Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart 💕
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N 19 minuuttia sitten
Soul Mates always find each other eventually ❤
Memer Man
Memer Man 54 minuuttia sitten
Shannon G
Shannon G Tunti sitten
“To you,I will always return” 🥺
Louise Bodle
Louise Bodle Tunti sitten
Thank you, an amazing story of love
DJ T Tunti sitten
Mine and my friends horse, used to be tight companions. After spending a few years apart, through owners life choices and moves. The day came, where fate had been sent to reintroduce them. We wondered if they would recognise/remember each other?? Deafened by the shreaks of equine happiness, the answer soon became clear!! A lovely moment that I will remember, for the rest of my life!!! 💕
Jelena Janssens
Jelena Janssens 2 tuntia sitten
divyanshu pandey
divyanshu pandey 2 tuntia sitten
they mke animals to look such a good soul when actually they are cruel too
Ahmad S
Ahmad S 2 tuntia sitten
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام على من ٱتبع الهدى The utter stupidity and promiscuous nature of these lewd media outlets is not some secret. How stupid do you have to be to make a 'girlfriend' for a horse. Men have wives while underage delinquents live in the dreamworld of 'girlfriend and boyfriend'. This video is an example of some humans projecting their own stupidity onto animals, failing to realize that their own actions have become more irrational than that of animals
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 2 tuntia sitten
Straight facts.
fblm fblm
fblm fblm 2 tuntia sitten
I want a love like theirs!!!
Eco girls
Eco girls 3 tuntia sitten
So cute
DeadlyDanDaMan 3 tuntia sitten
You people need to stop with the bullshit. Horses are not monogamous animals, and pairs of horses do not establish lifelong relationships. That is 100% scientifically established over THOUSANDS of years of humans breeding and raising horses.
Jackie Contreras
Jackie Contreras 4 tuntia sitten
I’m not crying!!! Lol
Droppy 4 tuntia sitten
I’ll never form a bond with anyone
Asleep Awake
Asleep Awake 4 tuntia sitten
America is back together with morality again. God bless the new president.
Vernon Daniels
Vernon Daniels 5 tuntia sitten
That is so awesome, I mean truly, truly awesome. To know that these two amazing, wild Mustangs actually found each other again, and you were a part of that actually occuring that is truly an amazing experience. I Love animals and I worked for Circus Vargas when I was in my teens, early twenties and I really didn't like seeing the animals in cages but I also knew that they would not be able to make it back in the wild, because they wouldn't be capable of sustaining themselves because they were not raised in the wild. But after I left Circus Vargas I did actually write letter and do some of the things I could do to try to move them toward being removed from the Circus and be taken to sanctuaries where they could have as much freedom as they were capable of handling. There were 4 white tigers, to bengals and two Indian Tigers. They had a Male African Lion , 4 Elephants two Indian and three African that incl. 1 baby that was born at the Circus very cool. And a few other things camel's etc. They did all go to great new homes, so I was very happy for that.
hello Doctor
hello Doctor 5 tuntia sitten
Italy rae
Italy rae 5 tuntia sitten
Mr. Censored 5.0
Mr. Censored 5.0 5 tuntia sitten
"we brought a whole bunch of boys in for pheonix" Pheonix: I ask for my girl not a sausage fest.
CHP CHP 5 tuntia sitten
YOU, me-lady......aARE a SAINT!!!! Thank you for all your hard work and loving care of these magnificent creatures!!!!
Napalmbukake 6 tuntia sitten
If I ever see that horse at the top of a flight of stairs, I push the horse down the stairs
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo 6 tuntia sitten
This just reminded me that im a loveless savage with nothing left but hardened scars from all the pain
SisterYves 6 tuntia sitten
Romeo and Juliet who?
4EverAPatriot 7 tuntia sitten
It’s so sad what we humans do to them. Makes me sick.
Belinda Goldfinch
Belinda Goldfinch 8 tuntia sitten
If only human love was like that.
Ninja Crosley
Ninja Crosley 8 tuntia sitten
That’s a fun horse!
Badá Rock
Badá Rock 8 tuntia sitten
This is one of the most awe inspiring stories I've ever seen. This woman is certainly a rare soul. Thank you with all my heart. You brought happy tears to my eyes. May them live forever free and happy.
Crash 9 tuntia sitten
What a wonderful thing you have done! There is a special place in heaven for you, of that I am sure.
Cedric James Anipew
Cedric James Anipew 9 tuntia sitten
So, here I am -- ALONE..
alex Music
alex Music 9 tuntia sitten
When you ship😭😔❤
Rocio onmyown.r8
Rocio onmyown.r8 9 tuntia sitten
Bye , I have such a soft spot for animals and not gonna lie this made me so happy 😭
Layla M
Layla M 10 tuntia sitten
This is AMAZING!! ❤❤❤❤
Cara Stone
Cara Stone 10 tuntia sitten
Phoenix is like the real life version of Spirit
John Mayer
John Mayer 11 tuntia sitten
If I don’t see horse weiner I want my money back
John Mayer
John Mayer 11 tuntia sitten
Yes. OVER the barrier.
