Making the Music Programming Plates - Marble Machine X #59

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In this episode I am starting to assembling The brain tissue of the Marble Machine X, the programming plates for the programming wheel!
The design choices are so many that I had a hard time knowing where to begin unpacking them for you so in this episode I mostly put the pieces together. I will dissect further in upcoming videos.

Thanks to ELEKTRONIKA 60 for sending the music to me!
Elektronika 60 just released a nice album on Soundcloud, they say they got inspiration from Wintergatan and I loved the feeling of the music. Good luck in the future!
Take care everyone! // Martin
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Toby Chung
Toby Chung 27 päivää sitten
"Final solution", he says🤣
1984 2056
1984 2056 2 kuukautta sitten
K.o.R 2 kuukautta sitten
All the cuttings from the plastic sheet you could probably melt it down and get another sheet out of it.
1984 2056
1984 2056 4 kuukautta sitten
♐ Sagittarius 1:00
the german guy 1234
the german guy 1234 4 kuukautta sitten
Phoenixgaming1045 7 kuukautta sitten
table at 9:10 eeh, used to being messy table at 9:17 still ok but what is this table at 9:30 *HELP*
Егор Лис
Егор Лис Vuosi sitten
These plates are looks like the armor plates of some starship, despite than they are made of plywood. Maybe this is a some kind type of plywood, that people still not invented
DeSinc Vuosi sitten
christ almighty what an absolutely efficient mess that made with all the plastic everywhere 9:14
locksmithmuggle Vuosi sitten
Combined mallet brush XD
Animiles Vuosi sitten
9:20 All of the plastic >,< Can that be recycled? Or is it going in a bag straight to a landfill?
Stormlaughter Vuosi sitten
Wilson is great.
Ty_Braek Vuosi sitten
I'm pretty stoked that the clock kept good enough time to show on the timelapse camera.
DJoA Vuosi sitten
when milling in plastics, the spindle speed must be low, but the movement in XYZ axes must be high. Reason; you don't burn the plastics and the chips will go quicker away :)
Kameron Thompson
Kameron Thompson Vuosi sitten
I saw that _"W"_ on the CNC machine
S Schmachtel
S Schmachtel Vuosi sitten
@wintergatan Just wondering: Since you explained the problem of round corners on a CNC with round drills. Is there anything like a square drill bit on a CNC? I saw it used here as an ordinary tool : (in German, should be relatively easy to understand for you)
Eddie Schirmer
Eddie Schirmer Vuosi sitten
if you ever needed another storage shed, you could design it in CAD and cut it on your CNC exactly how you made this with the right radiuses and easy assembly style cutting... then you woudl be able to increase your storage on your property in style... all you woudl need to make the roof of a rounded shed like what you could make replicating that curved form, is some clear plastic sheets or any other type of roofing material... could be super nice to help utilize your space better, if space is an issue that is. lol
Collectif P.P
Collectif P.P Vuosi sitten
Hello Martin , I ve found myself in front of your videos on youtube : Marble machine X and your concert . I love what you do and want to thank you for the enery and hennesty you put in your project ! I am a french circus artist/muscian living in the south (close to montpellier) and I have been building a music machine for the last 6 month . It is a bicycle that actionnates one accordeon , one synthetiser and a senza (thum piano) .The machine will work with me riding it while playing accordeon (the training is gonna be intense !) . I have been watching your videos to try to understand the gear ratios on music boxes ... I need a bit of help here because the machine has more than 5 gears from the pedal to the music drums for the synth ... I am a bit stuck and I don't know how to get my gear ratio propely ... I ll send you pictures of the machine if you are interested . Have a great night !! Nathan
Lotharyx Vuosi sitten
Dude, you seriously need to get a vacuum attachment for your router...
Swamon 3
Swamon 3 Vuosi sitten
This is a nice refreshing Wintergatan Wednesday. It is good to see the CNC machine in action once again
Hiku Vuosi sitten
9:14 song title please
Константин Кобзев
Константин Кобзев Vuosi sitten
Давай играй!
InXLsisDeo Vuosi sitten
Is there a part of this machine that isn't just awesome ?
Garberfly Vuosi sitten
Wow! Again and again! Golden hands!
