Why I'm NOT Getting the New iPhone 12

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Scott Taylor - REALTOR
Scott Taylor - REALTOR Päivä sitten
You’re the only reviewer I’ve seen that’s been honest about the charging brick. Clearly it’s about saving Apple money and it’s a pain in the ass. Who do they think has these new charging bricks lying around?
Caesar Subliminal - For Men
Caesar Subliminal - For Men 2 päivää sitten
I wish everyone who is watching this becomes a successful FIpostr.😊
Idid Yermom
Idid Yermom 2 päivää sitten
Apple is like a bagel company coming out with a bagel every year and just putting different toppings on it. Here's one with cream cheese!! OH WOW!!!
icinema gr
icinema gr 4 päivää sitten
ok the 1 million question from one grand papa is. What stopped apple to have all those one year before or two years before? answer: Nothing the techology was already there but the tryck is every year they give you a little more power. They could give you this power now bute then how they will sell it after a year? Some for intel, amd,nvidia etc.
General squirrel
General squirrel 4 päivää sitten
The one thing i think of its wast of money why getting very expensive phone when you could wait a few months and its cheaper
ARYAN Phones
ARYAN Phones 5 päivää sitten
Few months ago I sold my iPhone 11 Pro and Now I intend to buy either iPhone 12 Pro Or iPhone 12 mini, Finally we can get Blue Colours, Thinner and Lighter in Weight iPhone. We also get a Fastest Processor and you get More RAM Plus Memory starting from 128 GB , Anyway, thanks for sharing.
Steven Morgan
Steven Morgan 5 päivää sitten
I’m still using iPhone 7 🤦‍♂️. Is it time to update a bit. Or go to Android 🤷‍♂️ Budget is tight!
Adelbert Solis
Adelbert Solis 8 päivää sitten
“You are not buying iPhone 12”, because you do not have money? 🤪Or You’re a Samsung android user?🤪😂
ROSEKHIN CHANNEL 9 päivää sitten
Clifford Movies4u
Clifford Movies4u 9 päivää sitten
Yeah agreed defo sticking with the 11 pro the camera was improved so much on the 11 series anyway that I’m not desiring anything more from it tbh and as for 5g meh it’s not available where I live anyway so really ain’t fussed. Maybe the 13 next year will be a good upgrade.
G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸
G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸ 10 päivää sitten
But is Apple
Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch 10 päivää sitten
Yaay 5G, now I can download my 50 tracks playlist from spotify 10 seconds faster!
c r y s t a lシ
c r y s t a lシ 11 päivää sitten
0:50 the phone was upside down lol (pls like)
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 14 päivää sitten
I'm not a fan of the iPhone sorry but I didn't, I had it until 4S but when Apple's dad died (Steve Jobs) I stopped practicing it and started moving away from its size and shape, after all, everything is just good marketing and they are too expensive for one cell phone ... but they all fell in love with the apple ... and it's more addictive ... like ... I'll have the latest and greatest or something, and the vast majority don't need such cell phones because most of them can't even load it 50% and not even to the maximum ... that's my personal opinion
Laumics 15 päivää sitten
My phone is 5 years old so ye I'm getting a new one 👌🏻
Jerry Melvin
Jerry Melvin 15 päivää sitten
You should buy the new iphone 12.. Why? Because after 11 it’s 12..duh..
Mr computer
Mr computer 16 päivää sitten
Thiojoe: i’m Not getting the new Phone 📱 Apple:Lets take Notes 📝
The Mathemagician
The Mathemagician 17 päivää sitten
if I got iPhone 7+ but loved the SE back in the day would you recommend me getting a 12 Mini?
Leon Colina
Leon Colina 17 päivää sitten
iPhone 12 pro vs Samsung note 20???
Kort Milkins
Kort Milkins 18 päivää sitten
I went from a iPhone 7 to a iPhone 12, So worth it. 🙂
gabb Nag
gabb Nag 18 päivää sitten
Solid Vibess
Solid Vibess 18 päivää sitten
I love how real you are
easy pc tech Tv
easy pc tech Tv 19 päivää sitten
Why I'm not getting an New iPhone? Because u got a car instead of iphone lol
wakawaka1976 19 päivää sitten
Should I update from the 7+? I really like my home button. I hate that my wife’s x doesn’t have one.
Daf 19 päivää sitten
No charger! Money grabbers..
