Vibraphone Design Test 1 - Marble Machine X#88

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A small step for the Vibraphone, a giant leap For the Marble Machine X. You know the Disney “Bambi on the Ice” Scene? The Vibraphone is currently below Bambi level, I'll need to make it do triple axles before this is over.
Huge thanks to Richard and Alex who have done a lot of important work on these parts:
Richard Southall
Alex CNC
Another project that is going on in the background is the Programming Wheel template programming software:
This saturday at 2PM CEST Sebastiaan Jansen will be doing a programming livestream about this where he'll work on the software for the programming wheel.
On saturday you can watch him on his Twitch channel:
Countdown until the event :
All the best take care and good luck with everything you do! /Martin
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Thanks to the Marble Machine X Team 2019
►Alex Füßl | Alex CNC | Munich, Germany
►Carlos Montoro | Anjuda Guitars | Madrid, Spain
►Chris Nadon | Aix-en-Provence France
►Dwayne Myers | Safety | Phoenixville, PA, USA
►Ecco Pierce | All Things Ecco | Oakland, California, USA
►Florian Hu | fhuable | Wellington, NZ
►Jacob LaRocca | Rocket Props | Somerville, Massachusetts
►James Passmore | CAD9 Design LLC | Worcester MA
►Marius Hirn | Munich, Germany
►Nick Householder | Florida, USA
►Philip Brown (solo banjo) Winston Salem, NC USA projects
►Richard Southall | String HeArt | Devon, UK
►Sebastiaan Jansen | Leuven, Belgium (BE)
►Tim Keller | Inventopia | Davis California USA
►Tim Mitchell | CNC Machinist | Nashville USA
►Tobias Gutmann | Tobias Gutmann Prototyping | Munich, Germany
►Tommaso D'Amico | Vancouver, Canada
►Will Francis | Machine Thinking | San Francisco Bay Area, USA
►Viktor Stenberg, Calle Guldstrand, Gustaf Törner | ProtoCut
►Liam Ward
►David Lewis
►Tobias Smidebrant
►Erik Holke
►CNC Routerparts
►Nathan Skalsky
►Karin & Olof Eneroth
►Matterhackers -
►This Old Tony -
►Thomas Pilot -
►Roys Sheds Perth Australia
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Paŭlo Ebermann
Paŭlo Ebermann 2 päivää sitten
For playing in all scales, wouldn't just all 12 notes (per octave) be enough, and just choosing by programming which of them are used? (Like a piano.) (I guess by making them changeable, you can get a greater range.)
Vortex 17 päivää sitten
Living room a bit drafty tho Keep up the good work
Erick Acuna
Erick Acuna 2 kuukautta sitten
I love this guys personality. "You can call me first try bullseye from now on" 😂
1984 2056
1984 2056 3 kuukautta sitten
0:36 Bigg
Piano by Oliver
Piano by Oliver 8 kuukautta sitten
where did you get the springsteel from?
phonkey Vuosi sitten
Eh, is that really what it's gonna sound like?
Yan Boucher Bouchard
Yan Boucher Bouchard Vuosi sitten
Me from the future: But you did it! YOU. DID. IT!!! 😜
BepsiBeverage Vuosi sitten
The real question is, can it play the original theme?
Ford Harding
Ford Harding Vuosi sitten
where is the stone skipping part one?
ezzz9 Vuosi sitten
I was wondering on the vibraphone block you show us you can adjust the angle of each one 3:40. Why did you go for a plastic cover to stop the double hit, when you could have adjusted the angle by lowering it to avoid the double hit. It seems like you overworked it by adding a plastic cover when all you have to do was change the angle a little, of the vibraphone block, so the marble would only hit it once.
creageous Vuosi sitten
This is absolutely one of the coolest things happening on the Earth right now. I could watch these videos all day every day and not get bored.
Ulf Holmström
Ulf Holmström Vuosi sitten
You could probably modify the space shuttle to be a music instrument!
DSiren Sirenite
DSiren Sirenite Vuosi sitten
use silicon on the bottom of the vibraphone for the second bounce!
pudgimelon Vuosi sitten
Would it be easier to build a rack of some sort? You could have all the notes you want on one rack, and then a different set of notes on another rack. That way, when you want to switch things out live, you could just swap out the whole rack, not individual notes.
