Renovating an Abandoned Racetrack Part 7 - The Freedom Factory Gets a $40,000 Stadium Speaker System

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Cleetus McFarland

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Mfanawemkosi Fakudze
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze 4 päivää sitten
You're doing it right Cleetus...just like Matt and Mere and Bunker Branding. Everything is first-class with you guys.
Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris 8 päivää sitten
Ya big TOOL you!!!! Lmao
Jason Stag
Jason Stag 9 päivää sitten
You get all four of them new speakers up that will sound amazing two of them sounds really good but for nobody will have a problem hearing you anywhere on that property
Shellshock Gaming and toys
Shellshock Gaming and toys 10 päivää sitten
future proofing good idea. also you'd probably gonna need the four when you have all those bald eagles and buff horses visiting for car shows
Corey Howard
Corey Howard 10 päivää sitten
I think Cleeter almost cried when he was listening to the anthem on his new system 🤘🏼🥺 🇺🇸
SenorYuk 10 päivää sitten
Danley is some top notch stuff. Tom Danley is a speaker designing legend.
Skull Man
Skull Man 12 päivää sitten
🇲🇽 Mexico has l.e.d.'s - lol
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 19 päivää sitten
Shout out to the sharkbait reference
Brady Gamble
Brady Gamble 20 päivää sitten
The factory needs a big big big flag in it one that doesn't need zoomed in on.
loping my mule
loping my mule 22 päivää sitten
Ty Ward
Ty Ward 24 päivää sitten
If you switch to LEDs you’ll have to change your frame rate of your videos or it’ll flash like you c7 brakelight
Bill Schubert
Bill Schubert 24 päivää sitten
Did you try offering free advertising for the l.e.d. company of your choosing at the track ?
Rod Hammack
Rod Hammack 25 päivää sitten
As you were talking about your shows and race events you mentioned doing a lot of running around backstage and in the pits. A possible cool element to add to your race events would be a few view screen for seating area and in down time between races to keep the audience engaged link it to a pit cam/backstage view. If possible tie it to a freedom factory phone app so they can see that view on their phones while waiting for the next race. This option would allow for qrl coupon codes for food, beverage, and merchandise to pump sales at track stands. Offer race day limited edition merch to make each event memorable and special. Available trackside or race day via online purchase. Once again engage the audience in the visceral experience ( touch, taste, feel).
themoos420 26 päivää sitten
the speaker why not on inch one of the poll
Mike Cole
Mike Cole 28 päivää sitten
If there that loud why not mount 1 at each corner of the track!
Kbwolf83 28 päivää sitten
Thanks buddy for saving this oval track. You my friend are a true motorhead thru and thru. Keep on keep'N on. Keep burn'N fuel and smoke'N tires!
Always Honest Reviews
Always Honest Reviews 28 päivää sitten
Love the merch but maybe change up the site alittle bit? Seems like it could be alittle more modern functionality wise
Always Honest Reviews
Always Honest Reviews 28 päivää sitten
I just found your channel from Demolitia yesterday. Im about to buy something to help you fund stuff. I know you want to give a mutual trade so maybe sell specific merch for specific goals? Give us afew different goals to support or not. Ill buy something right now to support you building a massive fuck off American flag. I'm gonna buy stuff and sub and watch you now just saying that would make it like patron where you can support specific goals but gives us that mutual trade you were talking about (which I love)
Oblivion2013 29 päivää sitten
for shure he bought a shure mic .. . ahhahaha
Scott Allison
Scott Allison Uukausi sitten
The neighbours at the drag strip will complain about the noise. haha
Rage Capton
Rage Capton Uukausi sitten
Rich boi
socaliguy81 Uukausi sitten
The best idea to save money with the lights is to restore the housings and replace the internals with an LED fixture. I could imagine it would be difficult to find someone to buy the old equipment, so this might be a good solution. I'd be happy to fly out and handle it for you. As well as any other AV/IT work you need.
Tracy McClung
Tracy McClung Uukausi sitten
Sounds great but you might want to hang on to the other 2 as background noise from the cars and when stadium is full you prob need them😀
Brandon Robertson
Brandon Robertson Uukausi sitten
Danley Sound Labs is the best! The clarity out of those is amazing.
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert Uukausi sitten
I normally hang up when the plugs start, but you do it for your fans!
Cameron Josey
Cameron Josey Uukausi sitten
I used to work at Danley Sound Labs! Those OS80s are absolutely amazing.
MLM Warriors
MLM Warriors Uukausi sitten
Get LED lighting. Get rid on poles inside. Call Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana.
VS B Uukausi sitten
You have to add a pole for the parrots to come back to. They are part of the track for sure now. How do they not have a bigger spot in this video!? They aren't bald eagles but they for sure know about freedom.
Zyworski Uukausi sitten
The LED lights can be overly white you might want to mix in some red or yellow light sources around to warm it up a little bit
Scott Waterhouse
Scott Waterhouse Uukausi sitten
Alan and Heath....awesome...... I used them in my band.
