The History of Grand Theft Auto

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Of all the video game series that have made their mark on the industry, few have elicited as many disparate reactions as Grand Theft Auto. To some, the series is the apex of interactive media; the ultimate expression of virtual freedom, and the cathartic chaos that this freedom can result in. To others, it’s one of the biggest smoking guns behind all of the misanthropy and violence present in today’s youth, in addition to being a vile and artless product in its own right.
If there’s one aspect that nearly everyone agrees on, it’s that Grand Theft Auto is among the most successful properties in the history of its medium. In the two decades that it’s graced consoles, handhelds and PCs, the open world series has remained a fixture on most sales charts, with its most recent entry, Grand Theft Auto V, having generated more revenue by itself than most franchises manage over their entire lifetime.
To most gamers today, this thoroughness with which the series currently dominates the industry is as normal as Mario is Italian. Yet to those that have been paying attention to it since its inception, it’s still a mighty impressive feat. For up until the late 2000s, a day didn’t seem to go by where the series wasn’t embroiled in some sort of scandal created by its most egregious detractors - or its very own developers.
This is the history of Grand Theft Auto.

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George Zaharia
George Zaharia 7 tuntia sitten
Mastakilla91 7 tuntia sitten
GTA gave the initial world logic and fun GTA 2 streamlined it with better graphics, sounds, gameplay etc. GTA 3 introduced the freedom of the 3rd dimension and added an actual story GTA Vice City streamlined it with a much more intriguing story including superb acting, voice acting, music and additional improvment of gameplay. GTA San Andreas took all of this and mutliplied it to new levels with an immense map, more game assets, customizability, RPG elements, all paired with a longer, more twisted story. I consider San Andreas to be the pinnacle of the whole franchise. GTA IV gave the long awaited new gen graphics and introduced a more realistic, grittier, rawer world and story. I personally think that although many things were better, fun was beginning to retract. GTA V streamlined the game and stretched it all out like SA before, introduced multiple characters, but somehow it made GTA become a parody of itself which is evidenced by GTA Online.
Regal Tone T
Regal Tone T 8 tuntia sitten
So for San Andreas you’ve got gang violence, the 1st time the N word was used pervasively, violence against women shootouts and stereotypes across the board and they flagged the game because of sex scenes? SMFH? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Guts Berserker
Guts Berserker 9 tuntia sitten
Over the years Grand Theft Auto got worse. :)
Shawn Rogers
Shawn Rogers 9 tuntia sitten
It's amazing how Grand Theft Auto I and Grand Theft Auto: London have fallen into obscurity even though ironically this is where it all started.
Remo Barcellone
Remo Barcellone 13 tuntia sitten
Does anyone else feel like it's super lazy when people put the description as the actual first part of the videos script...
Bruce Eaton
Bruce Eaton 15 tuntia sitten
The voracious catsup constitutively beam because booklet microscopically interfere among a idiotic neck. obscene, nice offer
Armando Hernandez
Armando Hernandez 17 tuntia sitten
literally grew up on these games!
Gymnasmic 22 tuntia sitten
I probably spent 10,000 hours playing GTA 3 when I was a kid.
Michael Dean
Michael Dean Päivä sitten
I want a tokyo inspired GTA with Yakuza and rival gangs, street racing and japanese culture... the whole 9 yards.
himintheflesh JordanNewarkVEVO
himintheflesh JordanNewarkVEVO Päivä sitten
Sucka Deeznuts
Sucka Deeznuts Päivä sitten
Roackstar is the worst game developer on the planet everybody knows that 🤣😂🤣😂 (well except EA) i mean who tf plays gta games anymore? And red dead 2? Dont even get me started...
DragonBall_sticknodes DragonBallXE
DragonBall_sticknodes DragonBallXE Päivä sitten
does anyone know the name to that song at the start to that video.
just some minced garlic
just some minced garlic Päivä sitten
GTA3 was the first gta game i played and it blew my mind as a kid. I thought it was the pinnacle of technological achievement. Vice city and San Andreas were probably the ones i have the most memories of, and GTAV might actually be my most played and favorite game of all time. Adding an online element to an already hectic and over the top little world was what I didn’t even know i needed.
Ezra Nixon
Ezra Nixon Päivä sitten
Let me hear some love for Space Station Silicon Valley, that game was fucking dope I smashed it growing up and i think about it on a near daily basis. Unique is an understatement for that awkward puzzle platforming comedy filled masterpiece.
Jim Osborn
Jim Osborn Päivä sitten
4:26 Los Angeles respectively*
mint Päivä sitten
red dead revolver
T Marsh-Connors
T Marsh-Connors 2 päivää sitten
Fantastic video!!
mikeinfinium 2 päivää sitten
17:05 what song is that playing?
Mathieu Wieshlow
Mathieu Wieshlow 2 päivää sitten
stinky and gay
geartic 2 päivää sitten
i need david jones's locker
TheOpacue 2 päivää sitten
Don't ask a fuckin idiot kid what the objective is, omg 😆
Random 2 päivää sitten
I gotta go potato this nigga
andrew sauve
andrew sauve 2 päivää sitten
Man this guy's voice is so satisfying!
