President Biden's Joyful Inauguration Day Felt Like A Return To Normalcy - LIVE MONOLOGUE

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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While the socially distanced crowd and the glaring absence of an outgoing president made for a most unusual Inauguration Day for Joe Biden, a sense of optimism prevailed as did the feeling that a return to 'normal' may be possible. #LateShowLIVE #Inauguration2021 #Monologue
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Dr. Stinger
Dr. Stinger 5 päivää sitten
To the Trump supporters. It’s a living nightmare
Gustave Laugh now Cry later
Gustave Laugh now Cry later 9 päivää sitten
I honestly haven’t seen a Trump video. With 100,000 likes
1moredaly 10 päivää sitten
Watching Hollywood pedophiles late at night it's got to be a liberal disease
Cecilia Plazolles
Cecilia Plazolles 10 päivää sitten
Biden who?
momcatwoo 10 päivää sitten
“The last one sold his soul to the Devil and didn’t even get Georgia out of the deal.” HARSH, TAI
Rhonda Jolliff
Rhonda Jolliff 11 päivää sitten
I can breath now thank you lord.
steven jackson
steven jackson 12 päivää sitten
The naughty hovercraft metrically improve because quart energetically fetch inside a fragile anteater. tense, tasteful link
Outside _85
Outside _85 12 päivää sitten
'Who touched the thermostat?!'
Greg Shuffield
Greg Shuffield 12 päivää sitten
ACQUITTED Get ready for 2024 As Biden wrecks the nation. No mail in votes Interesting to see what happens.
Bobby Sveen
Bobby Sveen 14 päivää sitten
A return to normalcy o I remember that swine flu stocktwits market crash 9/11 whole world on the brink of war aids epidemic oil shortages crack introduction normalcy god dosen't the future sound fun in the hands of politicians hands the last 4 years were the worst
Bobby Sveen
Bobby Sveen 14 päivää sitten
If you think a guy making 300k+ a year has the same interest as you at tax time and in daily life well you must be rich cause that's why Steven is happy someone that supports his kind of ppl won isn't that nice
Bobby Sveen
Bobby Sveen 14 päivää sitten
So we have 1 guy who helped the last 4 decades of politicians mess up the country and we vote him in congratulations you wonderful sheeple my hat is truly off to you
Louie Berg
Louie Berg 16 päivää sitten
I've been primed now, Whenever the Aviators are on, I pretty much start giggling in anticipation.
hardlines4 16 päivää sitten
And Joe Biden‘s first week in office thousands of people lost jobs, gas prices are going up, he’s only concern is with transgender‘s and letting illegals into this country! Way to go Joe I thought you would screw up within a month not weeks!!!
Pranav Ramaswamy
Pranav Ramaswamy 17 päivää sitten
Erik Svensson
Erik Svensson 17 päivää sitten
you will regret voting for a communist as your leader
Shan Zhi
Shan Zhi 19 päivää sitten
Nothing the flaming yam has EVER said made me proud to be a citizen of the US. He might not be perfect but he’s what we need right now.
minh tuan
minh tuan 20 päivää sitten
Name Last name
Name Last name 20 päivää sitten
11:49am eh buddy? 2 presidents doesn’t sound like it should be. Don’t feel too relieved yet
Liz Ramirez
Liz Ramirez 23 päivää sitten
The Chinese communist party knows how to pick and rig elections
Pamela Cain
Pamela Cain 23 päivää sitten
Plese dont call him old if you are happy just watch him and biden will at least try to fix it. The one thing ugly sick people will hang onto is people calling him old.forgoodness say nothing. If you are giad just be glad for at least awhile.i
licia1130smilez 24 päivää sitten
7:08 Eleanor Shellstrop and Jason Mendoza fighting for control of Colberts body
Linda Hollinger
Linda Hollinger 25 päivää sitten
It's great to have you back Stephen. Thanks for staying online and doing the show and keeping us entertained, informed and giving us a little bit of breathing room from the constant bombardment of number of cases, the last four years of craziness and conspiracy theories. Watching the Inauguration Jan 20/21 was like a breath of fresh air and not having he who shall not be named, there was even better. Time to let the adults get back to work. Hope does exist, people came together and now the nightmare is over. Good Luck to Biden to get things back in order. He is such an eloquent speaker, well educated and very thoughtful unlike the the other guy, who tries to look like he's those things, while knowing full well he's not even close. So once again Thank you for being here for us every night and telling us how it is.
