Sky Sports F1 Pitlane Live - Raikkonen & Giovinazzi

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Mar Cin
Mar Cin 18 päivää sitten
Two alpha mosquitoes if you want someone to transport you fast, call Robert Kubica. He'll do it with one hand better than any of you. What kind of civilian back there?
James McCabe
James McCabe 20 päivää sitten
Kimi looks so chill. Love it.
samghost13 23 päivää sitten
Aki Nevanoja
Aki Nevanoja 23 päivää sitten
Kimi is still driving in F1 ....
Claudiu Aicoboae
Claudiu Aicoboae Uukausi sitten
Legend! Kimi looks like it’s been kidnapped and forced to talk. 😆
pingpongpung Uukausi sitten
SamalNSK Uukausi sitten
Kimi expert in navigation??? I thought he is expert party maker)) For Govi))
TheLastCrankers Uukausi sitten
We all know that Kimi wasn't driving because he had his drink.
Sir Tuğrul Güven
Sir Tuğrul Güven Uukausi sitten
4:11 :D:D
Sillscheit Uukausi sitten
I like these caps!
MARK _ NAVAL Uukausi sitten
Who’s here after watching the nordschleife lap with kimi and antonio?
Jim97 Uukausi sitten
Kimi and Antonio are underrated as a F1 couple.
Arnab Dutta
Arnab Dutta Uukausi sitten
It was okay. Legend Kimi
Raul 07
Raul 07 Uukausi sitten
So Kimi's first car was a Lada. Are you kidding me!?
suley19man Uukausi sitten
2:00 fiat doblo 🤣🤣
tiktok toyatoya
tiktok toyatoya Uukausi sitten
Ah this shit is gold
River Chicken
River Chicken Uukausi sitten
Can't believe Kimi got in a car with AG that he wasn't driving.
Алексей Иванков
Алексей Иванков Uukausi sitten
Kimi as usual saw a bar stop the car I need to go😅 You the best ICEMEN! !!
Before Mortgage
Before Mortgage Uukausi sitten
I wonder what it looked like if there were no money interest
Diego Anchaya
Diego Anchaya Uukausi sitten
Can you imagine walking on the street and someone hornes you to say hi and it’s KIMI RÄIKKÖNEN?!?!?!
JustAleksiThings Uukausi sitten
just a hobby for Kimi
Hajduk Besmrtnik
Hajduk Besmrtnik Uukausi sitten
I can see Ladas sales goes up in next few months... 🤑 This guy is so fucking cool & funny. And not even trying.
Petri Ruutikainen
Petri Ruutikainen Uukausi sitten
Kimi one more year+2022 new cars ❤️ please
Will Chan
Will Chan Uukausi sitten
James BRUH
James BRUH Uukausi sitten
Kimi is just dead inside at this point
Krisztián 2 kuukautta sitten
how i hate this boring PR shit, especially when its recommended to me :-/
Spore Hux
Spore Hux 2 kuukautta sitten
4:50 needs think bubbles, bwoah, that was a waste of time, i need to find the drink and an ice cream.
Ikilleddave 2 kuukautta sitten
Out of every driver ever Kimi is my favourite as a driver and as a person, always in a good mood.
Pininto Sarwendah
Pininto Sarwendah 2 kuukautta sitten
Good idea to mkae Kimo tal a lot. A rare moment to see Kimi talk and like that he's not being dominant in talking. He always answer after the other persons talk. A rare moment. Kimi the Candy Man and Antonio likes Scorpion. Funny that Minttu plays that according to Kimi although he is not a big fan of Scorpion. Love the two of them. Antonio seems patient enough with Kimi😊😊
crezus1 6 kuukautta sitten
3:56 Kimi's rapid "yeah I don't mind" response could easily be interpreted as "now stop talking about my wife" lmao
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 6 kuukautta sitten
2:31? 21 wins, 1 title, 103 podiums. Kimi is being extremely humble with that comment.
T.T Chopp
T.T Chopp 6 päivää sitten
He clearly is talking about absolute P1s and championships, he literally says that only one car wins and that all in the track are aiming for that position
M Pa
M Pa 7 kuukautta sitten
Crofty: When Max was taking his driving test Kimi: Last Year LMAO XD XD
Fabio Schwarz
Fabio Schwarz 8 kuukautta sitten
I lost it when kimi horned
Chan Chan
Chan Chan 8 kuukautta sitten
I feel Kimi and Antonio as teammates are actually fun to watch compare that to Seb and Charles,Alex and Max or Lando with Sainz. Contrasting personalities but both of em compliments each other with Kimi being the chill wise old head while Tonio being funny young guy
Savya Halley
Savya Halley Vuosi sitten
Uma escassez de machos na minha terra, assistir vídeos com esses 2 🚘alfa+romeo🚙 me dá muito prazer. Quero os 2! 🌨both.
