Watch the Shadowlands Launch Cinematic: “Beyond the Veil”

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World of Warcraft

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In the Shadowlands, every soul has its place-from the path of ascension among the spires of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose where your destiny lies.
Enter the Shadowlands on November 23 at 3:00pm PST. Learn more at
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Luke He
Luke He 6 tuntia sitten
Looks like Diablo
Mountain Fox
Mountain Fox 6 tuntia sitten
Another turtle made it to the water!
cuzimnotlaughing 6 tuntia sitten
Those are the ugliest Angel wings I have ever seen. The design team failed on that one.
Deniz Mace
Deniz Mace 7 tuntia sitten
u better not fugg this up blizz i dare u
Aaron Grube
Aaron Grube 7 tuntia sitten
I hope you guys all have phones
MR Green
MR Green 8 tuntia sitten
Just put this game to rest, Blizzard is not the same for many years now.
Khoi Le
Khoi Le 9 tuntia sitten
ReviewPirateUSARGH! 10 tuntia sitten
Argh! “Oh plu-ez, I have no soul” (Diabolical demon laughter) O_O
Jman Jman
Jman Jman 10 tuntia sitten
Are warhammer fans always this obnoxious?
arute koza
arute koza 10 tuntia sitten
Who is the last guy? For a minute i though it was arthas and was so happy
dokanyon 11 tuntia sitten
The only department in Blizzard that doesn't suck
Jdhimes8 12 tuntia sitten
First cinematic to not give me a chill. D'x
Dave Cullins
Dave Cullins 12 tuntia sitten
Should've spent the time fixing the game instead of making this.
Mega ManX
Mega ManX 13 tuntia sitten
Will this be on mobile?
Aoyai baba
Aoyai baba 13 tuntia sitten
What's this Warhammer Diablo mesh? I don't even see any Warcraft in this. You guys seriously still paying monthly for this??
windrunner 14 tuntia sitten
G_Man 14 tuntia sitten
Fans: "Nice trailer, but a tad underwhelming compared to others" Blizzard: "MUSTER THE ARTHAS! WE MUST ARTHAS THIS ARTHAS FOR ARTHAS!"
Saintチョウゲンボウ 15 tuntia sitten
What has happened, this just looks like any generic fantasy mmo... so this is where WoW has gone to die.
BiHsinalco 16 tuntia sitten
A story never told before...
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 14 tuntia sitten
Looks a bit cartoony
GerryV 16 tuntia sitten
So, netflix pay for the rights of production, or disney buy activision blizzard, but anyway, please make a whole series of warcraft with this quality. Not this year coz its jinxed, but eventually, please.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 14 tuntia sitten
Looks epic. First Shadowlands mission: collect 7 boar livers.
PiedPiper11 16 tuntia sitten
So which raid will Diablo be in?
Avellin Kaira
Avellin Kaira 16 tuntia sitten
I’ll be honest, if it didn’t say world of Warcraft at the end, this could have been any fantasy game.
Ineeda Username
Ineeda Username 11 tuntia sitten
Boris Simeonov Think its a bit too early to call it the very worst in WoW history lmao
Boris Simeonov
Boris Simeonov 13 tuntia sitten
Any cheap fantasy game that lacks a distinctive art style. Not to mention the bring-back-every-character that ever died stupidity. This expansion is the very worst in WoW history and I don't understand why people praise it in comparison to recent expansions. It's not going to save WoW or bring back something valuable that WoW has lost or do anything like that.
Young Min Ju
Young Min Ju 16 tuntia sitten
all of this because human has no idea what a soul is
Brother Marcus Murphy
Brother Marcus Murphy 11 tuntia sitten
Turn to Jesus he died for your sins so if you put your faith and trust in him you will be saved. Then he will change your heart and help you to live righteously which none of us on our own can. :)
oohgoditsbees 16 tuntia sitten
Thank god for the official classic server, because whatever Shadowlands is, I want nothing to do with it. This looks so stupid.
James M
James M 17 tuntia sitten
they trying for more realistic cinematics because it sure looks exciting. can you lower the sub price
Xynthar Gaming
Xynthar Gaming 17 tuntia sitten
Ughhhh my Mage is still not fully leveled :(
John Kas
John Kas 17 tuntia sitten
zzzz boring
Ziegour 18 tuntia sitten
Im amazed even in the afterlife there is gravity
Guillermo Panda
Guillermo Panda 18 tuntia sitten
This is one of the worst cinematics in WoW history.. seems rushed and the quality of textures does'nt compare with the previous ones.
Hektor Giacomelli
Hektor Giacomelli 18 tuntia sitten
Bindair Dundat
Bindair Dundat 18 tuntia sitten
Meh. There is not much Warcraft in this trailer. Could belong to various other game worlds.
JustMe 92
JustMe 92 18 tuntia sitten
Worse wow cinematic ever.Does not have wow style at all
Jonatan 19 tuntia sitten
Wait.. is this World of Warcraft?? Didn't feel like it
Salted Reaper
Salted Reaper 19 tuntia sitten
waaaait his bloody sword was just magically floating behind him....THEY LORIFIED YOUR SWORD FLOATING ON YOUR BACK WITHOUT A SCABBARD!
