New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Real Time with Bill Maher

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Bill calls on Democrats not to write off all Trump voters as deplorable and asks Republicans to consider whether some of their anger is misdirected.
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LandseerNorth 2 tuntia sitten
Maybe they all thought it would have been better for our country. What a concept.
Kengine Express
Kengine Express 8 tuntia sitten
As a Trump voter, it was refreshing to hear a liberal head attempting to humanize our base. No, I don’t agree with everything and believe it’s lifetime politicians like Pelosi and McConnell are the problem, but I respect his point of view nonetheless.
rich4444hrsm 10 tuntia sitten
Ashli Babbitt wasn't mad about her loan, she wasn't mad about money being stolen... she was mad that it is very apparent that enough election fraud happened on a large enough scale to swing the outcome of an election. She was mad about her vote being stolen. Bill, she changed her mind just like you said from 2016. Maybe you could too?
Orion 1
Orion 1 15 tuntia sitten
Am I going crazy? I am becoming increasingly disturbed at how people are laughing about this woman being shot and killed, and reading comments from people making fun of her grieving family. I don't even lean right, I'm not even American but - wtf am I seeing right now??
Swamp Yankee
Swamp Yankee 20 tuntia sitten
The real tragedy is Biden voters. It was not an insurecction and it was not 5000 people. Hate groups like BLM and Bidens Antifa are more like terrorists then Trump supporters. Also we have been asking the question about sharing this nation with a#3holes for the last 4 years talking about the leftist cult.
Vaibhav C Anil
Vaibhav C Anil 21 tunti sitten
Yeah no the woman's problems would not have been solved by Democrats who are all about increasing regulations and taxes. Republicans are not great but atleast they have been cutting regulations and taxes. If she lived in a red state it would have been *less likely* that she ended up in a situation where she had to borrow at 160%.
OriginalSchmick Päivä sitten
Civil War is the ONLY answer
Paul Garcia
Paul Garcia Päivä sitten
Wow! Even ridiculing the dead?! That's cold! More liberal garbage! What about last summer? You don't remember the rioting and looting of MINORITY OWNED businesses? Yea I figured you didn't because that would be admitting to your hypocrisy
Jordan’s Elections Hub
Jordan’s Elections Hub 2 päivää sitten
Why is this show called "Real Time With Bill Maher"? It *should* be called Real Talk. Straight up.
Roy Ernst
Roy Ernst 2 päivää sitten
Thank you! Blue and Red have both made the working class black, blue and bloodied. Look at the names on the ballot, check their qualifications then pull the switch. Look past the D or R as the qualifier. Lastly, if their in now, gone next vote. Bid farewell to bad trash. Let's make America great at last!
Kevin Meehan
Kevin Meehan 2 päivää sitten
Bingo !
Grant Ray
Grant Ray 3 päivää sitten
Impeach Biden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clavers1369 3 päivää sitten
Bill Maher = deranged fascist
Kit Richardson
Kit Richardson 3 päivää sitten
The squeezing is being done by big corporations by Amazon and Walmart and Raytheon and Google and Facebook and general electric and AT&T the people who run MSNBC and CNN. They are the people doing the squeezing they are the people of want these constant wars overseas the Trump fight against, they are the people who want to ship American jobs to China because it’s profitable even though it cost 70,000 factories while Obama was president. They are the people squeezing us we know who squeezing us bill. And it looks like you just want your hand at the trough
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 4 päivää sitten
Bill Maher found out Santa wasn’t real and hasn’t recovered. Santa syndromes gotta demon so far up this Guys ass it has a tv show.
judith howard
judith howard 4 päivää sitten
I live in California they keep using the red flags on me institutionalizing me instead of allowing me to make mud dirt dome houses that live forever but you know track housing has too much politicians having too much money in their pockets so they want a little square houses on the little square streets on the little square roads are dirt and San Bernardino through with the Santa Anna‘s needs to fly
Nelson Montana
Nelson Montana 4 päivää sitten
Bill makes it out like that woman is a tragedy because she no longer bought not the lies of the left. Yeah, okay. I don't agree with what she did, but can you imagine if she were black? The riots and looting would still be going on. And I am sick of Maher's disparagement of anyone isn't an elitist. The Waffle House brigade? Oddly enough, he sees the hypocrisy and ineptness of the left, yet he continues to defend them.
hotdyme86 5 päivää sitten
Leave 🐔 filet alone.
