Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?

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Jay Foreman

6 päivää sitten

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Huge thanks to John Davies and Alexander J Kent, authors of 'The Red Atlas: How the Soviet Union Secretly Mapped the World'. You can view images of Soviet maps and purchase reprints at redatlasbook.com
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JAY FOREMAN jayforeman
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Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 6 päivää sitten
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yfelwulf Päivä sitten
@Jimbob Robob Exactly how would control hundreds of millions of people even the Germans found it near impossible.
yfelwulf Päivä sitten
@Influence08 Australia never entered Europe other than providing pilots.
Jimbob Robob
Jimbob Robob Päivä sitten
Planning for an invasion is a bit of the usual paranoid middle class overreach about the USSR. As if a conventional bombing campaign might not have preceded a nuclear one or sabotage and special ops by agents and special forces wouldn't have been a thing. Invasion indeed! How paranoid. It's as if the anxiety over Putin has pushed aside the collapse of the USSR under it's own deficiencies when it was revealed to be almost certainly incapable of such a thing and had been for decades.
yfelwulf Päivä sitten
@thats not your bussines Unlike America that is about to become a 4th World Country.
yfelwulf Päivä sitten
@Raged Ape evo Russia had Germany on the run before the Allies entered Europe they actually captured Berlin. They also at Americas request defeated Japan in just 2 weeks. America only fought 20% of the Japanese Army that had no equipment and had to steal food to operate. They used the A Bomb to stop them surrendering to Russia. FYI the British Army outfought and captured more territory than America in Europe you must have seen the movie version where America won.
vincent7520 2 minuuttia sitten
Nice channel … but the introduction is very very corny…
Jamie Sully
Jamie Sully 13 minuuttia sitten
Love how Frome got a mention 😂
Dm3qXY 16 minuuttia sitten
For whatever reasons, i have the video playback on mute.. after scrolling along i see no indication of maps of Britain... leaving page.. bye...
Remittance Man
Remittance Man 23 minuuttia sitten
So the Russians made maps to help their soldiers invade Britain if they ever needed to. You think we didn't do the same? The only difference is we didn't lose the Cold War and let a whole bunch of our maps get into the wrong hands during the subsequent great bugout.
Ленивый матрос
Ленивый матрос 41 minuutti sitten
- Откуда у них наши старые бумажные карты, Иван? - Не знаю, Иван, но хорошо что они не ничего знают о полной модели планеты в RedOctober.app
Robert Nebot
Robert Nebot Tunti sitten
I watch for the ads
Adolfas Ramanauskas
Adolfas Ramanauskas 2 tuntia sitten
Why would the allies want to give out detailed and oriented map of their airfields, ports and such... weren't they enemies?
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur 2 tuntia sitten
i am confusion.. you said it was definitely NOT potatoes!!!??
erobran2 2 tuntia sitten
@Jay Foreman, why the start of the intro have a map of Copenhagen (My City = Denmark) :-)?
groupsphera 3 tuntia sitten
6:06 Ужас!
Aladeen Motherfucker
Aladeen Motherfucker 3 tuntia sitten
Soviet Union is not same as Russia, wtf
devan pig
devan pig 3 tuntia sitten
Space... lol
Nuthatch666 4 tuntia sitten
Correction: Vodka comes from Poland! Cheers guys :)
Random Account
Random Account 4 tuntia sitten
0:03 "winning world war 2" How long until the triggered americans come and try to claim they did it? I give it half a minute
M G 4 tuntia sitten
WOW THANKS MAP MEN. I'm going to SUBSCRIBE for more map stuff
Yash Pal Goyal
Yash Pal Goyal 4 tuntia sitten
7:28 who's amanda rosh lee??
scrubby Bard
scrubby Bard 4 tuntia sitten
So they can find and poison people with out Google maps
Bartosz Pawlicki
Bartosz Pawlicki 5 tuntia sitten
0:50 Hey, I am both Polish and from Poland and somehow he said it so bad I cannot understand it... Good job
Luk Puk
Luk Puk 5 tuntia sitten
Mark how did you break your nose? How long for this channel to pay for the surgery, it stands out like a sore thumb bro xD good vid tho
YEOLEWILLY 6 tuntia sitten
Russia's "polish allys"
Kiskaloo 6 tuntia sitten
Sheldon and Amy! You look so different.