Saul Ploskina
Saul Ploskina 20 päivää sitten
ur probably rich cuz youtube so get one
Dutchess Lust Moon Type 11a
Dutchess Lust Moon Type 11a 20 päivää sitten
Hey buddy don't try to fool me ! people who have FIpost channels like you ; and that little 17 year old boy on everything Apple pro ; you all get these phones for free ; if you review it , you get it for free ! so you know you're going to get everything that you review ; for free ; every year of your life as long as you do this channel ! And you can't trick me ! because I'm a New York City girl ! I live on the upper east side of Madison square Park avenue in the most desirable skyline on the face of this Earth ; and nobody can trick me ! Especially a man !
Neo Iam
Neo Iam 20 päivää sitten
I do need a new iPhone 12 , because battery drains out faster, plus different issues occurred after the automatic updates on my iPhone 6s! 🥺😫😖😣😩... Apple 🍎 makes you buy it?
whatever 20 päivää sitten
iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 mini worth it?
phil1pd 21 päivä sitten
iphone 12 battery is tiny
GALLEGO BONQUIN 21 päivä sitten
You’re Cute i like you 🥰
Tarek Crash95
Tarek Crash95 21 päivä sitten
Noting has changed...
Random Guy
Random Guy 22 päivää sitten
*Wireless earbuds - yeah ear buds in your ear, no wire and the phone is probably in your pocket, cool cool *Wireless remote - you have a remote in your hand, batteries inside, and you can control your tv from a distance by your tv remote, very nice. *Wireless Charger - you always have to keep your phone physically connected with your wireless changer and your wireless changer is probably gonna have a wire to plug it in for most cases, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
Mark M.
Mark M. 22 päivää sitten
S20 Fe. $600 120hz screen with the sd 865.
Grant Vergottini
Grant Vergottini 22 päivää sitten
I think that it's currently in vogue to diss "5G". All the reviewers say exactly the same thing -- as if there is no future. In a few years, they'll quietly forget that they were downplaying the importance of 5G. Same thing with 4G, USB-C, and so on.
Alejandro Quiroz
Alejandro Quiroz 22 päivää sitten
Kevin 23 päivää sitten
Apple Designs around making a profit the rest is just for smoke and mirrors To drag along the sheep
JPT 23 päivää sitten
The iPhone xs max will be the last iPhone I’ll ever purchase because tbh, android midrange devices are so fcking awesome right now, can’t wait to buy the 2022 or 2023 devices.
Table Spoon
Table Spoon 23 päivää sitten
American Freedom World Peace
American Freedom World Peace 23 päivää sitten
Apple ran out of ideas... so they went back to Steve Jobs iPhone 4 design.
Dead Man
Dead Man 24 päivää sitten
nah mate i have an iphone 6 and i’ve been treating it like shit. It has. a fucking cracked screen and no charger (i lost it lol). I want this phone. Also, Apple products feel more premium that any android phone i’ve ever held.
PMASPHX 24 päivää sitten
Ugly notch and no 120hz display
Dru B
Dru B 24 päivää sitten
I have an 11 Pro Max and am considering the 12 Pro Max. The only reason I'm considering it is the 5G. That's it. I actually feel like the phone is a downgrade due to the weak battery life.
Eyeless Knights
Eyeless Knights 24 päivää sitten
Yes , I second that , it’s not worth an upgrade for people who already are using iPhone 11 pros and pro Max I too have 11 pro Max and i think even if I want to upgrade to 12 or 12 pro , I don’t get anything which I already don’t have on my phone , very micro differences .
Em Black
Em Black 24 päivää sitten
I like your style and honest...
乇madッ 25 päivää sitten
Personnaly I never got an iPhone and I really like all the models except the 12 shitty model with shitty battery also shitty box without charger and earphones🤮🤮
IamVee 25 päivää sitten
Totally agree.. the 11 Pro max is a great phone, that Im keeping.
Chapter 7 Certified
Chapter 7 Certified 25 päivää sitten
Throughput of 5G is the exciting thing for me. Theme parks, concerts, etc. Being able to do simple things in those situations.
Tyone Field
Tyone Field 26 päivää sitten
5g is for mobile gaming apple is pushing gaming really hard do some more research 🧐
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 26 päivää sitten
I’m getting the iPhone 12. I still have the iPhone 7. You know the phone that still has a home button and all. My phone is essentially the T-Rex of phones.
