The End of Unus Annus

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thank you.

CrimpzZ Z
CrimpzZ Z 33 minuuttia sitten
Im littrly crying
Sexually Confused Penguin
Sexually Confused Penguin Tunti sitten
The weird feeling is probably melancholy
Crunchy Munchy
Crunchy Munchy 2 tuntia sitten
Me: being sad with Ethan Pizza hut: VEGAN PIZZA
Frostburn the Sky\Icewing
Frostburn the Sky\Icewing 4 tuntia sitten
Thank you Eef. Not only for making the great channel Unus Annus, but for doing the things you do on your own channel! I will be watching your content frequently. Memento Mori, Unus Annus. Heh. I'm crying my eyes out and I realised something. "The disclame of Italy" was made on my birthday, February 7th, in the axe throwing video. I have now decided to try axe throwing as a hobby.
Sister Understandable
Sister Understandable 8 tuntia sitten
Honestly after they deleted the channel I didn’t know what to do I was just sitting in my room for like half an hour doing nothing just thinking And after that I don’t fear death anymore
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 8 tuntia sitten
There will be a u@#$ a@#& 2
nodleboss mobile
nodleboss mobile 9 tuntia sitten
Do you think markiplier makes will ever come back?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 9 tuntia sitten
"Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." Dead Poets Society
M45T3R M1RR0R 10 tuntia sitten
:( i feel bad for ethan
Breanna Rowe
Breanna Rowe 11 tuntia sitten
I love love love Unas Annus and the message you guys put out🥰! Today I was scrolling through my FIpost and discovered another channel called Unas Annus and they’re re-uploading your videos. I loved your videos but I was quite upset when I found the channel where these “fans” went against your wishes and are posting your old videos😕 just thought I’d help spread the message in case you somehow weren’t already made aware♥️
White Blood.
White Blood. 12 tuntia sitten
I knew unus annus was a thing just today, I’ve been following mark since a lot of time and never noticed, I’m so so so frustrated that i will never get to see any video of it and knowing that it was so special, I can’t man holy fuck, i really hope Ethan and Mark keep doing things together, I’ll never miss the party again
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 9 tuntia sitten
Did the channel get resurected
Austin Brown
Austin Brown 12 tuntia sitten
Top 10 FIpostrs 1. Crankgameplays 2. Markiplier 3. Jacksepticeye 4. JonnyEthco 5. TVFilthyFrank 6. Brandon Rogers 7. Neebs Gaming 8. Thick44 9. Unus Annus ( Not archive) 10. Angry Grandpa Bonus: Angry Grandpa's Corner That's my Top 10 Favorite FIpostrs
Mysteryblue546 13 tuntia sitten
So something crazy happened to me when Unus Annus ended. Sadly, my bird passed away the day after it ended. I honestly though it was so crazy that the day after Unus Annus died, my little boy passed.
Dabin Doge
Dabin Doge 13 tuntia sitten
Who is he sry?
Donavon Frazier
Donavon Frazier 13 tuntia sitten
Y'all were the best you did all you could but time ran out that's the way it is. But the channels purpose was when the clock struck zero it was for the memories of it to Cherish those memories with all your heart. The memories...
Debbie R
Debbie R 16 tuntia sitten
u r so cute🤩 im almost going straight 🙈 🤫
criptos infinity
criptos infinity 16 tuntia sitten
This would've gone in yt rewind and been the best thing ever
NUS PI 17 tuntia sitten
In the middle of Ethan speaking, some Coca Cola ad appeared and ruined the mood. S M H
Monae Allsup
Monae Allsup 17 tuntia sitten
I just wanted to say how great unnus anus was. Ethan you and Mark have such great chemistry and it's what made that channel even more special. I wasn't there at the beginning but I was there at the end. It was beautiful ending it together with Amy. I'd love to see something with Wade and Bob and then ALL of you guys together. I'm a fan of all of you because of what you all bring to the table. You guys make amazing friends. Thank you for unnus anus it was a great experience watching you two do some of the most insane things. Much love!