Nathalie C
Nathalie C 26 päivää sitten
They decided to never again prononce Trump name in this show. I totally support this initiative. Trump won’t steal the attention from Biden administration. Democrat party is a circus too. You won’t run out if jokes on Biden futur administration. Read Obama last book, ‘ the promise land ‘ you will see that , the dems can’t even unify themself.
Nathalie C
Nathalie C 26 päivää sitten
Those sunglasses ! Biden knows his long good with it. And Steven is doing his charming smile very well.
Sivan Yalda
Sivan Yalda 26 päivää sitten
No it wasn't 🖕👎
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore 28 päivää sitten
Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few!!!
Nice Cat
Nice Cat 28 päivää sitten
Cat videos are more popular than this boring event. Cats videos get tens of millions views, not like this.
K M 28 päivää sitten
@11:13: her poem sounds great and inspirational for others at the inauguration day, then she signed a big multi-million dollar contract to be a supermodel with IMG model agency like gisele budgeon, gigi hadid?! Is that how a 22 years old Harvard graduate plans to help her country she loves as her expression in the poem about the US? It seems like Biden Inauguration helped her land on a big-money-bogus-career instead!!! still bogus culture out there!!!! Better NOT GET LOUD if you are NOT that true LOUD!!
MrWhymetoo 29 päivää sitten
We welcomeD a RACIST DICTATOR!!!!!!!!!
roger banta
roger banta 29 päivää sitten
Attack on oil has the truckers angry, just watch the country shut down when they bust a move. Joe is a job killer.
angelfox123456 9 päivää sitten
And you couldn't give two shits about it.
roger banta
roger banta 29 päivää sitten
200,000 jobs loss since December. I liked it better when we were adding jobs.
roger banta
roger banta 29 päivää sitten
Truck stop talk. Truckers are angry about attacks on oil by Biden and there is talk of striking if fuel hits 3.50. They are saying we wont be the only ones suffering, if they attack us we will let them deliver their goods themselves. Its not looking good folks. Doesnt look like they need Hoffa to stand united.
cliven1448 29 päivää sitten
Geez. This is painful to listen to. Please just stay out of politics and make your show entertaining again. Folks don't care about your own personal opinion. If its so important to you to rant, then become a politician.
Shannon Cabrio
Shannon Cabrio 29 päivää sitten
Jimmy Carter is still alive.
under the empty sky
under the empty sky 29 päivää sitten
This not really the biggest thing here, but I have to say Dr. Biden looked lovely in that teal outfit. Beautiful color on her.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 29 päivää sitten
The Biden impression was great.
Amin Yashed
Amin Yashed 29 päivää sitten
What was so bad about Trump?
billy murray
billy murray 26 päivää sitten
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas Uukausi sitten
Yeah good old Joe's doing nothing but looking out for us isn't he China's a developing Nation if China's a developing Nation why is there Navy bigger than ours China doesn't have to commit to the Paris climate act for 10 years my understanding is will lose 450,000 jobs this year to China because we get back into the Paris climate Act China will get those jobs and if you think in 10 years China's going to do what they want you to do in the Paris climate Act they're not
Liz Bethy
Liz Bethy Uukausi sitten
Seriously, 30,000 troops in Marxist style hiel Obiden lock step with Washington turned into a walking dead dystopian nightmare?
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 29 päivää sitten
Richie Levoi
Richie Levoi Uukausi sitten
Great video! This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one.
theonlypinky Uukausi sitten
a Canadian fan here Stephen.....we're as delighted as you are!
J A Uukausi sitten
Next dictator
Ram Jam
Ram Jam Uukausi sitten
You mean an empty shell of a process, with National guards, a few journalists and not even 100 of the alleged 80 million voters who voted for him. Wow, ok whatever you say.
Puffin Uukausi sitten
I got your gloat right here. Time to round up trumpers and bad cops.
Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer Uukausi sitten
Yes I'm so relieved that Joe Biden gets to fuck up the country like Obama did
Lisa Layton
Lisa Layton Uukausi sitten
I actually also got Covid a year ago, before we "knew", I was semi-comatose, double pneumonia, septic, A-fib, and needed heart surgery to correct it, but? I fought back, I lived, I VOTED! I voted I voted! We got RID of the cancer that had infected us, I made damn sure I lived to do MY part, I wasn't gonna be accused of VWD. (Voting When Dead) LOL!!!!
Cyndi R
Cyndi R Uukausi sitten
Look at that smile on Stephen’s face! He’s relieved.
