We're Too Addicted To The Internet | Trash Taste #24

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Trash Taste

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Soapy Roz
Soapy Roz 3 minuuttia sitten
Hahahahah I guess Joey is on his training arc to be an idol now
Kodokushi Nomi
Kodokushi Nomi 6 minuuttia sitten
"Pay to win currency call money"
Trylobits 9 minuuttia sitten
When we getting Reina Scully on this?
crispx19 20 minuuttia sitten
1:20:00 , Bro.... i have like 8~11 hours a day... fuck...
Johnny McJohnson
Johnny McJohnson 25 minuuttia sitten
League isn’t like a drug, it’s like an abusive girlfriend. You still love her somehow but everything you go back it’s just painful.
Neis 28 minuuttia sitten
I feel called out when they talked about using youtube as background noise when doing something else.
Antonio Badilla
Antonio Badilla Tunti sitten
Isn't anime not mainstream only in anglo countries?
Horizontalvertigo Tunti sitten
FIpost's app reccs have been god awful recently, like, refreshing the page used to bring up new content. Now? Maybe one or two videos change. Gotta manually flag videos as uninterested to get new content. SMH
DvRevival Tunti sitten
So basically, anime is becoming more normie. That is the day I dread the most.
crispx19 Tunti sitten
As a LoL 8 Years player, yeah its just crack addiction.
Apurwa Asuramana
Apurwa Asuramana Tunti sitten
Bruh Internet historians litterly made a video were he was reading hentai manga
Nya Nya
Nya Nya Tunti sitten
please join thankmas. jacksepticeye has the details 12/13/2020
Audrey Tran
Audrey Tran Tunti sitten
when my partner overhears me watching an episode: "o are you watching those weebs?"
FalcnPWNCH 2 tuntia sitten
31:29 *"-like crowns of gatekeeping..."* yah that would be almost if not EVERY moba community🤣🤣🤣 I've played League almost the entire 10 years of it's lifetime, with others like Dota2 and Smite and HotS trailing behind, and there's just as much toxicity in all of the communities to my personal experience - having put enough hours into the games you simply learn to disregard and divert the toxicity and flaming and it's all just background noise you don't care about - but even I can't deny or obviate how the League community is definitely by far one of if not the loudest
Puneet Chopra
Puneet Chopra 2 tuntia sitten
This podcast was basically a dad explaining his son lmao
edrom romano
edrom romano 2 tuntia sitten
I'm actually watching the podcast not for the topic, rather, I'm here because of the people who's in it. I just enjoy joey, conner, and garnt talking to each other because that alone is entertaining enough for me.
Hades Tunti sitten
Tobi Adeyemi
Tobi Adeyemi 2 tuntia sitten
At first I wanted u guys to be an anime only podcast, but the more episodes I watched, the more I realized that I never want to get u guys talk about anime again 😭😭🤣
lord_oppai _sama
lord_oppai _sama 3 tuntia sitten
When you struggle to watch anime and now start to struggle to watch trash taste like 5 days later i finally finished this episode but am gonna try to keep going at it 😅😅😂😂😂
Gavin Dreemurr
Gavin Dreemurr 3 tuntia sitten
You think they'll ever be told about MKBoard?
Lofti 3 tuntia sitten
KiomEl 3 tuntia sitten
To be honest, I've noticed that the majority of the episodes you guys focussed a lot on FIpost and your careers on FIpost. As someone who isn't a FIpostr or that invested in the culture of it, it was getting pretty repetitive and frankly, I didn't care that much about hearing how FIpost works. Just my opinion though
JustSomeKid IDK
JustSomeKid IDK 3 tuntia sitten
Add a public comment...
SanguineGeneral 3 tuntia sitten
Watches 4 hours of youtube a day. Rookie numbers. Get to at least 10, and then try again.