Hydromano -YT
Hydromano -YT 18 tuntia sitten
Anaru Durie
Anaru Durie 18 tuntia sitten
I hope that one day that a book will be written and you guys amongst it I hope you are rembered through the history of FIpost we are your fans and you are our content we love you guys so much
wolf Omega232
wolf Omega232 18 tuntia sitten
yo Ethan thank you for existing man, like damn... just thank you
Alexandra Hamilton ;3
Alexandra Hamilton ;3 19 tuntia sitten
Ethan... you are our precious Eef, whether we’re here because of Unus Annus or joined from the start...we’re here for life, we can’t wait to see what you have planned because you have so much potential... At the start of unus annus I though, “wow, these two are such goof balls!” And you guys were (and still are 😂) but as time went on, we got to see you guys grow and develop as learnt to have a whole new appreciation for yourselves and one another, I think that’s my favorite part of Unus annus was seeing you two and how far you’ve come as a team...seeing how much fun ya’ll had, the ever lasting memories that you guys got to share with millions of people, and I’m so proud that I got to be one of them... Love you and keep going strong!! 💕✨ *Memento mori, Unus Annus*
random channel on the internet
random channel on the internet 20 tuntia sitten
Ethan, you need to know this and contact mark about it right now. Someone is making an Unus Annus stream of Unus Annus vidoes you already deleted. I feel you should know about this. It is called Unus Annus videos 24/7.
Avocadogirl07 21 tunti sitten
Im so sad cause the stream was at night so i thought i would be able to see the end in the morning but when i woke up it was over and it made me so sad cause unus annus ended without me
How bout maybe
How bout maybe 23 tuntia sitten
Did the channel get resurected
Jamie Cartwright
Jamie Cartwright 23 tuntia sitten
Emma-Leyah Ball
Emma-Leyah Ball Päivä sitten
I didn't learn about unus annus until early November, but the little bits I was really impacted me. I didn't make it to the live stream but, I'm still kinda emotion about it. I know I'm not a Lin time fan but, you, markiplier, Amy and everyone else did a fantastic job.
Chloe Bramley
Chloe Bramley Päivä sitten
I will never forget the experience we were all sent on over this year, and I hope it remains in our hearts all our days. Memento mori.
aeri Päivä sitten
I'm so late having come onto this video because I needed a while to process of course. You'll probably never see this, but, I'm going to write this anyway. Ethan, you are an amazing, inspirational and wonderfully positive person, and Unnus Annus, with Mark, with Amy, really showed how happy and good you felt in every single video. I know we are all our own worst critics, and I completely get the feeling of having little confidence in yourself, but on behalf of myself and everyone else here. We are so proud and so grateful for you, proud of how you've blossomed and so happy to hear you praising yourself (Because it's so deserved!!). 2020 has been really difficult and extremely rough for everyone, but it's the optimism you show, Mark shows, that made this year worthwhile, waiting excitedly for new content, and at the very last moment, being able to share it with you all was a blessing. Things were made bearable. So, after this long spiel, Thank you, thank you to all of you and damn, thank yourself, because you made memories that will never be forgotten
moss teeth
moss teeth Päivä sitten
I am so incredibly proud of Ethan and all that he's accomplished. I'm so excited to see where the future takes him and how he can flourish. :')
Bartu Dandik
Bartu Dandik Päivä sitten
Wait, do you still have the videos at the computer?
T.D.L Päivä sitten
They probably deleted them
Destin Carr
Destin Carr Päivä sitten
Ethan, this is something that for me, in my heart and mind, needs to be said. To you, Ethan, and to Mark, Amy, and even Lixian with his contributions here and there, if you four see this, I just want to say Thank You. But not just that. I'm 22 years old as of October 18th, and I remember when Unus Annus started, I didn't think it would end, but I understood the concept and thought it was genius but also so... Vague, so random, but also so well thought out. I didn't watch nearly as many videos of Unus Annus as I felt I should've, and I feel remorseful for that, because I wish I wouldn't have wasted so much of the time I had this year to watch them all, but I'm glad I got to see the videos that I did. For the passed decade, since losing one of my parents and a few family members, and also having my brushes with death due to reckless decision making, I've struggled very hard with depression, anxiety, random spurts of self harm, a few attempts at my life, struggling with my own personal identity, and a laundry list of other things. But, after tuning in to the final Livestream for Unus Annus and watching the clock hit zero, checking the channel to see if the videos were still there and the channel not responding, that's when I realized the true meaning behind "Unus Annus" and that's when I turned off my phone, laid down in my bed, closed my eyes, and had the soundest sleep I'd had in years. I feel complete peace within myself and a sense of closure for everything and everyone in my life that I've lost and was given a newfound appreciation for everything and everyone that I still have now. As I'm typing up the end of this letter, with tears welling up in my eyes, I just want to say Thank You Ethan, Mark, Amy, Lixian, and everyone else for giving me the peace I've needed. Keep on doing what you guys do. Keep on saving lives by being the people that you are. Because you've saved mine. Love You Guys. -Destin
Stormm Firecaster
Stormm Firecaster Päivä sitten
I cried so hard when the clock ran out & the screen went to black. I miss Unus Annus, feels like losing your best friends. Keep your head up Ethan, you're amazing!