Lilroz12 2 päivää sitten
Gta 4 was my childhood I remember playing it everyday now I can finally make memories with it again
eddi3401 2 päivää sitten
1:32 the cop killed his own friend 😂
Keenan Salzsauler
Keenan Salzsauler 3 päivää sitten
I watched this entire video and i'm still loading into gta online
Hunter Schnitzler
Hunter Schnitzler 3 päivää sitten
He said san Francisco none are in there los santos is in los Angeles
humnaset 4 päivää sitten
Tittle : The History of Grand Theft Auto Mouse hover over thumbnail : Mario 64
Dylan Zass
Dylan Zass 4 päivää sitten
6 will be playing as Trevor when he was young in Canada. Place yer bets!
Synclaire Xxx
Synclaire Xxx 4 päivää sitten
They should make one of the characters a female in the main story.
The Kid In Blue
The Kid In Blue 4 päivää sitten
Even though i like all the gta series but gta vice city san andreas and iv are the closest to my heart
Ali Can Tuncer
Ali Can Tuncer 4 päivää sitten
What's the game at 5:02?
Charlot1914 4 päivää sitten
They should put real estate to buy at random like san andreas and vice city
Alan luscombe8a
Alan luscombe8a 5 päivää sitten
I really wish tye controls on gta3 and vice city were the same as san andreas. I have all of them in pc as well but idk if there is a way to look with the mouse on 3
Michael Villalpando
Michael Villalpando 5 päivää sitten
Parveen Thakur
Parveen Thakur 5 päivää sitten
Watch CRYSIS 2 Gameplay Mission . @mvPs​
ChocoFly J.MoCo
ChocoFly J.MoCo 5 päivää sitten
GTA 6 yes plos
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 5 päivää sitten
Jack Thompson is a mook.
MrPallanza 5 päivää sitten
To be born to have seen the evolution of Grand Theft Auto through all these years. They definitely have the right to be called as one of the cornerstones of modern gaming.
Ricky Hadou
Ricky Hadou 6 päivää sitten
GTA 2 was good despite the camera GTA 3 was good and revolutionary GTA VC CHANGED MY LIFE AND WILL FOREVER BE MY FAVORITE ONE
Peter Lapointe
Peter Lapointe 6 päivää sitten
San andreas was dope got ps2 just to get san Andres
Peter Lapointe
Peter Lapointe 6 päivää sitten
I needed gta3 when I was 13 begged mom duke for it
kaczan3 6 päivää sitten
The next part is guaranteed to be about a stronk wahmens.
Misophoniq 6 päivää sitten
Funny how RockStar was worried about San Andreas' "Adult Content" rating while GTA V's "18+" rating entirely doesn't stop annoying 10 year olds from flooding the online lobbies with their fucking squeaky voices. If only there was a way to really enforce the rating category of a game, the online world would be such a more pleasant place...
Tweaked818 6 päivää sitten
Idk why gta online took off, its a clusterfuck
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner 7 päivää sitten
That was the first game called I played it on my ps vita or DS or something
Isaac Trujillo
Isaac Trujillo 7 päivää sitten
Nikko sounded like shrek, threw me off. 😂
Ashanti Anisha
Ashanti Anisha 7 päivää sitten
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A Duck!
A Duck! 7 päivää sitten
31:13 San Anne-dree-esse
Its__Rod 7 päivää sitten
Lmao Roman falling asleep on Niko talking, it's still funny asf.
El Desgraciado
El Desgraciado 7 päivää sitten
2021 is going to be the real GTA6.
El Desgraciado
El Desgraciado 7 päivää sitten
Damian Frederick
Damian Frederick 7 päivää sitten
San Andreas is supposed to be California, San fierro is San fransico los santos is LA and las Venturas is Vegas. There was also gta 1 London 1965
Dom 8 päivää sitten
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh 8 päivää sitten
27:38 so this is where rockstar got the idea of op mk2
Jason_Trip Smith
Jason_Trip Smith 8 päivää sitten
Greatest series of all time. In history.
Kris M
Kris M 8 päivää sitten
Best watch all week.
AJP45 8 päivää sitten
doing something safe like going back to the 60's would be the best move. Or the 70's maybe.
No Names
No Names 8 päivää sitten
Gta 4👏🏾 classic
Tru Slatt
Tru Slatt 8 päivää sitten
Grew up on gta4 the best gta
P Junos
P Junos 8 päivää sitten
drinkin beers and passing the controller round the room to see who could stay alive with 6 stars the longest in college. what a time!
mixxxer 8 päivää sitten
4:52 does anyone know the origin of this specific video?
Corey Hoffarth
Corey Hoffarth 9 päivää sitten
Jack thats a name I have not heard in quite some time
Dan Smoke
Dan Smoke 9 päivää sitten
The nervous minister sequently love because grandmother cytogenetically sniff besides a puzzling birch. wandering, sulky patricia
TODD HOWARD 9 päivää sitten
Despite the games being rated 18+ or whatever rating esrb does I played gta when I was 6 or 5 lol
JZX TRD 9 päivää sitten
@41:50 WTF at that statement "it took 75 years and countless billions of dollars to train our solders to kill" um in what universe, thought it took 3 months of basic?
