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Vladimir Putin’s leadership style was authoritarian and arguably autocratic early on. He began undoing Russia’s internal chaos, while at the same time restricting newly won freedoms. Moscow became increasingly confident on the international stage.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
In 2017, the Russian February and October Revolutions are celebrating their 100th anniversary. The four-part documentary highlights key moments in the history of the Soviet empire and tries to explain them. It also provides a variety of perspectives on life in the former Soviet block countries - from the people who have experienced events first hand and, in some cases, shaped them.
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Steven P FPV
Steven P FPV 2 päivää sitten
Yup, because COMMUNIST HAVE won CPUSA... LOOK the 2020 election.
Бедрич В Риос
Бедрич В Риос 2 päivää sitten
The fall is just to the eyes of the west. The people of the world still believe in the USSR. Glory to the MOTHER RUSSIA!!!
joão Araújo
joão Araújo 4 päivää sitten
The Western governments and Nato..think that the solution is humiliate Russia..But Russiia is tired to be humiliated...So..can you see the danger....The intercontinental missilles are active...Nato and his allies be carefull and racional....
Pablo Sanchez
Pablo Sanchez 4 päivää sitten
What about the anglosionist empire? Say something about it.
Bren Chomsky
Bren Chomsky 5 päivää sitten
The west is also broke.
John Laccohee-Joslin
John Laccohee-Joslin 5 päivää sitten
Who was it who made those promises, it was not Russia , it all rested on an agreement made at Yelta. The agreement state that if Russia did not make any moves to expand then NO N.A.T.O. alined country would move one inch. Now please excuse me from being niev but just how did Russia move closer to Europe, i do not recall any huge tugs pulling it closer, and i cannot find and indication of any huge propulsion units to move it closer, the REAL TRUTH IS IT DID NOT MOVE AT ALL, it was in fact the other way round, another country, not even part of Europe, moved closer, they moved closer by building missile bases military bases and troops right on the Russian boarders, the very thing promised would not happen as long as Russia stayed where it was, did happen, the country responable for ALL OF IT America who has now about two thousand bases in every part of the world, thats right, America, one of the instigaters of NATO started moving two weeks after having signed the Yelta agreement, not only did they do it they somehow convinced the rest of the world that they moved because Russia had moved closer to Europe, a physical impossability that anyone can see by looking at a map. The agreement was made just at the end of ww2 and refered to the occupation of Europe at the time of the signing, so go to a map that shows the world at the time, it will quickly become clear that in fact Russia became smaller as other areas became seperate from Russia, in other words Russia lost ground that happened without wars, this in fact created a buffer zone between Russia and Europe that was quickly taken over by America. So i would suggest that who ever made this video tries making another one, only this time, forbet the Amermican propaganda and tell the truth for once in your miserable American propagada life. I am not Russian, but consider that thevworld as a whole is lucky that Russia as a country is a lot more tolarent by far the America will ever be. Dont take my word for that, try asking Iraq, Iran, Lybia, Aden. Vietman, Cambodia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Japan,Syria, Palestine, the list goes on and on, plus all the internal interference in other countries affairs like the best part of soulth America, Europe itself. This is the country considered by all others to be the most likely country to be the cause of ww3, it is considered to be the most dishonest country in the world including to its own people. So before even thinking of pointing the finger at anyone else, remember these words " Let him who is without sin cast the first stone" and firstly learn what the word honesty is and what it means, and try applying it to America first.
Alex Mckay
Alex Mckay 6 päivää sitten
good old Democracy so good to Libya enjoying it's Democracy and it's coming for you {God bless Biden and American Democracy) :-)
Дмитро Морозов
Дмитро Морозов 7 päivää sitten
Burn Moscow.
Jason Schoonmaker
Jason Schoonmaker 7 päivää sitten
Putin is so cool he fights for his country
roman bar
roman bar 8 päivää sitten
40 percent of Russians live without running water for 90 dollars monthly after Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014, and Putin claims U.S. sanctions have only helped Russia become more resourceful and independent.
