New Rule: The Great Disappointment | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Real Time with Bill Maher

6 päivää sitten

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In his final New Rule of 2020, Bill takes explores the striking similarities between Donald Trump and other infamous cult leaders.
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beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 29 minuuttia sitten
“It is difficult to free fools from chains they revere“ - Voltaire
Sheroo Ford
Sheroo Ford 29 minuuttia sitten
And the year 2000 was going to stop the world.
Shampoo Jones
Shampoo Jones 36 minuuttia sitten
Speaking about trying not to be cruel to his followers or in the case of Qanon-his believers; I know you’re right. It will be difficult . But if it was easy I guess it wouldn’t be honorable. I’ll try to reach out in love instead of revenge. I suppose that’s what Lincoln did after the civil war. Maybe we should do it to prevent a civil war. You always surprise me Bill. You are not predictable.
zodmiester 47 minuuttia sitten
MAGA started with Ron Paul but republican party screwed him. It's OK don't worry it was never about Trump, were not going away. murica!
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 28 minuuttia sitten
This is rich coming from Q himself
Sasha Hoh
Sasha Hoh 56 minuuttia sitten
How was Epstein island visi5?
Sasha Hoh
Sasha Hoh 57 minuuttia sitten
And we know b8ll your in spirit cooking, you banged a 5hai baby
Sasha Hoh
Sasha Hoh 59 minuuttia sitten
Nice tryi
David Welsh
David Welsh Tunti sitten
Bill Maher used to be conservative.. till his first show was cancelled. Also the "not accepting their loss" thing.. him and most Leftists spent four years not accepting a loss.. so a large amount of shutting the hell up needs to be done by him and all the rest of them.
Ana Margarete PD
Ana Margarete PD Tunti sitten
Please, don't go!
Curtis Clark
Curtis Clark Tunti sitten
So stupid. I voted for Trump both elections and I don’t feel ripped off at all. I’m not a huge fan of Joe Biden but hey, he won the election and I’m hopeful he’ll be a great President. Not all of us are members of a cult, some of us just weren’t about to vote for Hilary....or Biden. My hope is that a real candidate will show up in 2024. Biden IS now my President.
Trotsky or Bust
Trotsky or Bust 2 tuntia sitten
Timothy Ratajczyk
Timothy Ratajczyk 2 tuntia sitten
So if you don’t believe God, what do you believe in ?
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly 3 tuntia sitten
rudy is a lizard person thats why he was melting
Mr 8ch Arr
Mr 8ch Arr 3 tuntia sitten
Sorry, but I don't get the "Show Love to your enemies" bullsh!t. Do better than that! Remember Them! Avoid Them! Disassociate yourselves from them! Keep observing them. Do Not Ever interact with them. Go out to find other people you actually can be friends with and be happy with THOSE PEOPLE! Share your new friendships with other 'like-minded' people! You will be happier than trying to convince those with absolute hatred in their hearts to consider thinking differently, IT DOESN'T WORK!!! Let them be mean and miserable until they die. And don't go to their funeral! Schedule ANYTHING ELSE on that day. You're not showing hatred in return, you're not putting any energy at all into any kind of confrontation. You're just indifferent to them. They simply don't matter to you anymore. You WILL be happier. It worked for me.
Canadian 81
Canadian 81 4 tuntia sitten
And if you don't give the "p----", one man in particular, will make a life difficult - ain't that the truth. Nice one Bill, thank you. Wow.... I had no idea about that guy...
M C 4 tuntia sitten
Life is to short to argue with Trump's cultists.
odelet hilton
odelet hilton 4 tuntia sitten
Mark Twain said that "it's easier to fool people than to convince them they are being fooled". That's America.
Joseph Zrnchik
Joseph Zrnchik 5 tuntia sitten
This guy can't even admit that the corruption is so blatant and obvious as to render anything else he has to say as being worthless
Danny Marschall
Danny Marschall 6 tuntia sitten
This is rich coming from Q himself
Charles Lamb
Charles Lamb 6 tuntia sitten
For context, you should have shown all the messianic articles and magazine covers of Obama, the left's lord and savior.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark 6 tuntia sitten
I'm sure President Trump and the Republicans are eager to show the same cooperation and consideration shown them the last four years.
es is
es is 7 tuntia sitten
George Carlin once said: “Never underestimate a large group of stupid people” lol.
d c
d c 7 tuntia sitten
The pedophile ring is accurate, Bill. Don't try to hide it.
