Psychoanalyst: Trump Is “Delusional Psychopath” Who Needs To Be Removed Immediately | The Last Word

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Dr. Lance Dodes joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Trump’s mental state as he’s banned from Twitter and why he will get worse once he leaves office and faces legal jeopardy: “The more desperate he becomes, the more delusional he is, the more he needs to prove to himself ultimately that he is still a god, so the less power he has, the more stress he’s under, the more dangerous he is.” Aired on 1/9/2021.
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Psychoanalyst: Trump Is “Delusional Psychopath” Who Needs To Be Removed Immediately | The Last Word

Bird Nest
Bird Nest 2 tuntia sitten
Did you do anything about this Gangsters Generals Bank Robbery rime Rings, or the Gangster FBI and Gangster Attorney Generals bank robbery crime rings?
cosmo vellucci
cosmo vellucci 2 päivää sitten
one win out of three not bad donny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roger Nguyen
Roger Nguyen 3 päivää sitten
Sore Loser Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shame on Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trump's the biggest Grifter and Cheater of USA...Tax... Assurance...Bank.... Hey Trump...Jail is ready to receive you..
Patricia Cosby
Patricia Cosby 3 päivää sitten
Loucas Ntounas
Loucas Ntounas 3 päivää sitten
I dont know his character but psycopath i see it from a very exagerated expression from my point of view. Hes not a serial killer for gods name olga
R Gerald Alexander
R Gerald Alexander 4 päivää sitten
tRump has always been a dangerous moron, and January 6th of 2020 is proof.
Vince L.
Vince L. 7 päivää sitten
It is impossible to diagnose someone without actually speaking with them 😂. This doc is such a quack.
Jean Luney
Jean Luney 9 päivää sitten
Only a delusional psychopath would INCITE a” deadly “riotous attack, against the White House and OUR Democratic process. You don’t have to be a psychoanalyst to figure this out!!!
Marjorie Bridge
Marjorie Bridge 9 päivää sitten
He's just filled with hate. He should quit his job, he's lost his perspective to be neutral. Political posturing.
Marjorie Bridge
Marjorie Bridge 9 päivää sitten
I'm talking here about the psychiatrist, not Trump. I like Trump.
Roddy Creswell
Roddy Creswell 11 päivää sitten
I stand by those who stand by the country. Joe biden does not stand by the country. Killing thousands of jobs on his first day in office just to make a political statement is not good for our country.
Kathryn rishar
Kathryn rishar 11 päivää sitten
When the strimless package gets ready and extra 200.00 will that be retroactive when approved or just start when passed
Diana Mincher
Diana Mincher 12 päivää sitten
Certify that lousy thug Trump and his silly senators.
David Smith
David Smith 14 päivää sitten
To those who believe God put this demon in the whitehouse, you are worshipping a false God.
hotspur666 14 päivää sitten
YOU! ===Maoist communist propaganda from a bunch of Democrat neo-nazi Ku Klux Klan leftist sewer rats!
Dekker1966 Davis
Dekker1966 Davis 16 päivää sitten
Can't wait to see him in a straight jacket...from Canada
Danny Bolman
Danny Bolman 16 päivää sitten
It's Feb. 9 now and he was exactly right.
DUMP TRUMP 16 päivää sitten
Trump lost his marbles long ago in the gutters of New York City. He's brainless and a wife cheater.
Chris Spellman
Chris Spellman 18 päivää sitten
I'd say half the people who follow Trump on twitter do so just to laugh at the incompetent fool😂🤣
DENISE BELL 18 päivää sitten
The Lock Up Part I Can Hardly Wait 😊
Karen NO
Karen NO 19 päivää sitten
Large public awareness/campaign re: Mental Health needs to be launched. Many US voters clearly need help too.
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 19 päivää sitten
Picture of him in front of the crowd with his arm outstretched shows how delusional he is .
Harry Topia
Harry Topia 19 päivää sitten
Haha the stable genius is unstable bahahaha
Jane Collins
Jane Collins 19 päivää sitten
It was 74 million followers not 88 million, if he hears that he will say "see I told you I had more votes than Biden"
Kash Hoeksma
Kash Hoeksma 19 päivää sitten
He is a malignant narcissist compounded with nuances of other personality traits !!! Delusional is one of the many dangerous symptoms of his PD disorder!!Gets worse in old age Cos it's evedintent in all what he says n does !! Absolute Crazy making BS!!!