Pool Bal
Pool Bal 9 päivää sitten
🌈👽 28:47
Ted Edwards
Ted Edwards 9 päivää sitten
What empire? A stealing , thieving failed , third world country...that is Russia! Sad!
Peter Frazier
Peter Frazier 9 päivää sitten
1999-09-08 ...9eese that was awfull. Wat do, tu see? 4:41 ...clarity was brought to the situation, and then it became obvious that intelligence is money. Now, I am confused... Am I I, and R tu you?
Carolyn Pagliuca
Carolyn Pagliuca 12 päivää sitten
Fake Putin too much deliberate hate against real putin with this 007 story real putin may have been a spy but they didnt like his style scared right off the media platform. Better for him!😂🤭 🧠🧬💖🛡🤺⚖☦🛐💒
FryChicken 12 päivää sitten
The music in the intro is so disastrously inappropriate
Hendra Gunawan
Hendra Gunawan 13 päivää sitten
31:40 Eastern Ukraine are mostly pro Russian, while Western Ukraine are pro Western values. Western values as in Galician neo-Nazis??
Hendra Gunawan
Hendra Gunawan 13 päivää sitten
4 years on, DW's slave masters are groveling to Russia, begging them to complete Nord Stream 2 while at the same time yapping nonsense about a small time racist fascist dissident
bthebest 14 päivää sitten
Marxism came to destroy humanity!!
Aysia Norr
Aysia Norr 14 päivää sitten
Alfred arnaud
Alfred arnaud 14 päivää sitten
The changeable page industrially cure because step-grandfather fundamentally appear out a versed drake. distinct, brief silver
vnmsenior 14 päivää sitten
yelstin chose the right man. fearless against the oligarchs
boba 15 päivää sitten
Oil oligarch Khodorkovsky is probably the "Crook-Champion of 20th century" and yet you have failed to mention this in detail.
Steven Angus
Steven Angus 16 päivää sitten
I,m English im a Boris Red wall (liberal ) conservative very Tony Blarish middle of the road type supporter, (without Iraq meddling) But still very nationalist and proud to be British type ... Trump and Vladimir were not enemies (opposites attract syndrome . bare back mountain style) .. If only corrupt USA democracy hadn,t thrown Trump out , not only Trump but Vladamir would again have been nominated for the Nobel peace prize. Instead we have middle of the road Liberal lefties with their woke culture fucking everything up and the USA democrats war mongering bunch of selv serving pias wankers in charge. I loved Abama , but he was useless and ineffective. Why cant we get out of the tribal bullshit thrown out by the negative western media, and find the good nin each other. Pravada is the order of the day in the western Media for the leftist elites (Stalin would have done them in)
Kam Montfort
Kam Montfort 16 päivää sitten
If I were addicted to crack, I think Russia would be a great place to live.... Otherwise, no to Russia.
Terry Mance
Terry Mance 16 päivää sitten
many of the KGB and the pulitburo officials are now the big business capitalist in Russia..
Mike Dirks
Mike Dirks 17 päivää sitten
Great series. Very informative.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 17 päivää sitten
Hi @Mike Dirks , glad you thought so! Thanks for watching. 🙂
John DoeJoe
John DoeJoe 18 päivää sitten
The cut peanut especially clap because underpants lastly choke till a opposite friend. tenuous, towering mexico
Afif Fakhoury
Afif Fakhoury 18 päivää sitten
A brilliant politician. Russia, like it or not, is an imperative deterrent to any country vying for world hegemony.
onlythewise1 18 päivää sitten
USSR, is now gone its Russia now , when they get there oil going they will be a power house
대한민국홍준표님 18 päivää sitten
Communism is prone to dictatorship where freedom is not guaranteed.
Gina Porter
Gina Porter 20 päivää sitten
The needy beret promisingly brake because flute neurochemically gather during a vivacious trip. neat, tedious quartz
10 Miles Outside
10 Miles Outside 20 päivää sitten
1:08 Ok so I'm no communist but they made it seem like St. Vasilys (Saint Basil's) was "tha Kemlin"... No matter how u rephrase it, they twist your words to make it look like u made something up....