Jenny Uukausi sitten
Haha and the cracks are already beginning to show!! 🤣🤣
Cla Tayag
Cla Tayag Uukausi sitten
The outstanding digger neurally own because passbook isely seal during a imperfect mother-in-law. mysterious, violent limit
mike allen
mike allen Uukausi sitten
Looks like end of free America. Sell to china and Russia. Top dollar.
H Uukausi sitten
joe biden is a illegitimate president IMPEACH joe biden " Rigged" presidential election 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 joe" Beijing" biden will never be my president America On The Brink Of Civil War 2.0 cnn = fake news
David Carter
David Carter Uukausi sitten
ZXL - Today's World
ZXL - Today's World Uukausi sitten
""“Minecraft" "asmr" "pewdiepie" "music" "fortnite" "markiplier" “FIpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "minecraft" "asmr" "pewdiepie" "music" "fortnite" "markiplier" “FIpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “FIpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series” “Minecraft" "asmr" "pewdiepie" "music" "fortnite" "markiplier" “FIpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "minecraft" "asmr" "pewdiepie" "music" "fortnite" "markiplier" “FIpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “FIpost is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series”
Marcos Fulling /CEO
Marcos Fulling /CEO Uukausi sitten
Lordgigglestein Uukausi sitten
"Enormous Relief" lol? Why am I more of an adult than the rest of these bozos?
Keeran Uukausi sitten
Well done Stephen!! We couldn't have gotten through it without you mate! - Melbourne, Australia.
Simona Vicenzi
Simona Vicenzi Uukausi sitten
Meghna Chatterji
Meghna Chatterji Uukausi sitten
Hannah Burris
Hannah Burris Uukausi sitten
The 'high coup' joke though
Josh B'Gosh
Josh B'Gosh Uukausi sitten
LOL "The Vermont is strong with this one."
Dopey Worker
Dopey Worker Uukausi sitten
Anyone that is woke knows what 2020 was all about, and lying to get rid of that goofball was still lying.(Revelations 21:8)
Dmm ice
Dmm ice Uukausi sitten
I love this guy. He is hilarious 😂
Clint Davis
Clint Davis Uukausi sitten
Joe was an idiot even when he was coherant
LA Arrow
LA Arrow Uukausi sitten
Steven "Grandpa" Colbert, referring to Pres. Biden as "old" and "pops" is a little like the pot calling the kettle black. Your "COVID utilitarian low-maintenance, sloppy wardrobe, long, unkempt, grey hair and your "beer belly" is definitely channeling Mr. Steve Bannon.
ralphferley Uukausi sitten
Why is no one talking about Biden's up coming impeachment ?
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Uukausi sitten
"Saucy Netflix dramas" Damn I watched Bridgertons last night and I'm still on
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez Uukausi sitten
Jack 😜
murderoustendencies Uukausi sitten
Gaga's belting is almost as forced as her attempts to be original. Glad I missed it. Oof.
ShyWolf Uukausi sitten
I wonder what this show's writing staff is going to do now that they can't just rip on Trump 95% of the time😂😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Uukausi sitten
Wake up.
Tranja Vanadbia
Tranja Vanadbia Uukausi sitten
There will be a STOP THE STEAL rally near the white house soon. Today is January 25 2021.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Uukausi sitten
his joyful inauguration was a return to normalcy? this is too much. this guy is just paid propaganda. the city of washington DC was locked down by the military and not a single citizen was allowed to witness the inauguration. how is that normal? how was that joyful?
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Uukausi sitten
Evie is so cute.
Nila T
Nila T Uukausi sitten
It was heartwarming to see them walk 💕
Jeff Werner
Jeff Werner Uukausi sitten
I'll catch the next jesus!!
John-Paul Michelangelo
John-Paul Michelangelo Uukausi sitten
Betty nailed it (10) Betty White Monologue: Facebook - Saturday Night Live - FIpost; FACEBOOK is a complete waste of time, PLUS THEY REQUIRE THAT ALL THEIR MEMBERS GIVE THEM A CELL PHONE #. In case you didn't know, if an identity-thief has just your 10 digit cell phone #, they can wipe out your entire bank account. Believe me I learned the hard way as my identity has been stolen 5 times in 2 years. I smarten up and I no longer have a cell phone, as I threw mine in the trash just yesterday 1/24/21. Facebook are legalized crooks. Wake up everybody, you're being HACKED, plus FB uses Chinese high-tech face-recognition to know all you and your friend’s medical records, blood type, you name it. Facebook has no right to own your DATA, and neither does GOOGLE who sells your data to advertisers, to crooks, and blackmails their advertisers to pay more money to be higher up on their GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Cancel FB and Google TODAY! Be FREE again. HINT: Parler does not own your DATA, that’s why FB, Google, and Twitter hate PARLER so much and want to shut it down. You can’t say I didn’t warn you!