Timothy Morris
Timothy Morris 26 päivää sitten
I have an iPhone X. I won’t upgrade to another iPhone until they have > 60hz screens.
rxqsfax 26 päivää sitten
did we ask? nobody needs to know that ur not getting an iphone 12 ur just tryin to say "Oh Im not getting an Iphone 12 not cuz im poor, its bcuz i dont want to" ur just tryin to say that u aint poor and ding ding nobody cares what was the point nobody needs to know this and ur prolly gonna say "oh ur so repetetive ur just saying the same thing over and over" idc u prolly wont even see this ur one of the people that i think are just doin yt for the money and are to scared to admit it cuz if u do u'll lose subs unlike some of the people who thank all of their subs u thank ur subs but its all just a lie if u read this thnx for ur time ahole bu bye
Cameron Wooten
Cameron Wooten 27 päivää sitten
First of all, I highly doubt that anybody is gonna buy the iPhone 12/12 pro. Besides people are gonna go for the lowered price iPhone 11, XR, and possibly the SE if your on a budget. I just bought the iPhone XR recently in June of 2020 for $599 before the 12 came out plus this fall is prime season so that’s why people are gonna go for these two phones.
Tom Walder
Tom Walder 27 päivää sitten
Samsung for me 👌 great video
Srinivasan and Srindhi Parthasarathy
Srinivasan and Srindhi Parthasarathy 27 päivää sitten
of course every one knows that apple will not leave loyalty money
Srinivasan and Srindhi Parthasarathy
Srinivasan and Srindhi Parthasarathy 27 päivää sitten
make an animation with all tumbnails
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 27 päivää sitten
Every time a new iPhone is unveiled I ask myself. Should I get one or keep paying my rent and food and bills and McDonald’s lol
Godwin Cheng
Godwin Cheng 27 päivää sitten
Bcus I am not an Apple nerd
Martin Grant
Martin Grant 27 päivää sitten
I ain’t upgrading my 11 pro max for a 12 think it’s a waste of money 💰
Sinisa ApeNkart Kulic
Sinisa ApeNkart Kulic 28 päivää sitten
This one should be called Iphone 11 (Pro Max) S to be honest. Slightly better camera (almost not noticeable unless you compare it side by side), 5G that is not relevant and different design (95% of people will put on a case anyways) just aren't enough for it to have next model status. When Iphone 13 comes out, with 120 Hz, it will be hard to differentiate Iphone 11 and 12...
Jason Westaway
Jason Westaway 28 päivää sitten
Thanks, for the video as always - is it worth upgrading - from Android to iPhone? thanks
Noble 69
Noble 69 28 päivää sitten
5G is only good for downloading from the good ol’ hh if ya know what I mean ;3
Only_gamer 28 päivää sitten
I bought it. It’s pretty good tbh
LEEDAQ 28 päivää sitten
i can unlock my iphone 6s with wearing the mask without the password. I bet apple will add touch ID next year. Time to replace my battery
god 28 päivää sitten
still got my 7plus🤣upgrading to the note 20 ultra soon
•Kai• 28 päivää sitten
I just got an iPhone 12 advertisement before this video how convenient
Mrsalmonfish 28 päivää sitten
I’m still rocking with the iPhone XR not upgrading for another year.
Brown Barbie
Brown Barbie 28 päivää sitten
I'm good with a walmart iphone. I'm assuming that most people that get the newest iphone is essentially the stying over performance.
Ann Cabiles
Ann Cabiles 28 päivää sitten
I have an iPhone 11 atm but my battery health is 92 should I upgrade???
malik zeitone
malik zeitone 28 päivää sitten
Nothing personal against I phone ... but note 20 ultra is bad ass . But all phones today are fantastic
Welsh Lad
Welsh Lad 29 päivää sitten
Pro Max all the way baby.
Richard Smith jr
Richard Smith jr 29 päivää sitten
I’m good with my 6+s
SynthD 29 päivää sitten
When the 13 pro comes out I'll just trade it in. I'll ha e 50% paid off, and I keep my phones in good condition. So with Verizon I don't have to finish paying off the older phone.
Phelan Pawly
Phelan Pawly 29 päivää sitten
I had an iPhone 8. It was working fine and doing everything I needed but the battery was failing. Here in Australia it’s quite an expensive repair so I started looking at upgrading and the iPhone 12 was within budget but after researching I brought an iPhone 11. It wasn’t that much less but it’s features and amazing battery life made it a no brainer for me. Aesthetically I’m not fussed and if I want be a cool kid I’ll charge up my iPhone 4 and paint it a weird Color. The latest is certainly not always the greatest. Great video and refreshing that your not an Apple disciple. Cheers.
