Marble Demagnetizer V3 - Marble Machine X #62

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Third times the charm on the Marble Demagnetizer for the Marble Machine X!
Amazing parts from Alex:
Good luck with everything you do, and thank you so much for caring about the Marble Machine X and supporting this looooong journey.
Happy new year! Martin
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► Marius Hirn - Senior Design Engineer - Munich DE
► Alex CNC - Munich DE -
►Nick Householder - Florida USA -
►Richard Southall - Devon UK -
►Carlos Montoro - Madrid ES -
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►Philip Brown (aka Dr. Phil) - North Carolina, USA -
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Eralen00 2 päivää sitten
Who is this Pierre de Résistance you keep talking about?
Lilhyz Explore
Lilhyz Explore 2 kuukautta sitten
K.o.R 2 kuukautta sitten
1:40 But what about the *_galvanic corrosion?_*
1984 2056
1984 2056 3 kuukautta sitten
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 4 kuukautta sitten
My bet said “eventually, you will break that tap. But not in this video.” I kinda won, but kinda not
Arturo Juarez Legna
Arturo Juarez Legna 5 kuukautta sitten
Y eso para que sirve.. ? 🤷‍♂️
Indian Bolio
Indian Bolio 8 kuukautta sitten
only time I use a tap in a drill is after I powdercoat
Danielle O'Hallisey
Danielle O'Hallisey 9 kuukautta sitten
I never use a drill to tap; too risky. But then again I have notebooks full of stuff I’ve never built. No guts, no glory, right?
Lawrence Cole
Lawrence Cole 10 kuukautta sitten
4:28 Mmmm drillbutter, Uh oh broken tap!
Michael S
Michael S 11 kuukautta sitten
If you would've lined the pickup wheel with rubber that made contact with the marbles on both sides you wouldn't need to demag them later i.e. more time and money saved.
Giant Flying Turtle Gaming
Giant Flying Turtle Gaming Vuosi sitten
6:02 he screwed up his nice table
kain hall
kain hall Vuosi sitten
4:45 and thats why you want to go about 3 turns forward..... and then a turn in reverse the reverse turn "breaks the chip"...... the chip being the long metal spiral this gives the tap room to cut if their is no room, BREAK! and the tap is VERY VERY VERY hard..... and requires a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY hard drill bit to remove better to simply start over again
FatiTank Drawings
FatiTank Drawings Vuosi sitten
The surface under the cut material on CNC looks like a piece of art after several cuting setions. Containing memories...
kewan kewan
kewan kewan Vuosi sitten
Did I hear Boston Dynamics?
DFDalton1962 Vuosi sitten
I'm sure you've learned by now that those screw taps should be turned slowly by hand with a T-handle, a few turns CW at most until you start feeling resistance, then backed out to remove the metal shavings before proceeding any deeper.
DjFluffyGaming_YT Vuosi sitten
Wilson will save the day
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma Vuosi sitten
You put the bearing in the freezer for an hour ahead of time first is what i do usually and heat gun works great
Mason Lyngen
Mason Lyngen Vuosi sitten
Was the issue pressing the bearings due to the fact that Aluminum is a fantastic heat sink? just cooled down to quickly?
Mister Ious
Mister Ious Vuosi sitten
D. Thieu D.
D. Thieu D. Vuosi sitten
This is some steampunk vibes right where
yereverluvinuncleber Vuosi sitten
Using a hand-held drill to tap threads is the reason your tap attempt failed. The drill moves like a lever and the tap is not designed to flex so it sheared. I would use a hand tap to avoid too much lateral movement, slower but if you want a perfect part it is worth taking the time.
yereverluvinuncleber Vuosi sitten
Route is pronounced in the French manner for a very large majority of English speakers. You can safely say "root" and not alienate your English and antipodean English-speakers. Americans being simpler folk do everything phonetically so 'rowt' it is, for them.