Sion Verhoef
Sion Verhoef Uukausi sitten
Note that LED’s can sometimes seem as flickering lights on a camera! Love your video’s!
Jayden Santos
Jayden Santos Uukausi sitten
yall gotta get some pyrotechnics goin
brandon coffman
brandon coffman Uukausi sitten
Check out Musco sports lighting
kevin kelley
kevin kelley Uukausi sitten
lmfao the freedom factory parrots!
TheSecretVault Uukausi sitten
Make sure you get NON FLICKER LED... otherwise will look awful on film.
Robert Beauchamp
Robert Beauchamp Uukausi sitten
You know the speakers are good when your 15 dollar headphones sound amazing for the national anthem
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan Uukausi sitten
Foook! Sound engineers Porn! Best money you’ve spent .... I take that back😊 Any moneys you’ve spent on the freedom factory is money well spent. When you hear that...You definitely get that warn fuzzy... and I’m an Irish born Australian. 😂😂😂🤜🏼🤛🏼🍀🍀🍀🇦🇺😎
Brand x fab
Brand x fab Uukausi sitten
I’m buy to support you guys wish I could go down there but i can’t 😟
Lapez Creeper
Lapez Creeper Uukausi sitten
the pc enthusiast in me when i hear leds is just screaming wate if RGB makes pcs more powerful is it the same for cars
David mcgraw
David mcgraw Uukausi sitten
MUSCO lighting. Used at all major NASCAR tracks.
The QuackBoss
The QuackBoss Uukausi sitten
I can’t wait until those American trucker hats go on sale those look freakin sick!!!!
Maj. Tom
Maj. Tom Uukausi sitten
14:30...damn man, 'ya made me jump up and face Flor'da.
Minnesota Gunner
Minnesota Gunner Uukausi sitten
If you ever need a grounds keeper that can be paid with letting me camp in the woods nearby and give me some mountain dew id be down.
That Zee Guy
That Zee Guy Uukausi sitten
VSauce- Michael here! Today we have the best outdoor speakers
Grey Beard
Grey Beard Uukausi sitten
Check the philips arena vision lights.
mrkeefor Uukausi sitten
Great sound system already
Orion Benko
Orion Benko Uukausi sitten
don't wanna say it but I'm gonna say it. James deserves at least a 35% of the Cleetus McFarland channel
GaryLordsWayMinistry Uukausi sitten
Sounds to me you need to hire an electrical engineer to set up the parameter's for today's modern code for public venues. Stop all the guess work and do it right.
No Expert
No Expert Uukausi sitten
Вот мужики дают👍👍👍
Noah Wells
Noah Wells Uukausi sitten
Got to say, think these freedom factory videos are my favorite! lol
Brandon Pierce
Brandon Pierce Uukausi sitten
Should buy Rocky Mountain race way slc utah , went out buisness has drag strip / figure 8 stadium back big pit
Tyler Uukausi sitten
Musco sports Lighting needs to get in as a sponsor/test site.
Nathen Santiago
Nathen Santiago Uukausi sitten
Let me know based out of Clearwater and can get some leds out there for a good price.
Caroline R
Caroline R Uukausi sitten
Michael Keller
Michael Keller Uukausi sitten
My jar of ashfalt came today, I had to sniff it. Smells like dirt
Oregon bigfoot
Oregon bigfoot Uukausi sitten
Derek St. Gelais
Derek St. Gelais Uukausi sitten
Please fly some scale jets over the Freedom 500!
Edwin Uukausi sitten
Im kinda new to the channel and im lost. So he purchased the track renovated it and forgot about it so now its “abandoned” or
Edwin Uukausi sitten
@bruh moment ahhh i see now. Thx for the explanation
bruh moment
bruh moment Uukausi sitten
"Abandoned" as in it was neglected for several years, he saw it for a good price and decided to buy it. After the purchase, he began plans to put a giant burnout pad (what is in the middle of the track). Now he is focusing on the circle track, concessions stands, lights, sound, bleachers etc to make it crowd ready.
Austin's Stuff
Austin's Stuff Uukausi sitten
20,000 bundles is a mill :-0
dhodg777 Uukausi sitten
good choice on Danley. If you're going to be basically playing the anthem and doing announcements, you'll be in great shape. If you intend on playing music, or having a DJ use just the OS80s, you're going to be very disappointed. They play basically nothing in the "bass" range with an f3 of 113hz, and an f10 of 70hz. Basically all modern music is going to sound hollow and awful with no low end reinforcement. Part of what makes your system at Cleetus and Cars so good is that your boys bring some proper bass bins. Danley does make outdoor rated, pole mountable subwoofers, but there are other options for sure.
browse deweb
browse deweb Uukausi sitten
They could have bought the Danley Jericho series if they wanted low end, or they can easily add some Danley TH118s later on. I know the SM80s match well with 2 or 3 TH118s each, so the OS80s would be about the same output.
Wesley Witz
Wesley Witz Uukausi sitten
I mean. MUSCO is like at every big race track out there.