Mike V.
Mike V. 4 tuntia sitten
No, it's actually not. It's conspiracy lunacy. Please seek help.
Edy Garrido
Edy Garrido 7 tuntia sitten
Mr Maher needs to fact check himself in regards to who William Miller actually was. Just saying...don’t believe everything you hear. Look into things for yourself.
GB 7 tuntia sitten
"... typical" GOLD.
bballjulien 7 tuntia sitten
I think perhaps the biggest component is that its easier to double down than to admit you got conned. Thats why, as tempting as it is to rub it in their faces, its better to show a little compassion because at some point everyones taken a chance with a girl or an investment or an idea that turned out to not work out as you hoped. Obviously this is a way greater magnitude but that must make it even harder to admit you got so emotionally invested in someone who was just using you. Shit happens and the Trump fanatics have to be able to see they can put all this behind them and move on, as long as they learn from this mistake.
Batman 7 tuntia sitten
The NXIVM comparison is spot the fuck on. I remember following that story years ago before all the documentaries and shit came out, crazy how public it's become now. Glad that Raniere is in jail.
Kyle Portbury
Kyle Portbury 7 tuntia sitten
Oh Bill, you just rehashed a bit from 2015 about Ben Carson and Jesus in a bath robe, you even recycled the same punchlines about William Miller. Why didn't you ask an Adventist for some new material, I'd have given you plenty of fresh jokes 🤣.
Gwen Lusane
Gwen Lusane 8 tuntia sitten
Trump knew that his base was looking for someone to lead them (like Jim Jones) his ideals became something to give them hope and make them relevant, a part of something they could relate to...racism
Sound Keep
Sound Keep 8 tuntia sitten
People who watched FOX News during the reign of President Fugazi are like folks who missed the 1960s due to drug use. You want us to be nice to them? How about they fess up a bit first.
Jun Leyeza
Jun Leyeza 8 tuntia sitten
Well, a new cult is in charge. What’s new anyways? 🤣
Hoden Krebs
Hoden Krebs 9 tuntia sitten
republicans cheat = liberals bitch for 4+ years (turns out to be false) democrats cheat = accept election results! (serious allegations) wonder why maher lost millions of subscribers over the last few years
tom pala
tom pala 9 tuntia sitten
Whelp, we changed from orange man to creepy man, don't see an improvement here. Creepy's first big change will be to allow pedophiles to roam free and make it legal, as long as you are wearing a mask it's ok.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 9 tuntia sitten
Bill remains to be the one that makes the most sense in troubling times.
topsidejohnny1 9 tuntia sitten
Hey, if you know one and you think you can get through, by all means try, but temper your expectations accordingly. It's like blowing a twenty at the Blackjack table, ya just never know right? These Q-Anon types absolutely have access to the same news sources we do, they probably had a relatively similar upbringing, they believe in secret pedo orders from Wayfair and such. How's that happen? Choice. They didn't get nabbed by some stranger on the street and then brainwashed, they had to go looking for this stuff, at length most likely. These are not people who think objectively or deal with conflicting facts with their beliefs by updating them accordingly. Understand you're dealing with that before you even try to wade in. Some good rules of life are it's not up to you to fix people and people will change when they're ready to. And as someone who tried to pick up getting through to people as a life skill for some 20 years, I'm here to tell you, that person better be like your spouse or your brother for the amount of effort you'll need to invest, and even then it's going to be a toss up. And I'm sorry, Bill is wrong. Anyone else should be laughed at, and hard. They need to get that experience every time they talk and everwhere they go, and maybe, just maybe, they'll stop and do some real mental calculus why that seems to be a running theme.
Marks Tvens
Marks Tvens 5 tuntia sitten
You are right. It has to come from within. I lost my girlfiend to Adventist cult, did everything I could to "save" her mind, but the more I tried and used logic and reason, the more she got sucked in. I made a promise to myself that I will never try to "fix" anyone and just work on myself.