Jurgen Sutherland
Jurgen Sutherland Vuosi sitten
Absolute genius!
chillinator Vuosi sitten
It's great to watch this coming together. Since you seem to have a penchant for power-tapping (instead of using a wrench), you might want to consider using taps that are designed more for production. Specifically, Spiral Point Taps and Spiral Fluted Taps which have better chip-clearing and more cross-section and thus can handle more torque. I'd also suggest some cutting oil instead of that grease - seems like it'd be too thick to get into the places where you'd need it (but maybe I'm just too old school ;)
Douggie F
Douggie F Vuosi sitten
When tapping threads do it manually, with lube, and go 2/3 clockwise and then 1/3 anticlockwise, repeat this pattern tool done. A tap wrench has horizontal bar handle which helps keeping it level/true.
Kranchman Vuosi sitten
Borra aldrig med tappsatser! Gänga dom för hand
Chris Prescott
Chris Prescott Vuosi sitten
Leonardo Da vinci. Eat your heart out. You have a mind for the ages. A true artist.
Fix For Fun
Fix For Fun Vuosi sitten
Plz.. Stop use drill machine to make threads.
DDC Vuosi sitten
11:27 ciao bellissimo!
Creme De La Meme
Creme De La Meme Vuosi sitten
1:36 Aluminum* ;)
fastson Vuosi sitten
Gänga för hand!
Сергей Vuosi sitten
Right. Work with millimeters. With them is easier than with inches.
Sphere723 Vuosi sitten
Why does he keep calling ball-bearings "marbles"?
Whatchyamacallit Vuosi sitten
Music at 6:25?
MortenBN1988 Vuosi sitten
Love your humor and your little funny clips. :D The Boston Dynamics dog: SIT! haha
DragonautMK Vuosi sitten
Marbles are anarchic, they alway try to escape the system...
Pigik Prasatko
Pigik Prasatko Vuosi sitten
You are genius
Mark Ramsell
Mark Ramsell Vuosi sitten
Stop using a hand drill with taps. You say you like Abom79, and I do also, you know he doesn't use taps with a hand drill. Keith Fenner will show you the same. Use a drill press, you're first tool, or a hand tap handle.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Vuosi sitten
Who the fuck downvoted this
C manycrows
C manycrows Vuosi sitten
Why on earth do you not own a lathe?
tamer ursavas
tamer ursavas Vuosi sitten
Aah I see! MAGNETS 🧲 😍
Ádám Molnár
Ádám Molnár Vuosi sitten
I rly want to hear these background musics by themself is there a chance?
Jimmy Merrild Krag
Jimmy Merrild Krag Vuosi sitten
That is a beautiful de-magnitizer. Should be for sale as a standard part for any marble machine!!! An yes, I am a bit behind ;)
Reegareth Vuosi sitten
the seconds slow motion zoom in on the tap gave me anxiety..... 7:40 if you didn't catch it.
Sonny xd
Sonny xd Vuosi sitten
Omg, let's watch that in an... instant replay. Omg poor Martin 💀😆
HackaweekTV Vuosi sitten
You need a lathe, and stop tapping with power drills. :) Great build by the way.
本フィリ Vuosi sitten
2:28 *I legit thought he was gonna honor his fellow Swedish brotheren by saying "Next meme".*
alakabis Vuosi sitten
thats one thinky boi
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 Vuosi sitten
Awesome video, FYI, when trying to drill in the center of a rod like you were towards the middle of the video, try chucking up the actual workpiece in your drill press and putting the bit in the vice. The spinning of the work tends to center the hole much better than driving a bit thru. Using a starting bit after your center punch also helps.
Joe Pieczynski
Joe Pieczynski Vuosi sitten
I always enjoy installments of this build. Very creative design and fabrication. I wish my shop was closer to you so I could help with some of your parts. I'm still putting the offer out there if you don't mind the shipping costs. I would like to comment on the 1 into 4 ball path seen clearly @10:18. the outer walls of path 1 and 4 appear to be straight. If channels 1 and 4 had small bumps on the outer walls at the projected entry areas to paths 2 and 3 , the balls would not rest in a straight pattern and not have the desire to lock at those points. They would distribute smoother. However it is accomplished, the outer tracks should not be straight. Even a slight radius would be a step in the right direction. I have subscribed and will follow this. Great work. What is your background??
svendsen1111 Vuosi sitten
Damn, the "Boston Dynamics dog" joke really got me!