Eternal 4 tuntia sitten
joey where do you get your shirts they're awesome
Trigger Music
Trigger Music 4 tuntia sitten
All Credit To @JoksanGonzalez and @Awesome98 (If It Gets Buried (Please Re-Paste and Credit to Joksan)) 0:00 Pre-Intro 0:10 Intro & Connor’s Gacha Japanese Lessons 3:36 Joey & Big Hit 6:48 Weird Emails 10:32 Connor and Genshin Impact & Gacha Games 24:43 Connor And League of Legends 28:36 -29:59 Honey Ad 30:00 Back to League And Toxic Gaming Communities 44:49-47:19 EJANiME Store Ad 47:20 Anime FIpost & Was 2020 a Weak Year For YT? 1:14:51 - 1:16:58 Skillshare Ad 1:16:59 Did the boys grow out of Anime 1:49:43 F 1:14:51 - 1:16:58 Skillshare Ad 1:16:59 Did the boys grow out of Anime 1:49:43 F 1:52:17 Ending Words 1:53:24 Trash Taste Quit 1:57:02 Ending Words
i play only one piece trasure cruise on jp server and i got v3 boa
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 4 tuntia sitten
I'm a op character type
Iosif Lengyel
Iosif Lengyel 4 tuntia sitten
1:23 I've watched Joey's reaction like 10 times and laughed just as much every time
Notes 4 tuntia sitten
ahh these fools dont understand the best waifu's are generally the strongest too
Courtney R
Courtney R 5 tuntia sitten
I actually didn't listen to the first couple episodes because I didn't really want to listen to people talk about anime for 2 hours. Then I listed to an episode and was happily surprised that wasn't the case. Glad to listen to friends having fun while I'm working from home.
mahguyapril1 5 tuntia sitten
I got 62 hours a week 14 hours a day 🙃
HayBayle 5 tuntia sitten
Came for the anime, stayed for the banter. I rather enjoy this kind of content and will admit that I don't usually watch some of your main channel videos in the same fashion. The short video cuts you guys dish out are brilliant as well!
KlockoArt 5 tuntia sitten
So i'm actually one of those people who watches EVERY youtube video at 1.5x speed, sometimes even 1.75x or 2x speed. I think it's mainly because there's just so much content i want to watch, some of it being fairly long (such as this podcast), that I wanted a way to get through it quicker overall. Especially with news related channels i watch, ya know, i dont watch news to be entertained i watch it to be informed. Eventually it just became a habit and now it's at a point where 1.0x feels too slow, and even 1.5x is starting to feel too "slow".
Sakura Anime
Sakura Anime 5 tuntia sitten
I honestly could hear you all talk about milk and enjoy it
Ishana Rama
Ishana Rama 5 tuntia sitten
overwatch has changed slightly, only comp is like that...
jimmy chen
jimmy chen 5 tuntia sitten
55:55 “Could he be one of my people!?”
Laura Hamm
Laura Hamm 6 tuntia sitten
A karaoke episode would be fun
Rara Alkadeyas
Rara Alkadeyas 6 tuntia sitten
Connor is such a normie xD
Rep. of Antarctica
Rep. of Antarctica 6 tuntia sitten
If Connor (or anyone else) is looking for an anime podcast that doesn't have a lot of agreement of points with different wording, I suggest Anime out of Context. It isn't for everyone but it is another podcast I enjoy listening to weekly.
Curly Geek
Curly Geek 6 tuntia sitten
Almost forgot Luis Mora for Trash Taste
AssaulteedOne 7 tuntia sitten
Honestly great points about tech detox - when you're so constantly connected, you'll begin feeling more detached & like it's a job to consume media and stay up to date. Sometimes you just need that break from your norm to rediscover what was new and exciting about what it is you enjoyed before.
enrique Carreon
enrique Carreon 7 tuntia sitten
15:30 joey: qiqi and klee are my waifus me: ....ok
Zac Haslem
Zac Haslem 7 tuntia sitten
I like hearing a lot of anime conversation like once in 3 or 4 episodes
Hubert Levale
Hubert Levale 7 tuntia sitten
Lol. 2 Brits and an Ozzie in Japan advertising a giveaway only available in USA.... 😅
Philip Nguyen
Philip Nguyen 7 tuntia sitten
League of Legend= Wonderful Game. League of Legend Players= Poison.