Dalmaen 9 tuntia sitten
How do we bring cult members back to reality? Belittle them and they'll double down on the belief, try to convince them of the truth and they'll believe you're trying to trick them. Patience and sympathy, don't validate their beliefs, don't argue with them. Ask questions they can't answer, plant the seed of doubt so they actually start thinking for themselves. Ask them at what point would some actions of the cult leader would cause them to break away from him, then point out the evidence he already has. Cult members are not children that need to be corrected, they're adults who were lied to and brainwashed. Their the ones to do the heavy lifting in realizing they've been conned, not you.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 9 tuntia sitten
I'm not convinced that Joe Biden's the right man. They want to abandon the Progressive's and return back to normal. Well, Covid-19/ Trump-Flu wasn't the only issue we dealt
ajc bng
ajc bng 9 tuntia sitten
Sorry Bill, can't help myself.
tahiti treat
tahiti treat 9 tuntia sitten
I never watch Bill or care what he has to say. I just wanted hi to know how much I dislike him & how super ugly he is, in soul & body.
Paul Niehaus IV
Paul Niehaus IV 9 tuntia sitten
Red Shoe Club
beltop5 10 tuntia sitten
This is helpful, I need to help my friends out of the Leftist cult. It’s the fastest growing religion in the world.
Linda C
Linda C 11 tuntia sitten
He's got a very large...a-brain!!!
orlock20 11 tuntia sitten
The Democrats have their own cult that praised the Clintons and Obamas. Now it is putting its faith in Biden who is bringing back the swamp that got Trump elected in the first place.
mcknigb 12 tuntia sitten
As a Scot brought up on all the American shows and movies I could watch, believing that all was great in America, Justice would always prevail, the guys in the White hats always won. Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger & Tonto, Rowan& Martin, Dean Martin, Bill Hicks, Steve Wright, Bill Maher, Richard Pryor, Bob Newhart, Jonathan Winters, Red Buttons, Mort Saul, Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory et al displaying most of the aspects of life in America that I thought were great. Admittedly my visits to Disneyland have encouraged my cynicism to kick in as I felt it was too much concrete and fibreglass pretending to be substance + fantasy, as a process of churning industrial imagination into hard profits with no real regard for the customer/ dreamer/ follower. However lately I have become saddened by the behaviour displayed by almost 50% of the American people in that they could be taken in so conclusively by a 'Big Buffoon' like Trump. Everything about him oozes sleaze and his speeches just express his narcissism. I can see his election as being a 'protest vote' but to persist with supporting him beyond the 1st year really requires some explaining and a great deal of self- analysis. I cannot really blame Trump because he did what any fantasist & father would do. He saw an opportunity to promote himself, and his family, to a level of prominence only previously dreamed of. He had the ruthless acumen to circumvent all the legitimate obstructions to his success, the lack of morals or ethics to allow him to say anything which encouraged support from the gullible 'hoi polloi' and like-minded republican operators. He did not do it alone though. He must have been seen as a Saviours of the Republican Party for the likes of the Party controllers, like Mc Connell, to endorse, protect and guide Trump's election and eventual administration, at all costs to the American people and their country. It is an absolute shame how these people have committed themselves to this Salesman, and I have some sympathy with how they are feeling, but I really feel like they need a really good shake up and the chance to admit they screwed up so everyone can move on. Hopefully better times ahead, they certainly should not get any worse if the Democratic Party get the support they need to get America back on track. Trump must be a product of his father's example as I have never met a Scottish Mother, of his mother's generation, that would not have had him 'sorted out' long before this! The Republican Party followers, sorry, Trump followers, remind me of people who answered the phone to scammers promising great things and ended up losing all their pensions and savings. The only difference is the scammers, i.e. Trump and his scam team, can be identified this time.
Davey Houston
Davey Houston 13 tuntia sitten
I believe the catholic religion is a cult and I am a Christian lol
Zero Vivid
Zero Vivid 13 tuntia sitten
Love you Maher!!!!