Raymond Coggins
Raymond Coggins Uukausi sitten
Sounds great
Brayden Norwood
Brayden Norwood Uukausi sitten
Should invest in something to clean off the burnout pad
Dead Pixel Media
Dead Pixel Media Uukausi sitten
Proper sports lights are expensive, and getting fixtures with a preoper CRI for cameras is key so the PPV and other filming there will look good, get in touch with me and i'd be happy to talk you through when to look at when trying to purchase fixtures.
Mr. 6 liter
Mr. 6 liter Uukausi sitten
You should get a giant Trump flag for the FF
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas Uukausi sitten
A wise man once said. “Yeeyee! We’re filming!” - Ole Cleet
Squirl Boy
Squirl Boy Uukausi sitten
Simply Bad Ass! You are doing a incredible job on the Freedom factory, I can't wait until I am able to come to a race and see it first hand. I had to stand for the anthem at the end.
Lee Peterson
Lee Peterson Uukausi sitten
I would bet. There is some kind of government grant available for switching over to LED lighting.
Brian Collins
Brian Collins Uukausi sitten
Imagine the cheaper utility bills! LEDs are far more efficient too.
Johannes Willborn
Johannes Willborn Uukausi sitten
as a sound guy i am just pleased
Random Rivas5
Random Rivas5 Uukausi sitten
Who the hell buys pieces of asphalt lol
bruh moment
bruh moment Uukausi sitten
Comes with the shirt
N1Nj4_T3rR0r1sT Uukausi sitten
Not to recommend milking the success, but do you think you could make a cheaper package with broken Florescent lights in a small bottle? Doubt it will do as well as the asphalt, but it might still help.
Jeff Pelletier
Jeff Pelletier Uukausi sitten
Shoulda used Outline Audio with those powersoft.
Ali M
Ali M Uukausi sitten
Lol that guy looks just like Vsauce haha
P Dub
P Dub Uukausi sitten
Mad respect for the hat removal during the anthem!
Moe24 Uukausi sitten
Cleetus, I work with Musco and in a position to help. We want to help. What is the best way to reach you?
AnthonyTee Uukausi sitten
Ironic playing the national anthem as the country dies this week.
clark cabus
clark cabus Uukausi sitten
Any luck with musco lighting
Life’sGoodd !
Life’sGoodd ! Uukausi sitten
Cleetus are u wearing eye liner 😂
Declan kot
Declan kot Uukausi sitten
TW lighting for the LED's, thats my reccomendation, see if they can help you
Yellow Snow
Yellow Snow Uukausi sitten
Goodbye Trump
Josh Willison
Josh Willison Uukausi sitten
While you are working to replace the poles and lighting, I would also suggest planning for guest wi-fi. Even if you do not purchase equipment at this time, running the wires would be a good idea.
Bruce Hardy
Bruce Hardy Uukausi sitten
Once everything is up and running, it would be nice to see if he could get some music bands to come and use the facilities to help cover some costs. Especially with the sound equipment upgrade that he is doing.
Tired of the Lies
Tired of the Lies Uukausi sitten
Nice anthem it’s just sad THAT THE UNITED STATES DIED TODAY AT NOON!!!
jay mo 23
jay mo 23 Uukausi sitten
Most American thing I've seen all day. Thanks for that....
J marley
J marley Uukausi sitten
freedom 500 is april 2nd my birthday!!!!
Tim ImInvisible
Tim ImInvisible Uukausi sitten
Gosh Darn it, Murica. !!! I'm English, it still gets me though.
Do It Random
Do It Random Uukausi sitten
I remember with the freedom 500 Spence was walking around with the 100ft microphone cord
Emma Eguono
Emma Eguono Uukausi sitten
U are the best Zaloma_hakk on IG
Emma Eguono
Emma Eguono Uukausi sitten
U are the best Zaloma_hakk on IG
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Uukausi sitten
Dang a was about order a bundle just for the mullet.
Noah Howard
Noah Howard Uukausi sitten
MixWiz!? I love them, they're so reliable!
Jarred K
Jarred K Uukausi sitten
Hahaha bit of a bromance going on and the missus gets a bit jelly of them.
moonlightgt96 Uukausi sitten
went from taking the pole down to a $200,000 project.....damn dude how many of those T-shirts did you sell!! LOL
Bob Watters
Bob Watters Uukausi sitten
I wonder how those LED lights would affect cameras, LEDs always flash on camera.
Robert Lafferty,Sr.
Robert Lafferty,Sr. Uukausi sitten
Allen Lane
Allen Lane Uukausi sitten
How many bundle to pave the whole track I would love to see that done
browse deweb
browse deweb Uukausi sitten
Danley Sound Labs. Phenomenal choice. Best speakers in the world.
Andrew Rudolph
Andrew Rudolph Uukausi sitten
while adding stuff to the poles, put conduit in for network or other low voltage. Could add wifi across the venue, fiber for remote cameras, show controls for big awesome lighting shows...
Gionino Gz
Gionino Gz Uukausi sitten
We Put Leroy In a WIND TUNNEL! The Results Were HILARIOUS!
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