1okemes1 5 päivää sitten
I have my tickets for MONTREAL in August 2021 I Just hope my Gr-Daughter doesn’t give birth on that day! I’ll b right in yr face w my sister ( her Earthday). AA14-16. Yes. Happy hippie camper!
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 5 päivää sitten
Hopefully she doesn’t have a free military funeral. She’s a traitor!
Nathan Chenery
Nathan Chenery 5 päivää sitten
Split the country in two. It’s the only way
Mike Burns
Mike Burns 6 päivää sitten
Donald Trump is a Jim Jones cult
J Mason
J Mason 6 päivää sitten
Do people really find him funny?
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta 7 päivää sitten
"the waffle house brigade"
Chuck Snyder
Chuck Snyder 8 päivää sitten
I'm sure his debt to income ratio is a hell of a lot better than this country is...
99SamIAm99 5 päivää sitten
Chuck Snyder "I'm sure his debt to income ratio is a hell of a lot better than this country is..." He's actually commented on it. He's said that it would be in his best interest, as a millionaire, to vote Republican. But he doesn't because he realizes that there are other people here than just him.
Thomas Goebel
Thomas Goebel 8 päivää sitten
By the way, where did all the "Patriots" go? I thought they were proud fighters of fraud and a stolen election. They said they were willing to die to right the wrongs of "The Steal." If they believed what they did was right, then why run and hide and scrub their social media of evidence? Why are they running like cockroaches when the light comes on? Why are they all claiming they were lied to by their Supreme Dictator who cut and ran? So many strange questions when we try to understand cowardice.
Ender7j 8 päivää sitten
It’s a known fact that many people who voted for Biden are not intrinsically Biden lovers, like me. I wonder how many people who voted for Trump simply voted against Biden and didn’t want to waste their vote? Democrats would be best served by looking at that and taking honest stock of their base.
Patrick Bly
Patrick Bly 8 päivää sitten
You can put your solar station up yourself you don' t need to be a rocket scientist...
saintnash1 8 päivää sitten
I hear there's a new island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean. It's made up entirely of discarded red MAGAt hats.
ilovethe1950s 9 päivää sitten
I almost actually liked this, and I voted for Trump twice.
Edwards Crosfield
Edwards Crosfield 9 päivää sitten
Crusty Cobs
Crusty Cobs 9 päivää sitten
Gee, I thought that after a fifty year Cold War, a 40 year Drug War, and those electable wars, which we lost,. that we might have some stability. Then Trump came with the chaos and hate..
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne 9 päivää sitten
She broke in to the Capitol building!! What did she think could happen!! She was killed because she was a criminal led by a criminal!! Not that much sympathy!!
Geoff Hennessy
Geoff Hennessy 9 päivää sitten
Katie Couric still hot
Rona Goodwell
Rona Goodwell 9 päivää sitten
Everywhere we look there are problems. That means the source of the problems is precisely where we aren't looking.
Rona Goodwell
Rona Goodwell 9 päivää sitten
Upshot: We're fucked.
cbrockabilly 10 päivää sitten
Neil Sarath
Neil Sarath 10 päivää sitten
Don't tread on me, 😂😂😂😂😂. Oh the irony.
James W
James W 10 päivää sitten
Hank Moody’s dad
Red Hiker
Red Hiker 10 päivää sitten
Mr. Maher..what about the BLM and Antifa "Bulls in the China shop" of Seattle, Portland and other USA cities that have been looted, burned and defaced by the woke left? Yeah, I thought so.