Krayor Gaming
Krayor Gaming 19 tuntia sitten
Looks epic. First Shadowlands mission: collect 7 boar livers.
Randall Wade
Randall Wade 21 tunti sitten
Looks a bit cartoony
强大 的老虎
强大 的老虎 21 tunti sitten
People are still playing WoW?
Citron Gateau
Citron Gateau 21 tunti sitten
This whole expansion feel like it has been writen as wow fan fiction by a twilight fangirl
Captain Levi
Captain Levi 21 tunti sitten
Just getting into wow, just wondering, what happens when someone dies in in the shadowlands
Clartred 18 tuntia sitten
he's gone forever
kakak kakakak
kakak kakakak 21 tunti sitten
Excuse me... What is this 720 Resolution ?.
Dj Meemex
Dj Meemex 21 tunti sitten
Finaly flying wings mount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS BLIZZARD!!!!! what convenat is this?
Blue Baron
Blue Baron 21 tunti sitten
Girl: *finds a good boyfriend that genuinely loves her* Her father: 1:20
LaZy. B.
LaZy. B. 22 tuntia sitten
so WOW is DIABLO now? k
Bileass 22 tuntia sitten
This vid was abit 'meh'..... Awsome made, but didnt feel warcraft'ish. Could have been a cinematic for a new game. 🙄
Matt Saderson
Matt Saderson 22 tuntia sitten
I see Sylvari from Guild Wars, I see Starcraft/Diablo but not World of Warcraft.
Jacub81 23 tuntia sitten
Happy gaming everyone! I sadly won't be able to take part in your launch-day and overall adventure.... but I might find a way
Nein 23 tuntia sitten
big bfa patch
Chia KB
Chia KB Päivä sitten
Not impress
Adam Loeffler
Adam Loeffler Päivä sitten
Does anyone know the song used for the venthyr intro? I love whatever it is, but I can't find it anywhere in the released music so far! I need to hear more!
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Päivä sitten
So.... now they add SC and Diablo3 into WOW....?
stinkytoaster Päivä sitten
Quitting my job in the Kitchen & playing this until i'm in the swap shack
Avizmal Designs
Avizmal Designs Päivä sitten
World of Warcraft died with Arthas
Daniel b
Daniel b Päivä sitten
So this is shadow realm
David Seitz
David Seitz Päivä sitten
Where does my soul go when i die in the shadowlands?
Metin Denizkuşu
Metin Denizkuşu Päivä sitten
i think nathreza had a worldsoul and old time illidan go and nuked this planet , nathreza death and jailor is a dead titan to nathreza worldsoul . and i think lord denatrius to is a nathreza.
Raiiken Hopkins
Raiiken Hopkins Päivä sitten
Tomorrow is the day where we find our place in the darkness!
Papa Hale
Papa Hale Päivä sitten
now death is permanent and if you want to come back to life you've got to pay for it
MGill Päivä sitten
Cool I guess, what game is this again?
Sergeant Kei
Sergeant Kei Päivä sitten
is that power ranger's villain?
Sephistt Päivä sitten
Man told me who so I was like what?
228justaround Päivä sitten
Only 2 statements needed for Warcraft: “for the horde” & “for the alliance”
windrunner 19 tuntia sitten
there is no horde or alliance... Thanks to [Elixir of Tongues], we are all simply the Azerothian Federation
Bog Päivä sitten
Mario Zambarov
Mario Zambarov Päivä sitten
W H Päivä sitten
This game died a long time ago after Cataclysm
B Rays
B Rays Päivä sitten
하얀거지 Päivä sitten
So.... now they add SC and Diablo3 into WOW....?
De4dPoo1 Päivä sitten
Greedy company, dosnt deserve the loyal fans and their well earned money.
Brent Rossen
Brent Rossen Päivä sitten
How do you know it was well earned? Could be a 12 year old on his mom's credit card
annag cocl
annag cocl Päivä sitten
sounds like the jailer is just finding homes for displaced people, such a humanitarian
youknowh jotek
youknowh jotek Päivä sitten
You are not prepared.
Voss The Rambbit
Voss The Rambbit Päivä sitten
World of warcraft feels like its set in the MTG universe, and I am ok with this
annag cocl
annag cocl Päivä sitten
Dear Blizzard please quit with New expansion.Its just like movie home alone 5
wemustdissent Päivä sitten
Am I supposed to know who that guy at the end is? He seems pretty happy about being chained up...that is all I got.
MVP_KZ Päivä sitten
Looks very cool :)
Sony Chai
Sony Chai Päivä sitten
Isn’t blizzard product anymore?
shamlan khaled
shamlan khaled Päivä sitten
Worst cinematic in blizzard history
Jacob Namod
Jacob Namod Päivä sitten
Bao Doan
Bao Doan Päivä sitten
Haven't seen this style of WoW cinematic since, I don't know, The Burning Crusade? Just a bunch of random faction characters doing epic stuff, you know what I mean.