Nicolae Florin Pașca
Nicolae Florin Pașca Vuosi sitten
you should paint that on wood color
g mihalic
g mihalic Vuosi sitten
since i started watching your build, i must say you're a genius!
Anna Floden
Anna Floden Vuosi sitten
This new Marble machine will in 100years or more be in a world known museum as a One of a kind wonder music mechanical machine or whatever :D this is EPIC!
Killkor Vuosi sitten
2 years ago: Watches Marble Machine video - amazing! Few weeks ago: Watches Marble Machine again, out of nostalgia, and because it's awesome "Hm, maybe I should check his channel" *sees a lot of videos, gets excited* "ok, I'll watch few videos" *100 videos later* "ok, I know, I should go, but maybe one more" *another 50 videos later* "ok, just 1 more video, and I'll go..." *no new videos to watch* "I sAiD jUsT 1 mOrE vIdEo, I hAvEn'T lOsT mY mArBlEs, I'm OnLy GeTtInG mAgNeTiZeD tO hIs ChAnNeL, I sWeAr !11!!"
bluerider 098
bluerider 098 Vuosi sitten
You should invest in a chamfer tool, you could deburr all of those edges with your cnc machine. What is your plan for adjusting the timing between plates? With no alignment pins locating the programming sheet to the plate itself, the location of the programming sheet on the plate will vary between each of your different plates.
Evil Ash
Evil Ash Vuosi sitten
Looks like you needed to attach the shop-vac to the cutter head and keep the chips going away (or an air line to blow them away and clean up later)
Jordan Ferrazza
Jordan Ferrazza Vuosi sitten
11:36 Idee
hernanc Vuosi sitten
Mallet brush? C'mon get a proper mallet from Lie-Nielsen and while you are there get their brush as well that is awesome! Thanks for the video!
Yuanda Liu
Yuanda Liu Vuosi sitten
This is only one quarter of the programming Plate.
lonejam 472155
lonejam 472155 Vuosi sitten
you should make the plates different colors to give a nice rainbow effect during the song or make each song a different color?
CrossRay Vuosi sitten
That poor laptop exposed to all that dust. Might need a filtration system.
ArchMillennium Vuosi sitten
You've got three different materials sandwiched together, so they will expand and contract to different degrees depending on the temperature. Potential hazard there.
Jakey DaBob
Jakey DaBob Vuosi sitten
Fortnite knocked sound??? 9:58
lengthOFpole Vuosi sitten
Any thoughts on magnetising the programming drum so that as the keys loosen over time from wear during song changes, they will have a little bit of retention without the need to machine a new programming plate. Or will you just be having multiple sizes of keys to confront this long term possible issue. I guess it's not so important atm,
DARKHOME Vuosi sitten
you are from future?
Nikhil Mahajan
Nikhil Mahajan Vuosi sitten
Which material is used for programming board (black sheet)
julien rivard
julien rivard Vuosi sitten
U can try using multiple drills with different bits in them to save time when drilling or screwing and thanks for the amazing content you are an amazing creative individual and musician. Keep up the good work. Julien from canada 🇨🇦
Jambo Vuosi sitten
anyone else gonna comment about that song? 5am is basically a stranger things copy of sorts
優さん Vuosi sitten
This is tediuos But the end result is going to be fucking amazing
Jorge Contreras
Jorge Contreras Vuosi sitten
Dood your amazing. I've been watching you for a long time now, and it doesn't matter what time or the situation, your videos make my day so much better. Thank you. Keep going strong, your my hero man.
help me ;-;
help me ;-; Vuosi sitten
Wintergatan: *slaps table* Me: BIG BOI TABLE
tompw3141 Vuosi sitten
@9:37 I think the CNC router really needs a shop vac attached...
DoctorPurpleSwag Vuosi sitten
that "wooden mallet" steel brush seems uhm... Impractical?
PjDarkr 2 vuotta sitten dudes....
Jerry Schwarzbach
Jerry Schwarzbach 2 vuotta sitten
I'm going through withdrawal. Help me Martin. I need another hit of MMX.