Lnlaurie14 7 tuntia sitten
"Starts talking Indian" KEKW But seriously, awesome video guys!
KaidoMightBeADragon 8 tuntia sitten
We are here for the Bois! Not the topic
Andrew Hoffman
Andrew Hoffman 8 tuntia sitten
Honestly, my favorite aspect of this podcast IS when you guys just, "talk about whatever the f#$k you want!" In fact, the episode that got me hooked on "Trash Taste" was the episode where you did the anime figure with a budgetary restriction challenge. (I'd love to see a sequel to that episode down the road). Basically, talk about whatever: food, figurines, video games, etc. The anime stuff is all good, but just seeing a group of friends "shoot the sh!t," argue about the meat tier system, or trying to out budget each other, while buying anime figures... all that is why I keep coming back to the podcast.
kikake98 8 tuntia sitten
Kinda late but I cannot miss this, I think even if they talk about nothing specific I'll enjoy it haha
Mataji Baguio
Mataji Baguio 8 tuntia sitten
You guys should check out The Social Dilemma. It’s a Netflix documentary (idk if it’s available in Japan but it is in the US) about the whole internet attention thing you guys were talking about.
1IA16_Alif Lintang
1IA16_Alif Lintang 8 tuntia sitten
When they said "league is a toxic game", damn they need to try dota 2
Otaku woman
Otaku woman 8 tuntia sitten
I am officially in love with Conner he just seems like such a sweet human being🥺
Sana Shabandri
Sana Shabandri 8 tuntia sitten
India : *has 33 official languages and 100 more unofficial ones like Hindi, tamil, malayalam, marathi, Gujrati, etc.* Connor : The guy starts speaking in 𝙄𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙣
Sana Shabandri
Sana Shabandri Tunti sitten
@J J I'm not I just thought it was funny
J J 4 tuntia sitten
It is fine. Don't need to be offended tho..
Frewt Lewps11
Frewt Lewps11 8 tuntia sitten
Garnt’s facial expression on this thumbnail gives me nightmares
Swagingexo_osh 8 tuntia sitten
I write my essays while watching commentary videos
pleasedontbullyash 8 tuntia sitten
I love how Joey and Garnt towards the ends are basically just the wisened old internet veterans passing their knowledge onto Connor
Thong Yau Cheah
Thong Yau Cheah 8 tuntia sitten
Please talk about great pretender next episodeeee
Ali Ahmad Ijaz
Ali Ahmad Ijaz 8 tuntia sitten
Man decadence was good tho.
ZomYa 9 tuntia sitten
1:32:42 sorry bro im indian, we use english as a standard language for everything, english is technically the official language of india, we write and speak more english here (no matter how thick the accent is were used to it kinda) since there exist so many regional languages. inshort we type, write study everything in english but theres people speaking in hindi (popular indian language)
DramaQueen biz
DramaQueen biz 9 tuntia sitten
Trash Taste: Anime, we need to talk Anime: This can't be good Trash Taste: It's not you, it's me... Anime: * sigh *
Nikhilesh Parmar
Nikhilesh Parmar 9 tuntia sitten
Typing speed test should be a competition because what’s more entertaining than hearing them clicks on keyboards. Another party game that should be broadcasted on sports channels is charades, absolute banger
Suspended Resolution
Suspended Resolution 9 tuntia sitten
I'm with Connor on Genshin. I pay 0 attention to the story. I just like the scenery, combat, music, and basically everything except the story in this game.
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva 9 tuntia sitten
Just so you guys know. This is the first episode i saw start to finish and it took me three days or so
ZomYa 9 tuntia sitten
1:27:27 okay wtf is that noise?! its so funny!!
Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生
Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生 9 tuntia sitten
1:14:49 tf happened to Joey's hair?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 9 tuntia sitten
I don't like podcasts except this one. You three guys together just hits different and I love listening to whatever you talk about
I'm BlueWhiteRaven
I'm BlueWhiteRaven 9 tuntia sitten
Them: saying they didn’t wanted to talk anything else that isn’t about anime Me who doesn’t even watches anime: 👁👄👁 (I did like 3 years ago :b)
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva 9 tuntia sitten
Trash Boomer or Boomer Taste? lols
Wave_Redfox 9 tuntia sitten
Connor wrecked this video with his negative vibe
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 9 tuntia sitten
I do wish we would get more episodes that follow a theme more often and pertain to anime to fill in the gaps that we don't get from individual channels.
James Ryan Solis
James Ryan Solis 9 tuntia sitten
I have finally caught up to the latest episode. Also you guys talk about that ever you want. I find it more interesting when you talk about different subjects. Also have more guest I thoroughly enjoy the episodes with guests. P.S. if you can get Kiryu Coco as a guest I would be over the moon!
Irene Carrillo
Irene Carrillo 9 tuntia sitten
Connor, read books, and ignore the internet
Sunshine Hall
Sunshine Hall 9 tuntia sitten
Gatekeeping in the anime community has went from gatekeeping everyone and pretending like they made the industry to attacking female and new anime fans who don't know too much about the medium yet. I'm a female anime fan thats been watching shit since I was 8, and I stay out of the forum and group community as a whole pretty much because everytime I say "I'm a girl" everyone immeditealy says I'm not a fan, that I haven't seen shit, when chances are I've seen more than them.
Thomas King
Thomas King 9 tuntia sitten
Man- Garnt really is the dad of the group
Gabriel Del Gaiso
Gabriel Del Gaiso 9 tuntia sitten
I like the variety you guys have. It makes it fun and intresting. Sure I started watching because of my interest in anime. But the banter between you 3 is the content imo. Keep up the good work!
Jericho Mesiona
Jericho Mesiona 9 tuntia sitten
We came for the anime and stayed for you three
Francisco Mendoza
Francisco Mendoza 10 tuntia sitten
IMO I don't care what the hell you guys talk about. Y'all the bois
Mauricio Pachon
Mauricio Pachon 10 tuntia sitten
Shelby being the real MVP!
Luke Scottex
Luke Scottex 10 tuntia sitten
mariokart has a competitive scene, it just isn't official
Mr. Henry (Prego)
Mr. Henry (Prego) 10 tuntia sitten
41:55 well, osu! has a competitive scene / official league and it's a pretty big one
Carolyn Provost
Carolyn Provost 10 tuntia sitten
Over watch gave me fucking anxiety lol
GeLoPkun 10 tuntia sitten
41:52 - Literally in the middle of tiering for Bandori when I got to this part LOL
SpareLoL 10 tuntia sitten
Connor: "You notice FIpost recommendations have been bad recently?" Always has been
Tohlemiach 10 tuntia sitten
I will never understand the mindset of most League players. Don't get me wrong, I am one, but Jesus Christ no one else knows how to play this game properly. Everyone somehow gets into the mindset that they have to play ranked, as Garnt said, and that's just the objectively wrong thing to do. Unless it is your career, playing ranked is a waste of time and you are in fact making the wrong decision in how to spend your time and you will regret it. If your goal with League is to have ANY sort of enjoyment, here is what you have to do: Change health bars. That's it. When I play Senna and hit someone with a Q auto after I complete my Eclipse, seeing that chunk of an enemy's healthbar disappear remains one of the most satisfying experiences I've ever had. If I can pull that off enough times during a match, I can lose that game and still feel like it was worth the time. Even if it doesn't lead to a kill, it doesn't even matter. Similarly, if I'm on a dedicated healer and I'm constantly saving my teammates from death, getting that phat heal and seeing the health bar pop back up is so fucking satisfying. I mean fuck, even playing Zilean is amazing JUST because of his max ranked E. Giving that shit to my Darius and letting him just zoom into the enemy team and back out again, or God forbid, putting that on a Rammus or Hecarim? Amazing. One of my friends said to me: "God, I wish I had your mental, but fuck, I'm tilted. Gonna log off for today." I've never understood what I'm supposedly doing so differently from everyone else. Where does this desire to always win come from? It's such an incredibly well-designed game and is so fun to actually play that I don't know why anyone cares about winning or losing. You're not looking at it as a video game if you're trying to win a game of League of Legends.
brr.its.cold 11 tuntia sitten
I do wish we would get more episodes that follow a theme more often and pertain to anime to fill in the gaps that we don't get from individual channels.
