Go Kart Paintball Battle

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Who knew combining sports could be so fun!
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Liam McCormick
Liam McCormick 13 minuuttia sitten
RIP Coby. Let’s pray for him 👇 👇
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas 31 minuutti sitten
Jeremy dad t tee d re 6 txg6snck#alf4de a tree Timm
Jeremy dad t tee d re 6 txg6snck#alf4de a tree Timm 48 minuuttia sitten
Why did you stop Nickalodon
Maddog Guevara
Maddog Guevara Tunti sitten
Can u follow me on tik tok my tik tok is king_maddog17
ExponentMars 767
ExponentMars 767 Tunti sitten
Was anybody else able to put the quality on 2160p
Maddog Guevara
Maddog Guevara Tunti sitten
Hi today I met Cori at kroger
Ireland Boys Productions
Ireland Boys Productions 2 tuntia sitten
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson 3 tuntia sitten
At 13mins and 17seconds look at the refs face
CARTER ZACHERL 3 tuntia sitten
I hate tyler
liamb ulger
liamb ulger 4 tuntia sitten
EA play is the best
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 tuntia sitten
You should do a Collaboration with Patrick Mahomes and do some trick shots
Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens 4 tuntia sitten
He had the elbow down
Lina Ortmann
Lina Ortmann 4 tuntia sitten
I love the commentary 😂😂
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 tuntia sitten
Please support me guys...😀
LBL TV 5 tuntia sitten
6fnutjj75m757mug utmugumgvmiiyg u vCard BFF 5676557756 6t676 4th day at a restaurant I am the first one on this day and it was very helpful to have the same issue 5 as I 4445556 my current work ethic in 3rd years of my life 3rd in a world 🌎 🙃 😢 😑 😀 🙂 🌎 🙃 😢 😑 😀 🙂 🌎 🙃
Tonya Gardner
Tonya Gardner 5 tuntia sitten
remeber when this video was called ufc golf
Ahnaf Khan’s Channel
Ahnaf Khan’s Channel 5 tuntia sitten
Can I get one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ИСТОЧНИК ВДОХНОВЕНИЯ * Source of Inspiration
ИСТОЧНИК ВДОХНОВЕНИЯ * Source of Inspiration 5 tuntia sitten
visit my channel in Russia
sparkyinbath 6 tuntia sitten
These guys with their logo and their corporate sponsor bs. They're lost their magic.
Paul St. Marie
Paul St. Marie 6 tuntia sitten
I give Doris credit for actually taking this seriously. She even took the time to drop in a purple hozer reference
Adam Is Cool
Adam Is Cool 7 tuntia sitten
I wish Doris was in every video
The Dawsonator
The Dawsonator 7 tuntia sitten
Hands down my favorite dp vid of all time
Kian Maurer
Kian Maurer 7 tuntia sitten
Wir leben in deutschland ihr loser
eggsack 7 tuntia sitten
where do i get that kart
Shock_Cynnx 7 tuntia sitten
Tyler won all of The challenges
JASMINE DHALIWAL 8 tuntia sitten
They changed the title, so I thought this was a new video I did not see
Kenny Pearce
Kenny Pearce 8 tuntia sitten
Anyone else notice tys mullet
L1234J ?
L1234J ? 8 tuntia sitten
xbox has need for speed ?
