There's Only a Few Hours Until Trump Is Dumped

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

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James Corden recaps the headlines on Donald Trump's last full day as president of the United States, including the Trumps deciding to skip Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony and his farewell message to the country. And James looks at a story about cocaine hippos becoming a big issue in Colombia.
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Mary Ramsesia barrid
Mary Ramsesia barrid 9 päivää sitten
i have only one thing to say president trump JUST STOP YOU CRYING ITS THE SIGN OF THE TIMES
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith 19 päivää sitten
The cocaine hippo graphic 😂😂😂
gjb gjb
gjb gjb 24 päivää sitten
dont punish trump dont do that with him he is one of the best trully pro american people U.S. president he is good and very successfull president stop doing anything wrong to him
Czarki 24 päivää sitten
This is just gorgeous. NEVER allow this man to have an audience again except his crew!
Baila Buddy
Baila Buddy 28 päivää sitten
jeff dolak
jeff dolak 29 päivää sitten
Stop talking with a mouth full of skittles. And actually make a point..
Thats not funny
Thats not funny 29 päivää sitten
Im thankful Trump declined to go to the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Salvatore Sciarretta
Salvatore Sciarretta Uukausi sitten
There are specimens of species that in their lives have never washed a cup of coffee or cleaned an infected ass in a hospital ward. Then, as if that were not enough, they donate their waste paper to charity, the result of years of speculation and illicit acts. Now these spoiled psychopaths should be a role model of suprematism to idolize for the human beings. Goodmornig America! Can you get rid of this? All you need is love.
Johanna 2803
Johanna 2803 Uukausi sitten
3:17 the rest of the world respected america a little bit before Trump. While Trump we lost the respected. And with Biden america earned a little bit respect again.
Brant Phillips
Brant Phillips Uukausi sitten
We absolutely did not gain any respect with Biden being elected. He’s more corrupt than Trump
NILO PINKI KOJUM Uukausi sitten
Yo James, I have a problem, some of your videos are unavailable to watch on my country. please I kindly request you to make it public for all the countries. Sincerely A daily viewer.
dolphinrose21 Uukausi sitten
Congrats on Biden America ...goodnight lullaby for 4 years ...zzzz
Tom Hall
Tom Hall Uukausi sitten
The title should have been " there's only a few hours until Biden dumps on America " . 👋🇺🇲
Linda Ward
Linda Ward Uukausi sitten
gives a whole new twist on "Florida man"
Rachael Glen
Rachael Glen Uukausi sitten
80s_kid Uukausi sitten
Trump is bad ? But Did a lot of good for america, then biden on his first day Cancels Keystone Pipeline, costing at least 11,000 jobs, Throws Thousands of Troops on the street, forcing them to squeeze 5000 in to a parking garage with one bathroom, Trump came along Immediately and opened his hotel and gave them accommodation for FREE !! Bet you won't see that on CNN will You ?
Mau C. S.
Mau C. S. Uukausi sitten
Byeeeee trumpeta !
Michael Vigh
Michael Vigh Uukausi sitten
Go Back!
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Uukausi sitten
Dude, please go back to the UK and be funny there. They are in as much shit as America. That Stacey and whatsisface was brilliant!
Mutant Outkast
Mutant Outkast Uukausi sitten
The last time a former president skipped another's inauguration was in 1869 ,and Biden didn't approve of it back then .lol,lol.
David Filer
David Filer Uukausi sitten
Two Billion dollar library!!! Here I was, going to lend him a shovel to build the hole for all his successful accomplishments.
Valentina Richard
Valentina Richard Uukausi sitten
The only thing I care about is are the videos of the cops "perp" walking him in a Orange jumpsuit and cuffs, this I want to see.
CejV5j Uukausi sitten
0:23 spektakulär
HoshiReed Uukausi sitten
Should have said LIAR - brary
Jacquie Burcham
Jacquie Burcham Uukausi sitten
Does Trump know what goes into a library? And if he knows, has he ever read one?
Vardan Nadirian
Vardan Nadirian Uukausi sitten
Joe Baidan one term president, you are a citizen of the country of metal and clay USA.
stephanie patton
stephanie patton Uukausi sitten
look whos talking HUMPTY DUMPTY
Al Capone
Al Capone Uukausi sitten
Hey trump Lie felisha.😜
Adroid Advice
Adroid Advice Uukausi sitten
I love the old man biden jokes. they aren't mean...just silly.