The Estimator
The Estimator 20 päivää sitten
Dr.Lance, you are one righteous HEAVY dude , TOTAL RESPECT
victoria Law
victoria Law 20 päivää sitten
I diagnosed Trump as a narcissistic, megalomaniacal psychopath, 4 years ago. What does that make Boris Cockwomble because he has been Trump's lapdog for the whole 4 year?. Even worse, what does that say about the people who voted for them, especially as the same people tend to malign other nations in the world? Quite frankly, it appears that Putin has a higher IQ than all of them put together!
Capt Larry -
Capt Larry - 20 päivää sitten
I know a woman who baby sat trump when he was about 7. He caught a small animal, tortured it and finally killed it. She could not get him to stop, and he could not understand why torturing the creature was wrong.
Damian Paunte
Damian Paunte 21 päivä sitten
I have o lot of hope in the future we are not tolerating people like Trump and I know there’s a big demand for people to express there hate , racism and white supremacy but it’s now less people than before.
Gotta Pee BRB
Gotta Pee BRB 22 päivää sitten
I have 2 PROMINENT psychotherapists in my family. Both are complete basket cases in their private lives who would never have a single client if people knew them
Diane Little
Diane Little 23 päivää sitten
That's right . He is a cult leader. He dosent care about them now
Twliteman 23 päivää sitten
I keep hearing this but the republicans won’t do anything about him they seem to think he will scr all of you
Jean Nieves
Jean Nieves 24 päivää sitten
He’s been enabled anyone Could see detrimental
Jean Nieves
Jean Nieves 24 päivää sitten
He’s definitely sick minded
piss off
piss off 26 päivää sitten
Does both guys always wear ties when they lie to people?
piss off
piss off 26 päivää sitten
Did he asked Trump supporters if they wordship Trump?
piss off
piss off 26 päivää sitten
this channel has fake vote count, and manipulating facts....
Hans Huisman
Hans Huisman 27 päivää sitten
Grab the Drumpf and and all his cronies and lock them up NOW, there is a fair chance that they will escape to one or another sh***thole country that will welcome them.
Linda Rolf
Linda Rolf 27 päivää sitten
Trump really does need to be impeached a second time so there is no chance for him to run for public office again. The Republicans have enabled him for four years and now they are leaving him a way to take over our country again. Trump and most of the GOP are immoral so don't expect them to do the right thing. Impeach the man who sent armed thugs to ransack and loot the Capital and commit acts of treason and senseless violence. Seditious acts must have consequences, otherwise we will descend further and further into lawlessness and anarchy. We need to restore the rule of law, not leave it to chance.
Keep the Faith Always
Keep the Faith Always 27 päivää sitten
Fraudulant man and paid off? True psychopaths blameshift for their own behavior as we have seen in the impeachment?
Claude 27 päivää sitten
Maybe De Niro would be interested in producing a 2020 version of Cuckoos Nest. With the lead man being......DJT!
Daniel Lang
Daniel Lang 28 päivää sitten
"Trump asks can i keep the launch codes???"......
laurel sneed
laurel sneed 29 päivää sitten
It is "deeply disturbing" that so many citizens in our country still believe in Donald Trump! I was scared up until NOON on January 20th that he would do something even worse than incite an insurrection . If he is NOT CONVICTED and stopped from ever serving in any public office again, he will continue to wreak havoc on our Democracy and on the Free world.
Bidenloser Kamalakneepads
Bidenloser Kamalakneepads 29 päivää sitten
Fact the under reported nursing home deaths in NY by Cuomo?????? 50% more deaths than reported
Quirini Copie
Quirini Copie 29 päivää sitten
The best thing Trump did was raise awareness about psychopathy and narcissism. If only the people he duped would take the time to research that as much as they research conspiracies.
Thor2021 Ishere
Thor2021 Ishere Uukausi sitten
So the SOB is a lunatic? Who da thunk it? lol
Reanetse Moleleki
Reanetse Moleleki Uukausi sitten
So they're working out his defence for him, now?
Henk Smit
Henk Smit Uukausi sitten
In America, the president has too much power. It's the power of the ancient Romans ... thumbs up or thumbs down. Just then you can get that 1 person can start a war etc etc.
delritmo la clave
delritmo la clave Uukausi sitten
delritmo la clave
delritmo la clave Uukausi sitten
Wrong diagnostic.
delritmo la clave
delritmo la clave Uukausi sitten
Psychopathic no..... mitomaniac' Sociopathe...
orelskivis Uukausi sitten
40 196 comments and likes from a MSNBC co workers and those working for the Democrats !!!!
Raquel MASCARA Uukausi sitten
He only had 33m on Twitter after Washington dc riot.