Graham Ariss
Graham Ariss 7 tuntia sitten
I think actually the maps were part of Soviet Planning and thusly quite absurd, for example you show a Polish Airforce Map, very useful for an airforce that the Soviets would not entrust with any aircraft to be able to reach much beyond its borders, let alone to the south coast of England. Not only that, but in the Soviet Union the longer range your aircraft, the further you were placed from the border with the West and or strategic aircraft could only be crewed by personnel with significant family commitments so they would not be motivated to defect to the West, with an event such as an marital breakdown liable to see you posted to the east. However whilst the Soviet Union post Lenin had given up any idea of global domination focusing on its survival and post war tieing the west up in wars away from its borders I.e Korea, Vietnam, Middle East the map making department continued with Plan A, mapping and remapping the world for an occupation that not only would not but also could not happen.
Practical Russian with Tam
Practical Russian with Tam 7 tuntia sitten
*Here are some Russian lessons and songs*
kirbyman1kanden7pf 7 tuntia sitten
They added lots of land under the Robert Moses Causeway which isn't actually there and combined the small islands of East and West Fire Island into one, which is wrong, but otherwise pretty accurate map for this area Then again it's a really old map
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 8 tuntia sitten
Other countries: we’ve heard of this undiscovered area where nobodies ever chartered before Britian: 0:14
Dylan Dreisbach
Dylan Dreisbach 8 tuntia sitten
I honestly can’t tell if that picnic thing was a joke or not.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 8 tuntia sitten
1:22 Andropov was director of KGB. Began big corruption investigation. Started conflict with
Grubber Jt
Grubber Jt 8 tuntia sitten
Interesting subject , pity about the idiotic presentation style.
Gerard Khachaturyan
Gerard Khachaturyan 9 tuntia sitten
0:30 Is that Gillingham?
KayAteChef 11 tuntia sitten
If your enemy has nukes... get some nukes too.
Albert Klarname
Albert Klarname 12 tuntia sitten
Giorgianni Cartamancini
Giorgianni Cartamancini 12 tuntia sitten
Got the video in my recommendation, the quality is amazing!
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 13 tuntia sitten
I know this is probably an annoying comment to have, probably one you get a lot, but this is the first of your videos I've seen and I thought you were Beardyman, whom Wikipedia informs me is your brother. You bot sound and look so similar. Anyway, I'll carry on playing the video now,are it to 0.11 before I had to go and check. I'll drop by again later to comment on the actual content of the video, thanks, bye.
Thomas Luethi
Thomas Luethi 13 tuntia sitten
@jayforemen you will have to checkout the application for the swiss maps (swiss topo) all swiss maps are available through the app. they are not as accurate as the swiss military maps i used, but the information those maps contain are insane
Карась Васин
Карась Васин 14 tuntia sitten
что это за язык?
Spoops 14 tuntia sitten
I worked in an archive for a while, and found a series of Soviet maps of the UK, and a number of the local military bases had been labelled as schools (likely due to British intelligence trickery) and all schools were marked as non-targets.
Robert Mihalache
Robert Mihalache 14 tuntia sitten
Very well explained. Excellent quality. Well done.
Babalonkie 15 tuntia sitten
Russian spies also measure the height of church bell towers in Salisbury...
Jötunn 15 tuntia sitten
Hanscom is about 20 minutes from my house, and I haven't seen more than one or two of the runways. It's a logistics base these days with a large civilian population.
xfire7 15 tuntia sitten
I wish they had invaded . That way the E.U. wouldn`t have existed .