Topiary Creatures
Topiary Creatures Vuosi sitten
Micing the ratchet was the funniest thing I've ever seen
Bananamen Vuosi sitten
Привет. Ты просто невероятный человек!!! Спасибо тебе. То что ты делаешь - это фантастика. :)
Nico Nico
Nico Nico Vuosi sitten
When you swap the vibraphone bars for a new set, wouldn't it be much easier if you replace the complete vibraphone by a new one, instead of 1 bar by 1 bar?
MicmasH _
MicmasH _ Vuosi sitten
Don't be so hard on yourself Martin - very few people in this world are able to dream up this kind of contraption, let alone put it all together! Your mistakes are overshadowed by your amazing accomplishments!
François Cauneau
François Cauneau Vuosi sitten
Message from the Great Watch Maker : Each time you remove a piece from your machine, a whole galaxy disappears at the other end of the Universe ;-)
The One Time
The One Time Vuosi sitten
SuperAWaC Vuosi sitten
can you fold the longer bars on themselves?
sniper1rfa Vuosi sitten
You're going to have problems when those setscrews mar the shaft, causing dimples that you can't avoid. I would recommend changing the blocks to use clamping shaft collars instead, that will be a lot more reliable. You might also find that you're bending the springs a lot. If you figure out how to use coil springs, that problem will be easier to avoid. Flat springs have very uneven stress distribution, coilsprings don't have that problem. If you're set on flat springs, try to make some that taper in thickness like the limbs of a recurve bow.
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 Vuosi sitten
Man, Bullseye First Try is really putting in the time to complete this machine.
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 Vuosi sitten
This comment section is just full of both musicians and engineers giving tips to better improve this project. Besides the accomplishment of the machine itself, he somehow he managed to create a forum for both creative and science types to collaborate. He just married two of the best worlds into one fuckin awesome monstrosity.
Tarzan Kolompar
Tarzan Kolompar Vuosi sitten
You may have a major issue soon. After the full assembly, MMX will have an an extreme level of mechanical noise (and vibration) due to the mechanical components. I know, applying lots of grease and oil will help, but maybe you need to install sound and vibration dampening component so make it a proper sound machine, not a noise box.
Bernd P
Bernd P Vuosi sitten
I have question.: concerning the half-tone steps of each vibraphone bar: Does its length increase factor correspond with something like 12th root out of 2 ? (1,059463094361 roundabout since the exact number is obviously an irrational value). This is at least the factor by which half tone frequencies are multiplied to reach the next one. After 12 iterations, one octave is complete.
sindre stennes
sindre stennes Vuosi sitten
I admire the craftmanship and atension to detail! Move the adjustment spring form the "machine" to the vibraphone. This way you do not need to re-adjust the spring tension when changing note. Would it be possible to have the resonaiting pipe "fixed" to the vibraphone? This would also make the changing of notes faster on stage.
Ryan C. Niman
Ryan C. Niman Vuosi sitten
My son, August (5 years), says “the Marble Machine X makes sound with the gears spinning around and stuff. And that that cancels out the music that is trying to play. You could try using styrofoam or some kind of fabric to cancel out the noise.” We love these videos and watch them every week. You’re really influencing him to think like an engineer. Thank you!
Kirk T
Kirk T Vuosi sitten
Technically, couldn't you cut a small slit horizontally for a metal circle to put inside the resonator tube, and then pull it out for different notes?
Zeldas Champion
Zeldas Champion Vuosi sitten
Perfectnistic? Doesn't he mean perfectionist?
OJ's OJs
OJ's OJs Vuosi sitten
12:20 it's spelled beefier
lithiumdeuterid Vuosi sitten
Joseph Haydn, Symphony No. 101, 3rd movement?