Cathie Braun
Cathie Braun Uukausi sitten
🔶I spent five years of my life researching and studying Trump. I agree that Trump is a narcissist and sociopath. Which is bad enough! But Trump is also a criminal. A few of us read the Mueller report! Barr hid Trumps crimes! There were 19 cases of obstruction of justice alone! Trump had 290 Tax lawsuits against him for not paying taxes. The criminal list goes on and on! Just GOOGLE anything Trump! Trump will be brought up on charges for a myriad of things now! He is TERRIFIED that he will go to JAIL! So terrified that beyond the delusion of winning the election, he fears jail!
Lan Hughes
Lan Hughes Uukausi sitten
47% people in this country. drink the same koolaid evils Cults thinking evils are good worship golden Cow Trump. Trump is they God .4 years nightmare disgrace .with illegal character disorder psychopath sociopath nassisisic Illiterasie unfits faked so called president. Putin's clapping hands drinking vodkas laughter pulling Trump puppets running USA and count victory for them. Jan 6 is the last pulled from Putin's on Trump puppets .Trump sold his soul and the country to the Devil plain sight. Need prosecutor indictment Trump Treason him and all his cronies Republicans leaders crooks corrupts monies Laundered coverup organized criminals gangs mafia's against the country and the terrorists invaded the capital. Prisoners all of these cronies make them paying for all the damages of the capital and the life of people who died and hurts....need cleaning the swamp STINGERS trashs swamp from Trump Republicans with Trump Cults.
MJ Uukausi sitten
I love Trump and his low IQ supporters as they give me the biggest laughs and comedic moments.
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays Uukausi sitten
Why did Nearman let the protestors in the side door and then walk around to use his security key to get back in? video here. amazon stay safe car hop trays.
Johnr1997 Uukausi sitten
Hey EVERBODY in AMERICA + THE World !!! This gentleman is 100 Trillion % right!!!!! It's been over 72 hours since he was force to leave by us the people who vote against him + hate his FRICKIN GUTS!!!! He's still the BIGGEST THREAT to all LIFE on this Planet!!!!! PRESIDENT BIDEN??? ARREST KING ADOLF HITLER TRUMP RIGHT NOW!!!!!
Eugènie La Borgia
Eugènie La Borgia Uukausi sitten
'Doctor' Dodes should know far better than to give what must only be considered as a superficial opinion in the absence of a one-to-one examination. We, as citizens, must be able to rely on the credibility of any who claim a professionalism in any discipline to which the claimant claims. To opine while deviating from the very standards of any discipline is a dangerous precedent to establish. There is opposing opinions to that of 'doctor' Dodes and there are opinions which encompass both. Readers of any media proposals, which display a personal bias from those who claim a special discipline, may only reach the conclusion that personal bias exists because it is popularized, either by assent or dissent, and is financially profitable at the expense of the readership itself regardless of any political persuasion. Indeed, were one to psycho-analyse 'doctor' Dodes himself, one might reach an opinion that he is of a nervous disposition, given to bouts of depression and anger. That, however, would still not be credible as there would not be a one-to-one examination prevalent.
Jim Plattes
Jim Plattes Uukausi sitten
Trump is out of the White House.
Stan M
Stan M Uukausi sitten
glad hè is home thanks god
Kirwola Uukausi sitten
thank you mr trump for the covid vaccin. shame on m.s.m
Esther Kibui
Esther Kibui Uukausi sitten
Start with friends. Politics aside.
Judith Robinson
Judith Robinson Uukausi sitten
Trump should never be able to start a new party and should be rendered incapable before he does he impeach him now!!
Carlosinfinite Uukausi sitten
i wouldn't go as far as calling him a psychopath but he's definitely the narcissist type which holds many sociopathic traits
hyena12 Uukausi sitten
Public work is the same as any other work, why then an individual is not analyzed psychiatrically to discover possible mental problems, such as the devil had and they did not realize or did not want to realize, those who chose for him, if not They regret that this is what they were looking for to develop a current of hatred throughout the Nation, just as the kkk did and continues to do.
John Travolta
John Travolta Uukausi sitten
The people are as bad as him. You guys voted for him.
GeneralAlex4 Uukausi sitten
Another Propaganda piece by the wacko's !!!
Xk Xk
Xk Xk Uukausi sitten
Open Borders is delusional BIDEN is putting AMERICA at risk and Latinos plot to overcome our country 😳
Jeffrey Hinkel
Jeffrey Hinkel Uukausi sitten
Trump 2024 ! Yes
Darius Jackelson
Darius Jackelson Uukausi sitten
Democrats and their leftist lapdog media only stop screaming lies when they need to take another big breath.