Elijah Edric Guinto
Elijah Edric Guinto 16 tuntia sitten
The first ever post-Brexit video (as in the first after the transition period).
DartLuke 16 tuntia sitten
1:22 Andropov was chief of KGB. Started big anticorruption campaign. As result it was war between Ministry of Internal Affairs(Soviet Police) and KGB. It is possible that he was assassinated
frank 16 tuntia sitten
Only 15% of the KGB's budget was used for spying as we know it. The other 85% percent was used for "ideological subversion" (propagandizing receptive populations). Source: ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov
Фердинанд Уткин
Фердинанд Уткин 17 tuntia sitten
ДЕГ момент
Pirvog Compost
Pirvog Compost 17 tuntia sitten
Because socialism is a far more effective system and Soviet people were more educated and better trained.
The Original Chefboyoboy
The Original Chefboyoboy 17 tuntia sitten
oi, mate... know where I can get a map? Bonus Comment: Because they were Russian made they were all drawn with a pencil!
Tim M
Tim M 17 tuntia sitten
The thief from chips challenge??? :)
Mickey Wakefield
Mickey Wakefield 17 tuntia sitten
Swiss Maps. Small country. Lots of money. A defensively oriented military focused on artillery on mountain tops. Equals - unbelievable maps. Singular trees are visible on most.
Colonel Panic
Colonel Panic 18 tuntia sitten
Radiators huh, The Russian San Galli's claim as the inventor of the heating radiator is disputed. It appears that he is one of several people who contributed to the development of the heating innovation. San Galli received a radiator patent in 1857, while American Joseph Nason developed a primitive radiator in 1841and received a number of U.S. patents for hot water and steam heating. Nason's patent for tapered pipe threads in particular is cited by 1930s writer Ara Marcus Daniels as the key development in the birth of the radiator.
TheThousandhours 19 tuntia sitten
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 19 tuntia sitten
actress playing her...
yo yo
yo yo 19 tuntia sitten
The periodic table? I'm pretty sure the UK has made the largest contribution to the periodic table?
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 19 tuntia sitten
paranoid ex-secret services agents, it’s just a matter of short time for this to become the past, thanks to the laws of nature. 
Dariel Rodríguez
Dariel Rodríguez 20 tuntia sitten
Your book is currently unavailable on Amazon. Any other source to get it? Thank you
The Proffsr Dickinson
The Proffsr Dickinson 20 tuntia sitten
Poland invented Vodka in 1405 just like the irish invented whiskey in 1405 ONE STRUGGLE
MadEcki 21 tunti sitten
„Don’t watch it now, watch it later!“ - here‘s that episode: fipost.info/show/videot/ztmm1aqkoGqcYaI.html
Aditya Narayan Rai
Aditya Narayan Rai 21 tunti sitten
Only thing more irritating than Meg is British Accent.
Gavin Little
Gavin Little 21 tunti sitten
Tunbridge wells translation is jokes
Kamil 21 tunti sitten
i'm polish and live in britland, and the phonetic spelling is not bad lol
OhThatEdit 22 tuntia sitten
because they had bears to ride on
Rajdeep Ghara
Rajdeep Ghara 22 tuntia sitten
Finally another video of Map men
Andrea Davide
Andrea Davide 22 tuntia sitten
You win at 1:03!
23rt2308u24tkhg 22 tuntia sitten
Winning WW2 is debatable
simon dupper
simon dupper 20 tuntia sitten
They were the reason ww2 was won, they captured Berlin, killed the most soldiers, and undoubtedly won the war
Kong 20 tuntia sitten
No it’s not
dustboxednorth 22 tuntia sitten
5:59 expected a NordVPN ad right about here
YouSoSpice 23 tuntia sitten
k o s h m a r
oaketree 23 tuntia sitten
The Chip's Challenge spy icon lmfao
Bob Baguette
Bob Baguette Päivä sitten
When you said won the war for us, I puked a little. If you consider the rape and pillage of hundreds of miles of land a win then kudos to you.