Kade Brown
Kade Brown Vuosi sitten
I believe your taps will break exponentially less as more breaks occur.😀
Kade Brown
Kade Brown Vuosi sitten
4:00 fidget spinners $100000000000000000000
Patrick Vuosi sitten
Love you Martin, you inspire us all
Abiel Muren
Abiel Muren Vuosi sitten
Martin!!! come to Mexico and re-design the streets of mexico city so we can enjoy no trafic here!!
Fotai19 Vuosi sitten
Why after all that efort, end all that time you havent invested yet in a decent column drill.
KocmocTimeGoesOn Vuosi sitten
Martin, snälla för min skull köp ett handhållet gängvertkyg. Och backa ett halvt varv per helt 😇 har titta alla avsnitt och jag får hjärtklappning varje gång jag ser tappen i maskinen 😵
Paul Cosico
Paul Cosico Vuosi sitten
so fascinating to see how the pieces come together. Can't wait to see the whole thing completed!
Attila Ternai
Attila Ternai Vuosi sitten
Boston Dynamics dog :D Wahahahahhhhh
Philipp Frögel
Philipp Frögel Vuosi sitten
i love steampunk
Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson Vuosi sitten
Az wrenchmaster
Az wrenchmaster Vuosi sitten
Please, quit using a drill for tapping, for the sake of humanity!! Taps will not take a side load!! (ok, maybe a bit dramatic but just trying to save you some grief).
telescopereplicator Vuosi sitten
Pièce de resistance........ Not pierre...........
Björn Vuosi sitten
Just out of curiosity, how many taps did you break up to this point of the build? XD
SPOOK DeVILLE Vuosi sitten
Why isn't this man trending?!!!!!!
themig292003 Vuosi sitten
Would reversing the rotation of the Demagnetiser alter it's effectiveness or change the motion of the marbles in the "piano"
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues Vuosi sitten
02:28 that pewdiepie reference lol. good luck with the MMX , i can't wait!!!!
It's hard enough to tap a steel rod with a normal tap handle. I suggest stop using a drill for tapping holes unless it's in soft, thin aluminum pieces.
_ HARKINZATOR Vuosi sitten
Just a reminder, ALWAYS HAND TAP!
Xentura Vuosi sitten
Probably late to the game but I was thinking of why have a 1-> 4 demagnetizer, at full throughput there will never exceed 100% in tube and
Fernando Iglesias
Fernando Iglesias Vuosi sitten
iBacon Vuosi sitten
No! Bad Martin! No tapping with a power drill!
pascal 59300
pascal 59300 Vuosi sitten
at 9:56 when the marbles circulate in this divider, one would think to see drops of liquid metal
Sebastian Redl
Sebastian Redl Vuosi sitten
Seeing you reach barehandedly for a 150° metal piece is making me cringe.
DOS _ Vuosi sitten
I would've tried to avoid using magnets all together if residual magnetism within the marbles ended up being a problem. Because trying to discharge the marbles could result in recharging them based on how they can randomly rotate inside the discharging mechanism.
Duane Cotter
Duane Cotter Vuosi sitten
Why not used out of 22K gold. Demagnetized solved
Tinelou van der Elsken
Tinelou van der Elsken Vuosi sitten
maybe heating in an oven? at right temp
Christopher Hurley
Christopher Hurley Vuosi sitten
May I suggest allways use a tap by hand turn half a turn in then quater turn back then back in to bite then half turn more then quatre turn back and so on, every now and then remove tap to clear swarf. Please never run a tap into anything with a power tool even if youre only cleaning a thread.Not meaning to teach anyone to suck eggs but it makes me squirm when I see people powering taps into things on youtube.As for tapping threads with a drill press can you enlighten me as to the drill speed not.aghhh the more I think the madder I get you CAN NOT run a tap straight in one go theres nowhere for the chip to go it will block up also once it bottoms out you have to swap the tap for one without a taper or the thread wont reach the bottom. Now ive cleared that up ill move on
I_Like_It_Here Vuosi sitten
Today we have made a... Rose!
Offhead Vuosi sitten
А что он дома в шапке и шарфе лазает?
