Reading Mean Comments With My Dad (unexpected reaction)

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Simply Nailogical

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When your Dad agrees with the mean comments
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•*Suspicious *•
•*Suspicious *• 8 tuntia sitten
*hEY TONY, WHAt arE yoU tAlKinG AboUt*
Fxchsiia Päivä sitten
I love his laugh! 😂
Karen Guu
Karen Guu Päivä sitten
SimplyDadlogical should be a thing. Did I say should? I meant MUST.
Piper Lego lover
Piper Lego lover Päivä sitten
You are amazing and so are your cats also hate to anyone who says any mean thing or does any mean thing to ANY animal
Lexa Marie
Lexa Marie 2 päivää sitten
Also this totally reminds of how my dad and I are 🤣
Lexa Marie
Lexa Marie 2 päivää sitten
Wtf if these people think you are so ugly and annoying and dumb etc. why in the actual FUCK are they even watching your videos?! They are just jealous and insecure, I love how you respond to these things though. So strong and brave and sorry not sorry but you are inspirational to plenty of people including this 30 year old over here!
muzic'd 3 päivää sitten
me when i meet a nerd: 11:29
Hannah Kotuwage
Hannah Kotuwage 3 päivää sitten
Nobody Litaraly nobody Not even James Charles Who would send a mean comment that's just mean Cristene's dad 2018 logic=1000000
Hannah Kotuwage
Hannah Kotuwage 3 päivää sitten
Sry if I spelt something wrong
Whitelady Pills
Whitelady Pills 4 päivää sitten
@elinorkhilifi make sure you watch the end
Victoria Murdock
Victoria Murdock 5 päivää sitten
Christine looks exactly like my 7th grade math teacher
Molly Will
Molly Will 6 päivää sitten
You are awesome Christian your pretty
rainbow alpaca
rainbow alpaca 6 päivää sitten
Punkin Pie
Punkin Pie 6 päivää sitten
Oh my god! I love your dad he’s so wholesome and nice! Please if you see this tell him he’s adorable!!
Nick Yao
Nick Yao 6 päivää sitten
Your dad sounds like Mario/Luigi. My dad doesn’t.
FaeryB0mb 6 päivää sitten
Man who cares if it sounds trashy. swearing gets the point across.
Frieda Boes
Frieda Boes 7 päivää sitten
Dont care about those mean people. You are beautiful and pretty cool. Dosent matter that youre 30 we still love you❤️❤️🌈🌈
Eb's Place
Eb's Place 9 päivää sitten
i love ur dad lol when can we get another vid w him
Grace Sansford
Grace Sansford 10 päivää sitten
She spelled foetus wrong..........
Tina Friesen
Tina Friesen 11 päivää sitten
And when at the end jen said something nice about cristine and her dad said awwww now shut up I died
Tina Friesen
Tina Friesen 11 päivää sitten
When he said ‘aww I think I’m going to puke I laughed so hard’
Tina Friesen
Tina Friesen 11 päivää sitten
Your dad is goals so funny
Aaron Munoz
Aaron Munoz 11 päivää sitten
I wonder if there’s hate comments on this video
Elena Anifanti
Elena Anifanti 12 päivää sitten
Is your dad greek
? 12 päivää sitten
ngl the comment about her hair is true
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 12 päivää sitten
He gets so much humor from her being called ugly lol 😆 Cristine is awesome 👏
Matt Laramie
Matt Laramie 13 päivää sitten
LMAO. "Tah-noo, kie-hat". You mean TANUKI HAT
Andirudi Hartono
Andirudi Hartono 15 päivää sitten
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ??????????? ???......... OMG
Tiffany Huang
Tiffany Huang 15 päivää sitten
Though who is Cristine’s mom?
Mmathulo Sejake
Mmathulo Sejake 15 päivää sitten
"At least 4"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vanessa Finney
Vanessa Finney 16 päivää sitten
wheres Cristines' mom?
