend going for this newer computer for the performance, however just bear in mind that not all software and hardware is optimised for the new computer yet, so you’re not guaranteed that everything will work. Keep your old computer to hand just in case of any urgent projects
Mehrbod Rostamy
Mehrbod Rostamy Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction wow thanks dude i was going to buy the Mac mini 3,2 GHz 6‑Core Intel Core i7 Prozessor the 8. Generation (Turbo Boost bis zu 4,6 GHz) whit 32Gb Ram and 1 TB SSD for 2500 euro but after watching your vid i gona buy this one its a beast isnt it?
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Yes it is. With 8GB RAM
Harry Parker
Harry Parker Uukausi sitten
My Waves plugins are super glitchy with my Mac Mini M1 at the moment. Apparently they're not supported just yet, but I've some videos of them working fine with the Macbook Air M1???
Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker Uukausi sitten
Thank you for this. I am building my first home studio.
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson Uukausi sitten
Great video! and funny as well keep it up!- I am looking into getting one of these for my studio moving away from Mac Pro 12 core with 64gigs ram, looks like this processor smokes it!
Papa Kefis
Papa Kefis Uukausi sitten
I am using logic Pro X for music production in my humble home studio. I would really appreciate if you try to use some of Neural's DSP plugins (which are heavyweight for processing power) with logic Pro X and see the results. Also I would love to see the same test with GGD drumming plugins . I am recommending these plugins, because they're doing something really special. Thanks for any given time and answer. Cheers.
Papa Kefis
Papa Kefis Uukausi sitten
Excellent content 👍 Subscribing right now! Do the same with Mac desktop!
Preacher At Arrakeen
Preacher At Arrakeen Uukausi sitten
A stress test using instances of Sculpture or Alchemy would give an indication of how many tracks can be used. As well, many 3rd party plugs are cpu intensive, so that is a question mark. I am planning on getting one with 16gb ram, and a 1 tb ssd. If Apple could deliver it to me next week, I'd probably jump at it, but deliver wouldn't be until mid-late January, so I have time to ponder it (ponder, ponder). The config I want comes to €1,450. I'll have to buy a 4k screen to go with it, another €300. That is about ½ price of my 2015 27" i7 4ghz, 32 gb RAM iMac. I will be using it primarily for Logic, some video editing in iMovie. Other than 3rd party plugins, I am concerned about my peripherals like sudio interface (RME), my midi controller keyboard, and the external cd/dvd player/burner (which won't work via a hub). The performance seems beyond anything I'll need. I don't do film scores.
Dee Em
Dee Em Uukausi sitten
good enuff for me
Chris Beaver
Chris Beaver Uukausi sitten
I'd love to see a similar test but with Cubase
Matias Dment
Matias Dment Uukausi sitten
Is this an 8gb ram mac?
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Thanks Matias! Thanks for watching!
Matias Dment
Matias Dment Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction OHHH MY GOOOOODDDDD, I love your channel by the way . Thank you!
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Yes, 8GB Mac Mini M1
T Uukausi sitten
Hey guys great review! looking forward to seeing more with this! one question, does it still AVB?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Uukausi sitten
Overload to the swap file on the SSD on the Mac Mini is a little disappointing.
Saturday Night Fever With Daniel Alexandre
Saturday Night Fever With Daniel Alexandre Uukausi sitten
nice video i liked your bakground story
Brandon Milner
Brandon Milner Uukausi sitten
Incredibly enjoyable video. A likeable funny guy who knows audio. Thank you!
MOSHAE BEATS Uukausi sitten
How times have changed! I was making music on my computer in 1999 and had a 2GB hard drive that I paid quite a bit for. A few years late Gateway was a thing. I didn’t buy my 1st MAC until 2006. I can only imagine what the future holds for us in the short future. These days it’s hard to keep up lol
The Profound Idiot
The Profound Idiot Uukausi sitten
I’m pretty sold after this vid I’ll just have to get myself familiar with logic lol I’m just wondering will you guys do a video with M1 Mac mini 16 gb unified ram?
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
When we can get hold of one, probably!
Naren Thota
Naren Thota Uukausi sitten
15:38 looks like one of Jacob Collier's projects
Sam Rothman
Sam Rothman Uukausi sitten
fcuk.. this is madness..
Sakis Georgopoulos
Sakis Georgopoulos Uukausi sitten
What about Cubase? Do you intend to run a test with Cubase? I would be interested to see one.