Red Hiker
Red Hiker 10 päivää sitten
twao dood
twao dood 10 päivää sitten
Abdi Iidaani
Abdi Iidaani 10 päivää sitten
the whole country should watch bill Maher
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 10 päivää sitten
Trump won ... yea GOD BLESS TRUMP 🙏
yep Ban!!!! . Media and gaming
yep Ban!!!! . Media and gaming 10 päivää sitten
Trump supporters have no reasoning skills come on bill
peg jov
peg jov 10 päivää sitten
Bill Mahr you will soon be done
Bob Goldschneider
Bob Goldschneider 10 päivää sitten
We are watching the death of the Republican party.
Jon Ericson
Jon Ericson Päivä sitten
And the rebirth into who the fuck knows what.
Earl Barnes
Earl Barnes 10 päivää sitten
Let’s not forget about our brave....who were injured, gave they’re lives, our men in blue....and my Condolences to they’re families, they had to be there to keep law and order.......Now I don’t wish death on anyone, but I’m not as sad as this lady who didn’t have to be there and lost her life. Her stupidity has left kids without they’re mother.....I heard she serves in the military” and I have no clue how she survived” if she was overseas fighting.....climbing through a window, while secret service...has guns drawn....ready to take deadly beyond stupid. Maybe she thought her White privilege card didn’t expire” who knows” now that dictator Trump was acquitted, more of these cult will start getting brave....I got my carry and conceal permit, and house armed to the teeth. Any nut-job who storms my house will Develop serious lead poisoning.....I’m hoping that will never happen, but many of these terrorist” who stormed the capital, deserves to rot in jail, and since this corrupt racist country....can’t keep these so called patriotic terrorist where they belong, a bullet will. MORE EFFECTIVE AS WELL.
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler 11 päivää sitten
Good thing that Bill is calling out California's bullshit.
Admiralty86 11 päivää sitten
Beautiful woman w amazing life destroyed for what? For Trump? For Q? For fake news?
Gonzo York
Gonzo York 3 päivää sitten
Chris Bogart
Chris Bogart 11 päivää sitten
Yes her Concern should have been with the WH even though he turns around and then acknowledged the real source of her pain was living in a state completely ruined by Democrats. Yes her problem wasn’t with Pelosi who is from California and helps govern the laws and legislation of that state no it was still Trump. I call bullshit...
Kelly King
Kelly King 11 päivää sitten
Let's be real. The shutting down counting of votes on election day and the numbers dont add up. Why play stupid??
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 11 päivää sitten
feelings came to head in these crazy divisive times. I appreciate you not minimizing Ashli’s life.
FAY FAY 11 päivää sitten
I can’t believe she died for that.. out of all the causes she could have died for she choose trump?
Eric James
Eric James 11 päivää sitten
Maher with BLM riots: WE CANT DO THIS Maher with conservatives riot: ITS OKAY THEY ARE MAD.
Eric James
Eric James 11 päivää sitten
Really bad take by bill here.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 11 päivää sitten
ever seen so many people put so much attention on 1 person, negative and positive. I mean, why? My thing is, the president will be the president. Democratic or Republican.
All the Rebels Are Dead
All the Rebels Are Dead 12 päivää sitten
Not many people in Maher's audience because Idiocracy became a reality. Maher himself repels smug leftists and Trumpanzees.
Michael Kallevik
Michael Kallevik 12 päivää sitten
We now have overwhelming evidence proving ANTIFA/BLM terrorists including top Democrats knew of the plan to stage the riot at the Capitol building. If you lie to the American people you will eventually be eld accountable for your crimes.
Michael Kallevik
Michael Kallevik 12 päivää sitten
I pray to God Bill Imma Liberal Nutjob Maher reads this. I’m hoping Bill starts telling the truth, but I fear he’s so brainwashed we’ll never see it in our lifetime. Bill, you know damn well why you deserve to go to prison, and you of all people should know skeletons never stay locked up forever. Tick tock......