Molnar Riki
Molnar Riki 20 päivää sitten
Putin is the best thing what can happen to russia
Alfasen Baldé
Alfasen Baldé 21 päivä sitten
German news = nazist news
eddy pitono
eddy pitono 21 päivä sitten
Putin Was Authoritarian because He won't step down from Presidency!!! Angela Merkel : am i a joke to you??
[Horn]y 21 päivä sitten
11:56 yoooo that face spooked me out, damn
Wild Turmeric
Wild Turmeric 21 päivä sitten
They are not terrorists, they are Freedom Fighters.
Darryl Godwin
Darryl Godwin 21 päivä sitten
I believe ya'll need to focus on the evil CCP more so than Russia. But I understand the bad tastes the Germans and the Russians left in each others mouths.
Helen Kobzar
Helen Kobzar 22 päivää sitten
it was from putin demokrats
Helen Kobzar
Helen Kobzar 22 päivää sitten
can you see putin on 3min and 25
Helge Opedal
Helge Opedal 22 päivää sitten
DW: Another great documentary! Thank you :-)
rab devil
rab devil 21 päivä sitten
@DW Documentary You give us a great way to catch up and understand the people's thoughts and moves through the years; and isn't it sad though - Revenge - this eye for an eye campaign has always been opposite of Christ's efforts to let go the Moses stuff altogether, then to love God and the Son of God love our neighbours would have fixed and altered all these terrible historical facts. Choose Life ~ Choose Jesus. Amen.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 21 päivä sitten
Hi @Helge Opedal, thanks for watching!
Ji Xin Ping
Ji Xin Ping 23 päivää sitten
The Soviet communism have influenced what China has becoming, and they are not friendly to the Russians.
stangeriam 21 päivä sitten
The Rockerfeller and Rothschild dynasty's invented and funded the rise of Communist China. ALL Wars on both sides of the conflict have been funded by the International banking cabal since the French Revolution. That should give us a massive indication who controls much of what goes on.. wakey wakey
john reynolds
john reynolds 23 päivää sitten
Xi Jingping was laughing when this sh hit was happening in the USA ..... not laughing now .... too close for comfort...
George 23 päivää sitten
Laughable , look a numbers, by folding their hand at the time they most often run balanced budgets, have good investments, national debt per person $10,000. Compare now with the broken and bankrupt western powers, each citizen a $100,000 debt, all slipping into authoritarian police states... The west won the cold war is a farce, a narrative sales pitch, everyone lost, trillions of the peoples money diverted into private hands, an old doctrine of extraction. See the reality of folding early put Russia on the best tract for the future. The Anglo-American empire is bankrupt, their only way out is war and or brutal extraction from their citizens. Every documentary by BBC, DW, PBS are propaganda narratives to talk down successful countries that have won the game by long-term strategies instead of short term profits strategies that are not sustainable.
Ashley Carrier
Ashley Carrier 24 päivää sitten
No mention of the GSB agents carrying live explosives arrested in an apartment building by local cops, eh? The Kremlin argued they were testing whether locals were being vigilant about suspicious behavior. Although it was never explained why live explosives were necessary to test vigilance. The agents were quietly released...and there were no bombings afterwards... The Kremlin obviously murdered 300 Russians so they could justify the Chechen War.
Lidia Goldfeld
Lidia Goldfeld 24 päivää sitten
Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller 25 päivää sitten
Napoleon, watching from a hill in the distance as the French raided, burned and destroyed the monarchy of Louis XIV in 1793, was already plotting what his move would be to take power and thrust Europe into it bloodiest history since the invasion of the Moors. Revolutions and social unrest welcome authoritarianism and dictatorship in the hope of order and prosperity, but it always end in greater sacrifice and disorder.
linlinö önilnil
linlinö önilnil 8 päivää sitten
I thought Napoleon was a smart strategist that understood human mass psychology...