Sarah Hardwick
Sarah Hardwick Päivä sitten
No regrets lol live you effff
Joey Stevens
Joey Stevens Päivä sitten
You and Mark improved yourself in every aspect of life during Unus Annus... and it was beautiful to see, and so entertaining to watch. That channel will forever be a great FIpost legend.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Päivä sitten
Everyone has to realise when the channel got deleted a pice of at least 1 million went down with it to.
Bparker991 Päivä sitten
I spent the entire day watching that live stream. It pains me to see it go
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Päivä sitten
Unus Annus may be gone, but the Gongoozler will always be out there, ready to get Marks toes anytime he dares enter the dark water..........
CumbersomeWit Päivä sitten
Thank you Ethan
Coolcreep 1465
Coolcreep 1465 Päivä sitten
Ethan you are so awesome. Keep doing what you do. And give it your heart and soul because you deserve the good feeling that comes giving it your heart and soul.
Zombie 1904
Zombie 1904 Päivä sitten
We all may have lost some awesome Unus Annus content but that was Mark and Ethan's intent I have to say I am proud I was one of those 4.52 million subs that watched every single video and the stream. Forever in our hearts and memory, Unus Annus
Lucy Bennett
Lucy Bennett Päivä sitten
I am so sad I missed this journey, I discovered ethan’s channel recently, and 6 hours before the channel got deleted it came up on my recommended. Why FIpost! Why not earlier! But the thing is, I didn’t seem to understand he concept of, the channel is being deleted, there is nothing you can do to keep the videos except download them. I regret not using my full brain at that moment. Damn I missed out, but there will probably be more to come in the future. It’s better late than never.
Ruben Vergouwen
Ruben Vergouwen Päivä sitten
It taught me to make sure to enjoy things while you can. And yet I still effing procrastinate.
Annanator Päivä sitten
I can gladly say that I got it, I got the message and I'm so glad I was here for the whole ride from the day you guys uploaded unus annus thank you guys for making this year so special
Sebastian Aguilera
Sebastian Aguilera Päivä sitten
Yes get them out of here
Hannah Calli
Hannah Calli Päivä sitten
honestly unus annus (besides my family) was the only thing getting me through this year, even tho I didn't have time to watch all the videos they got me thru alot
Avellar3000 Päivä sitten
Hey it's Mark's kid from that Unus Annus channel.
Santi Portillo
Santi Portillo Päivä sitten
Ace Studio2
Ace Studio2 Päivä sitten
“What if you only had one year to live” “ Would you squander the time you were given” “Or would you make every second count” ~Ethan Mark Nestor-Darling & Mark Edward FischBach formally known as Unus Annus
Karson Does Things
Karson Does Things Päivä sitten
My comfort channel.
Astral Echo
Astral Echo Päivä sitten
When unus annus ended i was in tears but felt so godamn happy, and that was the first time in my life where i felt so happy and so glad something left my life, Memento Mori.
Chris McGlothlin
Chris McGlothlin Päivä sitten
Unus Annus may be gone, but the Gongoozler will always be out there, ready to get Marks toes anytime he dares enter the dark water..........
Kaylee Knutson
Kaylee Knutson Päivä sitten
Everyone has to realise when the channel got deleted a pice of at least 1 million went down with it to.
Julia Grogan
Julia Grogan Päivä sitten
I was off the grid, I only got to watch an hour of it before I lost all cell service... I literally sat there at 3 in the morning knowing that that’s when they deleted it... even though I wasn’t there I still felt the pain Memento Mori
Sidkom Päivä sitten
Thank you
Sofia Covell
Sofia Covell Päivä sitten
watermelon guy
watermelon guy Päivä sitten
Me sad that unus annus ended My brain, AnUs AnNuS 2
Meme man
Meme man Päivä sitten
I cried over everything during the livestream so i bought a shirt with the 00:00:00:00 as a good memory.
Knucklette/Shade The Alpha Wolf
Knucklette/Shade The Alpha Wolf Päivä sitten
Nuoo my baby don’t cry. I’m glad that you feel fulfilled in what you did. And I’m so glad I found your channel.