Brody Darnell
Brody Darnell 9 tuntia sitten
Tyler is literally Sean Taylor
OPLAKSHAY Yt 9 tuntia sitten
Please support me guys...😀
Soph The Loaf
Soph The Loaf 10 tuntia sitten
I have a song request for a battle. It is called: The Jungle
Loretta Savri
Loretta Savri 10 tuntia sitten
bro it went 3 2 add happend
Gabriel Wright
Gabriel Wright 11 tuntia sitten
doris burke
Loretta Savri
Loretta Savri 11 tuntia sitten
the twins are weaker than the other and ty came in and i was like if he doesnt make it
MrGraphy 11 tuntia sitten
i dont like tyler winning at all it make dp disgusting
Conor Holmes
Conor Holmes 11 tuntia sitten
15 minute video to show us all Doris is cooler than all of you? Weird flex but alright
All Rounder
All Rounder 11 tuntia sitten
Yo who noticed that they changed the thumbnail it’s first ufc battle now go kart paintball battle
Omkar Gharat
Omkar Gharat 11 tuntia sitten
Tyler's pathetic
Faith Smith
Faith Smith 12 tuntia sitten
Why does ty always have to win?
Mahammad Kunhi
Mahammad Kunhi 13 tuntia sitten
Only og,s remember the original name of the video I think it was ufc golf battle I am not a 100% sure though
Jake Armstrong
Jake Armstrong 13 tuntia sitten
at 4:03 in the vid, it sounds like someone said the a word
Lakshay Yadav
Lakshay Yadav 14 tuntia sitten
Bindu didi
John cooper
John cooper 14 tuntia sitten
Вова Лось
Вова Лось 15 tuntia sitten
💕💕🙏 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare🙏💕💕
Lezlie Vitt
Lezlie Vitt 16 tuntia sitten
13:45 I felt So bad for Coby In the Final when He was Just running By himself and Ty is Just like “You Can bring the Trophy here!”
Sahil kumar
Sahil kumar 16 tuntia sitten
last round is tooo funyyyy btw love from india
iAimZ GT
iAimZ GT 17 tuntia sitten
I feel like Tyler is just too op and a bully in competitions I feel bad for the other members of Dude Perfect with Tyler with the most wins here.
iAimZ GT
iAimZ GT 2 tuntia sitten
But I know what you mean
iAimZ GT
iAimZ GT 2 tuntia sitten
@Geoff Zuo i just feel bad for the other guys xd
Geoff Zuo
Geoff Zuo 5 tuntia sitten
It's like saying that the kid who wins math contests because he studies more and wants to win more is a bully. It's not Ty's fault he's better than the other guys.
Jose Mari Mataga
Jose Mari Mataga 17 tuntia sitten
Every takedown is a laughing stock out of everyone!😂😂😂
Nihal Nihal
Nihal Nihal 17 tuntia sitten
Why ufc golf battle video is missing
Asrar Samad
Asrar Samad 18 tuntia sitten
cody has been doing way too many surgeries. either that or he is just making excuses by doing surgery so they go easy on him
Laksh Anand
Laksh Anand 18 tuntia sitten
Araz Abasalizadhe
Araz Abasalizadhe 18 tuntia sitten
john conner
john conner 19 tuntia sitten
I'm Smooth
I'm Smooth 19 tuntia sitten
Ty with a classy win..... ....He was like - "Go give it your best shot". Just think if the last shot went in.
mberu's stuff
mberu's stuff 20 tuntia sitten
I need oxygen!
Dude1505 21 tunti sitten
Only true fans remember that this used to be called UFC Golf Battle...
LAIRA CATE 22 tuntia sitten
anybody else sick and tired of ty winning??
WIZZARD GAMING 22 tuntia sitten
It's so funny
ppiesw 22 tuntia sitten
Wasn’t this called the UGC something like that golf battle
Eric Allen FPV
Eric Allen FPV 22 tuntia sitten
Doris ftw!
Big Bare
Big Bare 22 tuntia sitten
Wait is TY growing a mullet if so then welcome to the life my guy
Dubby 11
Dubby 11 22 tuntia sitten
“I need oxygen”-Sparky 2020
Heather Thomson
Heather Thomson 23 tuntia sitten
Pound it noggin see ya
John Arbuckle
John Arbuckle 23 tuntia sitten
was this the most violent episode of Dude Perfect? 😂
miguel hernandez
miguel hernandez 23 tuntia sitten
i thought Ty was being nice and letting Toby win but then i realized that he wasn’t even trying cuz he knew he was going to win😭😭😂
NoBaller21 Päivä sitten
Only true fans remember the title of this video “UFC Golf Battle”
Oyuntuya Gungaajav
Oyuntuya Gungaajav Päivä sitten
I’m n
Maxwell J
Maxwell J Päivä sitten
That new commentator is so funny
Hyre 9
Hyre 9 Päivä sitten
Who else would be scared to tackle Tyler?