Lizz Keiper
Lizz Keiper Uukausi sitten
i like the cocaine hippo
S. W.
S. W. Uukausi sitten
Dear America, thank you for taking away the atomic power from Donald Trump. sincerely, the rest of the world
jimmy Ryan
jimmy Ryan Uukausi sitten
Looking forward to them thin house jokes
A dorable
A dorable Uukausi sitten
I LOVE the cocain hippo graphic 😁👍
Jonof wndlnjn
Jonof wndlnjn Uukausi sitten
So do you have truth about you? You must have a lot of facts. One in their correct degrees would never slander or mislead with intention to bring harm to others, right? Things in jest about a nation torn is in very bad taste, correct? Or have some decided to remove the word from Americas halls forever. God has a humorous side I have read. I no joke, a goooooood one for some. Have you heard about the lil fibbers who laugh at God though end up selling hot dust for eternity in hell to their followers? Now that is not funny, or is it fibbers?
laravine Uukausi sitten
Please never bring back the audience. The crew laughing off camera is so much better
柳岑焉 Uukausi sitten
George Ziemba
George Ziemba Uukausi sitten
Great lines tonight!
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen Uukausi sitten
Thank God. We all prayed and he gave us his answer. Anyone who doesn’t think so? Talk to God about it.
I Ka
I Ka Uukausi sitten
*Donald J Trump will be remembered as the last fairly and Constitutionally elected President of the United States of America, and the best one, as he promised to his nation. He will be the Legend of Hope for the new dark age of globalist neo-totalitarian tyranny of lies, fraud, and oligarchs defeating freedom, which set over America and the whole world yesterday 01/20/21 at 12 noon.*
Timothy Long
Timothy Long Uukausi sitten
James isn’t even a US Citizen of the US....
I Ka
I Ka Uukausi sitten
Biden's first day as POTUS with his leftist executive orders signed is probably the most harmful single day of anyone's presidency for the American People.
Sarah R
Sarah R Uukausi sitten
That graphic was 100% worth it
Tony C
Tony C Uukausi sitten
Shouldn't the inauguration of Biden be a federal holiday now?
Truth Teller
Truth Teller Uukausi sitten
So now what are these “comedians” going to do for material? 🤣
John Tucker
John Tucker Uukausi sitten
Finally James can stop beating this dead horse.
Sarfraz Khan
Sarfraz Khan Uukausi sitten
I used to watch James Corden regularly. I was dissappointed when he started being sarcastic about President Joe Biden's inauguration.
Andy Fuentes?!¿¡
Andy Fuentes?!¿¡ Uukausi sitten
The White House is now a retirement home, and Joe is off to the basement.
Danielle Parker
Danielle Parker Uukausi sitten
Love ❤️ Biden & Harris. Thanks to everyone who voted for real change and got that orange umpalumpa. Thank goodness Twitter blocked him.
Gordon Spence
Gordon Spence Uukausi sitten
I see the swamp was not completly drained then !.. however i do actually respect you are entitled to your opinion James allthough as a fellow Brit i would suggest you should really stay clear of it all you being a guest in that country .. Biden talked about unity and healing .. and here we are ... in all its glory .. god bless america indeed. James do Great Britain a favour .. dont come back if you are going to bring this level of social commentry with you wrapped up as humour .. we have enough "issues" as it is. Cheers
angler jj
angler jj Uukausi sitten
he probably really believes that respect thing 🤣. Maybe this happens in his world. As a European in the real world I can tell you, that there has never been any kind of respect for any Trump at all. There was/is laughter, astonishment, head shaking, head scratching, faithlessness, confusion, hair pulling......
Alan Mercieca
Alan Mercieca Uukausi sitten
Lie Bribery, LOL
Lily Delacour
Lily Delacour Uukausi sitten
“Please don’t loose that respect” 😂😂😂 I can’t breath, that was hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Halymah Sonekan
Halymah Sonekan Uukausi sitten
Trump talking about Respect me dying because he just shot himself in the foot
Joan Siler
Joan Siler Uukausi sitten
I like you James Corden - but your treatment of Trump has really upset me. As a public figure, you should take a more neutral stance when it comes to politics.
tipangawal11 Uukausi sitten
let's see what CBS ZZZ
T Industries
T Industries Uukausi sitten
I did not watch this show in 2 months. I see you still as handsome as before haha :)
Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall Uukausi sitten
Richa Malik
Richa Malik Uukausi sitten
Next video of Harry styles pls
Nick Simonetta
Nick Simonetta Uukausi sitten
Congrats welcome to socialist america! You'll miss trump when biden and kamala start taxing you to death to fund there socialist agenda
Rory Mackay
Rory Mackay Uukausi sitten
With the so Repetitive Iii LIE. LIE LIE Line LINE LINE This moment in history will be known to generations as THE BLANK TIME the reign of dimwit is now over Take back the people's passport You are Grounded and World shall know DONALD
Special K GB
Special K GB Uukausi sitten
Some people on this thread actually make me sick.