RadioactiveWolf 91
RadioactiveWolf 91 Päivä sitten
Momento Mori
Savannah Turner
Savannah Turner Päivä sitten
I am so proud of you. Memento Mori
Fierce The Dragon
Fierce The Dragon Päivä sitten
I watched the entire livestream... I don’t know how I managed to get sleep that night... or even put the chickens away beforehand... There was one thing that I was annoyed with: The last merch was to be released the same moment the stream began, I almost missed the first two minutes of the livestream because I was greedy and wanted to get the final product as well as watch the ENTIRE LIVESTREAM... I couldn’t do both... to be completely honest, watching the livestream was the most important thing to me, but when you first told us to book it and get that poster, I booked it... I could’ve watched it on the Roku and ordered on my phone, but I did everything on my phone and played video games with the livestream in the corner of my eye, focusing on every word and getting of my games when the moments were very serious, funny, or a brief moment to watch the good stuff and see your reactions to your own videos. Oh, and the art and memes, especially the art and memes.
julissa Paéz
julissa Paéz Päivä sitten
))): thank u sm, ethan, mark.
William Donnelly
William Donnelly Päivä sitten
Here the thing- they ended the channel on November and it still November I thought they were going to end it on January 1st of 2021
T.D.L Päivä sitten
The channel began on November 15th 2019 at 12am pst And it ended on November 14th 2020 at 12am pst It ended early because this year was a leap year, so there were 366 days, instead of the normal 365
Alonna Gibson
Alonna Gibson Päivä sitten
I'm watching the video and then an add starts about Aldi, and the ad specifically shows peanuts.. smh
Tina Menard
Tina Menard Päivä sitten
Going to miss you Boys 😕my son and I watched you guys every day . Best of everything Ethan ❣️
Föøp Päivä sitten
i never got to watch a full video of the channel, but after my friends explained what the channel did and what it was about … i started to make every moment special and worth something in my life, never wasting a moment of it :)
TikTokcrazy Teheh
TikTokcrazy Teheh Päivä sitten
I’m gonna miss unus annus 🥺
Victorian Crow
Victorian Crow 2 päivää sitten
I had to wait a few days to process Unus Annus not being a thing before watching this, but now there’s closure.
The Titan
The Titan 2 päivää sitten
U.S anus no more ...its gone with trump.
Introsense 2 päivää sitten
Ethan: I am so proud of what we- Mark: so The Heist 2 is coming...
Olivia Ogilvie
Olivia Ogilvie 2 päivää sitten
This made me cry
Werewolf Lover
Werewolf Lover 2 päivää sitten
I missed it. I missed so much of it. I tried to catch up. ...I can't get that back. But I was there for the end. I saw the stream get to 1 million likes. That's something that nobody else will ever get to experience. Memento mori, Unus Annus.
Imogen Gant
Imogen Gant 2 päivää sitten
Ok but it would have been better if the name was left tit and right tit instead of unus annus 😔 either way im so glad I could have been part of this journey and when there were only 10 days left I realised I hadn’t seen all the videos... so you know exactly what I did, binge watched all of the vids I had missed 😀 I was tired but it was SO worth it, thanks for the journey.
Klišťatko 181
Klišťatko 181 2 päivää sitten
I feel so sad watching this video bc i Can see he is sad too aaaa but unus annus was rly rly super thing
Christian Gomez Juarez
Christian Gomez Juarez 2 päivää sitten
Unus annus Unus annusUnus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus Unus annus
Christian Gomez Juarez
Christian Gomez Juarez 2 päivää sitten
God job you guys unus annus
Morgan Rush
Morgan Rush 2 päivää sitten
It’s funny. I do the same thing - using those words, fine and weird, instead of articulating how I feel. It’s hard. It’s always been hard for me. I also don’t give myself compliments. I see a lot of myself in Ethan, and after watching him for 5 years, I can safely say I still see a lot of myself in him, because we’ve grown in conjunction. Over the past year of Unus Annus, that growth was... exponential, not only for you, Ethan, but for so many of us. The end of UA is a learning curve, because UA has always been a learning curve. We started thinking the time was never going to run out, but it did, and I think most of us are lucky that we’re at a place of acceptance of that. There is a timer, a clock, pushing us with invisible force, and UA has taught us to use that time as though it would end tomorrow. As a writer I’ve been so inspired to just. Fucking. Write. Because that’s the only way I’ll get it done; get my message and my life out there. So yeah, thanks, Ethan. I can’t wait to see what you do next. 💛💙🖤🤍
Keiran Ganteng
Keiran Ganteng 2 päivää sitten
Ethan: sad Mark: *reviews flashlights from the heavens*
Mousie87 2 päivää sitten
One of the things I'll miss most about Unus Annus was the video topics themselves. I've always been a fan of Mark and Ethan and everyone in their circle, but I'm just not really into gameplay videos. I liked Markiplier Makes, but that was few and far between- Unus Annus always had a video every day with a unique, interesting idea and new experiences. I really hope that kind of content continues, even after Unus Annus. I admit, I didn't watch every video. I didn't even watch most of the videos. I probably only watched around half, but it still left a profound impact on me. I remember grinding through videos on the last week, staying up late to watch just one more. But on the last day, in the final few hours, I kind of just accepted it. I had so many videos left. So I picked the one I wanted to watch the most- God's fitness test- and watched until the last five minutes on the clock, and then switched over to the stream. I don't regret not watching every video. Were there ones that I wanted to watch but didn't? Of course. Aerial hoops and silks were ones I had on my watch list for ever, but just never got around to watching them. Consciously I know there are archive channels all over the place, but I don't feel the need to find those videos. I'm okay with them being gone. I had my chance. The first few days after the end were the strangest. I wasn't sad, per se, but after cramming as much of it into my brain as i could for the past week, it suddenly being gone left me feeling oddly empty. I didn't touch youtube at all the first day. Now that it's been about a week it already feels so long ago. Time flies fast on the internet. I thought I had infinite time, and instead I just ended up missing out.