Bookworm 2021
Bookworm 2021 16 päivää sitten
I love that her Dad is actually offended by the mean comments cause he loves her 💗
Cora Bishop
Cora Bishop 16 päivää sitten
Well you made it 6 years
Gabriel Ryu
Gabriel Ryu 17 päivää sitten
I couldn't stop laughing the entire video wth😂😂
Anagha Sujai
Anagha Sujai 17 päivää sitten
i love her dad
Professor Shibe
Professor Shibe 17 päivää sitten
Me: debating if I should write a hate comment to get read by simply nailogicals dad Also Me: Wait no I love Her, Menchi, and Holo way to much to say something mean
Ika Agus Setyarukmi
Ika Agus Setyarukmi 18 päivää sitten
Dear Simply...ur videos really save my mental health...
Weird things I do with my life
Weird things I do with my life 19 päivää sitten
I wish I had a good family like this
staci beschamend
staci beschamend 21 päivä sitten
Sometimes, you say mean things to/about others cuz IT'S FUCXING FUNNY -Love Dad
xminty_ moonx
xminty_ moonx 21 päivä sitten
those people saying that shes trying way too hard are the same people who say "the f in women stands for funny"
xminty_ moonx
xminty_ moonx 21 päivä sitten
those people saying that shes trying way too hard are the same people who say "the f in women stands for funny"
Planet Pluto
Planet Pluto 22 päivää sitten
Can you and your dad do a Troom Troom hack video? Lol
Aya Al-Qadhi
Aya Al-Qadhi 22 päivää sitten
All the dislikes are from the haters
mariam almozani
mariam almozani 24 päivää sitten
Omg ur dad is so funny
Natalie Ruelas
Natalie Ruelas 24 päivää sitten
I’m going to say the most controversial thing zyler is cuter than menchie life if u like menchie reply if zyler
Natalie Ruelas
Natalie Ruelas 24 päivää sitten
penguins 123
penguins 123 24 päivää sitten
I love the first maybe five seconds.
lupus et matrem
lupus et matrem 25 päivää sitten
I love your dad
Sam Uukausi sitten
Im sorry if this brings up bad memories but what about your mom? I see Jeyn and your dad frequently but not your mom.
Thorium Uukausi sitten
I love that Cristine didn't blurred the user names of these people like many other youtubers do. If you hate that bad you deserve the incoming shitstorm of her fans.
xBallerina Playz
xBallerina Playz Uukausi sitten
Hey i love you soo much your so freaken beautiful and you can say bad words if you want to because u are a adult.
Sabrine Abbassi
Sabrine Abbassi Uukausi sitten
you should paint ur dads nails you should paint ur dads nails you should paint ur dads nails
eva white
eva white Uukausi sitten
*daughter gets death threats* well at least they said please
Doosty Pie989
Doosty Pie989 Uukausi sitten
8:30 hahaha 😂
•Tea Queen•
•Tea Queen• Uukausi sitten
Cristine's dad: who would send a mean comment that's just mean! Me:well shit!
marthe137 Uukausi sitten
Don't ever change Cristine, we love you so much because you are the way you are, and you are hot with and without makeup! 😘
Reema Bandyopadhyay Das
Reema Bandyopadhyay Das Uukausi sitten
I love your dad....he reminds me of my own dad...
Allyssa Knack
Allyssa Knack Uukausi sitten
Why would they do that to Menchie
basicdarkFox1 Uukausi sitten
Her dad is a savage-
Chiyori Fukushima
Chiyori Fukushima Uukausi sitten
Chiyori Fukushima
Chiyori Fukushima Uukausi sitten
Mynenisreal shiyung
Mynenisreal shiyung Uukausi sitten
your dad is so funny🤣 and adorable I can see where you got your humor Simply👍 nail art videos or not we still love you 💕
Kxtîę Çhxvēż
Kxtîę Çhxvēż Uukausi sitten
Cristine’s dad reminds me of Ben ngl
Esmee Harmsen
Esmee Harmsen Uukausi sitten
hahaha your dad is super funny
Jaime Seiler
Jaime Seiler Uukausi sitten
All of the hate is people who are jelous of Cristine
Morgan Naviaux
Morgan Naviaux Uukausi sitten
I was *going* to leave a joking mean comment here but your dad destroyed you. None of us can compete. Show's over, y'all.
Cindy Kruger
Cindy Kruger Uukausi sitten
I love your attitude towards the mean comments. Your bigger than the people who obviously didn't realise they can change the channel if they don't like you. You're great!