Luke Scottex
Luke Scottex 11 tuntia sitten
14:22 agree, played way too many games that i didnt like because my favourite groups got a sponsorship and added stuff about them in the game lmao
Zayth Leon
Zayth Leon 11 tuntia sitten
Funny enough after just benging trash taste the last week this is one of my favorite episodes lol
Gordon Lynch
Gordon Lynch 11 tuntia sitten
Games like Genshin Impact are sadly driving the economy of scale in favour of these game types which means traditional game players like myself can look forward to a games industry changing their game quality in favour of these quick money making scheme games 😐
Jared Samane
Jared Samane 12 tuntia sitten
I experienced the gatekeeping shit on SMITE, I simply played my first normal PVP match and I'm getting flamed for a mistake I'm not even aware of, literally confused why this one player with his golden skin with his hero keeps flaming me the entire match, haven't even grasped how that game feels for me and this guy is giving me a gamer baptism of toxicity
Akari_ Tales_
Akari_ Tales_ 12 tuntia sitten
Wait, Connor can read?
GamerOsamaZorro _
GamerOsamaZorro _ 12 tuntia sitten
when Garnt said “there are weebs and anime fans” that’s my mindset. i’m not a weeb. i’m an anime fan. my profile picture is speedwagon from jojo because i like his character and jojo but anime isn’t my life. especially right now i’m mostly invested in video games. i’ve been spending a lot of time playing fire emblem three houses but i haven’t watched anime in like a month or two. i plan to watch gurren lagann soon because of my brother but that’s like it. no anime is really interesting me right now
David Pincott
David Pincott 12 tuntia sitten
I watched dragonballz and pokemon alongside outlaw star and cowboy bebop, in the 1990's. Trust me, anime HAS ALWAYS been mainstream, every kid my age was talking about bebop. The internet however, was dominated by people keeping it a secret. but in reality, everyone watched some animated content beyond just simpsons, AND talked about it a lot.
anton goldwyn
anton goldwyn 12 tuntia sitten
Indian guide fully in Indian - Connor is fully versed in knowing languages
Adrian Granfelt
Adrian Granfelt 12 tuntia sitten
I don't mind it when you guys talk about anime. At the end of the day I'm here for your personalities Also, at least for me, the predictability of a lot of anime is what's holding me back from watching more of it. Boring characters with one trait each and a MC who is so op that it's not even interesting. Like how many times do I have to watch an anime with "uwu cute anime chick loves food and always talks about food and is always hungry and always gets happy when she'd fed"
Xuelian C
Xuelian C 12 tuntia sitten
rhythm games arent competitive games. osu pros: ??
Shreyansh Das
Shreyansh Das 12 tuntia sitten
Good podcast.
The Rouge Chipmunk
The Rouge Chipmunk 12 tuntia sitten
Uhh maybe I'm the weird one. I have seen every episode of this podcast since it started.
Real ApokalyptoTony
Real ApokalyptoTony 12 tuntia sitten
Rhys Dando
Rhys Dando 12 tuntia sitten
Played the shit outta DOTA and DOTA 2 back in the day, I only quit playing after I sold all my skins on the Steam marketplace for like $450. Now whenever I look at it, or see my mates playing it I know it won't be the same without those skins. Break the cycle Connor!
Thandulfan 12 tuntia sitten
To be honest, any competitive game you gonna get into gonna be the most toxic for you, it's not about League, CS:GO or CoD, just dumb people on the internet.
Savy Breci
Savy Breci 13 tuntia sitten
Stop talking about anime! Enough is enough! But I'll be back ❤
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