Karl Klein
Karl Klein 13 tuntia sitten
So where do you get your facts from ? I like to check it out maybe it will change my mind. I live in Detroit and we always rig elections here. Why are Detroit ballads going over seas to be counted ? Or rigged I should say everyday more evidence against dems. Are you in Cali. Still ways of generating 30x. Not sure what you mean buy that. Do you work and pay taxes? And no I don’t trade stocks they didn’t teach me that in high school. Anybody that votes for a racist liar and woman groper that doesn’t now what state he’s campaigning in and falls asleep at hearings in is an uninformed voter sorry but facts hurt and I don’t care bout your feelings as bad as that may seem. Don’t forget to send the news outlets you get your information from thank you.
William Devito
William Devito 13 tuntia sitten
yea, the problem is the democrats that denied trump was ever realy president,set this up. now its the disgruntled republicans turn to cry about it for the next 4 years
Karl Klein
Karl Klein 14 tuntia sitten
Thank you for your service. If you follow Trump and his policy you’ll see he is trying to bring all the troops home. The news is crying now because he wants out of Afghanistan. Say we are in country s you can’t pronounce or even herd of. Waste of money and troops. So he’s doing this as we speak but fake news want tell you. You have to do your own research. I know it takes time and effort but if you can surf the net and play video games for hours researching presidential candidates isn’t to hard but most of Americans are lazy specially when it comes to elections they would rather turn on cnn while laying in bed.
Nichalos Scaglione
Nichalos Scaglione 14 tuntia sitten
Always good.
Thunderwalker87 Help Me To Gensoyko
Thunderwalker87 Help Me To Gensoyko 14 tuntia sitten
So Bill, the man who insults everyone, especially progressives, is saying be nice to conservatives. Interesting isn't it? That Bill practices such a hate progressives but love conservatives - mentality? That he blamed Bernie Sanders voters repeatedly for so many different things... but he stands back and says we can't blame Trump supporters, not just voters but supporters, for Trumpism. I see... I see... Hmm... I guess Bill after WWII would of been like "We can't blame the nazis, love the nazis, understand the trauma of losing the war must be like for them. But remember those communists, I think we need to have them all investigated and their lives ruined because I dislike them. But the nazis, be nice to them. Its the only way to help them." Bill you are the biggest hypocrite on television and that counts even Trump.
numarkTT2 14 tuntia sitten
This isn't funny, it's disheartening.
JCmtw Biz
JCmtw Biz 14 tuntia sitten
Don’t forget about Y2K
Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson 15 tuntia sitten
I'm not convinced that Joe Biden's the right man. They want to abandon the Progressive's and return back to normal. Well, Covid-19/ Trump-Flu wasn't the only issue we dealt with in 2020, there was also an issue of police brutality that's seem to be swept under the rug. Biden can easily be a one (1) term President as well if he doesn't address certain issue. Like my Hispanic cousins, don't take my vote for granted, just because you put a few people of color in your cabinet on your camping trip doesn't mean I'm all aboard.
joe zulfaQar ghazali
joe zulfaQar ghazali 16 tuntia sitten
🕸️ god in us all 🕷️ your jesus put life in deadman no problem he put life in his ownself for all two thousand twenty year til sun no mor rise 😈 your david defeat hyperlostman goliath 😈😈 your moses lead his people away from hyperlostcopticman 😈😈😈 god in us all keep your wiseman president trump lead all america for whol world free from hyperlostchinaman 😈😈😈 happy thanksgiving all right mind america whol freeworld 😈😈😈
Luis Tejeda
Luis Tejeda 17 tuntia sitten
All politicians are the same. Obama had his share of people who look at him as a superhero, and he liked it.
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard 17 tuntia sitten
Blind Loyalty is the Enemy of Truth and Reality.
darktemplar05 18 tuntia sitten
I was raised SDA. That church is a fucking cult. Just like Trump supporting. Bills right 100%
Roberr Platt
Roberr Platt 18 tuntia sitten
A really good lecture series is "Extreme Christianity" at Gresham College in the UK. It discusses religion under Apartheid, Nazi Germany, as well as other millenarian sects. The lecture series is by a professor at Durham University. Link below:
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 18 tuntia sitten
Dont worry Trump supporters. Rudy and Cousin Vinny are on the case.