Marco Anonymous
Marco Anonymous Päivä sitten
Hence the draft of young men of the free West in the army, like myself.
Alexander Kachkaev
Alexander Kachkaev Päivä sitten
*I am Russian and I made very detailed maps of some parts of the UK. Spoiler alert: this won’t be a spy story* 😁 Shortly after moving to London in 2009 as a student, I became interested in OpenStreetMap (OSM), which is an open map of the whole planet similar to Wikipedia. It did not take me much time to discover a nice local OSM community with pub meetups in ‘mapping parties’, which I happily joined. A mapping party in OSM is when the volunteers split some area into slices, decide who maps what, then walk around with clipboards, pens and photo cameras and finally add the collected data to the database under a free license. A few London blocks around Baker Street is an example of how crazy I sometimes went in surveying the details: see building colours and roof shapes, street lamps, individual trees, etc.: demo.f4map.com/#lat=51.5230613&lon=-0.1591994&zoom=18&camera.theta=49.87&camera.phi=42.112 I bet Soviet spies would be jealous! 😂
 I did not know about that crazy mapping project by the Soviets until going to an exception called ‘Maps and the 20th Century’, which took place at the British library in 2017. There was a pretty large paper map of Brighton, which I found pretty detailed, but not exceptional by any means at first glance. Only after checking the label plate, I realised that all captions on that map were in Cyrillic and this totally blew my mind! The funniest thing for me then was that a few years before seeing that Soviet map I also mapped Brighton with OSM folks, and my ‘mapping cake’ slice was the Brighton peer. The photo of how I was processing the collected data was even uploaded to Wikimedia commons by somebody after that: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Adding_data_to_OSM_after_mapping_Brighton_Pier.jpg 
Again, a Soviet spy would be 100% jealous seeing the tech that I used! 😂
 It’s so cool to realise that the fabric of the 21st century is much more open and humane compared to the 20th century’s one. Although parts of the world are still ruled by old and paranoid ex-secret services agents, it’s just a matter of short time for this to become the past, thanks to the laws of nature. 
Replaymyway Päivä sitten
glad to hear Russia won WW2 for us especially the 2 years of the war they were essentially on the Germans side
alteronline Päivä sitten
спасибо за видео, товарищи. смотрел вместе с медведем
Simon Poulsen
Simon Poulsen Päivä sitten
5:29 Copenhagen, Denmark. Yay!
~Sticky Päivä sitten
Potat... oes? Fuckin' uncle Colin with the plurals.
Fucking Hatethisshit
Fucking Hatethisshit Päivä sitten
Kinda refreshing to hear someone NOT russian say that we(russians) won the WW2. Thanks!
Marcus Lund
Marcus Lund Päivä sitten
I am willing to bet that the map at 5:28 is a map of Copenhagen.... Which is, as you know, not in Britain.
Esynnejye Päivä sitten
Just spotted Copenhagen at 5.29. Greetings from a Danish map-fan.
George Päivä sitten
OMG You guys mentioned the Soviet Maps in Afghanistan and how they were used by the U.S. I never deployed, but when I trained using Afghanistan as a scenario, I was very, very confused when looking at the various maps of Afghanistan, I had NO idea why the most accurate, meticulous and most detailed map before the actual safelite images was completely in Russian.... Now I know!
Otakar Kuby
Otakar Kuby Päivä sitten
Any interest in Tartary Maps?
Yellow Päivä sitten
They have the best spies
Lydia Päivä sitten
"And I for one welcome our new Soviet overlords."
L0U13 __
L0U13 __ Päivä sitten
Other countries: we’ve heard of this undiscovered area where nobodies ever chartered before Britian: 0:14
Илья Ефимов
Илья Ефимов Päivä sitten
3:44 where these spy icons from? Some videogame?