Ashlee Cooks
Ashlee Cooks 12 päivää sitten
Well the red tape you talk about is a derivative of systematic racism and white supremacy both sides know that but only one side is willing to do “something” about it that something might not be all or enough because you have the other side wanting to uphold it for themselves to make coin and stay in office at the behest of constituents that writhe and are comfortable in their “traditions” of systematic racism and yt supremacy. Ask yourself why was ashli Babbitt so confused as to beginning of her problem ...because she is starting to see what black and poc have know all along but her privilege and fragility made her freak out and over react we have steeped in bullshit for along time without any support and if we even think we fed up we are kicked down. Maybe if we can find humanity in those battered by systemic racism those who perpetrate can find it in themselves to behave accordingly.
Thomas Goebel
Thomas Goebel 12 päivää sitten
Her loved ones with cliche riddled sobs: "She was so beloved. She had the rest of her life to live. She died doing what she loved. Her innocence was stolen. She brightened up every room she walked it. She loved life. She was on the verge of greatness in her life. She was loved by everyone. She had so much to give. She loved life to the fullest. No one deserves to die this way." American Citizens: "Mmmmm....wait....precious was killed while committing a violent federal felony with an armed mob attempting to overthrow the US election and government. She pushed her way into into the Capital stepping over fallen police officers. She did it while congress was in session as they searched for Democrat AND Republican law-makers to usurp the Constitution." I feel full compassion for her family. But i have full compassion for the law-makers who believed they were going to die.
2126Eliza Päivä sitten
Once they broke in, they should’ve ALL been shot
Leonie Romanes
Leonie Romanes 5 päivää sitten
@Jeff B she broke through a window to attack Capitol officers, they ordered her to stand down several times and she ignored them. While her death is sad, she she chose to attack armed police, which never ends well. Many POC have been killed for a lot less.
Jeff B
Jeff B 5 päivää sitten
@Postal Employee NewmanI have never had FB. You are not making any sense at all.
Postal Employee Newman
Postal Employee Newman 5 päivää sitten
@Jeff B "rEpUbLiCaNs cAn ThInK fOr tHeMSeLvEs" while you regurgitate whatever bullshit you got from your circle jerk on Facebook...I better get the pilot to let him know you just brought down the left wing.
Thomas Goebel
Thomas Goebel 6 päivää sitten
@shady nasty shady and nasty truth.
Olle Lundström
Olle Lundström 12 päivää sitten
After WWII the Norwegian nazi traitor Vidkun Quisling was arrested, sentenced and SHOT. Since then traitors all over the world are called "QUISLING". NOW, WE HAVE A NEW NAME FOR THESE KIND OF PEOPLE - " t R U M P " !
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 12 päivää sitten
cost and screwing over the American (and frequently international as well) public! They just have different degrees of culpability and various methods of doing so!
Jean Redman-Roberts
Jean Redman-Roberts 13 päivää sitten
Babbit- a tragedy no matter the party
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 12 päivää sitten
Actually Trump AND Pelosi ARE both representations of different parts of the problem that is today's Washington, while Q-anon is basically a religious nut-cult. Partisanship a
Greg Gjerdingen
Greg Gjerdingen 13 päivää sitten
It is crazy how low the bar has gone. Besides the groundless unconstitutional argument, the Foxaholic Trumptards will let the orange traitor of because he did not specifically say go attack the Capitol. BT (Before Trump) any government official was held to standard to communicate clearly and would be crucified for the slightest slip of the tongue that could be misconstrued. They were all over Hillary for the "Basket of Deplorables" comment. Turns out that there are more than a dumpster of them in the Senate alone.
molon labe
molon labe 13 päivää sitten
Bill, You're one of those assholes I cant stand... but God bless you. I have a lot of respect for you, yet I typically disagree with you on... well everything.