Praveena S
Praveena S Vuosi sitten
0:14 The two basic emotions in life😂 Giovinazzi looks so smiley and excited and Kimi's like 'Bwoah, I do this every morning'.
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava Vuosi sitten
Kimi seems so much happier now. It’s heartwarming that he’s driving for himself now and not for the wins. I’m gonna cry like a baby the day he retires, honestly.
MySipuli Vuosi sitten
4:11 honking to hot girls lol Alfas!
Sooraj Tomar
Sooraj Tomar Vuosi sitten
You gotta love kimi
GODZILLA Vuosi sitten
Jason Kuy
Jason Kuy Vuosi sitten
leave me alone kimi i know what im doing
Football Guy
Football Guy Vuosi sitten
Hey look at that is Kimi and Crofty!
VikingFitness Vuosi sitten
Kimi is life Kimi is love
Din Hudson
Din Hudson Vuosi sitten
Kimi honking someone lmao
Diogo Pinto
Diogo Pinto Vuosi sitten
He don't mind
Jobrill Hunter
Jobrill Hunter Vuosi sitten
I want those jackets and caps than Ferrari's.
Stephen Gwynn
Stephen Gwynn Vuosi sitten
I really appreciate that Kimi sees through all the bullshit of stardom and the self importance of F1. His grounded-nous is admirable.
Aslak Vind
Aslak Vind Vuosi sitten
Love Kimi´s honesty! So great to see him outside the bull ring, which he hates! I love Ladas too! :) #legend
Sim Racing Pakistan
Sim Racing Pakistan Vuosi sitten
Kimi is LOVE !
D3DSTR1K3R Vuosi sitten
I hate Kimi such a very slow driver!! Jk who would hate the IceMan?
MAX Bumanglag
MAX Bumanglag Vuosi sitten
These guys def have the best daily drivers
joni jr
joni jr Vuosi sitten
kimi is the best.😂
Bradley Vuosi sitten
Bwoah, this isn't Kimi. Too happy
Emmagonz Vuosi sitten
Kimi for president!
pg123ab Vuosi sitten
Kimiiii he’s the goat
ToTo Vuosi sitten
Martin: Gentlemen thank you very mu- Kimi 0.2 seconds later: *unbuckles his seatbelt*
Diego Anchaya
Diego Anchaya Uukausi sitten
Faster than Redbull changing tyres!
orion-jett 10 kuukautta sitten
That’s Crofty, amigo.
Sidharth Sathian
Sidharth Sathian Vuosi sitten
David Croft
Rihards Barkovskis
Rihards Barkovskis Vuosi sitten
Kimi is an actual rockstar, just in another profession.
Red boy
Red boy Vuosi sitten
Kimi the person deserves extra long slowmo shot
deep's yum
deep's yum Vuosi sitten
Came here for Kimi
SenZ Vuosi sitten
Kimi has so much fans loll he clearly deserve it, im behind him since 2003.
Giuliano B.
Giuliano B. Vuosi sitten
certo che kimi.. anni in ferrari... giovinazzi Italiano... macchina Italiana... una parolandi italiano potevano dirla!!! assurdo
Gseric47 Vuosi sitten
Vid didn't even feel like it was 5 minutes, really enjoyed watching this one :)
FullmetalJun Vuosi sitten
I bet all the bars of the countries Kimi has been know him.
Mary Rivers
Mary Rivers Vuosi sitten
It's weird for me to see a Formula 1 driver, driving a normal car at normal speeds. I think it was a success that Giovinazzi was the driver, otherwise I do not know if they had reached the proposed destination XD
Ahmad Ainun Najib
Ahmad Ainun Najib Vuosi sitten
Imagine Kimi is like Bruce, Owns the constructor and still races.
coldu de
coldu de Vuosi sitten
Kimmi, what a character!
Jari Van Marrewijk
Jari Van Marrewijk Vuosi sitten
Can we just make F1 with a special car always available for Kimi, so he never has to retire. Please
Romit Mahanta
Romit Mahanta Vuosi sitten
Bossman Kimi :D
CYL Vuosi sitten
Love alfa
CharlesWhy Vuosi sitten
Kimi forever
DespizedICON Vuosi sitten
slo mo Kimi at the end... that is the only way Kimi looks slow. Go Kimi !!!!!!!