SelfGoverning Loving Soul
SelfGoverning Loving Soul 19 tuntia sitten
Bill Maher is not an atheist. He's a member of the world's biggest most deadliest religion: statism
California Dreaming
California Dreaming 21 tunti sitten
I voted for Trump in 2020 but I predicted he would lose. It was obvious. COVID took him down in more ways than one. It gave Democratic governors an excuse to keep people home and make sure they would be angry and then vote. If my theory is right it was the most expensive election in history because the US increased its debt at least 3.5 trillion this last year alone, with a total of about 7 trillion plus over Trump’s first-and-last term. So enjoy having Biden but the dollars wasted will never be worth it.
Pikkabuu 21 tunti sitten
So where are all the Tea Partiers crying about the debt?! Or is debt only a problem when a Democrat is the president?
kat undmaus
kat undmaus 21 tunti sitten
biden said "I'm so good with numbers". Here's evidence:
Pikkabuu 21 tunti sitten
You do understand that you aren't going to win in a contest of providing embarrassing clips because Trump basically never thought what he said and just spat out anything his mind came up with?
taggartlawfirm 22 tuntia sitten
Ahhhh and so it begins
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 18 tuntia sitten
Sorry know so little what the Bible really teaches..!!
Timothy Spradlin
Timothy Spradlin 22 tuntia sitten
What are the Joe Biden Policies that people agree with? What are the Donald Trump policies people disagree with?
Don Transue
Don Transue 22 tuntia sitten
Making fun of the working class is also paying big for the democratic party.
Don Transue
Don Transue 22 tuntia sitten
Making fun of people of faith is paying big rewards for the democratic party.
Forgiven Of God
Forgiven Of God 22 tuntia sitten
“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1:15 🥀 there's still time.
Chainermike 23 tuntia sitten
Odd, I thought the point he was making was the climate change/global warming/global cooling group that keeps getting it wrong.
Men And Women Are From Earth
Men And Women Are From Earth 23 tuntia sitten
This is the problem with Elites - you keep labelling people as evil if they think differently than you. Were Democrats "lost" when Trump won? Didn't Democrats laud Obama, Biden? Look in the mirror, we are more alike than you'd like to believe. A few cleverly cut clips to make out of context parallels is cute but just plain myopic. Cult? No, Bill, passionate voters for the other guy... just like passionate voters for Obama and now Biden. That's all.
immortal scurds
immortal scurds 23 tuntia sitten
they r coming for the guns. and they arent going to b given. enjoy.
Wanda Day
Wanda Day 23 tuntia sitten
I really don't appreciate jokes that use the Lord's name in vain - that try to get a cheap laugh. Why don't you talk about your mama instead. I'm sure she'd make for a good "belly buster"!
Presence Päivä sitten
Practice what you preach, Bill. Very few have trashed so many for so long.
Darnell King
Darnell King Päivä sitten
The Left: Woman can be men by saying so and men can become women the same way. Marxism didn't kill 100 million people not long ago, lets try it again. Yeah, thats a cult.
Chadrick Edwards
Chadrick Edwards Päivä sitten
1. America(under Trump) attacks North Korea's military parade. 2. Rome nukes New York City and it gets blamed on Russia and China. America declares war on Russia and China. 3. Russia and China nukes all of America's airbases(there's about one in every city) and sinks half their naval fleet. 4. Iran pushes west. 5. Rome nukes London and Paris. 6. Iran pushes north and south. 7. Rome nukes Moscow and Beijing. 8. Iran pushes at Rome. 9. Rome nukes Iran. 10. Israel pushes at Rome and prevails. 11. Pope Francis gets sympathy from the nations of the north and causes them to surround and destroy Jerusalem. 12. God destroys all the statues in Rome. 13. The nations of the north surround and destroy Rome while at the same time God destroy's Rome with fire and brimstone from heaven; and Pope Francis falls with it. 14. The last king rises to power and issues the mark of the beast. 15. God destroys all grass(herbs and vegetables) and fruit bearing trees, cows and chickens quickly become extinct. So there's no food except for fish and swine. 16. A third of the sea turns to blood. 17. A third of the fountains of fresh water go bitter. 18. A third of the day is shortened. (24 hours to 16 hours) 19. All the oceans turns to blood. 20. All the rivers and lakes turn to blood. 21. The sun gets extremely hot(7 times normal). 22. The sun goes out, and the moon turns to blood. 23. Saints get executed. 24. The great earthquake. 25. Remnant gets executed. 26. The rest of the people left(which are those who has taken the mark of the beast) gather for Armageddon. 27. Christ resurrects his people and returns to Armageddon to destroy whoever's left. ///-----------------------------------------------------------------
MaineCoon Päivä sitten
Now time for Phase 2: Prosecute the Trump crime syndicate.
