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Issa Blanco: simplynailogical is a princess:simplynailogical edit
joZ: cristine and ben being a cute couple for 3 minutes
Sarah Denker: Simplynailogical speaking French (compilation)
PhotoshopSurgeon: Is Simply SIMPLY NAILOGICAL Perfect?
Scooter Cane: Beauty School Dropout-Simply Nailogical Version
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Eve 6 tuntia sitten
'hopefully maybe their parent...' my divorced parents who tried to murder each other and cant speak without physically fighting. ah yes he is a genius
Maya TL
Maya TL 9 tuntia sitten
PhotoshopSurgeon at first glance looks really bad, but I've watched the channel for so long and they're actually mocking the idea of "perfect beauty" by showing that no one is "perfect".
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers 14 tuntia sitten
photoshopped christine is hannah baker
Alicorn 20 tuntia sitten
i love that they say other people should be an example couple. but they are perfect they love each other, respect, communicated and just are healty together
Fizzah Mazhar
Fizzah Mazhar 23 tuntia sitten
BEYNN's radio voice is everything!
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth Päivä sitten
i desperately wish the happy holodays sweatshirts were available again :( i was a broke beetch when they were available but i'd be able to afford one now.
Azula Fire nation
Azula Fire nation Päivä sitten
Wait where is the watermark
Miriam Akhtar
Miriam Akhtar Päivä sitten
I'm in 7th grade and I go to a French school where the whole day all the classes r in french + French class, but we learn all the English stuff in English class wich is the only class in English
Ale leo
Ale leo 2 päivää sitten
hey Cristine are you going to buy $500 worth of nail polish??????
XxBrooklynVibezXx 2 päivää sitten
The first two killed me already
XxBrooklynVibezXx 2 päivää sitten
WHAT DO YOU THINK What Do You Think What do you think what do you think what do you think
Alaunt 3 päivää sitten
... this was only four months ago? I seriously thought this was posted two years ago.
Guien 3 päivää sitten
For the French video, have Christine give directions in French then have Ben translate super sarcastically and see how long Christine go without laughing
Avery Aubin
Avery Aubin 3 päivää sitten
I really want to watch that horror movie
Julia Davis
Julia Davis 5 päivää sitten
Idea for added funniness to the French tipped nails: speak French, but don't have the words you say have ANYTHING to do with the tutorial. Just be saying the most random shit, and caption it in English like you're talking normally about the tutorial. Idk
Bunny Lottie
Bunny Lottie 8 päivää sitten
My nail horror story ..... I was in my 1st year of high school and the boy who bullied me slammed the school white board on my nails that I grew out for 2 WHOLE FLIPPING YEARS !!!!!! They bled for an hour and took over a month to heal 😭
Adventures With Amelia
Adventures With Amelia 11 päivää sitten
Simply is simply beautiful the way she is!
Lilly Hartman
Lilly Hartman 12 päivää sitten
Cristine is the best!!!!!!!! idea; you should make another rap about Menchi.....
M A Y A L A V I E 12 päivää sitten
Do part 2
Syasya 13 päivää sitten
I think the photoshop surgeon is really interesting. Assuming the creator is just being cynical. All people are not perfect. But in my opinion, the photoshop shows how different people face changed. Kinda interesting
Ujas D
Ujas D 13 päivää sitten
Please see a video of simply nailogic parody
Lucy Hattersley
Lucy Hattersley 13 päivää sitten
You can see the first anniversary collection behind the other collection boxes. :)
A_ree_ta 15 päivää sitten
Hold on, making holo taco tiktoks.
Maryam Rashid
Maryam Rashid 17 päivää sitten
The fact that y'all don't put up cute couple ish content is exactly why you're the best couple
Iva Fisher
Iva Fisher 18 päivää sitten
FYI: as a mom of young (yet getting older) girls, you guys are an exemplar couple for two main reasons: 1. You show honest communication 2. You show commitment Thanks for helping us parents out!
Madelyn Medeiros
Madelyn Medeiros 20 päivää sitten
The photoshopped Christine looks like Phillipa Soo
Mallory Fallon
Mallory Fallon 20 päivää sitten
i think BEYYYYN should do nail art on Cristine while she gives him instructions in French
Mallory Fallon
Mallory Fallon 20 päivää sitten
i keep thinking the pocket on her sleeve is added on and not actually there!!!
Brusati Enterprises
Brusati Enterprises 21 päivä sitten
You should have done "mom what do you think" compilation feature me in a video I have watched you since the beginning and asked my friends to watch you
Brusati Enterprises
Brusati Enterprises 21 päivä sitten
Well, I mean 4 years ago
Rensche Comia
Rensche Comia 22 päivää sitten
The Sloth
The Sloth 23 päivää sitten
do the french nails in french with subtitles but put random humour in it and talk abt the most random stuff
bat c4t
bat c4t 23 päivää sitten
I think what makes you guys such a cute couple to the point where people have to point out their favorite clips of it is that you guys are supportive of each other and you make each other laugh and you feel like you could be yourselves around each other even if there's a camera recording you the entire time
Drew Rahall
Drew Rahall 24 päivää sitten
9:29 Ben can tell the future
Pawzilla 25 päivää sitten
I put my headphones near my mouse and they moved the mouse to the "close tab" button so my headphones must hate you or something
Anna Mackey
Anna Mackey 26 päivää sitten
Subtitles and teach Ben some and buy french tea if there is any !.......