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
If we can get our hands on a copy, then maybe yes. Unfortunately we currently have to buy everything we review, so it gets expensive pretty quickly!
richsound56 Uukausi sitten
I was wondering do you use studio one in daw mode with Logic Pro
Chase Thomas
Chase Thomas Uukausi sitten
Your A-roll video quality looks so good! Very engaging presence and fun to watch even though I’m a video guy!
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Thank you Chase! We love putting the effort into our production.
The Road To Mars
The Road To Mars Uukausi sitten
Wow!....I’m absolutely stunned. This thing is a beast!
jimchik Uukausi sitten
Impressive as all get-out. Not being a Logic User (DP since, like forever), is that a performance meter in the upper rh corner? It’s the one that seems to be pegged.
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Yep, it was pretty pegged towards the end, but still saving itself a core to show us what was going on!
jimchik Uukausi sitten
“Cla-muter”... Love it!
MobyTurbo Uukausi sitten
Compare it please to a Mac Pro or iMac Pro at least, this is comparing it to a Mac mini.
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
We aren’t sponsored by companies at the moment, we have to buy everything we do in our reviews, and at the moment, we can’t afford a Mac Pro unfortunately! But soon!
Radram Music
Radram Music Uukausi sitten
You have a hole on your neck
Flyboy Uukausi sitten
Yeah... it's probably not the best thing to do actually trying to break a computer where you can't replace any parts and risk all data loss.
Beytullah Keskin
Beytullah Keskin Uukausi sitten
People Who Are Dealing With These Jobs Leave These Jobs ... Expert People Who Really Know The Job Should Be Deal With These Jobs .... M1 M2 M9 M77 It Goes This Way ... People Can't Do What They Want ... They Always Lie ... They Deceive the World ... ..... Smaller and Smaller They vanished ...
Beytullah Keskin
Beytullah Keskin Uukausi sitten
People Who Are Dealing With These Jobs Leave These Jobs ... Expert People Who Really Know The Job Have To Deal With These Jobs .... M1 M2 M9 M77 It Goes Like This ... They Can't Do What People Want ... They Always Lie ... They Cheat The World ... They Can't Do It.
Caladan Ultima
Caladan Ultima Uukausi sitten
How about 80 virtual instruments (kontakt). 120. 200.400.etc
Arlon Rando
Arlon Rando Uukausi sitten
Yo seems 2021 is the year i do a generation change from iPad Mini 2012 with i7 to Macbook Air (M1). Deeeeeecent.:-D
SicksentZ Uukausi sitten
Ok THIS got me excited about the 16 gig Air in the mail 🙌🏾. Can’t wait 😄
David Burke
David Burke Uukausi sitten
Well. Intel are dead. AMD aren't far behind. And Biden thinks he can bin the Brits if we don't conform with his very historic Irish heritage. Pssh.
Jason Cox
Jason Cox Uukausi sitten
Good lord... is it just me or are the frames getting bigger than the pictures now adays. Jesus, apple releases a new computer and I have to hear about the beginning of computing / internet for the 1st 5 minutes of every youtube video.
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Make a video... show us all how it should be done!
Jacob Levine
Jacob Levine Uukausi sitten
Thank you for your video :) If I just want to use Logic with M1 Mac Mini, does it really matter if I get the 512 GB SSD or 256 GB SSD if I'm going to use external hard drives as well?
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
I personally have my operating system and software installed on the internal drive, and everything else is on external drives. So if you work like that I think 256 would be the way to go.
futurefunksquadtv Uukausi sitten
was this with 16gb of ram? if so, Im gonna have to get one! ;)
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Nope... just 8GB!
David Purple
David Purple Uukausi sitten
Try Avenger which is very CPU heavy and add up the VSTs...
Alexander Felke
Alexander Felke Uukausi sitten
The best Video on the MacMini M1 😂🚀🔥
Daniele B
Daniele B Uukausi sitten
Talking about "train station toilets" you got a new follower from Italy!!! Ahahah 😂🤣😜
VALIUM-FM Uukausi sitten
Yea but no but, did you try it with a cowbell plugin? 🥳👍🏼
Mani Perazzoli
Mani Perazzoli Uukausi sitten
Uday Jose
Uday Jose Uukausi sitten
Loved this! Thanks PDP. I have a silly question, probably whenever the revised upgraded version of M1 arrives for the pro users, and 3rd party plugin users like myself - Can we use the Mac Mini for live shows?! And if so what would be the set up and integration with a screen? Yes I know people going "duh, just go in for a Laptop"... Just seeing alternatives.😅 Any help would be great.