Another Person
Another Person Päivä sitten
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez Päivä sitten
Sorry know so little what the Bible really teaches..!!
Yvonne Leach
Yvonne Leach Päivä sitten
They have no idea that we call them stupid. They live inside the cult and are sheltered from reality.
alex p
alex p Päivä sitten
Hey Bill love you man. I’m proud to be an atheist cause of you.
John Keith
John Keith Päivä sitten
That’s right show biz goes on during a covid out break. Let’s see how many people get sick in the audience.
Pete Sciortino
Pete Sciortino Päivä sitten
Lizard people are people too.
X Æ A-13
X Æ A-13 Päivä sitten
Why do you need a vacation?
Philip Butler
Philip Butler Päivä sitten
Well we know how many Trump supporters watched this.
Gary Schmidt
Gary Schmidt Päivä sitten
Spend twenty minutes mocking then say don't gloat. You are a putz
cena sucks 316
cena sucks 316 Päivä sitten
Awesome! Bill loved it, well said.👏👍👍❤️😅
penelope hilsdon
penelope hilsdon Päivä sitten
And then there are people like me who voted for Trump not because I like him, but express my deep contempt for media manipulation. I am a life long democrat. Come on Bill, you know exactly what I mean.
James H.Long
James H.Long Päivä sitten
Truth is....they are stupid.
BiccusD Päivä sitten
You're the great disappointment Bill.
santiago vasquez
santiago vasquez Päivä sitten
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Päivä sitten
Bill, what will you do when Trump isn't around?
corryjookit Päivä sitten
Come on Bill, give us all a piece of your warm wit. Go on, you know what I ask. You must be itching to have Trump's crazy popped.
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Päivä sitten
be just that. 🤦‍♂️ I will just continue to be as kind and caring to anyone. That was a hell of Semper FI. 😂
Larry Kuker
Larry Kuker Päivä sitten
The greatest disappointment in my lifetime is the theft of my democracy by dominion and Hollywood. Years ago, hollywood was accused of Communism. Congratulations 🎊 you made it. No replies please. Not a Trump fan, just a democracy fan. GFY
Kundan Chhabra
Kundan Chhabra Päivä sitten
But who did they use to be? What kind of people would fall for this level of delusion? Are they victims or perpetrators themselves?
RaisedByCats Päivä sitten
The past four years would have been much tougher without Bill's show.
es is
es is 7 tuntia sitten
I suspect the "cult" would rather lay down with the cup of Kool-Aid than listen to reason or change their mind. Too far gone.
sandpiperr Päivä sitten
So let me see if I have this right...the guy who's made smug condescencion his entire brand is suggesting that we reach out and meet Trump supporters with love? You first Bill. You first.
Karen Bole
Karen Bole Päivä sitten
Wish someone would discuss the OPEN AIR treaty
Sparkie Lyle
Sparkie Lyle Päivä sitten
Once again; Rite The F On Bill ! Right THE F ON . . .
Don Antoine
Don Antoine Päivä sitten
Damn bill only has 1.9 million subscribers.... 🤔
Don Antoine
Don Antoine 18 tuntia sitten
@Hank Goresich I used to be a big fan years ago before I became a progressive. He never changed he's still the same old out of touch bill Maher. He never invites progressives on his show, he's apart of the corrupt corporate machine. It hurt's me to say it....... But fuck em! 🚮
Hank Goresich
Hank Goresich 21 tunti sitten
It's hard to believe in a guy who doesn't really believe in himself. You can only get so far on condescension and smugness. Eventually we all want sincerity. Bill won't give you that
Ian Ayers
Ian Ayers Päivä sitten
So you're going to just act like the Democrats and the media aren't cultists? Open your fucking eyes, people.
Tutoring by Kate
Tutoring by Kate Päivä sitten
"We've all been here before"
Anna Peters
Anna Peters Päivä sitten
That's so true. You can never change their minds in what they believe, even if you show them evidence. They just brainwashed.
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