Anna Mackey
Anna Mackey 26 päivää sitten
Teach Ben some french btw!
Marium Sajjad
Marium Sajjad 26 päivää sitten
When Ben said squish your face I couldn't stop laughing 😂
Ayana Nicolaaa
Ayana Nicolaaa 27 päivää sitten
It’s 2:30am I’m eating boxed Mac and cheese and literally crying real tears. The horror one was so hilarious 😂
Legacy of Lore
Legacy of Lore 27 päivää sitten
Watching this right after the "What's Wrong with my Face" video... Cristine's eyes!
Jess Holden
Jess Holden 28 päivää sitten
in the "is simplynailogical perfect?" In the end she kinda looks like sssniperwolf.
Caroline Gutgsell
Caroline Gutgsell 28 päivää sitten
I would watch the whole french French tip tutorial
Oana Costinela Constantinescu
Oana Costinela Constantinescu 28 päivää sitten
This is awesome, you both make my days. You guys and tiktok 😌😁
Hannah Vinitsky
Hannah Vinitsky 29 päivää sitten
The next video on my autoplay: The french tip nails in french
Tengiz Bekbolotov
Tengiz Bekbolotov 29 päivää sitten
The “smile your dead” would lowkey suit in a legit horror movies
Stephanie Solis
Stephanie Solis Uukausi sitten
Talk in French to Ben while doing his nails and see if he can guess what you’re saying.
Rajaa Alhajj
Rajaa Alhajj Uukausi sitten
You are so beautiful this channel fd you up
Gunamrit Arora
Gunamrit Arora Uukausi sitten
I have been binge watching Cristine's videos even though I've watched them all before, but I can't stop. BEEEYYYNNN HELPPP
Myles Uukausi sitten
The photoshop surgeon be making her look like Jesse from Jesse (idk her real name soooo)
Jessica Lichtenstein
Jessica Lichtenstein Uukausi sitten
i found something for menchi and zyler and i am sorry if i spelt their names wrong. Here is the link: Its a cute little lounger! Enjoy;)
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro Uukausi sitten
1:55 just a reminder for me to repeat zyler's meows of sorrow
Kaydence Jean
Kaydence Jean Uukausi sitten
So the French thing maybe just have like the most stereotypical French things like French bread, French fries, stripes and a red scarf, stuff like that but put those on your nails
Mana Ghurlish
Mana Ghurlish Uukausi sitten
Lmfaooooooooooo The first video was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
catherine essex
catherine essex Uukausi sitten
do they seriously think everyone’s parents are still together 🤯
catherine essex
catherine essex Uukausi sitten
where’s the “AnYwAyS” troom troom edit😭😭
Sierra Ledden
Sierra Ledden Uukausi sitten
I’m one of the people who’s parents actually love each other lol they aren’t perfect but I can see the love there and the commitment and dedication they have in their relationship
Suki Holmes
Suki Holmes Uukausi sitten
and make a video looking at our commets
Suki Holmes
Suki Holmes Uukausi sitten
I LOVE YOU CRISTINE!!! and yes im taking her a way from you ben
Elyse Uukausi sitten
The horror movie one is so good?! The timing on each clip? Holy shit
Gabrielle De Villiers
Gabrielle De Villiers Uukausi sitten
Have you ever tried painting Opi or Zilar's nails?
Elora Petrova
Elora Petrova Uukausi sitten
The are you perfect videos are a meme i believe
Raleigh Pacheco
Raleigh Pacheco Uukausi sitten
I am sad
Lila Torres
Lila Torres Uukausi sitten
I used to have some halo light up cat ears, I miss them ;-;
Allyssa Knack
Allyssa Knack Uukausi sitten
Kerith Uukausi sitten
11:08 why does she look like piper rockelle when she gets her full glam makeup done💀💀😂 love you sm Cristine and Ben!❤️
number one cool chick
number one cool chick Uukausi sitten
I don't care that they say they aren't a cute couple, they are.
Alyzza Evans
Alyzza Evans Uukausi sitten
do nails in french plsssssss
Ominous Narwal39
Ominous Narwal39 Uukausi sitten
Nah, it’s not just Cristine speaking French that’s attractive. It’s just Cristine that’s attractive. -A lesbian
Manik Jain
Manik Jain Uukausi sitten
Your nail polish are the best
Kayla Delsureto
Kayla Delsureto Uukausi sitten
ive been watching u for so long and i run out of videos so i rewatch and they never get olddddddddd
dexa Uukausi sitten
Ben and Cristine are good role models and "relationship goals" though, especially for those of us who haven't gotten to see many positive relationships or role models throughout our lives. They're showing their viewers that its good to be friends with your partner, its normal to disagree, and how to go about that in a healthy manner, and to listen and communicate. They both break down stereotypes (them both not wanting kids, Cristine enjoying working, Ben not being scared to wear nail polish or make up, Cristine wearing what makes her happy, etc.) I know its not their aim to be role models, but they are.