Luis Ceron
Luis Ceron Päivä sitten
The new cinematic for Heroes of the Storm looks sick.
Lifeisoverated Päivä sitten
Annndddd....NERDGASIM !
Dana Racist Last Name White
Dana Racist Last Name White Päivä sitten
does anyone know if i have to buy battle for azeroth to play shadowlands? I played until legion.
Aenor5150 Päivä sitten
What's wrong with your face!!! 0:34
Sunggeun Park
Sunggeun Park Päivä sitten
now wow is in Diablo?
Luke tee
Luke tee Päivä sitten
Beyond The Fail
Hus Cohralik
Hus Cohralik Päivä sitten
Ko je ovaj Šahbaz?!
Xtra Moist
Xtra Moist Päivä sitten
No one gonna talk about the serious workout sessions the Jailer puts into those trapezius, tho?
Cheddarjrr Päivä sitten
I cant tell anymore if its an wow cinematic or an ad for raid shadowlegends. Jesus christ what happened to my orc vs humans game.
Scrooloose Päivä sitten
If it was orc vs human for every expansion i think you would have got bored by now
narcis havic
narcis havic Päivä sitten
Dear Blizzard please quit with New expansion.Its just like movie home alone 5
wenchinatrenchcoat Päivä sitten
wow ... this is the most epic of all wow cinematics ... not
Wolfpack Päivä sitten
“Beyond the vail” Bfa is forgotten and tossed out along with pvp scaling
Declared Snow
Declared Snow Päivä sitten
Did I take ACID by accident?
Sean Smyrke
Sean Smyrke Päivä sitten
I bet Sylvanas and Anduin will hookup
vlady vlady
vlady vlady Päivä sitten
Now go back to the TBC or WOTLK cinematics and tell me it's my fault for not being excites watching this.
Devrim Özgür
Devrim Özgür Päivä sitten
Eski cinematiclerin kalitesi, hikayesi yok. Wrath of the lich king videosunu izlediğimde nasıl gaza geldiğim hala aklımda. Gece 12'de satın almak için D&R'ın önünde kuyrukta bekliyorduk.
thomasbdl Päivä sitten
I haven’t played WoW since WotLK, I have no idea what’s going on in this cinematic. Seriously, the only thing that connects it to what I know is the Naxxramas looking thingies.
Boris Simeonov
Boris Simeonov 13 tuntia sitten
Those are the only things that connect it to recent expansions too. It looks like they replaced their entire art team to make the cheapest looking garbage.
mitebg 16 tuntia sitten
"I havent played in 12 years and dont recognise new things" .... Duh...
windrunner 19 tuntia sitten
@gogi abaSidze lmfao stfu
Niggilas 20 tuntia sitten
@gogi abaSidze stop playing wow man and stop complainign about the game in a cinematic thats new just stop. ur pathetic go play classic and leave the people alone that want to play retail
gogi abaSidze
gogi abaSidze 23 tuntia sitten
my dear friend, if you managed not to play it after wotlk, please cherish those memories for the rest of us who have fallen, memories of the choices and diversities, of the joy of creation of your own strategy, of niche outplays and of the game played on your own...Todays wow is as linear as an arrow, you simply chose your dedication with sparkly mounts and mash the buttons with all your might! please my friend do carry on the memories of that beautiful game...
Ago go
Ago go Päivä sitten
it doesn't have the FOR THE HORDE Sylvanas screaming last expac effect, so it kinda missed that punch for me. Still super exited to play this new area and see the story where it goes
Grey_Wraith Päivä sitten
My Little Girl: Daddy, be nice. I REALLY like him!! Me: 1:20
Ateka9 Päivä sitten
I haven't played WoW in years and I don't know any of these characters
Ror Oloire
Ror Oloire Päivä sitten
Sylvanas big plot reveal: If she can't have more undead then the whole world can join her in death.
Todish Eye
Todish Eye Päivä sitten
0:15 "Welcome to the new Hunger Games"
Phoenix Päivä sitten
Weak trailer.
silver back
silver back Päivä sitten
I am not touching this game with a ten foot barge pole this will absorb your soul for the next year beware
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Päivä sitten
Shane Baker
Shane Baker Päivä sitten
Ughhh this is so LAME Totally detached from the sense of lore I used to get from the game Just a bunch of random faces who are all-powerful gods who put the previous gods from the previous expansion to shame Not to mention brought forward by one of the most overpowered back story characters that had minimal relevancy until blizzard ran out of ideas You'd think SYLVANAS WHO HAD EVERYTHING DESTROYED AND TAKEN in front of her very eyes would long for peace and detest violence But no blizzard needed a hot female clickbait mascot to draw in all the pay to play nerds total sellout man Hardly a 2 minute cinematic for a huge expansion because the content is lacking so much
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Päivä sitten
Dozens of highly talented animators putting in months of honest effort to buy Kotick another yacht.
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