MrDominoMan 2 vuotta sitten
Today should be the day we have been longing for for this eternity of 2 weeks. It’s going to be the best 🤟🏽
Mikael Garefelt
Mikael Garefelt 2 vuotta sitten
It is wednesday my dudes, but there is no wintergatan wednesday :(
Excresco 2 vuotta sitten
Is everything alright with you Martin? I'm starting to worry.
Kalko von Schpritzendorf
Kalko von Schpritzendorf 2 vuotta sitten
Please don't tell me this will be 3rd Wednesday in a row without an MMX video... :/
Kalko von Schpritzendorf
Kalko von Schpritzendorf 2 vuotta sitten
@J D I'm not telling he doesn't deserve a break, he surely does. Nor that he is obliged to put up a video, he's not. I'm just saying I'm looking forward to it for the past 3 weeks and I hope that today we'll finally get the second part of the programming wheel assembly. Because watching a WW video is a treat for the brain each week...
Sunny Happy
Sunny Happy 2 vuotta sitten
진짜 신기하다..
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 2 vuotta sitten
Hey you should do a mincraft cover video here is 2
Lovro Planinšek
Lovro Planinšek 2 vuotta sitten
Is there No more wintergatan anymore, because the malet-brush is lost. (probably)
Lennart ten Dam
Lennart ten Dam 2 vuotta sitten
No new video last week :((
Howie Murray
Howie Murray 2 vuotta sitten
Nervous for tomorrow!!!! NEED NEW VIDEO!! And Hey... I want to build a robotic pin changer machine for the MMX! that would be super cool... have the MMX on one side of the stage while the robot(s) change out the pins on the extra sets of programming panels on the other side of the stage... or in behind... or heck... do it backstage for all I care... just having the robot to do the pin changes with accuracy and speed would be super cool.
Andrey Nagikh
Andrey Nagikh 2 vuotta sitten
Hey, Martin! Check out your young fan (my dauther) say hi to you in front of our refreshed summer house!
Aniket Mandhare
Aniket Mandhare 2 vuotta sitten
2 weeks and no wintergatan!!
Pri Matte
Pri Matte 2 vuotta sitten
where are you its been 2 weeks now i hope that this week we gonna have a good video of wintergatan wednesday
WangleLine 2 vuotta sitten
I hope you're doing alright, Martin. Don't stress yourself out too much and stay healthy. Have a great week!
Abhinav rana
Abhinav rana 2 vuotta sitten
bhai machine kb bnegi
Langtry Jakob
Langtry Jakob 2 vuotta sitten
But it’s Mondayyyyyy where’s the video from last wednesdayyyyyyy
PezAult 2 vuotta sitten
Most probably we will not see a (fully) working MMX in 2018 :-(
Steph Ss
Steph Ss 2 vuotta sitten
Hope all is well. Just checking in...
Fraser H
Fraser H 2 vuotta sitten
12:17 - I love watching the second hand flip back and forth between two points. How long is your camera battery life?
cambell payne
cambell payne 2 vuotta sitten
December no vid 😣
illturralli 2 vuotta sitten
I am grinding my teeth to watch this masterpiece work!
Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley 2 vuotta sitten
Congratulations in reaching this critical point. I've watched every video up to this point. It must feel fantastic to see these mounting panels finally completed. I look forward to their initial testing. and of course the rest of the assembly of the MMX.
Gilbert Steiner
Gilbert Steiner 2 vuotta sitten
Martin! What happened to Wednesday?!? At least the past two weeks!! :)
kungbirger 2 vuotta sitten
While wating for Martins comeback, have a look at him performing with his former band Detektivbyrån:
Nov. Chas. 8 Echo Delta
Nov. Chas. 8 Echo Delta 2 vuotta sitten
You don't call, you don't write, How about ten seconds of you sweeping the floor?
Nathan Jarred Gavieres
Nathan Jarred Gavieres 2 vuotta sitten
That moment I thought he's gonna throw it in the trash... Man, that scared me a lot.
Earl Yamson
Earl Yamson 2 vuotta sitten
I remember u having 100k subs. Now look how far have u come.
Khadija El
Khadija El 2 vuotta sitten
hey buddy ^_^ >_< :]
k1llstreak42 2 vuotta sitten
well its saturday now and still no new video.. wintergartan wednesdays, what a joke.
