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This video started back in October aaaanndd now it's done. I remember going on the mud run and thinking "im going to make a video about this as fast as I can and not be a perfectionist about it and see how that turns out". Well it didn't work and this version is the result of many revisions. I want to make videos faster though so I gotta figure out a way to be less picky about everything.
Anyway this video is about a mud run. First time I have done anything like it. Made me realize there's lots of cool stuff in life I have to experience before I judge it. It was fun trying to do all of the obstacles. They were all really hard but it was still a really good time. Something I didn't mention but was really cool was that everyone was super chill with each other. Everyone would cheer each other on, and it was fun getting caught up in all the energy. I should go outside more.
Oh yeah this is also my first video that's sponsored. Honey was really chill about letting me take creative control which made them easy to work with. I liked it a lot. I hope you liked it too, I tried to make it as funny as my little dumb dumb brain could. Pretty sure I did alright.
👕 The merch is still up, same stuff as before:
there NEEDS to be more though like I'm looking at the store right now and it looks really... empty. I'll fix that later.
That's all I can think of now.
Have a good day and thanks for watching 😎💖

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Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez 15 tuntia sitten
Wait a minute so I don’t wanna die right well he saying it’ll be fun so...
Mustafa Hancer
Mustafa Hancer 16 tuntia sitten
Wow. Which microphone you use?
X Perfect plays
X Perfect plays 18 tuntia sitten
A av a dog
Jameson Ney
Jameson Ney Päivä sitten
At our mud run we crawl through tubes, and climb over a balance board
Gloomy Gamerz
Gloomy Gamerz Päivä sitten
"Its easier than a backflip" Flashbacks to when Ethan did a backflip for Mark
Zane Riester
Zane Riester Päivä sitten
Jazzmin Escamilla
Jazzmin Escamilla Päivä sitten
1:21 SCP 106 CLASS: ice cream sandwich
Parker Reese
Parker Reese 2 päivää sitten
I almost choked on juice at least 19 times.
LikezRxblox 2 päivää sitten
How many times he said mud 👇🏼
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky 2 päivää sitten
Me: hey! I wanna watch that guy i just found out existed Him: hEy, dO u wAnNa bUy hOnEy?~ Me again: oh hell no- Video: wont stop* Me againnn: OH CRAPPPPPPPPPP
Fluffy Wolfy
Fluffy Wolfy 2 päivää sitten
This is something like enduro with motorbikes. I killed my bile with sucking a lot of mud in the engine
Lunar 3 päivää sitten
The way he said "Dijbouti" tho. it sounded like "Ja Booty"
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 2 tuntia sitten
It sounded like 'Jibooty' which is a meme from a fandom I'm in XD
Jacqui Wardell
Jacqui Wardell 3 päivää sitten
When you get rick rolled by the add
A Person
A Person 3 päivää sitten
Dude I've just been binging your videos
Paper Cat
Paper Cat 3 päivää sitten
You probably some of the channels that I actually don't skip ad
dunno ?
dunno ? 4 päivää sitten
he made included paid promotions good i actually watched it
Omni Gummy
Omni Gummy 4 päivää sitten
Djbooty hehehehe
Eyemem 4 päivää sitten
But you still have to use money
Wholesome cow
Wholesome cow 4 päivää sitten
Nickelodeon slime just hurts after it drys
Mr E
Mr E 5 päivää sitten
honey more like MONEY
Shungite knight
Shungite knight 5 päivää sitten
I thought he was gonna make the sound from the travi pattie meme
Mohammed AR Haider
Mohammed AR Haider 5 päivää sitten
I love his style is soo similar to cynide and happiness
Meme Team
Meme Team 5 päivää sitten
I always skip the adds but he's really good at making them
Stanislav Musil
Stanislav Musil 5 päivää sitten
does honey works in every counry in the world?