Harry Goodbar
Harry Goodbar Uukausi sitten
What about biden??to tear. Down the wall and allow lmlgrants to take Ssi and welfare you have to be Insane,
KristiB Thats me
KristiB Thats me Uukausi sitten
Hope your soul was worth it.
JooyongC Uukausi sitten
When a country drain its education system down the toilet democracy becomes disaster.
Anna Hill
Anna Hill 12 päivää sitten
I agree. Public education is a disgrace. Students who can't do rudimentary basics are passed on to the next grade because schools are paid per head in the funding formula (according to my mother - a teacher who could get nothing done by school principals, who ignored problems with discipline, direction, academic standards, common decency, attendance, etc.). Curriculum no longer includes basics like proper English, civics, American history, gym, art, driver ed, cursive writing, foreign language, etc. - the basics). What students do all day I do not know.
John Smith
John Smith Uukausi sitten
His dr,s said he was fine ,i would be crazy too,if the demonrats ,treated me the way they treated Trump for 4 years ,when he was the best president i have ever seen & a better person then any demonrat ever lived,
Rooster AJ
Rooster AJ Uukausi sitten
You worry me. Trump was a delusional psychopath long before he became president. His own niece wrote a book about him.
Jimmy Plato
Jimmy Plato Uukausi sitten
This is very irresponsible reporting. If this Psychoanalyst does not really know President Trump, then why is he attempting to analyze him? Trump has shown the American people that he deeply loves this country and that he does positive actions to promote growth and security for this country. If election charts analysed by professional stats people indicate that votes were taken from you and computed to your opponent in mass amounts how would you feel???? How would you react????
Jimmy Plato
Jimmy Plato Uukausi sitten
@Rooster AJ Massive election fraud was illustrated in the contested state legislatures hearings under the penalty of perjury. And in Georgia 8,000 votes were "located" (mostly for Trump) that were not tabulated in one of the recounts. And the hand recounts were not lawful in Georgia because the ballets were not vetted by Republican workers because it was not allowed. And pro stats people have found that votes were switch from Trump to Biden in mass amounts. How would you feel if you knew that? Would you be upset over this just like the President was???? And I do not agree with you at all about you saying that Trump is a "delusional psychopath". Trump did more positive things for our country and for the world in his first term than any 1 term President has done in US history. That is not being a "delusional psychopath".
Rooster AJ
Rooster AJ Uukausi sitten
First, given enough data, an experienced psychiatrist can analyze a person and Trump gave plenty of data about himself. Second, none of the claims made by Trump about election fraud was ever proven: not in Pennsylvania, not in Arizona, and not in Georgia. In fact Georgia hand counted theirs and Biden actually gained votes. But no amount of truth and evidence will convince Trump, hence he is a delusional psychopath. The past 4 years showed that he was delusional from day 1 when he claimed that the crowd at his inauguration was much bigger than Obama's. He made false claims when there was no reason to make those false claims, hence he is a delusional psychopath. He denied Covid-19 pandemic when the entire world is suffering from it, hence he is a delusional psychopath.
roger berry
roger berry Uukausi sitten
Who is this clown that thinks he has the right to criticize President Trump? He is not worthy to lick the boots of a man of infinitely greater character and quality.
Gib Bogle
Gib Bogle Uukausi sitten
Great satire! Thanks.
SugarTomAppleRoger Uukausi sitten
Donald Trump reminds me so much of Ike, 1. Donald is a man of peace, like Ike. He stops wars and does not create new ones. A first. 2. Donald, like Ike remembered. Shoah is always front and center with both men. 3. Donald, like Ike attended military college, and is a brave soldier and commander. 4. Donald like Ike always prevents squabbles with his competitors, especially Russia (USSR). 5. Donald, like Ike, always plans carefully in order to save lives. 6. Donald like Ike cares for everybody, American or Alien. 7. Donald, like Ike is loyal to his friends. Donald never betrayed anyone. 8. Donald, like Ike is a Christian who follows in the footsteps of Jesus. 9. Donald is loved by the people. Remember "I like Ike". 10. Donald like Ike speaks the truth.
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith Uukausi sitten
Great President
stylomojo Uukausi sitten
Hello western people, this guy is greedy thats all supposed his daughter is prvilege to govern the free sheep but thers catch Racist will be more ungrateful and intolerant allowwed by whites in USA disregard Asian or Hawaiian contribution.