Danilo Silva
Danilo Silva Vuosi sitten
It's not humanly possible to dislike Kimi. One of the very few drivers that doesn't act like a corporate drone, top bloke.
momo Vuosi sitten
Kimi is more chill at alfa than he is at Ferrari. Forza kimi
Senyor Capità Collons
Senyor Capità Collons Vuosi sitten
Anonymous Unrelated
Anonymous Unrelated Vuosi sitten
There's more to life than racing... Just ask Kimi and his ice cream gang. 😂😂😂
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly Vuosi sitten
Croft has one of the best voices in the business
Golf Shop
Golf Shop Vuosi sitten
i clicked for raikkonen
JP- Zeitenliste
JP- Zeitenliste Vuosi sitten
Love Kimis attidude, saying thats not the most important think in his life "Its just motor sports". IDGAF Mode on.
[λ] GD Labda
[λ] GD Labda Vuosi sitten
I love these guys as teammates. The clashing personalities are so facinating
Nafiz Imtiaz
Nafiz Imtiaz Vuosi sitten
Kimi saying "It was okay" is indeed a compliment
Bloxy Village
Bloxy Village Vuosi sitten
Kimi should never stop driving in Formula 1
Thunderbolt Calgary
Thunderbolt Calgary Vuosi sitten
You forgot to ask if the pace is gone due to the infringement of the front wing design? Hence balance of the car is gone since?
Jimi Hackspik
Jimi Hackspik Vuosi sitten
Kimi is a legend!
Okan Yazmacilar
Okan Yazmacilar Vuosi sitten
where can i buy this top
Helio GT
Helio GT Vuosi sitten
kimi: expert in navigation me: getting sao-paolo 2012 flashbacks
I would have been your daddy
I would have been your daddy Vuosi sitten
Kimi makes so much fun of Herbert. It's not even funny
Wiryan Tirtarahardja
Wiryan Tirtarahardja Vuosi sitten
Such a happy Kimi. The world is wonderful when Kimi is happy.
Wiryan Tirtarahardja
Wiryan Tirtarahardja Vuosi sitten
*Kimi being asked if he’s okay being put in a team with a low chance if winning: “Its not like its any different from any other team” *Was that a Ferrari roast?* XD
Blu Bla
Blu Bla Uukausi sitten
Sounded like it😂
Stijn Uukausi sitten
@Bukan Matin hahahah!!
Bukan Matin
Bukan Matin 2 kuukautta sitten
1 year later, with how ferrari is doing rn, we know that hes telling the truth, haha
Rey Navarra
Rey Navarra Vuosi sitten
Wiryan Tirtarahardja nope,he says "he didnt win that much anyhow"
Mr. TrueLove
Mr. TrueLove Vuosi sitten
ALFA is Italian BMW LoL
red Vuosi sitten
Kimi's face said all "wtf I'm doing here"
Magic Madrid
Magic Madrid Vuosi sitten
Giovinazzi past exams in a second session and He is F1 driver I passed in first session without any mistake and Im DOMINOS driver Wtf
Senyor Capità Collons
Senyor Capità Collons Vuosi sitten
Envidioso xD.
Robzu Vuosi sitten
Fast on the track =/= good driver in traffic.
southern stingray2
southern stingray2 Vuosi sitten
Cheers,Raikennan Legendary F1 /Rally driver
X Atte
X Atte Vuosi sitten
southern stingray2 räikkönen almost there 👌🏽😂
георгий николаев
георгий николаев Vuosi sitten
LADA SeDaN BakLAzhan
aarontheobald Vuosi sitten
🇫🇮KIM DOGGGGGGG! Always a iceman always ! That’s our boy Kimi ice ice baby !🇮🇹
DaveyJones Vuosi sitten
They should sign Kimi to commentate with Crofty when he's done racing!!!!
Billy Lake
Billy Lake Vuosi sitten
Kimi is like Steve MQueen he looks cool just closing a car door.
retro_bikez Vuosi sitten
Crofty has to tell as , how many "ONE HUNDREDS OF A SECOND" the ride was
Tai Jay
Tai Jay Vuosi sitten
Fantastic interview
octo654 Vuosi sitten
Kimi is unique. I like him. Not the best racer, but a very good racer. Good to have him here ;) :)
Glenn Lockett
Glenn Lockett Vuosi sitten
Kimi one the best
Wasif Anowar
Wasif Anowar Vuosi sitten
Who don;t like Scorpions
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