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman Päivä sitten
Chips Challenge
RabidRacoonGaming Päivä sitten
I love how you included Georgy Malenkov in the list of leaders, despite being only a transitionary leader from Stalin to Khurshchev.
RabidRacoonGaming 16 tuntia sitten
@Jay Foreman Good philosophy
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman Päivä sitten
He’s on Wikipedia’s list, so he counts.
Kars Antics
Kars Antics Päivä sitten
I found my town on the map
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Päivä sitten
6:04 For anyone wondering, Кошмар literally means Nightmare, and can be used to express emotion when something goes wrong.
bertjesklotepino Päivä sitten
Russia winning WW2? Aha. I never knew that. I do remember this saying from a Soviet Diplomat. "You guys went to war to stop Totalitarisme in Eastern Europe by Hitler, and you ensured it by us." Btw, i thought the west also had a part in it? Btw, i remember Poland was to be protected, by the Western Powers. Like Britain. Btw, i remember Stalin also invading Poland right after Hitler went in first (Stalin claiming he was not yet ready.) So yeah, i guess you are right.
bertjesklotepino Päivä sitten
@foopyu nooui what do you mean?
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Päivä sitten
Still don’t have New Zealand on all of your maps
Frank Primay
Frank Primay Päivä sitten
The bit that you're in black suits next to the path and the building site fencing, is that turkey brook at forty hall. I know this is random
Resortified HD
Resortified HD Päivä sitten
Cartography, Sovietism and niche knowledge, sounds like a wet dream. Great vid.
experiment506 Päivä sitten
One word. HUMINT
Sergio Päivä sitten
They were not "Russian leaders", ffs, they were Soviet. And if you want to inform about their nationality, well, most of them were Ukrainian.
neil Päivä sitten
A detailed map of the Cuillin Ridge would be usefull, cos there ain't nothing I can find.
Dataman Päivä sitten
Don't play with the Russians!! They even mapped the PMs bowel movements.
Eoin O'Kelly
Eoin O'Kelly Päivä sitten
where the FUCK is the second "men" at the end of the intro i am not ok with this
SuperVHSchannel Päivä sitten
interesting but the over-perky-sing-song voices are unbearable. Sort it out lads, just be yourselves.
iceturtle 1025
iceturtle 1025 Päivä sitten
“Winning World War 2.” Yeah, with US money
LeeSpork Päivä sitten
3:38 "until no matter where you lived in the world, you were always at least 10,000 miles from a Russian spy." Where were the spies? In a medium Earth orbit?
Dmitry S.
Dmitry S. Päivä sitten
Old Soviet topographical maps are realty the best in the world. Highly detailed USSR Military Staff maps from 70s or 80s are still extremely popular among the hikers and alpinists in Russia and other ex-Soviet countries. No wonder they have made maps of other countries too. Going hiking in Scottish Highlands you better take old Soviet military map than the useless modern touristic one 😊 So, fellow British
Jimbob Robob
Jimbob Robob Päivä sitten
Planning for an invasion is a bit of the usual paranoid middle class overreach about the USSR. As if a conventional bombing campaign might not have preceded a nuclear one or sabotage and special ops by agents and special forces wouldn't have been a thing. Invasion indeed! How paranoid. It's as if the anxiety over Putin has pushed aside the collapse of the USSR under it's own deficiencies when it was revealed to be almost certainly incapable of such a thing and had been for decades.
TroubleM Päivä sitten
Question is were the non sovie maps meant for civilian use or not. Because if no, any basic knowledge about how military works can explain inaccuracies.
sarcasmo57 Päivä sitten
Do one about google mars.
Dhruv Datta
Dhruv Datta Päivä sitten
Russia is the guy on the internet you challege to for a 1v1, and then texts you back your address
Why are British place names so hard to pronounce?
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