Simple way to Make Complex Shapes on CNC - Marble Machine X #76

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In this episode I share one of my favourite and simple design methods to achieve complex shapes on 3 axis CNC, split your designs through the middle!
Two steps forward and one step back but this was one of the steps forward!
Thanks for believing in this monster. Good luck with everything you do!
All best/ Martin
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エロイ Uukausi sitten
i feel like a game can be made about Wilson and his best friend. Wilson can float, is lighter, and have a different gear setting while Wilson's best friend is heavier, more durable, sinks and has his own gear settings just imagine a game where 2 players have to control each one and use their unique abilities to complete puzzles
エロイ Uukausi sitten
5:20 i love it
K.o.R 2 kuukautta sitten
3:47 *_Here I come, King of Marble Music. Do you have enough clamps?_*
Dmytro G
Dmytro G 5 kuukautta sitten
D-m'n 7 kuukautta sitten
ugh. Too long for me. 2 hour intervals would work better personally, but I am really glad to see them play borderlands finally. I want to see them do the whole series.
MintyFlight 10 kuukautta sitten
You should call wilson’s best friend Willy if it’s a boy or Wilma if it’s a girl🥴
Greg Feneis
Greg Feneis 10 kuukautta sitten
0:00 to 2:15 Thanks for x-spline-ing it to us
Matthew Rossilini
Matthew Rossilini Vuosi sitten
What CAD/CAM Software is that?
Russell Vuosi sitten
I wonder how the change in distance traveled within each variable length marble tube might affect the timing of the notes played? I realize you've already dealt with this in the original marble machine, but I haven't seen this discussed yet (although I haven't watched all the videos either, so this may be a redundant/stupid question ;?).
Russell Vuosi sitten
Well, answering my own question, I guess you'd simply take a time measurement for each tube from marble release to impact, and then adjust the release timing to compensate for the difference from the shortest to the longest tubes.... this really is a complex and complicated machine, lol.
Juan C
Juan C Vuosi sitten
What is the CAD software's name?
Kody Bosch
Kody Bosch Vuosi sitten
Ben Mather
Ben Mather Vuosi sitten
What's the music at 8:42? Is it available for purchase?
Immel Schwaraber
Immel Schwaraber Vuosi sitten
i like the sailing boat °°
카파수 Vuosi sitten
We just started to learn fusion 360 in school and i discovered that channel just a bit before, what a nice coincident :)
vcokltfre Vuosi sitten
7:40 tedious much?
Don Hijo
Don Hijo Vuosi sitten
Why not copy the curve line in each point in the center of the circle? It's faster
Don Hijo
Don Hijo Vuosi sitten
Nice work of Fusion 360 man more projects to come. It is one of my field too; it requires patience and passion for it to do a product.
Samantha D Amato
Samantha D Amato Vuosi sitten
How did u learn how to so all this ?
Raffaele Miceli
Raffaele Miceli Vuosi sitten
Next level procrastination: Writing music using the CNC tool path.
kamikace7531 Vuosi sitten
What's the machine used for making the piece out of the plywood? Amazing
Ronald Nelson
Ronald Nelson Vuosi sitten
Will the different lengths in the pipes not throw off the timing a bit? As far as I understood the timing is perfect on the programmable plates. Does this mean that each marble trigger can be set differently to account for distance that is must travel after it was triggered by the input from the programming plate?
Rubilmax Vuosi sitten
Hi Wintergatan, What is this CAO software you are using please?
Freddo Flintstono
Freddo Flintstono Vuosi sitten
Even the build is just art..
Valentin Speth
Valentin Speth Vuosi sitten
Which country is wintergatan from?
Mirabelle Arts
Mirabelle Arts Vuosi sitten
What is the song that starts at 8.42? its been used in a few of the mmx videos but doesn't seem to be one that you can dl on any of the music links??
Porglit Vuosi sitten
Was that 21mm to 22mm transition a mistake that has now been corrected, or was that an intentional design? Either way, great work!
Grand Duke
Grand Duke Vuosi sitten
Is it just me or is the spreader really close to the drum? I don't know how much that drum will move when in motion, but maybe having a bit more clearance between the two parts might be a good idea to prevent the two from clipping each other. At 8:23 you can see how close the gear tooth is from the bottom edge of the spreader.
confiscator Vuosi sitten
Cnc a pop screen!
Dr. Johannes Münch
Dr. Johannes Münch Vuosi sitten
She's so beautiful....