Evgueni Starikov
Evgueni Starikov Vuosi sitten
На отоплении экономит 😝
Gmaul Vuosi sitten
hey, I have that shirt! :P
Power Evolution RC
Power Evolution RC Vuosi sitten
you dont use a drill for a tap
AMStationEngineer Vuosi sitten
Have the possibilities of "Hall Effect", and rouge magnetic eddy fields been taken into consideration, additional shielding may be necessary, from "deGauss/reGauss type effects??
ZengHe Ram
ZengHe Ram Vuosi sitten
===[>>>(~°{K '!! Yeeeah Man Amazing Machine of Sinergy'!!, Tanks'!! & Happy Seventh Day Brother'!!!
bashpr0mpt Vuosi sitten
Two fucking years, c'mon lad. You're not even trying now!
matthewakian2 Vuosi sitten
This guy should build the tardis interior
Xue Hai Li
Xue Hai Li Vuosi sitten
You are a talent among ten thousand people!Amazing !
JT Vuosi sitten
Demagnetizer? More like demonetizer.
Baraa Ali
Baraa Ali Vuosi sitten
I want 60 fps video now
cdp Vuosi sitten
bpbrainiak Vuosi sitten
Dude your work is AMAZING!!
lo-fi ROBOT Boy
lo-fi ROBOT Boy Vuosi sitten
How many trucks is it going to take to move the final MMX to and from concerts? With every new sub-assembly this thing is getting heavier and heavier.
Arjuna Malinao
Arjuna Malinao Vuosi sitten
Why is he not that popular? He gives so much effort.........
Vindfjallaey Vuosi sitten
Martin has hardly procrasinated the instruments of the MMX, BUT he already included a complete piano! :D
Vindfjallaey Vuosi sitten
Hey Martin, first of all, I really like to see the evolution of the demagnetizer and this version looks quite beautiful! You already mentioned some improvements and I would like to add two more: 1) Have you thought about tilting the acrylic path? Maybe it will be more complicated to produce but it will give you the great benefit that gravity will help. One marble which is inside the channel will roll by itself and doesn't need the force from the marbels from the wheellift. This seems very important to me, because at 9:42 it looks like you needed to push the marbles with some force which is a big problem: In the "Magnet Polarity Switch"-Part the marbles already fell down backwards in the lifting wheel, so they not only don't have enough strength so push each other in the Demagnetizer, but also the backwards falling will be amplified a lot. So please think about it! ;) 2) Change the spinning direction of the Demagnetizer-Wheel. In that case the marbles in the entrance section will be additionally pushed inside the Demagnetizer. And also, as the velocity of the marbles is smaller after dividing in four paths, the marbles get more polarity changes of the Demagnetizer-Wheel for the same efforts. If then these changes are to fast, just turn down the spinning velocity of the wheel. Thank you for this great video and I wish you all the best with your wonderful machine! :)
Vindfjallaey Vuosi sitten
really nice video, but...there is definitely too little Wilson in it! :D
Michael Marre
Michael Marre Vuosi sitten
It's not yet clear to me how the demagentizer in this current state will work later if the marble divider is full of marbles. Might work if only less marbles are incoming but the situation you demonstrated probably ends deadly. I have reasonable doubts that there will not be enough energy in the marbles coming from the elevator wheel to push the marbles forward which are already residing in the marble divider. There are two barriers the marbles need to come over: The "labyrint" takes energy as well as the changing magnetic field. As per your demonstration you need to put force onto the marbles. The only way I see to achieve this is to avoid the incoming curve. This way the marble divider can mounted with a greater slope to gain energy to transport the marbles though the divider to the conveyor. Finally making the marble divider larger to have less friction might be a good idea as well. Anyway: Your project is awesome and I learned a lot from that.
Diário de um casal viking
Diário de um casal viking Vuosi sitten
How will the marbles get from this part into the conveyer belt?
Sandro Teles
Sandro Teles Vuosi sitten
Magnifico ...Wonnnn..Sandro Brasil :) Happy 2019 ...
GORDON NORTH Vuosi sitten
Still calling the con-rods 'pistons'. Why?
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