Eric Quezada
Eric Quezada Uukausi sitten
Fuckgoogle Googlesucks
Fuckgoogle Googlesucks Uukausi sitten
I thought Trump meant the world respect us again because Biden is the president now. But anyone knows he means the opposite, how ridiculous is that!
Oggydogg 313
Oggydogg 313 Uukausi sitten
I hope china invades America and starts raping and pillaging everything. Cause Joe bidens on the team.
Altrusian WolfDog
Altrusian WolfDog Uukausi sitten
Yep, the second most hated man in America is now at the wheel.....
Caleb Paxton
Caleb Paxton Uukausi sitten
Unsubscribeing right now
Chara T
Chara T Uukausi sitten
oh trump, we've already lost our dignity, let alone respect
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob Uukausi sitten
I truly wonder how long the late shows will go without mentioning Trump ...
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna Uukausi sitten
i need some games on donald trump it will be funny
erebus kraken
erebus kraken Uukausi sitten
It was worth it. Hippo!
Leanne Nemeth
Leanne Nemeth Uukausi sitten
We always assumed it would only be a presidential kiosk.
Tana Grigg
Tana Grigg Uukausi sitten
M a r i a A n g e l o v a
M a r i a A n g e l o v a Uukausi sitten
So much yes on all said here!!! 👍🙌
Christine Kaye
Christine Kaye Uukausi sitten
Trump who?
joe chombo
joe chombo Uukausi sitten
Even i was Biden I wouldn’t give a fuck if trump comes or not. I’d be like “screw that bitch”.
Eel On Musk
Eel On Musk Uukausi sitten
James gay your dump than trump
Ashutosh Parashar
Ashutosh Parashar Uukausi sitten
It's hilarious how you celebrities are orgasming over Biden, when you all know both Trump and Biden are equally shit.
KingUSMCO Uukausi sitten
Would his liebary be filled with tweets?
True Leadership
True Leadership Uukausi sitten
Kimberly Uukausi sitten
You can stream Joe Biden's inauguration in "WOW, ALL THE NETWORKS!"
Homerunmonk11 Uukausi sitten
Can we just nuke mar-a-lago
Francis Santos
Francis Santos Uukausi sitten
I am sorry to disagree Jimmy Corden. I am eagerly awaiting what dear leader Trump was hiding all this returns, perfect Ukrainian call, the Georgia quid pro quo, Patriot party, pocket pardons etc. Lots of teasers for the next season of Trump episodes.
Josh Cohen
Josh Cohen Uukausi sitten
Where is Ian?