Heli and Pink poptart T
Heli and Pink poptart T 6 päivää sitten
“And at the end of the steep hill there’s another pool of water that would wash you off.” “Got o mud run... you might like it.” Me during coronavirus: 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 I love ur videos you icecream sand which
Kirk Boone
Kirk Boone 6 päivää sitten
love the vid i love them they are super funny
catimations:3 7 päivää sitten
I went on this sound generator and heard a loud high pitched sound and now I have this mild static sound in my ears
Ashlynne Fowinkle
Ashlynne Fowinkle 7 päivää sitten
I once went to a mud run and when I would walk through the watery mud there was a root in the ground that I tripped over. When I fell face first into the watery mud, I accidentally swallowed some. It was awful so I decided to go again to make the experience better. I fell again. I mustered the courage to go a third time, I tripped AGAIN. PEPOLE were confused as to why I started screaming all of a sudden and saying something was “grabbing at my legs”. My brother walked up, reached down, and pulled the root out of the ground. I stared at him like he had supa powers and I went a fourth time, this time not falling into the mud. I was so proud.
XD Calam1ty
XD Calam1ty 7 päivää sitten
3:12 noodle arms :D
ashley G
ashley G 8 päivää sitten
I just found this FIpost channel and I am so grateful that I have. Thank you for brightening somebody else's day. I already subscribed I love your work! ❤
Shelby Seidel
Shelby Seidel 8 päivää sitten
Not affiliated with honey...but it’s actually super handy for saving money.
Catherine Haselbauer
Catherine Haselbauer 8 päivää sitten
Moist dirt
Jet Lejeune
Jet Lejeune 8 päivää sitten
I don’t want to die. Look like I have to try it now.
UserK 9 päivää sitten
3:55 thank god, you had me worried for a sec
Thunderpaws555 9 päivää sitten
Ethan the Pro
Ethan the Pro 10 päivää sitten
He has noodle arms
SlurpNinja 10 päivää sitten
Wait who’s Kelly
ExtraGoose Animations
ExtraGoose Animations 10 päivää sitten
I watch ice cream sandwich's sponsored clips on repeat, You do that too...
fish 11 päivää sitten
I can't do monkee bars
Rhythmia / Ren Quion
Rhythmia / Ren Quion 11 päivää sitten
Soil transmitted helminths: *MMMMMM YES go oooon :) >:) *
Random Terra
Random Terra 12 päivää sitten
i dont wanna die or drown
First of Spectre
First of Spectre 12 päivää sitten
*squealch squoosh* ... Ey
Bacon 12 päivää sitten
6:07 did he just- inhale his trumpet
SAGAN ORTIZ 12 päivää sitten
honey is free. and an adblock is fricking paying me 5 dollars every month
Alona Morgan
Alona Morgan 12 päivää sitten
He had some blast
Mihnea 22
Mihnea 22 12 päivää sitten
Nobody: Rico from Penguins of Madagascar: 6:16
Eleina Reynolds
Eleina Reynolds 12 päivää sitten
Hey ill go to war on jabooty with ya
SirPlasma YT
SirPlasma YT 13 päivää sitten
Ellia Forsyth
Ellia Forsyth 13 päivää sitten
McDonald’s is always the meal of winners. Yes. Definitely. “Hey guys I just won a thing! I beat my personal best for healthy eating! Time for McDonald’s.”
dranzio 79
dranzio 79 13 päivää sitten
5:53 ice cream sandwich: IT WILL BE FUN me who has acrophobia: IM GONNA STAY IN THIS PLANE
VBfam5 Van Brunt
VBfam5 Van Brunt 13 päivää sitten
i installed honey 2 years ago
the oofmagician
the oofmagician 13 päivää sitten
I love your videooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssss
Skylar Wideman
Skylar Wideman 13 päivää sitten
3 million veiws 1.54 million subs *confusion*
Gummygoo2 13 päivää sitten
"danger" _displays a small root and a couple of rocks, a small tripping hazard_ "obstacles" _displays a large wooden hurdle, much more of a danger than a small root_
Drawasaurus Productions
Drawasaurus Productions 13 päivää sitten
I have to admit, I like the ad better than the actual video.