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger 11 tuntia sitten
2:00 😭
Antonio TwizShiz Edward
Antonio TwizShiz Edward 11 tuntia sitten
Much tears!
Alex 11 tuntia sitten
it's the real live version of spirit!!!!
Carlo Money Baggz
Carlo Money Baggz 12 tuntia sitten
I'm 28 yrs old a male ND I'm in tears like a baby
Solrac Stormhunter
Solrac Stormhunter 12 tuntia sitten
Those are the most badass names any horse ever got.
tharmarajah thuraisamy
tharmarajah thuraisamy 13 tuntia sitten
Better love story than twilight.
Erin Benites
Erin Benites 13 tuntia sitten
Ni 13 tuntia sitten
Being a human is stress.
Ami Amiko
Ami Amiko 13 tuntia sitten
i'm not crying...you're crying...yo...the way they bowed/hugged...
Rayla the moon shadow elf
Rayla the moon shadow elf 13 tuntia sitten
I love life now
Redgie Cordova
Redgie Cordova 14 tuntia sitten
I love donkey
Rocky Anderson
Rocky Anderson 14 tuntia sitten
You are a wonderful person. Just lovely.
RS 14 tuntia sitten
Gooood story...😁
US MARINE 14 tuntia sitten
Except for he was castrated and will never be the alpha male for his mare girl friend aver again and it will be a matter of time before she starts rejecting him. Tell the story as is and stop the Disney bullshit!!
rosetta queen
rosetta queen 14 tuntia sitten
I love how she took her time to search and find Phoenix and Ghost. ❤️
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 15 tuntia sitten
Vin Diesel watching the video: ”This is Family”
Gucci Chan
Gucci Chan 15 tuntia sitten
Top 10 anime moments
Elle Pine
Elle Pine 16 tuntia sitten
how utterly beautiful is this? Thank you, you lovely people, for doing what you do to preserve the lives of our wild creatures. 🙏🏼
Youtube Comment
Youtube Comment 15 tuntia sitten
It's cringe.
SinImageProductions 16 tuntia sitten
What a lady to do this...
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 15 tuntia sitten
I love this!?
Mandula Abogada
Mandula Abogada 16 tuntia sitten
Phoenix is glad to be reunited with ghost again but he's even more happier the people that adopted him put them back together again.
Thea Ansel
Thea Ansel 16 tuntia sitten
So beautiful, bless them
Denise hiknee
Denise hiknee 16 tuntia sitten
Oh my do you have a heart of gold, bless you!
Uniks Mom
Uniks Mom 16 tuntia sitten
im in tears!
Youtube Comment
Youtube Comment 15 tuntia sitten
baby brain
Flying Moments
Flying Moments 17 tuntia sitten
Wonderful owner! I am happy the horses are back together living on such a beautiful land!
Virginia South
Virginia South 17 tuntia sitten
Twin Flame Soulmates!😇
Ben Wilms
Ben Wilms 17 tuntia sitten
These people always seem to have anthropomorphic childishness. They talk about these animals as if the animals are a reflection of their own personality. Not that I have any problem with helping animals, but I always question the competence of that help when it sounds like its coming from a person who sounds like they're on drugs.
Wild alaska Top 20
Wild alaska Top 20 18 tuntia sitten
This horses relationship is more stable than my life...
Jodi Montano
Jodi Montano 18 tuntia sitten
nishanth medicine
nishanth medicine 18 tuntia sitten
Love beyond lifetimes. Lovers from past lives.
vulpE Lelele
vulpE Lelele 19 tuntia sitten
Matteo Matteo
Matteo Matteo 19 tuntia sitten
We do not need these scripted sad stories and especially not voice overs.
Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning 19 tuntia sitten
I love how chunky Appaloosas are. They are so adorable, and this story touched my heart 💖💘
Aleebi 19 tuntia sitten
is it me or does that horse have some dry ass skin
snack bar
snack bar 19 tuntia sitten
still better love story than twilight
My Webtoon
My Webtoon 20 tuntia sitten
مين قالك انو هذي حبيبته يمكن زوجته ترى الحصين يتقون الله مو متلكم
Josie Art
Josie Art 20 tuntia sitten
yup cried like a little girl 😭🐴🐴
Broken Reality
Broken Reality 20 tuntia sitten
Thank you for being a good person 🙂
Cecilia Moore
Cecilia Moore 20 tuntia sitten
The royal agenda primarily itch because blade synchronously pop barring a noiseless iran. tasty, wealthy sudan
♡ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ☾ ZORA ☽ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ♡
♡ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ☾ ZORA ☽ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ♡ 20 tuntia sitten
Bts Forever
Bts Forever 20 tuntia sitten
His gf is so beautiful😍😍😍😍and horse is handsome too💕
Priya G
Priya G 20 tuntia sitten
This needs to be a movie. 🥺
Jasmyn Aho
Jasmyn Aho 21 tunti sitten
Phoenix is such a beautiful horse
Heir Grace
Heir Grace 21 tunti sitten
4.5k hating on the horses' relationship! At least I can be happy for them.