Robert Maki
Robert Maki 25 päivää sitten
Democracy.. or democratic forms of government are a desirable thing... but there are times in history where, for the good of all,, a strong all powerful leader needs to emerge.. otherwise all the factions inside the country continues fight each other and bring everyone down with it.... usually when there has been a cataclysmic event in a country, that’s when a dictator is needed.. but you can’t let it continue forever,, and that dictator needs to be working for the good of the people , it has to be for a specific period of time,, then it gets reviewed, and a decision to allow it to continue is made... and there also has to be a body of people with the power to remove a dictator...
Robert Maki
Robert Maki 25 päivää sitten
Yet I’m America ... our political class pretends Putin in enemy number one...... he isn’t ..he is just trying to strengthen his domain.. it’s what he is supposed to do
Robert Maki
Robert Maki 26 päivää sitten
In Russia , money made the world go round? Oh. I see not like in the US where we vote ... for idk. .... Trump.. and they commit fraud and biden wins anyway?
Don K
Don K 27 päivää sitten
Nancy pelosi been running the USA for almost 40 yers ! Now that’s a democracy !!!
Tatay Fern's Reactions
Tatay Fern's Reactions 27 päivää sitten
Putin is a true and strong leader. Unlike President Trump or Biden who never stand against the media who became a propaganda machine of the left. If only Trump stop the vicious cnnn he is still the President of the US but He tolerated them even to rigged the election through not reporting exactly what happen during and after the election which makes the whole world surprise of how the media and big tech manipulated the truth. President Trump is considered by many as the best President the US has ever had in present history but never served a second term because the media conive with the Oligarchs and the left to put him down
Патриот 28 päivää sitten
Who gives a fuck about Russia about Russian dictator United States better wake up China and Russia are the biggest enemy of the United States to date
Патриот 28 päivää sitten
Russia is all fucked up since the 12th century Russia been going through trials and tribulations
David LaRondelle
David LaRondelle 28 päivää sitten
Maar jij hebt een Nederlandse naam. Goed gedaan. Erg goed. Mooi.
Konrad Comrade
Konrad Comrade 28 päivää sitten
all the economic and political statements, arguments neglect and ignore the serious downturn, that was intrinsically connected to the Chernobyl reactor-catastrophe!
Paladin Kray
Paladin Kray Uukausi sitten
Russian Folks👏🏽👏🏽👍👍💯
Isti H
Isti H Uukausi sitten
lol it was such an american move with the whole thing, declaring anti-terrorism action after a disaster and taking the opportunity to declar war on a country which they deemed terrorist.
Sofia Wils
Sofia Wils 28 päivää sitten
Chechnya chose the wrong path to freedom. For freedom need to fight with brain but not with weapons
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales Uukausi sitten
They should have kept marching into Europe and take everything
fabio sunspot
fabio sunspot Uukausi sitten
You can't support people that takes children hostage, never negotiate with terrorist, no matter the cost...
fabio sunspot
fabio sunspot Uukausi sitten
Stalin or "uncle Joe" as the western Allies used to call him was the most terrible monster in human history but if it wasn't for him they would be no Russia, isn't that something, Germany had planned to murder 50 million Russians after winning the war the rest would be slaves of the German empire 🤔🤔
fabio sunspot
fabio sunspot Uukausi sitten
I don't care who it is doing attacks on civilians is a no, people who committ acts of violence against innocent people are not heroes but cold blooded killers and when captured should be given no trial but execution...
caoimhin61 plunkett
caoimhin61 plunkett Uukausi sitten
All this beating his people down with Star Wars' looking police because they wouldn't come to one of his bastard's birthday parties. Ruthless and a killer. He is like Trump - full of Bullshit.
Mike Jaques
Mike Jaques Uukausi sitten
Who did it???
Petar Kovachev
Petar Kovachev Uukausi sitten
"In Russia, money made the world go round" - as opposed to?