Drew White
Drew White 13 päivää sitten
Marysia Karlowska
Marysia Karlowska 13 päivää sitten
i literally just watched the whole of the honey add because you made it interesting, i’m actually considering getting it now
Oh_its_katie 14 päivää sitten
Shout out to camp Hansen’s world famous mud run (ooh rah)
ewan Fielding
ewan Fielding 14 päivää sitten
Last and first time i went on a mud run i almost died choking on soap at the end
Adam Novacki
Adam Novacki 15 päivää sitten
I am bored and that stuff but I can’t go because there are no mudruns in my area and there is to much COVID 19
Spinhead studios
Spinhead studios 15 päivää sitten
Andy radiates pure chaos
Witch of the woods
Witch of the woods 16 päivää sitten
I HATE monkey bars😖
ImAPerson 16 päivää sitten
He should honestly be paid extra for making people actually watch the sponsor
Txnkq_ツ 16 päivää sitten
Txnkq_ツ 16 päivää sitten
Txnkq_ツ 16 päivää sitten
DrNarhwal 16 päivää sitten
"Thankfully, I didn't die." Oh, I thought you had died. Guess I was wrong.
biirb thing
biirb thing 16 päivää sitten
beginning of vid: how ppl make simply piano adds edit: in like 11 months icecreamsandwich got +50K *virtual clapping*
ti dev podcast
ti dev podcast 16 päivää sitten
I dont use chrome how do i install honey
_Clucker 16 päivää sitten
5:58 greatest animation ever created
Matthew Revell
Matthew Revell 16 päivää sitten
You need a chair BANG BANG BANG SSMASH!!!! I know I do
Sans the skeleton
Sans the skeleton 16 päivää sitten
I used to stick my foot in the monkey bars and walk upside down 🙃
ᴍᴇᴇᴘ ɴøᴠᴀ
ᴍᴇᴇᴘ ɴøᴠᴀ 17 päivää sitten
Viridxuzツ 17 päivää sitten
2020 : nope
R Nash-Shannon
R Nash-Shannon 17 päivää sitten
Ice Cream Sandwich 1.54M subscribers
Davis Hayes
Davis Hayes 17 päivää sitten
i cant even do monkey bars either
Dinsmore Family
Dinsmore Family 17 päivää sitten
Ijust subed
Parker Spain
Parker Spain 18 päivää sitten
Do u sell pancakes?
I am a Survivor... I think
I am a Survivor... I think 18 päivää sitten
"Do things that you don't want to do. It'll be fun!" Me after finishing all my homework, not stopping to sleep, eat, or breath for week: It would be fun, he said. Doing things you don't want to do is fun, you say!
Meme Cocoa
Meme Cocoa 18 päivää sitten
I love the way I just rewatch these videos and the sponsor is actually funny
Ziqian Li
Ziqian Li 18 päivää sitten
wait u uploaded on my birthday :)
s. s.
s. s. 18 päivää sitten
When the song started I really thought you were going to give a long speech
JellyCarrot 19 päivää sitten
1.53 million 11months later... thoughts ?
Giselle Guevara
Giselle Guevara 19 päivää sitten
thank u for being part of what treats/heals my anxiety in quarantine ily :)
Autumn Akins
Autumn Akins 19 päivää sitten
Omg the sounds in these videos are life!
Lynette Coppernoll
Lynette Coppernoll 19 päivää sitten
My daughter goes to mud runs and son going to this year's if they have one
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 19 päivää sitten
Are you not allowed to say "die"?
M M 21 päivä sitten
6:07 *what* 👁👄👁
Galaxy Riders
Galaxy Riders 21 päivä sitten
I love ice cream sandwich you’re so funny it makes me laugh and smile all day you’re the best animator ever
uwu 21 päivä sitten
Just me
Just me 21 päivä sitten
Why haven’t I discovered this dude earlier? He’s FANTASTIC
Lukas Nziko
Lukas Nziko 21 päivä sitten
Cake Cat Gaming & Animations
Cake Cat Gaming & Animations 21 päivä sitten
Video: *plays* Me: *eats french toast with a fork*
PudgyBudgie 21 päivä sitten
I signed up for a mud run last year after watching this and it got cancelled mere days before it was supposed to happen because of Covid-19
Angel Natera
Angel Natera 22 päivää sitten
I relate not being able to do monkey bars that's my least favorite part of the playground get rid of it
ognaM Tree
ognaM Tree 22 päivää sitten
6:30 People who live in jabudi: _I see how it is 💀_
[REDACTED] 23 päivää sitten
Nyoom in the sticky dirt juice
AB - 04ML 837324 Churchville PS
AB - 04ML 837324 Churchville PS 23 päivää sitten
The random guy who goes to random videos randomly
The random guy who goes to random videos randomly 23 päivää sitten
H o n e y G o o d 0:45
nincompop 24 päivää sitten
Not only did I not skip the sponsor I liked it
super dream
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