Natural World Facts
Natural World Facts 2 päivää sitten
There are 365k likes :) that’s fitting
Sugar The Nightfury
Sugar The Nightfury 2 päivää sitten
Isn’t it beautiful how this has been up for 6 days and is the second most viewed video on this channel?
Vincenz 2 päivää sitten
I am so so so excited for ethans future projekts, i cant wait for what he'll make, because im sure it will ne amazing!
REDDELTA death lord
REDDELTA death lord 2 päivää sitten
welcome to the end of a start also ethan dont worries life has a start to a end i have create my channel for the life of it im the new owner now of a thing well i am also the owner and the creator of memento mori REDDELTA and im starting a book im writing handmade a book at the start of the end to 0/0/2021 the start of a new life i solo create and start a life that was once remembered to the end and i will go on to the end of my life writing the book over the next years that start you will get better
Lefonki Studio's
Lefonki Studio's 2 päivää sitten
Mike Dolph
Mike Dolph 2 päivää sitten
You guys have made me into emotional wreck cause every time I hear them damn clicking of a clock I freak the hell out
Macaroni Mew
Macaroni Mew 2 päivää sitten
Now you're making me emotional
Bobby Fleming
Bobby Fleming 2 päivää sitten
I will never forget unus annus. as a youtuber I will take everything that ive learned from it with me.
Godzookie 2 päivää sitten
Officially the worst, meaningless to me garbage You Tube has ever put in my recommendations.
hoot hoot who tf are you
hoot hoot who tf are you Päivä sitten
@T.D.L true
T.D.L Päivä sitten
No one cares how you feel about it No one will ever care how you feel about the video
hoot hoot who tf are you
hoot hoot who tf are you 2 päivää sitten
Stfu child
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 2 päivää sitten
Someone: "What's Unus..Annus?" Me: You wouldn't get it.
The Assassin
The Assassin 2 päivää sitten
Before unnus annus I was suicidal for 3 yrs and then I found ethans channel from the description from an unnus annus vid and it’s cheered me up so much thx bro
Mhm *
Mhm * 2 päivää sitten
dharshana ihalagedara
dharshana ihalagedara 2 päivää sitten
Ethan: emotional about unus annus ending Meanwhile Mark:flashlight go nrrrrrrr..
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 2 päivää sitten
I just... like I have no words the only reaction I can say without going insane is “oof” I just you know when your like hit in your like body it just owww it hurts.
Masterlel 67
Masterlel 67 2 päivää sitten
Dormammu I’ve come to bargain
Rachel Elliott
Rachel Elliott 2 päivää sitten
Thank you to Ethan and everyone involved in Unus Annus, it was amazing! 😊
Yeet and Retreat
Yeet and Retreat 2 päivää sitten
Show of hands who has their little personal clip of Amy Ethan and Mark deleting unus annus...we just never want to leave it and that’s sad that we essentially can’t except death and that scares me but I’m so damn thankful I was there for the ride
Joryn Insco
Joryn Insco 2 päivää sitten
DAMN ahhhh you made me cry ,i’m at a wedding and you made me cry ❤️
JayWill20 2 päivää sitten
I just want to know what the LORE meant. there was so much stuff within these videos that it left questions unanswered. But maybe that was the point?
Sienna E
Sienna E 2 päivää sitten
thank you for sharing your emotions although it was difficult for you. We love you! :)
Mary May Elkass
Mary May Elkass 2 päivää sitten
I know my opinion doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I am so proud of you Ethan. Mark and Amy as well. You guys have done so much when the world really needed you, and unus annus will never be forgotten. I will tell my children about this in maybe 15 years. Thank you.
Team Obstructed
Team Obstructed 2 päivää sitten
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