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams 13 päivää sitten
Yeah, where's the tragedy of leftists destroying their entire communities by burning them to the ground?
VaughnJogVlog 13 päivää sitten
It’s not the President’s job to solve your problems, Bill.
Marie Medeiros
Marie Medeiros 14 päivää sitten
Funny thing is... a good percentage of the "rioters" had financial problems per a recent study published in the Wapost
George Tuia
George Tuia 14 päivää sitten
And here I thought George Bush Jr had it bad....boy was I ever wrong. Bush was a walk in the park compared to the treatment of Trump and Trump supporters alike. Never have I ever seen so many people put so much attention on 1 person, negative and positive. I mean, why? My thing is, the president will be the president. Democratic or Republican. I’m not going to put my energy to that kind of madness. I’ve been taking walks at the park for the passed two months, do y’all know how beautiful the outside weather can be? #amazingoutdoors
D G 14 päivää sitten
You realize that the usury haven that allowed the bank to charge those rates most likely was most likely the state of Delaware. I'm no Trump supporter but you might want to look around at how someone like him can rise to power. You could start in Delaware.
Kripptonite 13 päivää sitten
& Russia!
H. Tub
H. Tub 14 päivää sitten
“You were the china....”
America First
America First 14 päivää sitten
Maher you’re a jerk
Ol Man Jenkins
Ol Man Jenkins 14 päivää sitten
I dare you to come and try to deprogram me . I have the right to vote how I want think what I want and say what I want. I dare you to come to my house knock on my door and tell me I'm wrong JUST TRY IT.
Samuel 14 päivää sitten
Bill you are so right about California. Blue state made of RED tape! Love it.
Samuel 14 päivää sitten
Extreme and stupid partisanship is simply today's best practice for the age old elite tecnique of divide and conquer. What most Democrats seamingly don't realize is that this very much applies to them as well!
Samuel 14 päivää sitten
Actually Trump AND Pelosi ARE both representations of different parts of the problem that is today's Washington, while Q-anon is basically a religious nut-cult. Partisanship and blaming it on the OTHER party gets people ignoring that we actually have have a bipartisan elite who largely degree on one thing if not much else, -power for themselves at all cost and screwing over the American (and frequently international as well) public! They just have different degrees of culpability and various methods of doing so!
Samuel 14 päivää sitten
It's not that they stormed the wrong building, Bill! It's just that the rioters largely failed to notice just how CLOSELY that OTHER large (white colored) house(!) (along with various other buildings) in the Capital city are connected with each other.....
May Will
May Will 14 päivää sitten
Why does Bill Maher smack his lips while he spews hate?
Ricardo Goncalves
Ricardo Goncalves 14 päivää sitten
Unemployment is high, hire some ppl to laugh at your jokes, it sounds terrible, the jokes and the 3 guys laughing
Charlie Piper
Charlie Piper 14 päivää sitten
Got what she deserved
Robert Joseph Bussiere
Robert Joseph Bussiere 14 päivää sitten
The Airforce Vet should be honored as a vet and buried with full Military Honors.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 14 päivää sitten
I agree. The tragedy here is that these people literally flushed their lives down the toilet for sick fantasies.
lunchmeat 14 päivää sitten
I laugh at the things that bother some people . Imagine being a millionaire and your only problem is getting solar panels installed . try living on a $1000 a month with 7 payday loans
Richard Mattingly
Richard Mattingly 14 päivää sitten
Rest assured that Red Tape is more about keeping those that have to check off that's done done or is enforced employed and the more nebulous it is you can bet someone's job in the County/City govt. depends on it.
Jeremy Two
Jeremy Two 15 päivää sitten
President Trump knows how to handle China. President Trump come back to the White House. I don't want to be a Communist cow. Is stupidity throwing away freedom and wanting to be treated like cows?