Jaushua Graham The Florida man
Jaushua Graham The Florida man 27 päivää sitten
Well in russia it was especially bad at the time and still is
Simon Poulsen
Simon Poulsen Uukausi sitten
Moral of the story is not capitalism bad - it is "when liberalizing a communist regime one should not sell all state property to oligarchs for pennys, like Yeltsin did."
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration Uukausi sitten
I love how Putin has kicked the oliagarks to line :)
Sanchez 786
Sanchez 786 Uukausi sitten
mehedi hasan
mehedi hasan Uukausi sitten
Russia kept losing territories no matter who came,Now Russia has almost nothing to lose anymore & Putin as the present leader has this opportunity to act strong.
savagex466 Uukausi sitten
Russia doesn't have much power or allies at all. Why dident they keep there Soviet Union ? In ww2 they seemed more powerful. They lost all those countries and never put much of a effort in keeping them.
luke lewkowicz
luke lewkowicz Uukausi sitten
Just wait and see when its' Putins' time to take a hike?. Something simiilar to the effect what took place in Ukraine Majdan. There will be more than just fireworks for sure.
eric ohara
eric ohara Uukausi sitten
communists should have stayed in power theyd be bidens great ally now
john doe
john doe 25 päivää sitten
US Corporations that have a licence to see "American Consumer Goods" fired all the American Workers (including war vets) and shipped the factories to COMMUNIST-CHINA for Mo-Profits.
Capt Abhimanyu Bhat
Capt Abhimanyu Bhat Uukausi sitten
Georgians are very friendly people
Capt Abhimanyu Bhat
Capt Abhimanyu Bhat Uukausi sitten
Those crying people must trained by DPRK 😄😄😄😄😄
J Knight
J Knight Uukausi sitten
The citizens are still paid salaries like 3rd world countries and the women still travel all over the world to work as escorts. A handful of oligarchs and tough talk by a fake macho man is not reemergence.
han Solo2315
han Solo2315 Uukausi sitten
The media is the real enemy of this Country, demonrats included.
A-Dam CT GUY Uukausi sitten
Looks a lot like whats going on here in America right now. Putin took over and crushed the oligarchs in Russia so they couldn't control media and make radical groups. Just like Antifa. Huh... who ever said history repeats itself is very smart.
Paul Solon
Paul Solon Uukausi sitten
If you oppose Putin and if you might have a chance for you yourself to become president of Russia, your life is in danger
gunhan dastan
gunhan dastan Uukausi sitten
PUTIN is an ADOLF or NAPOLEON of our time. PUTIN transforms RUSSIA into an empire. PUTIN is a cruel dictator. king of russia in his future. PUTIN is opportunistic. If a country falls weak or collapses, like SYRIA AND LIBYA, IT TAKES THAT. RUSSIA occupied SYRIA. it is not Syria anymore but KALININGRAD. Putin seems to be friendly to the west, acting very devilishly. but someday its true face will emerge. We will see what he will do if he loses SYRIA. because the main purpose of PUTIN is different.
Maawma Opa
Maawma Opa Uukausi sitten
they should be very very happy, since, my son or daughter can not lives in USA.
Marc Landreville
Marc Landreville Uukausi sitten
Right off, they make Putin sound like he yearns for the Soviet Union. In realily, they cut off what he said next as to why the end of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy: Because tens of millions of Russians wound up not being citizens of Russia anymore. I'm convinced that DW gets some of its funding from the CIA.
Aditya Pratap Singh
Aditya Pratap Singh 23 päivää sitten
media of the west are new fascist
Jaushua Graham The Florida man
Jaushua Graham The Florida man 27 päivää sitten
As an American,can confirm😎👍
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration Uukausi sitten
I know, Putin does not come across like he yearn for the SU whatsoever otherwise he would be like belarus
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb Uukausi sitten
38:45 "40% of Russian Christians don't believe in God or in the soul" LMAO
Goci83 Uukausi sitten
In Georgia Saakashvili military first atack peacekeeper in their barracks with tanks and rockets only then russia send division through tunel to help those peacekeeper but russians didnt stop there ,they have send army on Tbilisi .EU (France) have negotiate in name of Saakashvili and Russian stop with atack.EU have saved him .