C Cat
C Cat Uukausi sitten
Cris: I'm thinking about making a video in french Me: you did? Cris: But it would get boring Me: lol what its hilarious
Larry ThePLumber
Larry ThePLumber Uukausi sitten
French idea- have Ben have it subtitles
Ceres Azalia
Ceres Azalia Uukausi sitten
Also, that's not the point of the photoshop surgeon. They're trying to show that no one is perfect. They use a template of what is "supposedly" the perfect structure for the female and male face based on "science". They then warp people's faces to the template to show people that no matter how beautiful you think someone is, no one is "perfect". Its not about holding anyone to a weird standard. It's about showing the unique attributes of each person IS that makes them pretty. Most people in the comments always prefer the "before".
Ceres Azalia
Ceres Azalia Uukausi sitten
I meaaan... I'm the exact same age as you guys, I've been married/in a relationship for 11 years, and I would say you guys are a healthy couple. Perfection isn't real, and how two people choose to express love is uniquely up to them, but you have all the core qualities in place. Communicative, supportive of each other, caring, secure and trusting, able to laugh with each other, able to rely upon each other. I dont anyone thinks you guys never have arguments or are 100% perfect, but you're definitely not a bad example of what love can be.
Camila Kali
Camila Kali Uukausi sitten
You guys are really cute, we can see in the little things how much you care and support eachother 😍 and how you guys have fun together that's cuuute 💜💜💜 wish u the best
bloodline_ butera
bloodline_ butera Uukausi sitten
Props to Ben for Still staying sane🤝👏
404 Error
404 Error Uukausi sitten
I'm. A little scare now the talking is more scary then the "Nail in the Coffin"
Giavana Macias
Giavana Macias Uukausi sitten
I can’t be the only one who noticed that this is the glee version.
Mia Chamani Beadsworth
Mia Chamani Beadsworth Uukausi sitten
Cristine: Who is an exemplar couple if not us ? Ben: Hopefully their parents Me watching living through my parents messy divorce 👍
Rara Uukausi sitten
Roxanne Mejia
Roxanne Mejia Uukausi sitten
It was the "Smile...your dead" for me 😂💀
Ursa Minor
Ursa Minor Uukausi sitten
Watch the impersonation of you, it’s well done and not done with malice.
Scarlett Hickey
Scarlett Hickey Uukausi sitten
I like her more without makeup
Ardra Rautenberg
Ardra Rautenberg Uukausi sitten
AnD BeYn
Tabatha Schreck
Tabatha Schreck Uukausi sitten
I really do love you guys! Im a new follower & I just love how u guys vibe together!
Kirstie Samnath
Kirstie Samnath Uukausi sitten
happy birthday simply nailogical
Kirstie Samnath
Kirstie Samnath Uukausi sitten
plaeeeeeeeee video simply mailogical
Tina W
Tina W Uukausi sitten
Nikki Tutorials did a video in Dutch. She started in English to explain about it then switched and put up sub titles. It worked really well and was fun to watch.
Anne Kester
Anne Kester Uukausi sitten
i say "yeah?" to my cats in a weird voice
megan bryant
megan bryant Uukausi sitten
is canada a real place
Roxanne Mejia
Roxanne Mejia Uukausi sitten
It was the "Nooo no one likes their parents as a couple" for me 😂
Ryllee Russell
Ryllee Russell Uukausi sitten
8:02 nah my parents r divorced 🙈💅🏻
Noa Maddie
Noa Maddie Uukausi sitten
People - Speaking a foreign language is sexy Me - *Aressively Speaks German*
Summer Hull
Summer Hull Uukausi sitten
4:40 my aunt can do that
Camila J
Camila J Uukausi sitten
What she did a whole video in french already right?
Keera Downton
Keera Downton Uukausi sitten
Im canadien and i speak french and english i got to french school (not online school) but me and my mom think her french pretty good
T x s h y
T x s h y 2 kuukautta sitten
If u were to do a video in french, u could put English subtitles so we know what ur saying
Allison L
Allison L 2 kuukautta sitten
She should speak in French while eating French fries and saying all the words that start with f. (And eat other things “related” to French like baguettes 🥖
Natalie Duffy
Natalie Duffy 2 kuukautta sitten
I love how she celebrates the anniversary of holo taco but not her relationship with Ben
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro 2 kuukautta sitten
I need a video compilation of Zyler yodeling/meowing
Risheek Gupta
Risheek Gupta 2 kuukautta sitten
The 1st anniversary collection box hiding behind the rainbow and holodays collection boxes😹😹😹
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