Stan804 29 päivää sitten
Honestly I didn’t upgrade because the iPhone 5s design kinda sucks. My dad bought an iPhone 12 pro, he asked me if I liked it, and I felt it and the 5s design just hurt my hand a bit
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson 29 päivää sitten
I got the iPhone 12 it’s absolutely amazing 👍
Endrushmi 29 päivää sitten
i AM tethered to a workstation. I NEED 5G, yesterday. But no iphone for me. The S20 FE is perfect.
Danie Bello
Danie Bello 29 päivää sitten
My iPhone SE (2016) is still going strong, don’t think it’s that much different than the 12 Pro. Gonna probably hang on to it for another 10 years
Danie Bello
Danie Bello 29 päivää sitten
You should watch EverythingApplePro’s video comparing performance
Izevbuwa Eweka
Izevbuwa Eweka 29 päivää sitten
I don't get the focus by Apple on 5g? This is STUPID! LTE is surplus to my requirements...
Roma Semaña
Roma Semaña 29 päivää sitten
Before: iPhones not even using 5g... iPhone sucks Now: so what if it’s 5g but who’s even gonna use 5g?
digiver 29 päivää sitten
Why do you buy Apple anymore?
LearnWithMeJRG 11
LearnWithMeJRG 11 29 päivää sitten
Finally an honest and tactical YTber! Come over to the Note 20 Ultra 5G you'll be Amazed (I am a photographer btw)
sammy davis
sammy davis 29 päivää sitten
I'm still rocking my iPhone 4s😎
Emilio Yap
Emilio Yap 29 päivää sitten
Was expecting higher herts display would've gotten one.
Bobby west
Bobby west 29 päivää sitten
I have 5 G and I don't notice a difference
Rom Capprotti
Rom Capprotti Uukausi sitten
And if they didn’t speed up the phone you guys would be complaining about that. No matter what apple does it doesn’t satisfy everybody. And I’m so glad they went away from that ugly android looking style and back to the square flat edge style
Chris Walesczak
Chris Walesczak Uukausi sitten
finally someone that talks honest about all the wrong moves apples made this year. smaller batteries, no charger, no headphones like wtf is wrong with you Apple?
Dominik Zapaśnik
Dominik Zapaśnik 29 päivää sitten
And yet it still is the best selling phone this year lol I would take your sentence and say what is wrong with you people! lol
L' Cynote
L' Cynote Uukausi sitten
I agree with you.. I'm not upgrading this year.. iPhone 11 pro Max still does the job
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 28 päivää sitten
Pro Max is amazing especially the battery. 12 is kinda disappointing in terms of that.
Dominik Zapaśnik
Dominik Zapaśnik 29 päivää sitten
And it will do the job yet another 4 more years :)
Mr. Gr
Mr. Gr Uukausi sitten
Well, notch has to go in iphone 13, must, it is there for what, 4 years now? That and refresh rate would be enough reason to purchase.
erwin vb
erwin vb Uukausi sitten
I have the iPhone 11 pro and don’t think I’ll be upgrading. Can’t sell my current phone without the charger I would need for the 12 and to get any improvement in the camera I would need to get practically a tablet sized phone. Lidar is nice and could be useful for scanning environments or objects. I don’t want / need 5G, 4G is fine and I’m on WiFi most of the time anyway.
No One
No One Uukausi sitten
Nah but i am having iphone 12 this year 🤣
Hunter Alberts
Hunter Alberts Uukausi sitten
My assumption for 5g is better coverage or where your signal is weak its still fast
Shaahin Uukausi sitten
Why don’t we care about your iphone purchase? Would be the title of my comment to this video
CALLMEBOSSZAK Uukausi sitten
As soon as I saw the title I k we this guy is dumb
EPIC GAMER Uukausi sitten
2:32 tf ive never seen that many ports on a laptop
H jy
H jy Uukausi sitten
OLED Display? That's quite a good upgrade from iPhone 11!
Sae Uukausi sitten
iPhone 4 works fine! Might upgrade if they bring 120hz tho.
Rene House
Rene House Uukausi sitten
I have an 11 Pro and have no interest in the 12 Pro. Maybe they'll do something special to the 13 Pro but for now, nah... I'm good.
Candido Garcia
Candido Garcia Uukausi sitten
To me personaly that just looks like the iphone 5 mixed with the 11
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