Andrew Merrell
Andrew Merrell Vuosi sitten
Alright "Bulls-eye first try"
Jake Webber
Jake Webber Vuosi sitten
*rapid whistling intensifies*
1973Washu Vuosi sitten
you need to give MMX an artistic outer shell in keeping with the tradition of fairground organs and orchestians . once you have the machinery perfect it deserves a perfect exterior to take it to the next level. some fanciful elements like statues and portraits would add to the visual experience of watching the machine work.
Ronald Abalos
Ronald Abalos Vuosi sitten
Martín please you ve to see this , remember me , your first video with music box , please coment @ronabalos (Twitter)
JohnnyLeven Vuosi sitten
Great stuff BEFT
Junkmail Recipient
Junkmail Recipient Vuosi sitten
I would join But I'm broke😭
Design Make Learn
Design Make Learn Vuosi sitten
Keep up the great work Bulls Eye First Try!
Alexander Dahlquist
Alexander Dahlquist Vuosi sitten
It would be so cool if you played some hip hop when everything is ready, like Dr Dre - Still Dre. That classic piano beat on the vibraphones, even the drums, that would be 👌
Chazy66687 Vuosi sitten
Could possibly you could have the catch bin over the larger and smaller notes so that when they hit and the arc is so far off that you don't have to worry about the double hit or hitting the catch bin on the upwards of the tone? Also would coming up with a fixture on how you want the to tones to sound be much easier when in concert so it makes the change even quicker?
RubCuber Vuosi sitten
So much hard work going into this machine! I just hate imaging it getting lost in a fire >.
JoCaleb02 Vuosi sitten
When you know this old tony will be the perceived creator of this machine in 10 thousand years lol
HALO360Chris Vuosi sitten
1:07 when you discover the galaxy brain meme for the first time
别人两百斤都不换肩就我换肩岂不是很没面子 Vuosi sitten
DEO Vuosi sitten
Smaller marbles = bigger jump.
Tom Davies
Tom Davies Vuosi sitten
wouldn't adjusting the tension change the marble timing on the drop?
Nikonikoneko Vuosi sitten
Maybe a transition between the bar angles would also help and look cool? Then longer bars could have a steeper angle.
Roky45BTW Vuosi sitten
New test nice
M H Vuosi sitten
Hey Martin, Since you've incorporated the vibraphone bars into easily switchable holders, and you have a ring on the bottom that looks like it could hold the resonator pipe, and you'd have to change the resonator pipes also, why not just make the pipes attached to the same bracket? It would save you time in reconfiguring during a performance if you were able to just change them both at once. If you use that same style of vibrato "shutter" on the original marble machine, just place it low enough that it would slot into the resonator, under the bracket.
Dmitri Schrama
Dmitri Schrama Vuosi sitten
The bounce was good when you held the spring with your finger. Maybe try a third screw closer to the flower head. ;) And what you're building... Dude your building the worlds first youtube instrument and it's tribe. Keep at it, it will beautiful when you finish. As Fat Freddy says: Good things take time to do.
Merijn Vogel
Merijn Vogel Vuosi sitten
@3:00 Thanks for putting "popcorn" in my head for the next eternity or so! :-)
landlockedviking Vuosi sitten
If the marble velocity was a bit faster, had a bit steeper slope would it not bounce past, that or the supports for the plate a bit softer so it moves down a bit more missing the second bounce?
Mein Kamph
Mein Kamph Vuosi sitten
Im not saying it looks bad, but you machine look as a prototype. Have you thought of making a sellable user friendly machine?
Mr Tomcat
Mr Tomcat Vuosi sitten
is he from sweden ?
Олег Васильев
Олег Васильев Vuosi sitten
Это Леонардо Давинчи только молодой
MAILE Vuosi sitten
MAILE Vuosi sitten
bubmah axr
bubmah axr Vuosi sitten
WHO IS SWAGYOLO420xXx1337x???
nashville slim
nashville slim Vuosi sitten
Are you ever going to make the machine work? How long have you been working on it months, years? Your first machine worked. Your going to spend your life on something that might work It's already made you mad. I'll probably never see it In my life. Your a perfectionist I would like to see it finished in my lifetime. Finish the damn thing already! Take it on a tour across the world. Finish it! Quit bitching!