LeeCole Bush
LeeCole Bush 14 päivää sitten
Melissa Shanfield
Melissa Shanfield 15 päivää sitten
I don't feel bad for traitors. If you attack innocent people and you die, you don't get to be called a tragedy.
LeeCole Bush
LeeCole Bush 14 päivää sitten
Jason Bariekman
Jason Bariekman 15 päivää sitten
Bill Maher is way worse than president trump
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 14 päivää sitten
Really reached out to the nerd in me with thst star trek reference
Alexandria Ocasio-Whoretez
Alexandria Ocasio-Whoretez 15 päivää sitten
I dont support the attack on the Capitol but that girl that was shot was unarmed and MURDERED by that coward in uniform. Then you have this Dbag Maher making fun of her & Trump supporters? What about all the violent riots over the last year by Antifa & BLM TERRORISTS? If a cop shot them they'd immediately lose their job. Smh The double standard is appalling.
Turk February
Turk February 15 päivää sitten
If Bill ever gets his show cancelled, we will get to meet the REAL Maher. Not with the clapping seals either. Not saying he’ll go back to being a libertarian, but he knows his audience is very left. I wanna meet the real bill. He seems like he’s probably a common sense kind of person.
Uncle Berry
Uncle Berry 15 päivää sitten
I cant believe people still watch this guy.
Robert Neil
Robert Neil 15 päivää sitten
Tired old bag of sheet. Let’s hope you do your own writing, I can’t imagine anyone pay for this crap.
Claudia Wenzel
Claudia Wenzel 15 päivää sitten
Guess someone who thinks she could keep her business afloat by paying current expenses, paying back the loan and paying 195 % interest if she can't keep it afloat paying expenses in the first place shouldn't (and probably won't for long) own a business. If you can't apply maths and common sense, don't blame politics.
Edward 15 päivää sitten
One Less MAGAT!!!
CAUGHT Redhanded
CAUGHT Redhanded 15 päivää sitten
Nancy poor Nancy busted again
Yogi Smarts
Yogi Smarts 16 päivää sitten
She either did not die and it was a set up, or it's like the covid thing which is a complete set up of lies and wrong data so they can make more money through the vacc, or she was a sacrifice for the luciferians in one of their stinking rituals. 1 cop and 1 other person, right!? Why didn't some more get shot as soon as it was seen they were trying to enter the Capitol of the United States? Let me tell you why as you already know. It was another order out of chaos, fiasco thing again, just like it was with George Floyd. Real people, Real Americans are getting very fed up with the satanic ethically antics, and a lot of individual perpetrators who really believe they have it made thinking for sure they can do any underhanded thing they want, and get away with it, while people who have traffic violations go to jail and have to pay these democratic state run fools, are in for something they never thought they would experience. They are running scared and lying about everything they do for good reason, with their marxist ideologies, and their CCP money. YOU ARE COMING DOWN!! YOU PEOPLE OPPRESSING, DEMONIC COMMUNIST, BABYLONIAN FOOLS. YOUR TIME IS ALMOST UP, AND YES AS MUCH AS YOU HATE HIM IT WILL BE DONE IN THE NAME OF YAHSHUA!!! THERE ARE MANY OF US WHO JUST CAN;T WAIT. IT WILL BE A LOT SOONER THAN YOU THINK, YOU COWARDICE FOOLS!!
Wanda Bellini
Wanda Bellini 16 päivää sitten
Republicans aren’t better than Democrats. They showed their a$$E$.
Wanda Bellini
Wanda Bellini 16 päivää sitten
She lost her life for stupid and cultist.
teddy ruxspin
teddy ruxspin 16 päivää sitten
I guess compared to the BLM riots it Capitol Hill was a mostly peaceful protest .
AngeL 0f FiRe
AngeL 0f FiRe 16 päivää sitten
I wonder if new rules has become a book. Lol I would read it. I read one of his books can't remember which?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 16 päivää sitten
Really reached out to the nerd in me with thst star trek reference
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