Akbar Safari
Akbar Safari Uukausi sitten
Reality is last 3 centuries White Christians civilization are ahead of all nations in the world and dictating their way of life to others....there were challenging between them as Con, and Libs.or religious and science last 50 years Cons had been under Libs influences which got helped from non-whites so those olds who were in their couches!?? cam out with their medias to turn clock back !? Trump is their tool can they!?
Donna Van der Lichte
Donna Van der Lichte Uukausi sitten
A psychopath who brought peace to the Middle East where his predecessor Obomba killed thousands of baby's, children and woman. A psychopath who unmasked China. A psychopath who brouhgt the Taliban and the Afghan government to the negotaion table A psychopath who took care that NK Kim stopped his nuclear tests A psychopath who did more for the black Americans that any of his predecessors A psychopath who made the USA a lot safer A psychopath who created 7 million jobs A psychopath who took care of far better trade-deals A psychopath who unmasked the leftist lying fake-news media like CNN and MSNBC A psychopath who isolated Iran A psychopath who past week received the Highest Award From Morocco because of his peace efforts, enabling Tel Aviv and Rabat to restore diplomatic relations and full contacts. His haters are iditos, simple minded brainless people that lack the intelligence or insight to see what Trump did for the USA and the world. You haters are the laughing stock of the world. Pathetic!!
Darius Jackelson
Darius Jackelson Uukausi sitten
Democrats and their leftist lapdog media only stop screaming lies when they need to take another big breath.
Ken slicker
Ken slicker Uukausi sitten
A liberal psychoanalyst...🙄
Jonathan Wallace
Jonathan Wallace Uukausi sitten
Mr trump didn't incite a riot he just wanted to demonstrate his disagreement by demonstration of the vote. He has done a lot for America I doubt mr Biden will do as well as mr trump.
Jonathan London
Jonathan London Uukausi sitten
We also dont worship trump some of us worship a god you refuse to even consider exists
Wait What? Ok!
Wait What? Ok! Uukausi sitten
ANGEL WINGS Uukausi sitten
My Socrates Note
My Socrates Note Uukausi sitten
Don't the Trumps just remind you of the Goa'uld? Psychopathic parasites on the planet earth.
Michael Ellard
Michael Ellard Uukausi sitten
Trump doesn’t care about his supporters. He just believes he’s correct.
Charles Fields
Charles Fields Uukausi sitten
He dehumanizes people... He doesn't view people as "people", he sees a thing that is either useful or not useful, the way most us view a hammer or door mat, not giving it much more thought than its intended utilitarian value...
tomloft2000 Uukausi sitten
i don't need a Doctor to convince of me that.
edward gibson
edward gibson Uukausi sitten
you just wait for what Biden has to offer, starting with the Paris climate, canceling Iran sanctions, open borders for illegals, and open fly into the US from a canceled Muslim country, do you need another 9/11? that's just a few of what he wants to do the first day as POTUS.
Dereck tbear64
Dereck tbear64 Uukausi sitten
GOP have known all along and protected,shielded him with lies and misinformation. They should all be held complicit in all his crimes and To go Jail asap.
Ted Barry
Ted Barry Uukausi sitten
It's a pity that you had not the balls to say that two years ago. All the yes men are now coming out ,well you are too bleeding late. Trump has destroyed not just the country but the people and the relationship of Americans with the are fuc**d.Good enough for you.
Erica Dias
Erica Dias Uukausi sitten
M.E. Russell
M.E. Russell Uukausi sitten
The supposed DR does not even know the definition of a psychopath nor even msn ...brainiacs🧠🍳
M.E. Russell
M.E. Russell Uukausi sitten
The Only psychopaths are you idiots that do not even know the definition of psychopath 😃
L C Uukausi sitten
Imagine dying over a reality show host.
Larry Murrell
Larry Murrell 29 päivää sitten
It's worth it if you enjoyed the show....
Doreen Gordon
Doreen Gordon Uukausi sitten
Native B.
Native B. Uukausi sitten
😂😂 the racists and Trump supporters deserve what they got and what’s coming to him for their evil actions
Daya A
Daya A Uukausi sitten
Trumps is PURE EVIL!!
Dianne Hill
Dianne Hill Uukausi sitten
Elephant Wanderer
Elephant Wanderer Uukausi sitten
He was unstable long before he got to the WH. It serves the Republicans right for allowing him to get to such a powerful position If they had checked him and his business dealings they would have known how dangerous he is. You will now have to pay the price for this maniac.
Zine Dine
Zine Dine Uukausi sitten
I know that the day he ran for office....And I am from Algeria....
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