Jakub Skowron
Jakub Skowron Vuosi sitten
I think there is a more elegant solution for double hits (6:53). Let the marbles gain horizontal velocity by making the rails less vertical, with a slope from beginning to end. This way the marbles will jump just slightly lower, but will travel further in horizontal direction.
The Reviewer
The Reviewer Vuosi sitten
I'm so glad to see you so much more relaxed in this video. You can honestly tell that your vacation did you some good. I'd rather see you take time to relax to help you with your videos. I've always been a perfectionist such as you. My supervisor sees this but loves it. I enjoy so much watching you build the marble machine x. Peace be with you my friend
youkofoxy Vuosi sitten
Martin, don't forget that the MMX will be assembled and taken apart multiple times. So reconsider how the vibraphone is going to be assembled and desassembled. And be careful with how fragile your machine is.
arnastu buttwehak
arnastu buttwehak Vuosi sitten
Yeah, but ... is this really a portable instrument in any sense? There are so many finely-interacting parts, with gravity and spring tension and precise alignments all determining the correct working of the instrument ... it would take a skilled tech, or two, a day to assemble and adjust it and probably half a day to break it down and pack it. You'd want to set it up and give a series of small concerts for a week or two, surely? I just can't see trying to play gigs in two different cities a day apart.
RenjiSann Vuosi sitten
I was just wondering, where is the first marble machine?
pascal 59300
pascal 59300 Vuosi sitten
back from the Speeklok Museum from the 12/09/2018 and stored under shed in his garden
Golfnut Bruce
Golfnut Bruce Vuosi sitten
Great work Mr. Bullseye FIrst-Try
kawika pagan
kawika pagan Vuosi sitten
Why don't you make the marble hit lower on the key, so it has to bounce a shorter distance
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra Vuosi sitten
Well, if the marble doesn't jump wide enough - just change the angle of the spring steel 🤔
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra Vuosi sitten
I would attachsome cork or rubber via glue on the spring steel to isolate it from the vibration, to reduce unwanted harmonics
GreenForzeGaming Vuosi sitten
A hole in the end of the note?
Climber31 Vuosi sitten
Finding 'mistakes' is just part of the process.
lo-fi ROBOT Boy
lo-fi ROBOT Boy Vuosi sitten
Have you considered making the vibraphone modular such that ALL notes, springs and tubes are permanently connected in one unit. When you need to change key (scale not individual bars) simply lift out the entire unit and drop in another. More build and assembly time on the front end but on stage a very simple operation. Like selecting a preset on a keyboard or changing the cartridge on an old Atari. Having technicians reset each note, spring, and tube mid-performance will be time consuming and leave at least 105 opportunities for errors. Just a thought.
A Frog
A Frog Vuosi sitten
You are a true master of swenglish Sir, there must be at least two movies AND a knockoff showing how you progressed on your journey to true swenglishness. Almost as good as Christian von Köenigsegg`s, his swenglish is superior though ;)
A Frog
A Frog Vuosi sitten
Subbed, mainly for the swenglish :p
57thorns Vuosi sitten
I remember some time back when you showed the difference contact microphones make. After all these videos with "bad" sound recording, I think I want the final instrument to retain some of those mechanical noises.
Loopy Mind
Loopy Mind Vuosi sitten
The patience you have for this project is phenomenal
Paul Boleche
Paul Boleche Vuosi sitten
Pewds does zero deaths on first try. Martin does bullseye on first try. Hail Sweden.
ohgary Vuosi sitten
Have you obscured the Apple logo on your computer? Why do people do that?
DJGummikuh Vuosi sitten
Your click-out-and-in mechanims is cool but I fear you might run into trouble when switching the notes without adjusting the spring tension (since the weight & weight distribution of the note plate plays a pivotal role in the amount of spring tension needed)
Antoun Sayah
Antoun Sayah Vuosi sitten
This will never be done
ClimberMax Vuosi sitten
I miss the old magic Wintergatan Music in your MMX Videos.