NLE_Clutch Päivä sitten
Tuesdays with my sister
Tuesdays with my sister Päivä sitten
Totally awesome! Great announcer's!
Lucas Hargrave
Lucas Hargrave Päivä sitten
I kimda hate tyler he wins all the friken time
Max Eklund
Max Eklund Päivä sitten
wait no 14:17
Max Eklund
Max Eklund Päivä sitten
at 4:17 it looked like he was pregnant
Bones #27 B
Bones #27 B Päivä sitten
I like how one of the host called out Cory ( I think) that he didn’t get his license until the age of 19. (At the go kart paint ball
Crystal Liebergen
Crystal Liebergen Päivä sitten
Dnnnnndnnndnnnn Dude Perfect
Amin Mustafa
Amin Mustafa Päivä sitten
No one saw that animal?promise right after garet was out on the top of the screen.not al
Ninja Päivä sitten
Who subscribes to the "N" channel will be happy 2021
Pong Cheesy
Pong Cheesy Päivä sitten
Only people who were early remember the title when it was ufc golf battle
AniMaster13 Päivä sitten
Bruh my man at 10:43 sounds like my granddad
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Päivä sitten
Dorris: Driving and shooting is this a new experience for you? Ty: wouldn't be the first FBI: Write that down! Write that down!
Avaneesh Senthilkumar
Avaneesh Senthilkumar Päivä sitten
Who remembers when the title was UFC golf battle
Jared Atkinson
Jared Atkinson Päivä sitten
Boo covid
DigitAbz Päivä sitten
Yay ty he actually was mad 😎
Detel FlAmeZ
Detel FlAmeZ Päivä sitten
Hey dp where did you get the go karts?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Päivä sitten
Everyone like my channel I liked all your guises channel and I subscribed to dude perfect and subscribe to me
Sharon Swagger
Sharon Swagger Päivä sitten
Anyone else notice that they changed the name of the video from UFC Golf to Go kart paintball battle
lol n
lol n Päivä sitten
UFC Golfing might just be the best thing of 2020
Pepe G
Pepe G Päivä sitten
I hate ty because he cheated because he punched
Warp Päivä sitten
Purple Poser
Braden Bruce
Braden Bruce Päivä sitten
4:25 RIP shin 🙏
O dog Playzz
O dog Playzz Päivä sitten
Chrome Reaper
Chrome Reaper Päivä sitten
I remember playing 2k11 and hearing doris burkes voice everytime
M4hd1 H
M4hd1 H Päivä sitten
They’re playing go kart paintball at btec stone hench( I don’t know how to spell) 😂
LukeR22 Päivä sitten
If UFC golf was a thing I’d watch golf😂
“Go kart Paintball Battle” Should have been “tackle battle”. Was just basketball + golf tackle Still no panda after 50m
Peter Espinoza
Peter Espinoza Päivä sitten
Wow they have speedflex helmets😂
Adam CHELIKH Päivä sitten
Wait....wasn't the title UFC golf battle ?
Arham Sibtain
Arham Sibtain Päivä sitten
no coby you need to win
Alex Vavrinyuk
Alex Vavrinyuk Päivä sitten
Everyone like my channel I liked all your guises channel and I subscribed to dude perfect and subscribe to me
Miranda Juarez
Miranda Juarez Päivä sitten
How does he break his leg
Garret Heim
Garret Heim Päivä sitten
My name is it's garret
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