Tom Hermens
Tom Hermens Uukausi sitten
Yes. By making deals the Germans are just empowering the Russian communist regime.
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration Uukausi sitten
Germans were communists only a few year ago themselves, they are trying to get together with china to make a world communist dictatorship, or haven't you noticed the increasing global authoritarianism?
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Uukausi sitten
Putin is a back stabbing thug. An alternative that stands up to the evil ZioUSUK empire for all our sakes. Thank god for Putin.
Anny Chest
Anny Chest Uukausi sitten
Get it right DW.. They were all false flags.
Cristi Tanase
Cristi Tanase Uukausi sitten
DW propaganda. Sad, trully sad.
Joseph Stalin Biden Socialist Dictator
Joseph Stalin Biden Socialist Dictator Uukausi sitten
44 annetta hunte.
44 annetta hunte. Uukausi sitten
17 January 2021
44 annetta hunte.
44 annetta hunte. Uukausi sitten
17 January 2021
Raphael Bernard
Raphael Bernard Uukausi sitten
Americas Victoria Newland and Biden and his son had a say in this destabilization
Raphael Bernard
Raphael Bernard Uukausi sitten
Putin's Russia they say has no freedom of speech says a journalist ! the only evidence given while America and the world has ? Big Tech and Main stream Media censorship of opposition thought / opinions even a President of the US of A and his 70 million followers and even of a blatant Election fraud.
Steven Angus
Steven Angus Uukausi sitten
What a fantastic informative view about Putin and Russia ... Each nation has its challenges well done Putin
Carlo Morabito
Carlo Morabito 15 päivää sitten
@1manuscriptman probably bat for now he save the peace in the world. And anyway is not more corrupt as American Deep State!😁
Anon emous
Anon emous Uukausi sitten
Hey DW, why don't you make a documentary on the German 4th Reich in the EU and of Angela Merkel's authoritarian neoliberal dogmatic "leadership"?
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration Uukausi sitten
Angela Merkel says: 999
Vinicius Pinto
Vinicius Pinto Uukausi sitten
Soviet Russia was no Empire. Empire building is only possible within capitalism or some preceding mode of production.
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration
Savannah Rose Digital Illustration Uukausi sitten
yup - UK was globalist imperialist like China is now today
Marcial Nosce
Marcial Nosce Uukausi sitten
The President of the United States of America is not the most powerful person in the world.
Conspiracy Boy
Conspiracy Boy Uukausi sitten
Any country that wants democracy must contact the leaders of the democratic world, like the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, etc. Then they will be able to get the help and support they need. The EU dictatorship is not into democracy for individual states.
Simon Poulsen
Simon Poulsen Uukausi sitten
What is undemocratic about the EU? The parliament is elected by direct referendum and its seats are proportionally distributed by nationality. The counsil of ministers represent the interest of national democraticly elected governments and ensures that the EU parliament does not overrule nationstates. The EU commission is elected by national governments and approved by the EU parliament. This three body system explicitly expresses the checks and balances found in any good democratic system. Just because you personally does not agree with some EU decisions that does not make the EU a dictatorship.
Tom Hermens
Tom Hermens Uukausi sitten
Putin married/played with jeltsin's daughter.!!! Later Abramovitch (chelsea)
Fabricio Emmanuelli
Fabricio Emmanuelli Uukausi sitten
That was what Obama thought he could do here in America, he wanted to this another Rusia. He sure was wrong. He is lucky he ran twice against the biggest losers in the history of the Republican Party, one was a traitor the other a Mormon. I didn't even vote on the second election. Two sons of satan. FIpost erases or doesn't post. FIpost is a garbage dump of those socialist. They want to silence the people.
Fred Uukausi sitten
who gives a shit i am in canada
george waite
george waite Uukausi sitten
Norweigan/British Divers on the "Kursk".
Logos Nomos
Logos Nomos Uukausi sitten
Oh how DW opines for making all of Germany like East Germany once again!
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