Uday Jose
Uday Jose Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction ok!! you're my new best friend. Pleeeease tell me more. Which compact screen is this? I'm slightly illiterate in this market 🖥️😅
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Thanks Uday! Yeah there’s something I don’t quite trust about a laptop, not sure why, probably an age thing! We used our old Mac mini for a ton of live shows over the years, we just had a cheap screen in a flight case that went straight into the HDMI socket, multitrack feed from the desk, and off we went. Never let us down.
John Hricko
John Hricko Uukausi sitten
(yank) was a fanboy 80s. (previous seq = C64, "Master Tracks" -Passport). Mac Plus (MasterTracks) 87-87. "Deck" w/ Mac ci. Mac 660 AV (dedicated audio processor.) 90s 8xx? AV?. (last one). Started learning linux. (dual boot win/linux). Ignored pc progress many years (marriage child, divorce). Amazed at the whole "pad" world. Learned the make their own silicon. They've had multiple instances OS/silicon transitions... M1 native apps will ROCK. AND run all the old stuff, AND iOS crap!!! Yeah, they know what they're doing.... Buy the new hardware, but buy = amount of STOCK!! ...(your welcome).
John Hricko
John Hricko Uukausi sitten
...and don't forget the AI thing for all them scientists... oh, and the low power ....
John Hricko
John Hricko Uukausi sitten
oh, btw, "brilliant". Bob's your uncle....!
John Hricko
John Hricko Uukausi sitten
... "GET ON WITH IT!!!...."
ATMFREE Uukausi sitten
That is cool, but it is not that impressive since those plug-ins are native to Logic and created by Apple. Running plug-ins from 3rd party gives way more lag if you did this experiment!
ATMFREE Uukausi sitten
@PresentDayProduction Sounds good!
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Hey thanks for your comment. I think 1010 plugins running on an entry level barebones Mac mini is pretty impressive, but watch our follow up video where we test third party plugins and an unsupported DAW 👍
Roberto Zeeuw
Roberto Zeeuw Uukausi sitten
This guy is hilarious 😂😂😂
aron nelson
aron nelson Uukausi sitten
Can you turn on Live input? As if you were recording - even one channel - live input. That will show us how it really works. The 128 sample doesn't apply without live input.
Jason Gooden
Jason Gooden Uukausi sitten
I've mostly been PC all my life but I just bought a MAC Mini M1 today. They said I have to wait 4 weeks for it. I just hope I get it before COVID 21: smallpox edition
Ben Shattock
Ben Shattock Uukausi sitten
"Whilst makin' a cuppa tea" The most British thing I've heard in a while, and I'm British. P.S. Only just found this channel, great content, keep up the good work!
Weird Meow
Weird Meow Uukausi sitten
Apple busted out the alien tech
Ishamel Templeton
Ishamel Templeton Uukausi sitten
Have a 2015 macbook air, just upgraded the hard drive to 500gb for $100 and it's still running like a champ. So....may upgrade in another 5 years?! Lol
Vince B
Vince B Uukausi sitten
Resolve works fine, even though it’s in beta. But Logic and Final Cut are Apple products and optimized for the M1. There is no question you are able to push the boundaries of the M1.
Preacher At Arrakeen
Preacher At Arrakeen Uukausi sitten
Holy Shit!
Alberto Estévez de Castro
Alberto Estévez de Castro Uukausi sitten
First time watching one of your videos. Hilarious 😆 I had so much fun. Thank you for the great goodbye song (obviously subscribed).
PresentDayProduction Uukausi sitten
Thank you Alberto!
Thomas Brunkard
Thomas Brunkard Uukausi sitten
Mac joke is appreciated. You can't beat a bit of English wit in these videos. The perfect counterpoint to goofy bros!
itsmji Uukausi sitten
Nice demonstration! do you know roughly how many Kontakt players it can run?
ALEXGSON Uukausi sitten
No one: Me:17:22
Nicolas du Villard
Nicolas du Villard Uukausi sitten
OK deal soon as Universal Audio has Big Sur compatible drivers for my UAD Satellite I'm getting the 16GB/512GB model to replace my faithful 2014 Mini. Amazing what they did with these CPUs and software optimization.
Onechance2 Onechance2
Onechance2 Onechance2 Uukausi sitten
Can do one with pro tools UAD plug-in let’s try I beat your channel get a 1 million views
Warp Uukausi sitten
Inside Intel's headquarters: CEO: Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. Everyone:
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