Yontan Gebru
Yontan Gebru 21 tunti sitten
You're definitely the best human being ever,for going to this all trouble respect.
Roshan Gowda
Roshan Gowda 22 tuntia sitten
A million thanks to this amazing woman for rescuing animals from slaughter. Not everybody knows the dedication it takes 🙏
Hiram Diaz
Hiram Diaz 22 tuntia sitten
Horses do have horses feelings an is a beautifull love story between these two beautifull horses I wonder if they became parents to a little Casper?
Chasidah *TheFineArtOfWalkingPoint Fried
Chasidah *TheFineArtOfWalkingPoint Fried 22 tuntia sitten
I need a himan with Phoenix's traits...😔
Its Deborah
Its Deborah Päivä sitten
Once you get separated frome someone you love you never want to be separated away from them again
I OFFER YOU THIS Päivä sitten
who's cutting onions
Nichol Reed
Nichol Reed Päivä sitten
I long to know true stories like this w all animals. I often ask GOD to save all animals and to make them feel happy be at peace and to make sure they receive so much love and to Alway's be fed and have a forever home. This story sizes it all up and what a beautiful GOD we have. AMEN. thank you for your kindness and help for these beautiful horse's. Ur life will be beautiful one, GOD will make sure that you are tended to in all great ways. GOD BLESS you mame
Shanna Päivä sitten
I avoid these sappy clickbait videos (I even muttered "horses dont have girlfriends" when I saw the title lol) ... but this was seriously touching.
Anand Madame
Anand Madame Päivä sitten
David Liesch
David Liesch Päivä sitten
Hey dodo!! Stop doing these videos already. I'm really embarrassed for you you. So just stop!! Now!!!!
Marian Lincoln
Marian Lincoln Päivä sitten
I had to find new homes for my horses this past year as I could no longer physically take care of them. So far they are TOGETHER mother and daughter 15yrs. & 18yrs now I miss them it hurts not being with them they were my family too .
Lele's Helping Hands
Lele's Helping Hands Päivä sitten
The worst thing to do is to separate two horses
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique Päivä sitten
Heyy, Isn't that the horse fron horsin around?
Ruth Angel
Ruth Angel Päivä sitten
Amazing ❤❤
crystal Unzueta
crystal Unzueta Päivä sitten
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn Päivä sitten
This is a wonderful story. and you guys are so terrific for fining her. it's so amazing how they immediately knew each other and hang out together. animals are just beautiful. i have commented many times at how much animals and humans share the same emotions and needs and how wonderful it is. Apes especially share many of our oh so "special" human traits. been watching a lot of Orang vids. they are totally amazing. all mothers are the same about their young. the instinct is so deep. So, the reason i bring this up is because there is always some one person who totally denies this and is so vociferous about it, it really bugs me. where do you think we evolved from, you idiots!? argh!!! even birds have emotions. and crocs care for their young in their own way, too. The Earth is our mother - we are all connected. . . 🌷✨🐬🌱
ovuevuevuevue enyetenwenvue ughbwenvue ossas
ovuevuevuevue enyetenwenvue ughbwenvue ossas Päivä sitten
thats gay
ovuevuevuevue enyetenwenvue ughbwenvue ossas
ovuevuevuevue enyetenwenvue ughbwenvue ossas 10 tuntia sitten
@panda_lin i dont remember asking
panda_lin Päivä sitten
It’s actually straight
Issac Newton
Issac Newton Päivä sitten
Hey assholes even horse have girlfriend u single dumb 🤣🤣
Yash Päivä sitten
Why don't about family, when family is all we got.
Dino Rossi
Dino Rossi Päivä sitten
Chilli Mayo
Chilli Mayo Päivä sitten
It's the real life "Spirit" movie 😁
RODS Päivä sitten
Was he a Stallion?
Adnan Hajdarpasic
Adnan Hajdarpasic Päivä sitten
All you people complaining that you have no girlfriends??? I will teach you something very simple?? But you have to listen to me and do it ok. Please let me know how did it go!!! If you like a girl be a Men and ask her out that's it see how easy it is. Tip of the day.. ASK HER FOR DINNER........
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