Adelaide Molitz
Adelaide Molitz Uukausi sitten
Dadlogical has more of an 11 head instead of a fore head.
tl G
tl G Uukausi sitten
Jassi Jasbir
Jassi Jasbir Uukausi sitten
Dad reading comments:- bicht u are fucking dumb ... that,s ture Simply:- triggered 🔥🔥
luna The Storyteller
luna The Storyteller Uukausi sitten
Jeynn brings out my lesbian side so bad. I've had a crush on her from the first time I saw her. Like if you agree.
Steele Stár
Steele Stár Uukausi sitten
Me looking for hate comments 🤡
mackinzi elizabeth
mackinzi elizabeth Uukausi sitten
Internet troll: Mechie is a lil bitch Cristine and her dad: This has gone to far we must put a stop to this Jen: Stop being so over dramatic
-Gacha Lavender-
-Gacha Lavender- Uukausi sitten
Jen's eye roll when Ben said that there were a lot of positive comments recently lol that's wholesome and funny
Ain-drila Uukausi sitten
Can we mention how quiet and cuteeeee BENTLEY is????
SaiBoiAnimates Uukausi sitten
Yknow it's only 4 more years until 10 years of youtubing
Zoe Reid
Zoe Reid Uukausi sitten
I’m here at the middle of the night cracking up please bring your dad back 🤣
Lea Lapple
Lea Lapple Uukausi sitten
People if you dont like it dont watch itt
Alison Emmert
Alison Emmert Uukausi sitten
Man I wish I could be as tough as Cristine.
Annika Singh Raghuvanshi
Annika Singh Raghuvanshi Uukausi sitten
Don't listen to them your the best person after my mum.
Kenna Terry
Kenna Terry Uukausi sitten
i could listen to jen say “ya heard” on replay forever
•Julie .A•
•Julie .A• Uukausi sitten
Simplynailigical those comments are just people that are jealous of ur amazing talent of painting nails. And for the haters I want to say that words hurt y’all!!!!
imogen swordy
imogen swordy Uukausi sitten
who thinks her dad deserves more credit😅
Jhila Allyna Paltao
Jhila Allyna Paltao Uukausi sitten
her dad arm looks like Menchie tbh
Léa Blv
Léa Blv Uukausi sitten
her dad is dressed like a lesbian BEHTEHSW
Scarlett Hickey
Scarlett Hickey Uukausi sitten
This is sad stay strong
Stephanie Uukausi sitten
Who would say such a thing about Menchie?!?!
Stephanie Uukausi sitten
Why is her dad hilariously cute? Is this Canada's version of Grumpy Old Men? Because I like it
Esme Mondragon
Esme Mondragon Uukausi sitten
I love your dad can i adopt him as my second dad pls
A U T.
A U T. Uukausi sitten
Just a dad babysit 3 kids who wants to record a yt video
Michael Westen
Michael Westen Uukausi sitten
Her dad reminds me of a nicer George Carlin. "THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY TO YOUR DAUGHTER!!" *continues to laugh uncontrollably*
Katie Jones
Katie Jones Uukausi sitten
Your dad lol to funny
Midnight Gamer
Midnight Gamer Uukausi sitten
I don’t think that you are ugly you are so nice and pretty
ina dada
ina dada 2 kuukautta sitten
McLovin congratulations! You are the firts youtube comment that Cristine's dad has ever seen👏👏👏
Lucky Ventriloquist
Lucky Ventriloquist 2 kuukautta sitten
Does she realise how pretty she is?
CaffeinatedWeirdo 2 kuukautta sitten
*"Don't listen to someones critique of you if you wouldn't go to them for advice"*
NoName No
NoName No 2 kuukautta sitten
aww her dad loves her. he'll roast her but also defend her if some one else does that sh**
logan playz
logan playz 2 kuukautta sitten
why did everyone get like so many likes on their coments ?
Deniz T#
Deniz T# 2 kuukautta sitten
I wish I was a part of this family they're so beautiful
Chase Ferrell
Chase Ferrell 2 kuukautta sitten
I want more dad roast
Chase Ferrell
Chase Ferrell 2 kuukautta sitten
You are the prettiest girl I ever seen
Taya Girard
Taya Girard 2 kuukautta sitten
Her: Seniors Discount Dad:AMEN! Me:*dying of laughter* XDDDDDDDDDDDD
Nature Art
Nature Art 2 kuukautta sitten
Your father is such a funny person 😂😂
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