Travis Jayce
Travis Jayce 10 päivää sitten
I can't w8 for GTA6 to teach me new ways to kill ppl in real life lol those anchors and that hillary clinton are so dumb man ! They will never stop this ! Rockstar will rock 4ever !!!
Kem Rash
Kem Rash 10 päivää sitten
Eaglemaster 486
Eaglemaster 486 11 päivää sitten
They need to bring back niko or Roman Bellec back in Gta 6
Flixey 11 päivää sitten
41:50 This might be dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard.
Sunny borah
Sunny borah 11 päivää sitten
GTA is a legend.
alias unknown
alias unknown 11 päivää sitten
go rockstar
Meauxami Jones
Meauxami Jones 11 päivää sitten
39:50 Julian? While watching this,I had looked away for a second, and when I looked back at the screen, I saw this. I thought it was some kind of Trailer Park Boys thing lol
Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing
Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing 12 päivää sitten
i like the game name stealing car
Law Student Till 2024
Law Student Till 2024 12 päivää sitten
Jamie Paterson
Jamie Paterson 12 päivää sitten
I loved gta 2. I think I bought it about 6 times I had gta London as well. It might still be at my mums house. I hope is still there. Must be rare because as far as I knew I was the only person who got it. Needed the gta 1 disk to make it work.
Keegan D'souza
Keegan D'souza 12 päivää sitten
Yooooo look at Lester at 10:21 dudee
randomcracka3 12 päivää sitten
Love how they were just using a bunch of different gta load screen music
Paul Gaither
Paul Gaither 12 päivää sitten
GTA 4 "Something to do until 5 comes out... I guess... I mean, after you finish the main missions, we all know you have no reason to keep playing and will go back to San Andreas, but fuck you, we have your money now." The much longer but more accurate title.
MUM VANOSS 12 päivää sitten
These are almost all of my childhood lol
Blinkysaurus Rex
Blinkysaurus Rex 12 päivää sitten
The dark themes of GTA IV was fantastic. I remember how absolutely enveloping it was.
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 12 päivää sitten
This video was amazing.
Michael Pruitt
Michael Pruitt 12 päivää sitten
Grand Theft Auto 3 really changed it all. Growing up I thought San Andreas was the best, I still do but I didn't realize how good Vice City, and 4 was until I played it later. Grand Theft Auto 5 was great too
chris cass
chris cass 13 päivää sitten
GTA VI : Portland
Jesus N
Jesus N 13 päivää sitten
Grand Theft Auto 4 was incredibly good. Best phisycs ever.
Luna Imperia
Luna Imperia 13 päivää sitten
It would be great if GTA VI was an entire state inspired by Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. It would have Vice City, but also a city inspired by New Orleans (let's say New Lyon), and a third one inspired by Atlanta and Memphis.
Inmate 06452017
Inmate 06452017 14 päivää sitten
41:50 that logic wtf
Samuel Dobrow
Samuel Dobrow 14 päivää sitten
too bad rockstar wont port chinatown wars to switch. it really is a clever game
Christopher Stokes
Christopher Stokes 14 päivää sitten
Body harvest has the award for the first game ever true first 3D sandbox game on the N64 and may I add on ....A CONOLE Just a small thing, when showing GTA 3 why show majority of pc footage when stating it was a PlayStation 2 exclusive at the time?
Amy Sutherland
Amy Sutherland 14 päivää sitten
Did i hear "San Francisco"? or am i just ear blind
Vinay K
Vinay K 14 päivää sitten
Why the hell I don’t see Tommy !
Hip-Hop Crypt
Hip-Hop Crypt 15 päivää sitten
Every voice actor u can think of in San andreas The game Ice t Peter fonda Danny dyer Samuel l jackson Ect ect Everyone was in that game love it
Chris Kayman
Chris Kayman 15 päivää sitten
GTA V online makes too much money selling shark cards.
DavidJG 15 päivää sitten
GTA3 is better than Cyberbug 2077
I I 15 päivää sitten
Listening to the gta3 music in the background took me back to my early teens. Good memories
P R 15 päivää sitten
San Andreas was the best version hands down.
carlos sanchez
carlos sanchez 15 päivää sitten
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carlos sanchez
carlos sanchez 15 päivää sitten
The savory nerve postmeiotically steer because kale dentsply pray around a tender tense pamphlet. seemly, divergent trousers
mafiadoller 16 päivää sitten
Grand theft auto is the only reason why I buy new consoles.... whenever they come out with GTA 6 is when I'll buy a new ps5.
mafiadoller 13 päivää sitten
@Armz House usually I'll play it hot and heavy for 3 days until I beat the main story line, then I'll just explore and check out all the hidden stuff and play it once every 6 months or so.
Armz House
Armz House 13 päivää sitten
Omg me too 😆 am not even a gamer but all I buy is gta nothing else. Just collects dust when gta is fully completed 😂 until the next gta
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