Necmeddin Aktı
Necmeddin Aktı 2 vuotta sitten
dude you need to look automata
Kito 2 vuotta sitten
What is going on why does Wintergatan don't upload videos anymore?
Jimmy Merrild Krag
Jimmy Merrild Krag 2 vuotta sitten
Why not just cut the plate.for a specific song?
BeanLord 2 vuotta sitten
Two Wintergatan Wednesdays missed? He's planning something... Big.
Aleksandar Trifunovic
Aleksandar Trifunovic 2 vuotta sitten
I wonder how the whole 20000 holes * 3 more plates * multiple passes * pi = forever spent CNCing is affecting Martin's sanity? Perhaps therein lies the cause of our lack of Wednesdays.
gadi70 2 vuotta sitten
Here's another kind of Marble Machine from Matthias Wandel for as first aid until Martin finishes his video:
Steven Taskin
Steven Taskin 2 vuotta sitten
I am watching your vids every week. i am kinda addicted. Thanks for helping me to stop watching... -.-'
Antonio Cross
Antonio Cross 2 vuotta sitten
I´m starting to get paranoic after 2 weeks of nothing . Is all good at yourplace, Martin? Hope you are not sick or something wrong happened... All the best, an appassionate follower.
Michel Satoer
Michel Satoer 2 vuotta sitten
I’m, beginning to get panic attacks, restlessness, irritability, Social isolation, lack of enjoyment, fatigue, poor appetite, Chest tightness, difficulty breathing There are two Wednesdays past… no video… Are these withdrawal symptoms? Please Martin, I need a fix soon! ;) ;)
ReneeNme 2 vuotta sitten
Check out the Paweł Zadrożniak channel featuring the Floppotron.
ReneeNme 2 vuotta sitten
Such a cool machine.
Kevin W
Kevin W 2 vuotta sitten
lol just came from that channel xD
Tristam Mercury
Tristam Mercury 2 vuotta sitten
Been watching since the very beginning, hearts! Don't ever stop plz! Cant wait to see you in the states~
Mahado Sennendjet
Mahado Sennendjet 2 vuotta sitten
Take your time and don't stress, Martin. We can probably live a short while without updates, but I think I speak for most, if not all of us, when I say that we can't wait until you get back to us! And we're all excited for the MMX to be a go! Keep on genius-ing away at it!
Username Art
Username Art 2 vuotta sitten
Wednesday fevers,blues...#Martin suffering there fan
cut 2 vuotta sitten
whats going on ! ? where are you ! ?
Brandon 2 vuotta sitten
Where did you gooo?
Ethan Berges
Ethan Berges 2 vuotta sitten
Can someone tell me what laptop This is
Ethan Berges
Ethan Berges 2 vuotta sitten
Joshua Baltazar
Joshua Baltazar 2 vuotta sitten
Its a Lenovo Thinkpad but idk what the model is
Dylan Witt
Dylan Witt 2 vuotta sitten
So much work for such and amazing project
TONYT 2 vuotta sitten
I’m going to write a wintergatenesque song about how much I miss the sound of your voice Martin 😣 #2weeksMMXwithdrawn
Charlie Lawson
Charlie Lawson 2 vuotta sitten
Hey bud there hasnt been an update in a few weeks. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok. Hope the mmx is alright but more importantly hope you are alright.
Chase Gleason
Chase Gleason 2 vuotta sitten
I forget who said it but he’s alright he just was having some trouble with the vid and didn’t want to realease a half quality video
Caleb_Dragonborn 2 vuotta sitten
Martin can we have a sentence at least, just some indication?
Klinton 2 vuotta sitten
Wow! This is amazing!
Ronnie Larsson
Ronnie Larsson 2 vuotta sitten
When is the new episode online? It's been two weeks now....
rollerman 2 vuotta sitten
what happen ? why no new video ?
KRIMIXATAKATT 2 vuotta sitten
Updates would be nice Martin, just so we know what to expect. A short text would do
Spiritus 2 vuotta sitten
He's been at Thinkercon in the USA - Check the Community tab of the FIpost Channel, he posted last week. Probably planning extra awesomeness with the people he met up with there.
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