Gabriel Ståhl
Gabriel Ståhl Vuosi sitten
Can't the spring steel bee on the bar instead of on the machine? Then it would be faster to change notes
Cadmandu2000 Vuosi sitten
The diagram for the Vibraphone Holder Redesign (12:20) is one of the best, simplest, most complete descriptions of a complex and subtle change that I have ever seen. I love it! I may start using this type of diagram in my own drafting projects from now on.
no7mac Vuosi sitten
Animusic irl
Marcus Vuosi sitten
What if you had some of the silicone where the plastic piece is? Would that not quiet the second bounce...?
Jesus Santillana
Jesus Santillana Vuosi sitten
Where did you get the vibebraphone keys
Noah Vuosi sitten
So, What I was thinking is, why dont make the cones that catch the marbles move closer to the keys. For the all of the keys, mainly for the long ones its hitting the end of the key as a double bounce. And you found a way around that. But as you watch the marble bounce off the key, you can estimate how high the marble bounces off the key, This having a path of flight that is pretty consistent with each marble. I would see if you could have a quick disconnect for each of the cones and tubes, making it easy to put a new set of keys in the right areas. All it needs to happen is bend the acrylic tubes a little more and make them a little longer so they can catch the marbles as they are about to land on the key.
Steven Mayhew
Steven Mayhew Vuosi sitten
Perhaps, you do not need to use _every_ one of the notes. Perhaps Middle-C or above could be short enough to prevent double-bounce.
SnapShopVisuals Vuosi sitten
I like this Beafier design. :>
captslaq Vuosi sitten
Attach the resonator pipes to the carriers, and use a socket/hex to join all the vibrato discs? It wouldn't move as much (or the entire vibraphone would move as a unit) instead of being pliant as they are currently designed, but it would potentially be much easier to swap notes.
moonfestmadness Vuosi sitten
lol high speed popcorn wistle lol
tamer ursavas
tamer ursavas Vuosi sitten
Lol hahaha inwonder if someone actually Tries to follow his FIpost channel to replicatie This That must be Hella hard since This is more Than engineering
danmerillat Vuosi sitten
In the previous video about the marble catchers you said you're looking for a solid reaction to a hit, not to start the vibraphones bouncing. You could get that with shock absorbers and 1/10th or 1/16th scale RC cars should be the size you need. It looks like you could mount them without interfering with your spring steel, or you could get them for 1/8th or larger scale and replace the spring steel entirely with the larger springs they come with, and they're already designed to be tuned for the exact weight and height you're running via an integrated pre-load nut the same as full-size cars.
Chelsea Guitar Maintenace and Repair
Chelsea Guitar Maintenace and Repair Vuosi sitten
I understand how a contact or piezo microphone will pick up the tone from the keys themselves, but what about the "vibro" resonance from the flap and tube you describe? Are you using two mics for each note? One on the key and one on the tube?
Kevin Jacobsen
Kevin Jacobsen Vuosi sitten
For the longer bars could you use the silicone on the second tap section since it seems to disallow much, if any, sound? That way no need for the clear plastic.
Marco Fer
Marco Fer Vuosi sitten
He sounds like a talented, crazy genius, music artist version of PewDiePie.
nozostan Vuosi sitten
Hello. By curiosity, how do you guarantee that two sounds at the same place on a programming panels occurs at the same time on two different instruments ? As it seems the marbles fall from a different heights and the instruments are not placed at the same heiight, is it possible that these two sounds occurs with a little delay between them ? or is it really too smaller to be significant ? Thank you by advance.
H34 Vuosi sitten
A possible way to solve the double bounce could be to use a steeper angle on the lower notes, gradually getting shallower for the higher notes. Would give you more clearance where you need it and create an interesting helix like look to the vibraphone.
Tom Ahoks
Tom Ahoks Vuosi sitten
I'm glad He’s not Amrican, whose World tour would include NewYork City, Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida only.
blackbrdy 600
blackbrdy 600 Vuosi sitten
If the thick silikon kills the sound, you could maybe use it for the second bounce. Just an idea.
Stephen H
Stephen H Vuosi sitten
I don't know if anyone's suggested this (so many comments already!). If the silicone mutes the noise, you could put a piece of silicone under the second strike point. I have no idea what the acoustics would be like, but worth experimenting... Also: I love skipping stones!
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