Darran Edmundson
Darran Edmundson Vuosi sitten
I'm confused. At 5:11, what happened to the hold down screws on the near side of the piece?
acciter0f Tartarus
acciter0f Tartarus Vuosi sitten
Wilson’s new best friend needs a name! Quick guys! Put name suggestions in reply to this comment so we can name it!
digimikek Vuosi sitten
Damn, I feel so subhuman by comparison; yet joy and wonderment at your genius. Carry on!
Mint Vuosi sitten
I thought the thumbnail was vienetta ice cream
Kristian Fermin
Kristian Fermin Vuosi sitten
Love this version of All Was Well Martin! You need to upload the music box/modulin version to spotify
Henrik Ask
Henrik Ask Vuosi sitten
Seing you coming up with this solution makes me wonder if you are from another planet. Wow.
creeper the cat
creeper the cat Vuosi sitten
why do you make a new video on the playlist but then make it unavailable? also it's wednesday but i'll be patient for you to upload
tamer ursavas
tamer ursavas Vuosi sitten
Maken the marble machine x play HOME RESONANCE
쿠인 Vuosi sitten
parakeetster R
parakeetster R Vuosi sitten
What cad pro gram are you using
TheVoicedFlame Vuosi sitten
dude, i can NOT wait at all for this to be done. It looks so cool compared to the original.
I want this music!
Martyn Speck
Martyn Speck Vuosi sitten
I received my MMX T-Shirt yesterday. It looks great. My son saw it and said, "Somewhere in the universe, Leonardo Da Vinci looks down and is proud.".
Fištrón Vuosi sitten
That video is very racist in 9:59, we could see "Wilson's best friend" black gear as blackface of Afro European! Hate that supermacy of white man. Hope you will be political correct. (irony) I very like your videos and alway counting seconds into next wednesday. :)
manowaruben Vuosi sitten
"Simple way" he says...
Legit Sub To Pewds
Legit Sub To Pewds Vuosi sitten
Quickly, do your part, especially you Martin!
Stephen Sentelle
Stephen Sentelle Vuosi sitten
Really enjoyed seeing so much CAD work in this one! Thanks for sharing! 💜
724Mouse Vuosi sitten
hey i found this gravity engine that generates rotation with balls like in your instrument! maybe inspiration for another part!
Tag 666
Tag 666 Vuosi sitten
you follow GGOS?
Advertise 360
Advertise 360 Vuosi sitten
Getting closer.
3ICE Vuosi sitten
6:00 That music was loud A. F. - I'm at 5% volume now and it's still blaring. Yet the regular voice segments are good at 100% volume.
William Wilson
William Wilson Vuosi sitten
SnapShopVisuals Vuosi sitten
This All is Well remix is so pleasing to listen to!
LulleSWE Vuosi sitten
Are you Swedish? i am.
CristianKirk Vuosi sitten
The machine is looking incredible...
Físico Nuclear Cuántico
Físico Nuclear Cuántico Vuosi sitten
@Wintergatan I am so proud of you Martin.
Nixola97 Vuosi sitten
Was that Stronger Than You at 6:00?
The Atomic Bush
The Atomic Bush Vuosi sitten
Cool entertaining vid bro
Silver Vuosi sitten
Your commentary matches the beat. Could make a song out of that.
song yardbird
song yardbird Vuosi sitten
lol - the paper boat
Luckyman Vuosi sitten
Чертов гений блять
Dzonemp Vuosi sitten
Its absolutely beautiful! Keep up the good work, I enjoy your videos so much.
Santiago Daverede
Santiago Daverede Vuosi sitten
Have you seen this? I really want to know your opinion about it!
Cédric Gniewek
Cédric Gniewek Vuosi sitten
Perhaps we can call Wilson's friend Steelson ;)
Jorza4daWorld Vuosi sitten
Martin can you make 'I believe' posters pls?! Just like at the end of this video. It looks amazing!
MAXimum Vuosi sitten
Will the marble machine X still play the same song? I like the original
Casper de With
Casper de With Vuosi sitten
Oh, seriously: I can dream the background music in the MMX videos. Are you going to perform all of them on world tour? That'd be awesome. They are just part of Wintergatan, too important to leave out.
Sergio Alvarez
Sergio Alvarez Vuosi sitten
Marble machine is getting more complicated and beautiful a the same time. Thank you for sharing.
Eian PM
Eian PM Vuosi sitten
how many more episodes left?
Johnathan Kruzick
Johnathan Kruzick Vuosi sitten
Ahhh you skipped over the cam
Nullpersona Vuosi sitten
After this draft version, comes the full PLA version, then comes the full glass version. On the road to 0 plywood.
ticklesdust Vuosi sitten
Can we buy the "i believe" as a poster instead of t shirt? Probably a lot of us do not wear t shirts but want to support this project :) thanks!
beautifulsmall Vuosi sitten
Victorian england was built on 25.4mm, always a step forward. love your machine. inspirational.
josko50 Vuosi sitten
Martin you are a mad genius and I love you.