Elmae 45
Elmae 45 Uukausi sitten
I love that tiger 🐯 jumpsuit
Elmae 45
Elmae 45 Uukausi sitten
And don’t it feel good!!!!🕺🏾
Wendy H
Wendy H Uukausi sitten
I just want to say that even after these last four years of insanity, I still respect much of the USA. I haven’t respected the administration these past four years, DEFINITELY have absolutely zero respect for all of those US terrorists who attacked their own capitol building on January 6, or the treasonous acts of specific people who incited them to do so, nor do I have any respect for all the racist, hateful, xenophobic and misogynistic scumbags that crawled out from under their rocks the second this now ex-president whistled for them, right from the very start of his reign. BUT!! I cannot help but respect the hell out of all of the US frontline healthcare workers who have been battling deadly pandemics (the Corona virus being one & blatant, rampant *deliberate* stupidity the other), and who despite the complete lack of leadership and honesty from someone who was supposed to be actually LEADING the country, (yet instead continued putting so many more in danger), never gave up trying to save all that they can. I also deeply respect as well the indomitable spirit of all those who have held onto their belief in the possible, the good still there within their country and each other. The many, many decent, brave souls who kept trying so very hard to continue believing in the good within their countrymen and women in a world which had seemingly gone mad - the many who refused to allow that man to destroy neither their own spirit and dreams, or their belief in the country’s true spirit. I respect all of the ACTUAL journalists who refused to give in to the attempts to stop them from shining a bright light on everything that administration and its leader were doing, regardless of how hard they attempted to hide their revolting actions from their own people as well as the rest of the world. I absolutely respect anyone who stood firm throughout the storm of insanity and hate of the past four years, and continued to push back, no matter what. For these reasons and so many more; for all of those dammed decent and brave people who kept the lights burning by being examples of good - you’d better believe I still respect so many of my neighbours to the South. I know that you are all so much more than the man-child that conned his way into power...and then eventually slunk away with his tail tucked firmly between his legs this morning. Despite his efforts, he was very clearly told that the majority of the country was MORE than done with his lies and corruption. The USA and its many people who are worthy of respect were never’s very best parts just got a little misplaced for a few years, that’s all, and THIS Canuck is incredibly happy to see you all again! Welcome Back! 🇨🇦❤️🇺🇸
John Martin
John Martin Uukausi sitten
Why dos a kip five feet wide need two front doors?? Oh Wait ... only one is a conspiracy Portal... Yeh I get it...Well worth 1.4M
Bruce Rerek
Bruce Rerek Uukausi sitten
And it seems Joe Exotic didn't get his pardon-Donny J in a frosted mullet and some sad assed crocs and sway back horses in Jacksonville!
John Martin
John Martin Uukausi sitten
Funny as Feck :-D
sfitzic Uukausi sitten
Now he's just Florida Man!
Dan McAleer
Dan McAleer Uukausi sitten
People talk about Pres Joe being old, will run out of energy and will start having those symptoms most 70+ people do......but no worries. Kamala has enough energy for Joe and the both houses too!!! I love Joe's first day Presidential many right things to counteract some of the really dumb stuff Trump did. Fauci is back in charge, working with the WHO instead of calling them names and ignoring ALL of their warnings last January. I can't really decide if Trump was a genius inserting his own poisonous personality into the actual body of the US Government....or if the was a complete narcissistic moron who probably played with himself while huddled on the toilet sending out tweets and getting himself so excited that....well, you know. I mean, Melanoma wouldn't touch him ever again so someone has to do it....Ms. Right and Ms. Left...the Trump twins who make his whole world go round and round. Sorry, maybe that was too graffic but damn I just feel so good being able to get all this out of my system and to really start to believe there is a future ahead of us. And even the first press conference by Jen Psaki, the White House press person, was wonderful....a sense of humor, willing to say she didn't know, that they would find out more tomorrow as she makes time to talk these pertinent questions with the Pres and will get back. I think she is going to be great. Anyway, I hope everyone sleeps wonderfully tonight, or party till you drop...whatever makes you happiest. Enjoy the next 4 years will be like a fresh new rainbow comes out every morning!!!
Marija Matejic
Marija Matejic Uukausi sitten
You will be dumped soon :) Don't never forget it :)
mytexas days
mytexas days Uukausi sitten
And you need one of those black binders like the President has in which holds an executive order. And sign an order prohibiting Trump name from ever being mentioned again on year show.
The freedom factory
The freedom factory Uukausi sitten
not poetic, criptic, if you ask me. "supreme confedence+ best is yet to come" that is a promise, that we won't be rid of him and his supremecists yet. "I,ll be back in some form". we'll be ready don.
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi Uukausi sitten
Why would anyone make a candle to smell like their vagina?
mytexas days
mytexas days Uukausi sitten
Hang on to your hairpieces and so on tomorrow when mother earth exhales in a sigh of relief, and that's the cause of Cali's wind event.
Puzekat Meow
Puzekat Meow Uukausi sitten
I just watched a very normal press conference given by the Biden presidency. We are going to miss the craziness a little bit I guess I can watch TV again
Aly M
Aly M Uukausi sitten
I am so in alignment with Biden’s unity speeches 🥰 it’s just so me. So much can be accomplished through uncovering shared ground. Even if we don’t all stroll down the street holding hands from now on, HUGE changes in perspective are accomplished when we at least understand our neighbor. 💕
Denise Parrott
Denise Parrott Uukausi sitten
Oh happy day when the lead story is London’s narrowest house!!!!! Bring it on.
Use your Brain
Use your Brain Uukausi sitten
It feels like America again
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