Sascha Uukausi sitten
I wish I could “like” this video twice! Each day I awake to anticipation and a quiet excitement, even as an Australian! Now I hope for two more miracles: Australian leadership will change to become far more responsible with regards the environment and making the very most of the extraordinary opportunities in renewable energy industries; I wish for Chancellor Merkel to find a worry free retirement from the Bundesregierung, knowing that the new Chancellor is stable, reliable, socially inclusive and economically conservative, and diplomatic and assertive, too!
J A Uukausi sitten
Katrina Bryce
Katrina Bryce Uukausi sitten
No, unplug the past, and don't let it anywhere near an electric socket ever again. 🚮
Shane Kräuchi
Shane Kräuchi Uukausi sitten
Sing for me, Stephen! Sing! SING! SING FOR MEEE!
checks and balances
checks and balances Uukausi sitten
I can laugh again - Steve you funny
Robert Ainey
Robert Ainey Uukausi sitten
Evy's chuckles have kept many of us sane over the last four years. Thank you, my dear. And you too, Stephen.
Oof the golden fox
Oof the golden fox Uukausi sitten
Joe Biden’s inauguration felt like when you open your present on Christmas and it’s the same thing you’ve been wanting for the past 4 years
delta5297 Uukausi sitten
Correction: Joe Biden will be our 45th president. Donald Trump was not our president.
billy murray
billy murray 26 päivää sitten
@chding zuure I pissed myself harder than joe biden shots himself
chding zuure
chding zuure Uukausi sitten
I think your Lord and Savior, Joe Biden, just mobilized his Truirrashunovadepressure in Stephen's pants.
Sally Kortlang
Sally Kortlang Uukausi sitten
So seriously none of you care about the Hunter Biden laptop contents? What that says about Joe? About their family? Are you that blind!? Remove politics, look at corruption and breaking laws. Amazing to me. I’m Australian, we don’t all want Biden in office. Trust me. We want truth. Doesn’t mean trump, not the point, but it certainly doesn’t mean Biden. This family is as corrupt as they come. And people like Stephen Colbert profit of their power. Big boys club. Colberts best friend is John podesta. No honesty, all pay for play. Wake up.
chding zuure
chding zuure Uukausi sitten
* * * * *******
Sam Day
Sam Day Uukausi sitten
Congratulations from Australia! Thought I was going to dance like crazy when this moment came, but here in Oz, we too are relieved, steadying ourselves, takin deep breaths n stiff drinks and thanking those eight (8) [not 4 Stephen] long f#cked up years are over! Stay safe America!
HS22181 Uukausi sitten
Because the orange turd has been removed from the punch bowl doesn’t mean that the punch is now okay to drink.
Stephen Schuffert
Stephen Schuffert Uukausi sitten
And he’s only cut 70k jobs already for Americans who really needed them in the first three days. Brilliant job.
Vera Lenora
Vera Lenora Uukausi sitten
Why is no one commenting on how white Joe Biden is? Or am I the only one whose noticed?
s w
s w Uukausi sitten
Yes, SO relieved!
Alexandra Uukausi sitten
They need to EXPEL Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley as co-conspirators. It would be a gross CONFLICT OF INTEREST to have co-conspirators as JURORS in the Impeachment trial of DJT!
L G Uukausi sitten
Yes but can we PLEASE NOT just go Back To Brunch for the love of God & the suffering, marginalized & poor in this friggin country??!!!!!💔🇺🇸💔🇺🇸💔🇺🇸💔💔💔💔
kadie singh
kadie singh Uukausi sitten
i agree, we were all tensed. i am just an ordinary citizen, who is beginning to smile again.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Uukausi sitten
I can't wait until politics are boring again.
Chi_squared Uukausi sitten
I love that we went from the most disliked first lady to a doctor. Hope she's as successful as Michelle.
Hadeel Al-Zubaidi
Hadeel Al-Zubaidi Uukausi sitten
* * * * *********
Truirrashunovadepressure Uukausi sitten
I think your Lord and Savior, Joe Biden, just mobilized his Truirrashunovadepressure in Stephen's pants.
vibre123 Uukausi sitten
Yeah!! Normal swamp!!
Brenda Bell
Brenda Bell Uukausi sitten
I absolutely lo you and your wife!
Lisa Dixon
Lisa Dixon Uukausi sitten
Days later & I can't stop crying and praying thank you.
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