Elliott Miller
Elliott Miller Vuosi sitten
The high-pitched whine of the CNC machine might be one of the most unfortunate sounds ever
Daniel Díez Martínez Ramírez
Daniel Díez Martínez Ramírez Vuosi sitten
The boat is the best part of the video XP
Sascha S.
Sascha S. Vuosi sitten
Hej Martin, when I saw your NASA Shirt I wondered if you received any respond from Mr. Maezawa conceraning your application to travle to the moon??? Since I follow you since your first Marble Machine Video, I saw your application short after 19.09.2018, when you released your relevant video. I'd love to get news about this topic! Best regards from Germany, Sascha
William Hough
William Hough Vuosi sitten
Constructive comment; it may be worth investing in a pop filter for recording your voiceovers because the plosives are really noticeable (also maybe a compressor/limiter might help with the plosive boost from the microphone :) a couple of examples 1:56 1:51 1:37 1:04 you are the best martin!
GrowerTalks Vuosi sitten
I just started learning Fusion 360 courtesy of Titan Gilroy and his Titans of CNC Academy (check them out!). Because of that, I knew just what you were doing in those first few minutes, even if I'm still only in the "building blocks" section of the training. Way cool!
Rüdiger Koch-Kukies
Rüdiger Koch-Kukies Vuosi sitten
Can you please finally get yourself a spacemouse, please? This will allow to save you a lot of time and let your viewers with limited 3D imagination follow you more easily.
willythemailboy2 Vuosi sitten
Uncomfortable thoughts: How well do you have the Marble Machine insured against disaster?
mrmagicrapattack Vuosi sitten
Love love love the MMX.
Daniel Hahn
Daniel Hahn Vuosi sitten
hey, great Video! I've enjoyed every single one so far! Just dropping by to tell you that you could optimise the toolpaths greatly (resulting in better surface finish and less tool and machine wear as well as higher precision) , if you had the mill cut one tube groove after the other - also it's faster because there's less unnecessary movements :)
Mark Langenkamp
Mark Langenkamp Vuosi sitten
Martin, do you have to prove that you're a genius in every video? You really are, and I love you videos!
Simon Weyers
Simon Weyers Vuosi sitten
What does this beautiful behemoth weigh by now?
Stephen Vuosi sitten
You're a genius.
Pink Fluffy Llama
Pink Fluffy Llama Vuosi sitten
michaelfink64 Vuosi sitten
Nice solution, Martin. Those sinuous shapes with the beautiful layering pattern remind me of the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia.
Ever Hopeful
Ever Hopeful Vuosi sitten
i so love these updates. Thankyou
MAD Snow
MAD Snow Vuosi sitten
Hey Martin, would you play the „original“ MM Theme Song on the MMX? It’s so beautiful to listen to it ❤️
Apolonio Salisi
Apolonio Salisi Vuosi sitten
How long can you finish that?
djr11472 Vuosi sitten
Since the path in the wood block is a different angle and slightly different length for each track, won't the fact that this is after release mechanism make each track slightly off beat compared to the others? Or do you have a mechanism (which I probably forgot) to adjust the timing individually on each track without having to move the pins?
Ricardo Fonseca
Ricardo Fonseca Vuosi sitten
Has there been a poster release for sale? (With the same design as the t-shirt)
Agustin Gimenez
Agustin Gimenez Vuosi sitten
c'mon, that wasn't 10 minutes, dragon tears increase time velocity, watch out for that! :'D
Deathshaker 00
Deathshaker 00 Vuosi sitten
The boat made my day!!!!!!
Topplenaut Vuosi sitten
That machine that carves out the wood is really cool. It's like reverse 3D printing!
Ra Lu
Ra Lu Vuosi sitten
The fact that people like you exist is honestly inspiring.
Jesse Clark
Jesse Clark Vuosi sitten
This is the best PR that CNC has ever gotten.
Jason Beadle
Jason Beadle Vuosi sitten
Martin, I want to sing for wintergatan........or somehow be a roadie when your US leg of the World Tour kicks off.
zismaer Vuosi sitten
Will this machine be able to provide some kind of mechanical "clock out" signal that can be both clicktrack for the drummer and analog clock for syncing synths..? This machine shoud be the "master" clock within a band context, I'd say...
Nathaniel Hill
Nathaniel Hill Vuosi sitten
Martin, check out the covers for your songs on Musescore
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